Saturday, February 12, 2011

No junk food for food stamps, Rubio [D-CA] says

his week, state Sen. Michael Rubio will introduce legislation that would prohibit food stamps from being used to purchase "junk food" or prepared meals at fast-food restaurants. "The question is what should we be using taxpayer funds to purchase," the Bakersfield Democrat said Tuesday. "In my opinion, we should be focusing on what people need, not what they want." Those needs include foods found in the traditional food pyramid, he said, including breads and cereals, meats, beans, nuts, dairy products and other protein sources, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Rubio's idea is not yet an official Senate bill. But...

The Free Speech Litmus Test

The left-right political chasm has caused many allegations to be thrown. Name-calling and finger-pointing has been so frequent that it has become the norm, especially when freedom of speech is the issue. The left accuses Fox News of being blatantly conservative; the right points out the left-leaning CNN spin that regularly sees discussion panels consist of 2 or 3 liberals with the odd (sometimes really odd) right winger thrown into the mix. Often the 'other side' of an issue is ignored altogether. Wondering how accurate these optics were, I decided to do a little online experiment using two of my...

"Pink Alert! You Can Get a Tax Deduction For Funding Islamic Terrorism!"

According to an article by Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King over at Andrew Breitbart’s newest website, Big Peace, the anti-American, pro-Communist, pro-terrorist group Code Pink for Peace is raising money to support violent insurrection in Egypt. Donations to Code Pink are tax deductible too so American leftists can even get a tax break for supporting Islamic jihad. That doesn’t sound right, does it?

Georgia illegal immigrant college student indicted

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A Cobb County grand jury has indicted a Georgia college student and illegal immigrant on a felony charge of making a false statement. The Marietta Daily Journal reports that Kennesaw State University student Jessica Colotl was indicted Thursday. Colotl's case gained a lot of attention after she was stopped for a minor traffic violation last spring, arrested for driving without a license and nearly deported. Officials in the sheriff's office say Colotl gave deputies a false address and telephone number when she was being booked.

Mexico’s biggest freeze since 1957 means US produce price will skyrocket

Freezing temperatures across a wide swath of Mexico the night of Feb. 3-4 have made a big impact in available fresh produce. Expect the effects to be felt in your supermarket any day now. From The Packer Feb 4th, 2011 Mexico freeze threatens vegetable crops By Andy Nelson The freeze reached fields as far south as southern Sinaloa. Crops in the border state of Sonora could be devastated.“The last time there was a freeze of this severity was 1957,” said Jerry Wagner, director of sales and marketing for Nogales, Ariz.-based Farmer’s Best. “It’s still too early to tell, but there’s...

Bolivian President Evo Morales flees town ahead of speech after angry miners throw dynamite ...

Bolivian President Evo Morales has abruptly abandoned a mining town after protesters angered by rising prices booed him and set off dynamite.</p> <p>Mr Morales was due to speak on the anniversary of a colonial uprising in Oruro but canceled plans to participate in a march yesterday after demonstrations against rising food prices and shortages.

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts Internet providers were shut down and Facebook accounts deleted across Algeria on Saturday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested in violent street demonstrations. By Nabila Ramdani 7:25PM GMT 12 Feb 2011 Plastic bullets and tear gas were used to try and disperse large crowds in major cities and towns, with 30,000 riot police taking to the streets in Algiers alone. There were also reports of journalists being targeted by state-sponsored thugs to stop reports of the disturbances being broadcast to the outside world. But it was the government attack on...

Breaking: North Dakota House passes bill criminalizing killing unborn from conception

BISMARCK, North Dakota, February 11, 2011 ( - A strong majority of lawmakers in the North Dakota House of Representatives on Friday afternoon passed a law that would make it illegal to murder any human being from the moment of their conception.The Defense of Human Life Act, HB 1450, recognizes every human being at any stage of development as a person under state law with a right to protection.“The overwhelming community and legislative support for HB 1450 proves that North Dakota could be the first state to recognize the value and dignity of every living human being,” stated Representative...

Obama says coup in Honduras is illegal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday the coup that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was illegal and would set a "terrible precedent" of transition by military force unless it was reversed.

State facing 200 cases against new gun laws(Ireland)

HE STATE is facing a serious legal challenge to the ban on handguns and restrictions on other firearms, with almost 200 gun enthusiasts lodging judicial review cases against new gun laws. The large number of cases represents an unprecedented level of challenge to any legislation introduced in recent years. According to the Department of Justice, a total of 175 judicial reviews had been lodged at the end of last year arising from the refusal of the Garda to grant gun licences. That figure is now believed to be closer to 200 cases. Those refused gun licences have become dissatisfied at...

FL Open Carry Bill in Committee needs YOUR HELP NOW!

FLORIDA CARRY LEGISLATIVE ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 12, 2011 SB 234 - FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice Hearing scheduled for 2/22/11 SB 234 is on the agenda of the FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice on Tuesday, February 22nd at 9:00am. Florida Carry, Inc. urgently requests that you email via the members of the committee in support of Senate Bill 234. This NRA authored bill comprises several separate initiatives. These include the option for CWFL holders to carry openly; a provision to authorize carry at career centers, colleges, and universities; the right to store a firearm in...


THURS., FEB 10, 2011

FOXNEWS BECK 2,243,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,936,000
CNN BLITZER 1,036,000
CNN MORGAN 941,000
CNN COOPER 826,000

What's the frequency: Monitors transmit video of unknowing families

From Ballard to Queen Anne and Greenlake to Phinney Ridge, KOMO News found unsuspecting families transmitting what's inside their homes without even knowing it.

Malware Aimed at Iran Hit Five Sites, Report Says

The Stuxnet software worm repeatedly sought to infect five industrial facilities in Iran over a 10-month period, a new report says, in what could be a clue into how it might have infected the Iranian uranium enrichment complex at Natanz.

California wants lesbians as mandatory 'role' models

Lawmakers in the state of California are proposing a law that would require schools to portray lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and those who have chosen other alternative sexual lifestyles as positive role models to children in all public schools there. "SB 48: The worst school sexual indoctrination ever" is how officials with the Campaign for Children and Families describe the proposal, SB 48, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Leno. Openly homosexual, Leno boasts on his website of founding a business with his "life partner, Douglas Jackson," who later died of AIDS complications. That description as "worst" is considerable, considering the Campaign...

Life expectancy on British estate is lower than Haiti or Iraq (it's not the smoking stupid)

Men on the Gurnos estate in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, can expect to live 58.8 years - three years less than people in Haiti and eight years less than those in Iraq. Life 20 years lower than the national UK average - and the same as it was for men in Britain back in the depression era of the 1930s. The grim figures revealed by the local Public Health Board are blamed on poor diet, heavy smoking and a high suicide rate due to unemployment. There is also a "culture of despair" in the former iron and coal town...

Your Life According To The Government

A depressing but highly accurate account of the live of the average Sheeple according to the all wise and powerful government found HERE.

You Paid For It: Stimulus dollars fund study on effects of malt liquor and marijuana

Malt liquor and marijuana -- quite a combo. Mix in hundreds of thousands of dollars in stimulus money and you've got a project at the University at Buffalo that has raised a lot of eyebrows. And yes, if stimulus money is being spent -- that means you paid for it. $390 thousand dollars -- your federal tax dollars -- are going to study the effects of marijuana and malt liquor on young adults. Test subjects are being paid to drink the malt liquor and smoke the marijuana.

Administration proposals to overhaul federal housing role draw fire from left

The Obama administration's plan to overhaul the U.S. housing market drew fire Friday from some of the president's traditional allies, who argued that proposals in the newly released report could make it too costly for many Americans to buy a home.

Trans-Alaska pipeline poses risks, regulators say

A federal pipeline safety office investigation says the trans-Alaska pipeline poses a risk to public safety and the environment and that issues tied to corrosion, inspection and pipeline restarts after shutdowns must be addressed. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration handed Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. a list of proposed corrective measures tied to challenges that have spun off from having too little oil in the 48-inch diameter, 800-mile pipeline. The pipeline currently operates at less than one-third capacity from its peak of 2.1 million barrels per day. Less through-put means decreased crude oil temperatures and conditions that lead to...

The New Cap & Tax Black Market

RGGI Is The Prototype For More Regional Cap & Tax Entities Soon RGGI will expand to every state and stick you with astronomical energy prices. RGGI is the model for two new stealth cap & tax entities. The Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord would bring the tax scheme to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. The Western Climate Initiative will force California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Montana to start paying through the nose for energy. Both programs are set to start in 2012. The corruptocrats in Washington are completely responsible for this gigantic waste of tax...

CCRKBA Calls for Senate Investigations of ATF

There's been an exciting new development in the efforts of gun rights advocates to press for "Project Gunwalker" investigations: The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is urging its members to contact the Senate and demand a full and open inquiry into a controversial gun trafficking sting operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that may be linked to the December slaying of a federal peace officer. "With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide" being called upon to support this effort, this announcement signifies an important development in efforts to ensure that...

'Suspect Person': Another reason to fight mulitple rifle reporting requirement

"It's not against the law, and it's not going to be against the law, for you to buy 40, 50, even 100 of these weapons and put them in the bumper of your car and drive them around or even down to the border." That's what Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) spokesman Scot Thomasson told Associated Press, in an inverview about the BATFE's plan--on hold for the moment, to "gun control" advocates' dismay--to require gun dealers to report multiple rifle sales, as they have had to do with hanguns for over 40 years. And Thomasson is 100%...  (More)

Freedom, Liberty, and the Future of America

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

Freedom and liberty.... the principle that no single entity, or government has the right to subvert the rights of any individual through force, or enslave them to the whims, dictates, or desires of another entity, whatever that entity may be.

Freedom and liberty are the inalienable rights of all men and women who inhabit this earth. No one has the right to subjugate another to their beliefs, be they religious, secular, or for any other reason or purpose.

The right of the individual to their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness {reference the Declaration of Independence}, as determined by their abilities and their effort, should be denied to no one. The freedom of opportunity is a right that was realized, at least for some, in all its fullness in America following the American Revolution.

Principles and ideals that were borne of the Enlightenment and The Age of Reason became the rallying cry for American Independence. The desire to be free of burdensome taxation without representation, and the demand for a representative voice in the affairs that affected the colonists lives became the the lightening rod that sparked the American revolution. For 234 years the world has stood witness to the power of liberty and freedom such as enjoyed by the citizens of the United states of America.

The principles that insured these inalienable rights {life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness}were, for a time, and for purely political and economic reasons denied to many for far to long in the very nation that became the champion of individual rights, liberties, and freedom. It is to this nations ever lasting national shame that it took until 1865 to right the wrongs of human bondage on our shores.

Having said the above, I will remain forever in agreement with the philosophical principals of our founding fathers. The principles they wrote so eloquently about, and fought so valiantly to obtain for themselves, are proper principles that hold true for all of humanity. In short they are timeless principles that natural rights and subsequently natural law bestows on all individuals regardless of religious views, ethnicity, race, nationality, or any other possible consideration.

You may ask, perhaps rightfully so, what the purpose for this post is. To that question there are many answers. All can be easily identified if one contemplates the true meaning of freedom and liberty. By this I mean in its truest and most pure for

However, in an attempt to answer the above question {perhaps more so for myself than my readership}, here is the quick answer.

It is my fervent desire (and indeed my hope) that the TEA Part movement will hold true to the ideals of our founding principals and through their efforts facilitate a more fiscally responsible government. It is also my hope and desire the TEA Party will attack the crony capitalism and corporatism that is indeed destroying the American Dream and allowing our international competitors {and adversaries} to bleed us to death, while enriching there own nation at the expense of our people and our nation.

Given the events in Egypt, and the possibly, indeed the likilihood of a strong emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood {see prior post and links on Rational Nation USA} it remains my hope that President Mubarak, the despotic leader he was, is not replaced by an even more repressive regime in the form of an Islamic Theocratic Dictatorship based on Sharia Law that does not recognize human rights in general and the rights of women specifically.

The world is a dangerous place. It is my sincere desire, hope, and driving purpose to see freedom and liberty survive in the United States of America. It is equally my hope the seeds of democracy and true freedom and liberty are planted and take hold in Egypt. For if this happens perhaps the rest of the Middle East may come to recognize freedom and individual liberties.

Cross posted to Democracy Central, Political Integrity Now, and Rational Nation USA

Newsreel from the near future

Universal International News, in conjunction with the Obama administration, presents Government Newsreel number 903.

Great: Iranian Warships Call in Jeddah

Warships of the Islamic Revolutionary Iranian Navy have never visited a Saudi port until this week. Jeddah is on the Red Sea, where Iranian warships have occasionally ventured since they were first dispatched in late 2008 for anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden. Regional reporting has indicated that Iranian patrol ships have made port calls in the Red Sea port of Assab, Eritrea (where other unconfirmed reports have it that Iran has deployed missiles – of unknown type – and a contingent of troops).

Saudi King’s Heart Attack Rumor Tracked

The Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told the press that 86 yr old King Abdullah is in excellent health and looking forward to returning home after a brief stop in Morocco following last December’s back surgery in New York.

Why did we need to know that the King was in excellent health and doing twice as much therapy as prescribed? Aside from the obvious problem of losing the guy who supplies so much oil to America, it seems that the web was sparking with a rumor that the King had a heart attack and died following a heated conversation about Egypt and President Mubarak with President Obama on Thursday morning. Here are a few links to site that posted the story/rumor (and in some cases, a follow-up correction)     More....

Pity the Democrat Party doesn't understand -- or care

Gas prices hit highest level ever for this time of year as Constitutional Crisis hits day 9--White House remains in contempt of court for drilling ban

Friday, February 11, 2011

House committee OKs concealed-weapons bill

House committee OKs concealed-weapons bill The House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee discussion of Senate File 47, Concealed weapons, is about 52 minutes. The quality of the recording is not great, but voices are clear. By Bill McCarthy, Cowboy State Free Press CHEYENNE – A committee voted 8-1 today to send legislation allowing law-abiding Wyoming citizens to carry concealed firearms to the House floor. “This bill is about a law abiding citizen’s right to carry open or concealed in the state of Wyoming,” said Rep. Lorraine Quarberg, a bill sponsor. “It is very difficult to restore a right...

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Virtual Caliphate’

Internet by extremist Islamist organizations and their sympathizers is well-known. For example, the appearance on such websites of announcements and speeches by terrorist leaders and ideologues and the avid rapture with which individuals around the world are radicalized in their forums and chat rooms into becoming religious extremists and terrorists are widely reported. As Yaakov Lappin’s insightfully comprehensive “Virtual Caliphate: Exposing the Islamist State on the Internet” points out, “These, however, are snippets of a much larger phenomenon.” When viewed from a higher,...

The Great Jobs Recession Goes On The recession is officially over but unemployment remains high

There is no life in our jobs market. The recession officially ended in June 2009, but the Great Jobs Recession continues apace. Not since the government began to measure the business cycle has a deep recession been marked by such high levels of unemployment and underemployment, and followed by such anemic job growth. More jobs were lost in the recession of 2007-09 than in the previous four recessions combined—and this time it is an agonizingly slow business to replace them. Of the 8.8 million jobs lost during the downturn, roughly 900,000 were recovered in 2010, and many of these were...

House Republicans unveil new bill to ban resurrection of Fairness Doctrine

House Republicans have begun a new effort to make sure the Fairness Doctrine stays dead.

McMillan storms CPAC, makes loud appearance [VIDEO] - TheDC

'Rent is too damn high' candidate brings sideshow to CPAC   The appearance preceded McMillan’s announcement on Revolution Radio that he was launching a Republican campaign for president. (McMillan first announced his candidacy in December, 2010.)

Compact Fluorescents Are Fire Hazard

There's yet another reason to resent the overpriced, flickering, dim, and toxic curlicue light bulbs our moonbat rulers are imposing on us as of next year on behalf of their crony capitalist bankrollers:

Herman Cain to Obama at CPAC: “U.S. Will Not Become U.S. of Europe on our Watch” – Complete Video 2/11/11

Here is complete video of Herman Cain’s speech at CPAC today. Cain called on Americans to “stay involved, stay informed, and stay inspired” in working to see to it that there is a new President in the White House after the 2012 Election. Cain said liberals like Obama are seeking the destruction of the United States as we know it, wanting to turn America into the U.S. of Europe. Cain said that is not going to happen “on our watch.”

Politico and Robert Gibbs argue publicly over who gets credit for Mubarak's departure; as a result, both parties look like idiots

However, according to CNN Obama had absolutely no involvement with Mubarak's decision to relinquish power.

Legacy Media desperately attempts to spin Mubarak's departure as a victory for the "Obama doctrine" and secular democrats like the Muslim Brotherhood

It doesn't take an expert in Middle East affairs to predict that a secular democracy doesn't stand a chance.

Obamacare vs. No-fault divorce

So why do the state legislatures, courts, and congress ignore this real evil that needs to be addressed?

Will The EPA Destroy The Economic Boom In North Dakota Because It’s An Oil Boom?

A new drilling technique is opening up vast fields of previously out-of-reach oil in the western United States, helping reverse a two-decade decline in domestic production of crude.
Companies are investing billions of dollars to get at oil deposits scattered across North Dakota, Colorado, Texas and California. By 2015, oil executives and analysts say, the new fields could yield as much as 2 million barrels of oil a day — more than the entire Gulf of Mexico produces now.
This new drilling is expected to raise U.S. production by at least 20 percent over the next five years. And within 10 years, it could help reduce oil imports by more than half, advancing a goal that has long eluded policymakers.

State Senate Of Kentucky Votes To Teach The Bible In Public Schools

Now who could possible have a problem with kids learning that there is such a thing as objective right and wrong? From the Christian Post: The Kentucky Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would add Bible classes to the curriculum in public schools. The Senate voted 34-1 to approve Senate Bill 56. The measure would [...]
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Gibbs’ Greatest Misses

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is leaving his post this week to work on Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Here is a collection of some of Gibbs’ less than stellar moments as he dealt with the White House press corps from the Politico:

Is There a Global Food Crisis?

Prices are rising, but that’s not the whole story.

U.S. Government Lying About Inflation and Jobs Market

From: National Inflation Association

20 Facts That Will Make You Really Mad If You Stop And Think About Them For A While

The more you read the news today the more likely you are to get really mad. The world is becoming an incredibly crazy place, and at times the amount of bad news that is coming out can seem almost overwhelming.

Click here to see the facts >

Chandra Levy’s killer convicted, receives 60 years in prison

Congressman Condit was a sleazeball, yes. He was an adulterer and a bad human being in almost every sense of the word, but he was not a murderer.


Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should “strengthen” — not “starve” — the world body.

POLICE: Illegal alien ordered deported 10 years ago kills 3...

MANASSAS, Va. – A Salvadoran man who was ordered deported nearly a decade ago but never left has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in a series of shootings and a knife attack in a Virginia suburb of Washington, authorities said Friday.

Doctor 'plotted to surgically alter fingerprints of illegals'

(London Daily Mail) Jose Elias Zaiter-Pou was caught in a sting operation agreeing to change the prints of a government informant for $4,500 ...

U.S. Preparing Aid Package For Egypt Opposition

(Time) The White House has declined to say whether any money is going to the Muslim Brotherhood ...

Activists on Facebook need protection: senator

Facebook has become an important tool for democracy and human rights activists and it needs to do more to protect them, including allowing the use of pseudonyms, a US senator said Thursday. "Recent events in Egypt and Tunisia have again highlighted the significant costs and benefits of social networking technology like Facebook to democracy and human rights activists," Senator Dick Durbin said in a letter to Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. "I commend you for providing an important tool to democracy and human-rights activists," the Democrat from Illinois said. "However, as millions of people around the world use...

Iran vows Mideast without US, Israel

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that a new Middle East will be created in the near future without the United States and Israel. "I assure you that despite all evil and complicated plans, and thanks to the resistance of nations, there will be a new Middle East but without the US and the Zionist regime [of Israel]," he told the Iranians gathering at Tehran's Azadi Square to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The Iranian president also urged the arrogant powers not to interfere in the internal affairs of the region's countries such as Egypt and Tunisia....

Feds: Tape shows judges’ cover-up plan (Kids for Cash trial)

SCRANTON – Mark Ciavarella approached the van parked along the roadway and tried to enter, first pulling the passenger-side door handle, then the rear. It was July 30, 2008, and Ciavarella, then a Luzerne County judge, suspected he might be under surveillance. He was right. Inside the van sat James Glenn, an FBI agent, and several co-workers. The men had been recording a conversation attorney Robert Powell, a government witness, was having with Ciavarella and Michael Conahan. Glenn saw Ciavarella approaching and hurriedly shut down the recording devices, fearful Ciavarella would hear the humming noise they made. The agents then.

Fannie, Freddie Phase-Out Proposed

Fannie, Freddie Phase-Out Proposed By NICK TIMIRAOS And ALAN ZIBEL WASHINGTON—The Obama administration unveiled a proposal Friday for winding down mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, spelling out three options for what could take their place and setting the stage for a lengthy debate over the nation's $10.6 trillion mortgage market. The steps are likely to mean higher borrowing costs and more limited access to home loans for consumers. Administration officials said the transition to a new system could take five years or longer. "We are going to start the process of reform now, but we are going to...

New York Senator Eric Adams Makes Video Showing Parents How To Search A Child's Room For Guns

Children and guns can mean trouble. New York Senator Eric Adams has made a step by step video showing parents how to search their children's rooms for guns and other contraband. He shows parents how to find a gun in a pillow and promptly points it at his head. He shows how something such as a child's doll can be sinister. Senator Adams boldly says that the The "First Amendment" does not apply to searching a child's room. Does he really mean the "Fourth Amendment?" Or, what exactly does he mean? See the video

Police: Man was bringing cans to Mich. to collect deposits

BRANCH COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Brighton man is in trouble with the law for bringing aluminum cans from Indiana to Michigan to collect the deposits. On Monday night state police troopers pulled over 64-year-old John Woodfill for driving erratically. He was driving a van with a trailer that didn't have a tailgate. In the back were more than 60,000 aluminum cans

Merger Could Take NYSE Out of American Control

A German company is in high-level talks to acquire the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street's most recognizable institution. According to reports published in both the German and American financial press, Deutsche Borse, a Frankfurt-based stock exchange is seeking to take a 60 percent ownership interest in the NYSE. The merger would create the world's largest financial exchange. News of the deal sent both NYSE and Deutsche Borse stock soaring Thursday. If US and European regulators sign off on the plan, the new parent company would have dual headquarters in Germany and America. The merger is not expected to result...

UPDATED: Severe Mexican vegetable shortages expected into March

Supplies of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables from Mexico will be severely limited until at least March following an early February freeze. Prior to Feb. 4, southern Sinaloa had not suffered a real freeze since 1957, said Jerry Wagner, sales and marketing director for Nogales, Ariz.-based Farmer's Best International LLC. The results in the short term, and the mid- to long term for some crops, are devastating. “The end of February and first half of March, there will be even worse shortages of product” than in the first half of February, Wagner said. The Fresh Produce Association of the...

Facebook/MySpace Tied to Most Divorce Cases

Till death (or Facebook) do us part... Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are great tools when used to stay connected with friends and family. But now, Raleigh, NC attorneys are saying that almost every divorce case they work with involves a spouse's misuse of these sites. Lee Rosen, an attorney with Rosen Law Firm in Raleigh, and Alice Stubbs, an attorney with Tharrington Smith LLP in Raleigh, have agreed that a majority of the divorce cases they handle are related to problems with a spouse's behavior on social networking sites. "It's been really an interesting phenomenon," said Stubbs....

Top Dem: Neo-Nazis ‘More Prevalent’ In U.S. Than Islamic Radicals

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee, thinks the panel’s hearings into terrorism are a fine idea but that the focus ought to be broadened to include “neo-Nazis, environmental extremists, anti-tax groups and others” because they represent as significant a threat as Islamic radicals — maybe even a bigger one. Thompson formally made the request in a letter to Homeland Security Chairman Peter King, R-N.Y., on Feb. 1. In the letter he argues:

Annoy a liberal and wish Sarah Palin a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Governor Palin! Live Long, And Prosper.

Geert Wilders latest speech on Radical Islam

"The Islamic Mozart... the Islamic Bill Gates? Islam cannot produce them. Because without freedom there is no creativity."

Note To Republicans: Don't Just Rein in the EPA, Abolish It

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was launched in 1970, its stated mission was to “conduct environmental research, provide assistance…[in] combating environmental pollution, and assist the Council on Environmental Quality in developing and recommending…new policies for environmental protection…to the President.” From these things, it’s clear that President Richard Nixon’s goal in creating the EPA was to put an agency in place that would fill a research and advisory role for both himself and future presidents. There was no indication that he intended an ideologically driven juggernaut that not only researched but actually took unto itself the power to mandate the most stringent of eco-centered, blatantly anti-capitalist environmental guidelines and regulations imaginable.

Stabenow and Snowe, we’re comin’ for you.

Friends – we have exciting news to report.

The Tea Party Express is pleased to announce we are adding an additional 2 more U.S. Senators to our 2012 Election Target List.

Swine flu shots linked to narcolepsy in Sweden

The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on Tuesday that Sweden is one of twelve countries that has reported cases of narcolepsy after the swine flu vaccine was administered.

Hosni Mubarak Staying in Power Confirms to the World that Barack Obama is an Inept President

What more proof does the world need? Many of us in this country knew before this community organizer from the Southside of Chicago became president that he was an imposter.  Now, the rest of the world has been slapped in the face with the truth as well.

Travelers Insurance: Anti-Gun

I thought you might find the enclosed correspondence interesting.

How to Turn Physical Comedy into a Race Issue, by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Jackson Lee said it was ridiculous for the soft drink maker to air the advertisement during African-American history month.
"In this month of African-American history where we're trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor," she said. "It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman."

Jackson Lee said she has a sense of humor and believes in the First Amendment. She also said the Super Bowl is a great time for "fellowship" with family members.

"That is why I'm so disappointed with the Pepsi advertisement that showed a demeaning role for African American women, in an ad that showed a can being thrown and being utilized to wound someone else or hit someone else," she said.

Stop the Hate!

Andrew Klavan

A Day in the Park: The American Police State at Work Against the Constitution

There is a new video out on the Web called "A Day in the Park." It's quite powerful. It takes the globalist, multi-cultural beliefs that Americans are being indoctrinated with in programs like the International Baccalaureate, which is in many of the nation's high schools--teaching globalism over American values and traditions, and shows how they have attacked our Constitution and our belief system and produced a series of labels the Department of Homeland Security and states like Missouri through the MIAC report have used to define the new enemy in America--freedom loving Americans. Take a look at the video. It's powerful!

No Coal, No Power, No Gas

Let's see if I get this straight. During the early February cold spell in the southern plains, when wind chills in Dallas dipped to minus twenty degrees, Texans were going without power to heat their homes and businesses even as the state was sitting on massive surpluses of natural gas. Even hospitals were having to switch to emergency generating systems. And this in the state with the largest energy production capacity in the continental US.

Environmentalists to sue over new Gulf oil, gas projects

WASHINGTON — The Interior Department has approved 10 oil and gas exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico since October in violation of two laws that protect whales and other marine mammals, environmental groups said Thursday.

Panetta’s comment on Mubarak stepping down was based on … media reports

Fire Him!

Proposal Would Require You Buy Insurance--On Your Dog!

San Antonio lawmaker says owners must take responsibility for dogs

T&A pat-down agent hollers: 'Hey, I thought she was mine! I was gonna do her!'

Stay Classy, TSA

IRS says breast pumps tax deductible expense...

WASHINGTON – The cost of breast pumps will now be considered tax-deductible medical expenses under a ruling issued by the Internal Revenue Service Thursday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suez Canal Eyed by Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood for Shutdown

Suez Canal Eyed by Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood for ShutdownElizabeth Delaney, Yahoo! Contributor Network Feb 10, 2011 It is perhaps one of Israel's worst nightmares that the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power in Egypt and shut down the Suez Canal. Such a notion would also apply to United States and much of the global economy, seeing as not only is oil shipped through the Suez, but so are items encompassing about 8 percent of globally traded products, according to a Tuesday World Net Daily article. Nevertheless, the concern regarding threats to the Suez Canal became more of a reality when...

Sex attack at Oakland Boys and Girls Club alleged

Oakland police are investigating reports that a 7-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by other children at a Boys and Girls Club in East Oakland, authorities said today.

Saudi Arabia denies rumors of king's death as oil prices rise

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz is alive, a source close to the monarch said on Thursday denying reports of his death. "The king is presently in Morocco; he is in good health and good spirits. The report on his death is untrue," the source in Morocco said. web portal reported on Thursday that King Abdullah suffered a sudden heart attack after a phone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama, during which they discussed the events in Egypt. The portal said doctors were unable to save the king and he was pronounced dead, but "his death was not reported...

Sorry, Your Ivy League Degree Is Completely Overrated

Is it a crime to be self-taught? Apparently, in North Carolina, where David N. Cox and friends thought they needed new traffic signals so they undertook a sophisticated analysis of their own, and then found themselves under investigation for being too smart. I would have ignored this case if it were just a North Carolina political thing, but the reality is, the same thing happens in the business world all the time. Credentials–especially Ivy League kinds–are way over-rated, often at the expense of true knowledge. I’ve benefited from having credentials, so this isn’t just sour grapes on my part. In...

Obama rolls out 18 billion dollar Internet plan (high-speed wireless Internet coverage for masses)

MARQUETTE, Michigan (AFP) – US President Barack Obama on Thursday traveled to a remote corner of frigid Michigan to roll out an ambitious plan to offer high-speed wireless Internet coverage to 98 percent of Americans. "We can't expect tomorrow's economy to take root using yesterday's infrastructure," said Obama, who unveiled the broadband Internet push as part of his plan to "Win the Future" in his State of the Union address last month. "We've got to think about what's the next thing and make sure that we're at the forefront, just like we were in the last century," Obama said, comparing...

Brewer to Countersue Federal Government Over Immigration Enforcement

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced Thursday that her state will file a countersuit against the federal government, claiming Washington has failed to enforce immigration law along the southern border. The governor said the federal government hasn't secured the state's border with Mexico and has stuck Arizona with the costs tied to illegal immigration. "Because the federal government has failed to protect the citizens of Arizona, I am left with no other choice," Brewer said. The announcement is the latest swipe in the ongoing legal dispute between Arizona and the U.S. Department of Justice over the state's tough immigration law. After...

White House says no to emergency AK-47 regulation

The U.S. agency that monitors gun sales has suffered a setback in its effort to increase scrutiny of the bulk sale of high-powered assault rifles in border state gun shops that are a chief source of weapons smuggling into Mexico. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wants to require gun dealers in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to report the sales of two or more rifles to the same customer within a five-day period, similar to a rule that exists for handgun sales. The goal of the plan is to crack down on problem gun dealers and...

2009 FLASHBACK: Obama cautious as violent protests sweep Tehran (Remove Iran's Ahmadinejad? No way!)

Obama cautious as violent protests sweep TehranBy Warren P. Strobel | McClatchy Newspapers Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009 TEHRAN, Iran — Violence flared across Iran on Monday with the first reported death from anti-government riots, as hundreds of thousands of defiant Tehranis took to the streets demanding "Where is my vote?" after Friday's disputed presidential election. The unrest, possibly Iran's worst political crisis since the 1979 Islamic revolution, confounded predictions that the regime would be able to contain the fallout from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's unexpected claim of a landslide victory. President Barack Obama spoke cautiously in his first comments...

Bill Would Study If SC Should Create Its Own Currency

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A bill in the South Carolina Senate would set up a committee to study whether South Carolina should create its own currency of gold and silver coins as an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Sen. Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg, introduced the bill after seeing that Georgia, Virginia and Missouri are also looking at the same thing.

Concealed Carry In Kentucky Without A License

Concealed Carry In Kentucky Without A License LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT SUPPORT HB 113 - Rep. Mike Harmon from Danville, the sponsor of this new concealed carry bill, recently met with members of Take Back Kentucky, Campaign for Liberty and, and they fixed the language in the bill. The concerns we had with the bill were not intentional. They were mostly legalese. This is a good bill, and would add Kentucky to Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona as states that do not require a state issued license to practice the fundamental and unalienable right to keep and bear arms, regardless...

CAIR Comes To Springfield (PA)

CAIR Pennsylvania -- the state affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- has scheduled a banquet , 6:30 p.m., March 12 at the Springfield Country Club, which has been called the unofficial headquarters of the Springfield Republican Party. It was the place, in fact, where John McCain kicked off his 2008 presidential campaign after officially becoming the GOP's nominee. The theme is "Advancing With Confidence" and the event is being called an "entertaining night out for the whole family."

Washington D.C. Planned Parenthood facility the seventh caught aiding sex traffickers

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 10, 2011 ( - New undercover audio released today by Live Action reveals a Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood facility willing to aid and abet a self-identified sex trafficker exploiting underage girls, including girls imported from other countries. This facility is the seventh implicated in a series of releases by the pro-life media organization in the last two weeks.The new audio features a woman posing as a prostitute as well as a “manager” of young girls for “sex work” meeting with a staffer at Planned Parenthood’s Egypt Center on Minnesota Avenue, NE. The staffer counsels the sex...

Wisconsin governor to propose stripping most public employee bargaining rights

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker will propose removing nearly all public employee collective bargaining rights to help plug a $3.6 billion budget hole, a Republican briefed on the governor's plan told The Associated Press on Thursday. Walker will propose a change in state law to remove public employees' ability to negotiate on any issue except salary, according to the person, who was in Walker's closed-door briefing with members of the state Senate on Thursday but spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to release the information. The Republican governor also will refinance state debt to...

Stop EPA's Energy Tax

Federal Authority: At a contentious hearing on legislation to keep the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant, Republicans rightly called global warming a power-grabbing hoax that is all pain for no gain. The assertion came at a Wednesday hearing before the House subcommittee on energy and power on the "Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011." The measure is designed to reassert the authority of Congress to levy taxes on the American people and direct public policy — powers that are being usurped by the unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency. In a power grab that rivals ObamaCare...

Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

In a radical change of policy, the Netherlands is reducing its targets for renewable energy and slashing the subsidies for wind and solar power. It's also given the green light for the country's first new nuclear power plants for almost 40 years. Why the change? Wind and solar subsidies are too expensive, the Financial Times Deutschland , reports. Holland thus becomes the first country to abandon the EU-wide target of producing 20 per cent of its domestic power from renewables. This is a remarkable turnaround from a state that took the Kyoto Agreement seriously and chivvied other EU members into...

US Birth Records Check for Obama and 5 others prove he was not registered in Honolulu HI

US Birth Records Check for Obama and 5 others prove Barack Hussein Obama was not registered in Honolulu HI Source at link:

CBO: Obamacare will cost an estimated 800,000 jobs

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed Thursday during a House Budget Committee hearing that President Barack Obama’s health care law will likely cost 800,000 jobs, the Weekly Standard reported.

FLASH CRASH: APPLE stock loses $10 billion in four minutes...

What triggered the sell-off that knocked $10 billion off the company's market cap?

N.C. man admits to conspiring with foreign terrorists

"This case proves how our world is changing. Terrorists are no longer only from foreign countries but also citizens who live within our own borders" ...

12-year-old suicide bomber kills 31 in Pakistan

It was the deadliest suicide bombing in Pakistan since a woman with a bomb strapped under her burqa killed 43 people at a United Nations food distribution point on Christmas Day in the tribal district of Bajaur.

Taking Aim at William Tell:

Referendum Could Change Swiss Gun Culture

Threats to Western Oil: 2 Tankers Hijacked in 2 Days

Supertanker Irene SL pirated in Arabian Sea, carrying 2 million barrels of crude, one day after another tanker was seized.

Get Ready for Higher Food Prices: Department of Agriculture Reports Lowest Corn Supplies in 15 Years While Price Doubles…

Added to a soaring price of oil and we could be in for a world of hurt!

(Omaha World-Herald) — Warnings of higher food prices headed for American supermarkets and restaurants were swallowed easily across much of farm country Wednesday.

The big gulp came when the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that global demand had pushed U.S. corn supplies to their lowest point in 15 years.

The price of corn, which has doubled over the past six months, affects most food products in supermarkets. It’s used to feed the cattle, hogs and chickens that fill the meat aisles.

It is the main ingredient in Cap’n Crunch and Doritos. Turned into syrup, it sweetens most soft drinks and many foods.

Corn also is part of the agricultural blend that fuels the economies of Nebraska, Iowa and other farming states. Iowa is the nation’s top corn-producing state; Nebraska is third.

Shoppers could see higher grocery bills as early as three months from now, though most of the impact won’t be felt for another six months, said Scott Irwin, an agricultural economics professor at the University of Illinois.

Chicken prices are among the first to rise because the bird’s life span is so short that higher feed costs get factored in quickly, he said. Price hikes for hogs take about a year and cattle two years. Prices on packaged foods take six or seven months to rise.          

EPA strikes again

EPA strikes again

The EPA has pulled a permit for in situ uranium mining in Colorado.

The story itself is annoyingly clueless about what in situ (“in place”) mining is. The way it works is you look for uranium salts in a deep aquifer – they tend to become concentrated by the way water moves in the aquifer, so they form concentrated bands. In in situ mining, you drill into the aquifer and inject a mild acid — by comparison, Coca Cola is a fairly strong acid — which dissolves the concentrated uranium, and pump it back to the surface. When you’re done you pump in enough water to return the aquifer to its original condition, minus the uranium.

My first real job was with a mining company that did in situ; they ran into trouble because EPA classified the water that had the uranium removed as “radioactive waste” because it still had a little trace of uranium in it; as “radioactive waste” it couldn’t be pumped back into the wells, even though it was substantially less radioactive than it had been originally.

Looks like the EPA is at it again.

At least count, as I recall, the EPA objects to: drilling for oil, mining coal, in situ uranium mining, building solar thermal plants in the desert, and burning things for fuel.

You might almost wonder if there’s some common theme here.

Lib media reporting fake Palin interview -- as real...

This is really bad.

Us Weekly has published what it claims are comments made by Sarah Palin, in which the former vice presidential candidate blasts Christina Aguilera’s performance of the national anthem at Super Bowl XLV.

Except the over-the-top “quotes,” which Us Weekly attributes to a Monday radio interview with Sean Hannity, were actually written for a satire website.

Guns and Doctors(FL)

State Rep. Jason Brodeur introduced a bill in January, that could send doctors to jail for up to five years and fine them up to $5 million for asking about patients' gun ownership, refusing to treat patients who won't answer such questions or entering gun ownership information into any record. The bill has the support of the National Rifle Association. It is opposed by the Florida's chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Florida Medical Association. The measure is, in part, a reaction to AAP's guidelines encouraging physicians to talk to parents about protecting children from preventable accidents....

Saudia Arabia's King Abdullah passed away (after arguing with Obama)

Islam Times: Saudi Arabia's 86-year-old King Abdullah was discharged from a New York City hospital in good health after going through two back operations in December 2010. The king delegated the management of the affairs of the world’s largest oil supplier to his half-brother, Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, during his absence.

King Abdullah talked with Obama about the situation in Egypt over the phone yesterday. Obama and the King got into a heated debate about their opinions of what Hosni Mubarak should do. After the phone call sources stated that King Abdullah was furious and then suffered a sudden heart attack.

Doctors ran to his resuce but were unable to save him. He was pronounced dead, but his death was not reported due to the sensative conditions that exist in the region. The Saudi Arabian government will reject this claim; but the ball is in their court to prove that he is alive.

ACORN Sprouting Fresh Branches

Longtime ACORN leader Jon Kest is executive director of NYCC. Kest is the brother of Steve Kest, former executive director of ACORN, who has joined fellow radical community organizer Van Jones as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank that functions as a public relations firm for the Obama administration.

Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth | STRATFOR

 It has now become quite common to hear U.S. officials confidently assert that 90 percent of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States. However, a close examination of the dynamics of the cartel wars in Mexico — and of how the oft-echoed 90 percent number was reached — clearly demonstrates that the number is more political rhetoric than empirical fact.

ConocoPhillips, Marathon plan to close Alaska LNG plant

JUNEAU, Alaska – ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil Corp. confirmed Wednesday that they plan to close the Kenai liquefied natural gas plant after more than 40 years in operation, citing market changes.

Carl Paladino to run in NY-26 special?

Yes, my congressman posed shirtless on Craigslist…But at least Democrat Eric Massa, NY-29, snorkeled a few seamen before resigning in disgrace last year.

I hope you weren’t eating.

Video: Detroit denies permit to film story of 50,000 stray dogs, so filmakers puts it on YouTube, raises $7,000

A California producer and metro Detroit rapper who were denied permission by the City of Detroit to film a Discovery Channel series about stray dogs said they've raised $7,000 from a video of strays they shot on their own -- money they say will help build a no-kill animal shelter in the city.

Who Wants Grandma to Freeze?

COOPER: What's the Administration Trying to Accomplish by Cutting a Popular Program for the Poor?
AMBINDER: Obama to Cut Energy Assistance to Poor, 3 Million at Risk, Gas Trade Association Says
And  the headline just below it reads:
 Obama to Unveil Big Broadband Push
By Juliana Gruenwald
The major wireless initiative would bring wireless access to 98 percent of the country within five years.

Obama's "tough budget cuts" in pictures

President Obama's 2012 budget will be roughly $3,800,000 million ($3.8 trillion).

The anticipated 2012 budget deficit will be $1,500,000 million ($1.5 trillion). This means we are borrowing that amount from our children to fund all of the Democrats' Utopian spending programs.

Finally, the president has proposed "tough budget cuts" that total $775 million. No, that's not a joke.

Let's illustrate the magnitude of Obama's cuts.

Obama's cuts aren't even visible in this chart. Let's zoom in.

Professors act to make sure that a free exchange of ideas won't happen on their campus

Several months ago Muslim students at UC Irvine rudely disrupted a speech by the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren. Orange County prosecutors are charging the students with two misdemeanor counts, including conspiracy to disrupt the speech. If convicted, the penalty could be up to six months in jail.

Facebook and Google size up takeover of Twitter: report

(Reuters) - Google Inc and Facebook Inc, plus others, have held low level takeover talks with Twitter that give the Internet sensation a value as high as $10 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Mississippi license plate proposed to honor KKK leader...

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - A fight is brewing in Mississippi over a proposal to issue specialty license plates honoring Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raw American Patriotism (with NO political correctness)

This audio/video has been around for a little while but I love how fired up Michael Savage is about Islam and the ridiculous political correctness that is going to get the United States in trouble… it has the UK. Some may say that Michael is a little harsh but I think he’s right on target.

Go Michael Go!

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Ban on the Word Hate

One of the many frightening aspects of George Orwell's 1984 is the way bureaucrats limit human thought by eliminating words from the language. Once again, liberals are using the book not as a warning, but as a Tyranny for Dummies guide:

Obama's Tough Budget Cuts Visualized

Who says Comrade Obama is deliberately bankrupting the country per the Cloward-Piven strategy? As part of his pre-election head feint toward the center, he has adopted a new pose of somber responsibility with "tough" budget cuts totaling $775 million.

That's a staggering amount of money, if you work for it. But if there's one thing we should all know by now, it's that Big Government does not work. It steals from those who do on a scale so vast that $775 million isn't worth mentioning.

Via Doug Ross, here's where the $775 million fits into Obama's 2011 budget:

Can't see it? Let's zoom in:

The Obama Administration plan for complete control of all media

Monday's post on the Obamavision "upgrade" to our nation's Emergency Alert System drew an interesting reaction. Reader CFL wrote:

The article talks about running a test to see if the EBS really works for a Presidential message. What's wrong with that? After all, it wasn't until President Bush was airborne on 9/11 that everybody suddenly noticed there was no way for him to address the nation from there. Seems sensible to me.

That's what they want us to think.

Living in New Jersey May Be Bad, but Dying in New Jersey Is Worse

New Jersey gets abused by comedians as being some sort of dump, but there are some scenic parts of the state.

So it actually can be a nice place to live. That being said, it’s not a good place to die. Here’s a chart from the American Family Business Foundation that was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial.

American Spectator straw poll

Current results: Palin 37.06% Daniels 8.63% Cain 7.11% Christie* 6.09% Ron Paul 5.08% Gingrich 4.57% Demint* 4.57% Other 3.55% Bachmann 3.55% Romney 3.05% Pawlenty 3.05% Ryan* 2.54% Huckabee 2.54% Rubio* 2.03% Santorum 1.52% Pence* 1.52% Barbour 1.52% Thune 1.02% Perry* 0.51% Rand Paul 0.51% Johnson 0.00% *already told the world they are not running in 2012

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US...

A new drilling technique is opening up vast fields of previously out-of-reach oil in the western United States, helping reverse a two-decade decline in domestic production of crude.

Tettering on the Edge

The White House has spent the last few days devoting itself to the really big issues, of whether or not the President has quit smoking, and whether or not he dyes his hair.

That the Administration and their media enablers want to engage in misdirection, to have us focus on inconsequential issues, should be viewed as an indicator of how close our economy is collapse.

FLOTUS: Obama Kept ‘Every Single Promise He Made’

They say that love is blind....

Indiana Town Avoids Becoming National Punchline

Fort Wayne‘s new government center is unlikely to be named after the city’s longest tenured mayor, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports.

Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy said naming the building the “Harry Baals Government Center” was probably not going to happen because, “We’re not going to make any decisions that look bad.”

FBI agent: Feds spy on citizens based on religion, politics

( The police are watching you. If you're the wrong religion, they'll spy on your every move. If you voice the wrong political opinions they'll be watching you, according to Mike German ...

ICE allowed the release of 890 convicted of serious crimes

 ICE failed to identify more than 800 criminal alien convicts eligible for deportation before they were released from U.S. prisons ...

Obama Must Go

His malapropisms, however, are not only a sign of a deeply ignorant man but also a symptom of the policy miscarriages he has implemented since taking office — again, too numerous to mention in toto.

Town in MI going bankrupt; still gives out 3% union raises

City of Hamtramck officials say the city is “dead broke” and will run out of money sometime in March. Yet city documents show that 11 police department employees were paid overtime of between $24,000 and $34,460 during 2010.

Hamtramck City Manager Bill Cooper said that the overtime was part of a new “traffic enforcement” program that paid for itself “four or five times over.”

The city also had eight more people on payroll in 2010 compared to 2007 and saw total payroll climb from $7.3 million in 2007 to $7.9 million in 2010, not including benefits. While Hamtramck considered bankruptcy, it gave its union workers annual raises of 2 to 3 percent.

CAIR scrubs website of award to Muslim who beheaded wife

He received an award April 7, 2007, from CAIR-Pennsylvania at its first annual banquet, a fundraiser at the Hilton Philadelphia. CAIR-PA Chairman Iftekhar Hussain and CAIR National Chairman Parvez Ahmed presented the award to Hassan. The organization website does not specify a reason for the honor.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. Joseph Sestak of Pennsylvania’s 7th District were special guests at the event. Sestak was the keynote speaker.

Kill your TV!

The truth about television:
Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680.
Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5.
Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54.

Conservatism and Living Your Own Life

Is there a check-list that will help define the Conservative to SocialCon to a FiscalCon to a Libertarian and so-on. Where is the check-list? Is it the same for a Catholic, a Protestant, a born-again? What about the Conservative who is an Atheist? Can there even be one? Who sets the rules? Can a gambler be a Conservative? How about someone who voted for a Democrat in the sixties but swears that he was high that afternoon today? What about a law abiding Muslim-American family? Is it out of the question that they could believe in a limited Government and in our National Defense? Can a pro-choice man attend CPAC? Can a Pro-Life union worker get a ticket to the show?

Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Hope For Riots In America (Video)

We just had Noam Chomsky lamenting the lack of Egyptian style riots here in America. Now we have another Liberal academic and “journalist” doing the same thing. And who do you think will suffer the wrath of violent Left Wing protesters here in America? Christians should be on notice for a purge could be coming [...]
Read More

Education Reform Goes Global

To conceive of a better education system for the struggling classrooms of the United States, Andrew Coulson of the CATO institute invited education experts from Sweden and Chile to share thoughts on their success. Coulson, who serves as Director of the Center for Educational Freedom, asked why Americans aren’t taking action for education reform, perpetuating a status quo that has frustrated parents, educators and students.

All the Sexism That’s Fit to Print

To those familiar with left-wing hypocrisy, it should not come as a shock that The New York Times has not been quite living up to its professed standards. The Times may have a strong history of promoting affirmative action and encouraging gender balance in the workplace, but when it comes to actual practice, The Times still discriminates in favor of men.

Hillary Clinton: We Can't Legalize Drugs Because 'There Is Just Too Much Money in It' (2.7)

Maerker: In Mexico, there are those who propose not keeping going with this battle and legalize drug trafficking and consumption. What is your opinion?

Clinton: I don't think that will work. I mean, I hear the same debate. I hear it in my country. It is not likely to work. There is just too much money in it, and I don't think that—you can legalize small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling, they have to be stopped.

AP IMPACT: At CIA, grave mistakes, then promotions

WASHINGTON (AP) - In December 2003, security forces boarded a bus in Macedonia and snatched a German citizen named Khaled el-Masri. For the next five months, el-Masri was a ghost. Only a select group of CIA officers knew he had been whisked to a secret prison for interrogation in Afghanistan.

But he was the wrong guy.

Politico unfairly portrays Santorum’s comments about Palin

Sounds like to me he wasn’t ‘knocking’ her at all, but suggesting that her missing CPAC was justifiable since she’s so busy and has a large family. If anything it was just an off the cuff answer. I didn’t detect any ill-will, but of course I wasn’t looking for it like Andy Barr.

Gallup shows Obama at 27% approval on handling deficit, 37% on economy

Remember all that talk about Barack Obama’s bounce in the polls after the lame-duck session?

Muslim Brotherhood text reveals scope of radical creed; 'Global Islamic conquest'...

Translation released Tuesday of a 1995 book by the movement’s fifth official leader sheds light on just how Egypt’s Brotherhood views itself and its mission. Jihad is the Way is the last of a five-volume work, The Laws of Da’wa by Mustafa Mashhur, who headed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from 1996-2002.

'Tea Party' Creates Own Magazine to Reflect Movement's Values...

Activists have created a magazine, Tea Party Review, to be launched this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regulation Without Representation

Regulatory agencies enact more than 3,500 new regulations in an average year. A new federal rule hits the books roughly every two hours, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Compare that with Congress, which passes fewer than 200 pieces of legislation per year. Only Congress has the power to legislate in the American system of government, but Congress never actually votes on most regulations. This is regulation without representation, and it is a major problem.

Want Plastic? It Will Cost You 5 Cents (except people on food stamps)

If you don't bring your own bag when you shop for groceries, it could cost you a nickel for every disposable plastic or paper bag you fill. State lawmakers from the Environment Committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss a bill calling for proceeds to be collected to go toward municipal recycling programs. Reusable bags, bags used to cover dry cleaning and those used to protect delivered newspapers would be exempt from the fee. People on food stamps would also not be charged

Document Forgery Factory in Virginia

 Document mills produce various documents that can be used to provide individuals with documentation that would enable them to create false identities for themselves. The issue of the creation of false identities is of extreme importance because the only folks who would want to alter their identities are individuals who have reasons to attempt to conceal their true identities.

Dear Markets, Get Ready For The QE-Withdrawal Pain

 It is not a reversal of policy that is necessary, just a sign that the Central Bank is anchored in the same reality in which the market is.

House rejects extensions of Patriot Act provisions

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a misstep for the new Republican leadership, the House has rejected legislation to extend for nine months three key surveillance tools that are part of the nation's post-Sept. 11 anti-terror law.

The Republicans brought the bill to the floor Tuesday under a procedure requiring a two-thirds majority for passage. But with 26 Republicans joining Democrats in opposing the extension of the USA Patriot Act provisions, the vote was 277-148, seven short of what was needed for passage.

The bill would have extended until Dec. 8 provisions dealing with roving wiretaps, FBI access to business records and surveillance of non-U.S. "lone wolf" terrorist suspects. The provisions expire on Feb. 28 without House and Senate actions.

Cash-Strapped Schools Send Teachers To Vegas At Taxpayer Expense...

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Public Schools system is suffering from a $700 million budget shortfall. So why did some educators travel to Las Vegas just days after a travel restriction was ordered?

CBS 2′s Dave Savini and the Better Government Association investigated questionable spending of school tax dollars and how children are impacted.

Obama Budget Proposes Broader Unemployment Taxes...

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama's budget proposal is expected to give states a way to collect more payroll taxes from businesses, in an effort to replenish the unemployment-insurance program. The plan could cause controversy at a time when the administration is seeking to mend fences with corporate America.

Obama's Michigan speech 'open to the public by invitation only'...

Full details of the presidential visit Up North were released today by the White House

Muslim TV Exec Found Guilty of Beheading His Wife

Prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable said Hassan bought two hunting knives less than an hour before the attack, parked his luxury vehicle out of view at the station and then hid in wait inside. During a 37-second frenzy that began when Hassan’s wife walked through the door, he stabbed her more than 40 times in the face, back and chest and decapitated her. Surveillance video captured some of the attack inside a darkened hallway.

Muslim Mob Kills 3 in Religious Rampage (Video)

[Content WARNING: The following videos contain graphic images.]

Two Christian Teen Girls Allegedly ‘Shot Dead’ in India for Reading Bible

The international news website BosNewsLife reports two teen sisters in India were “brutally murdered” when a group of possible Muslim militants found the two reading a Bible. The website cites a Christian missionary as the source of the story:

Angry Muslim crowd attacks churches

(BBC News) More than 1,000 Muslims stormed a courthouse and burned two churches in Indonesia after a Christian was sentenced to five years for distributing leaflets deemed insulting to Islam -- the crowd demanded the death penalty ...

The Scourge of Unbridled Democracy

Islam is a worldview masquerading as a religion intent on world domination through fear, terror, and the ballot box. The talk from both ends of the political spectrum is that “democracy” will cure the ills of Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and the surrounding Muslim nations. What if the protesting people of Egypt decide they want a Taliban-style social and political system whose goal is to defeat the infidel West and impose Sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide and they choose violence to accomplish the goal and the masses remain silent because they are afraid of reprisals? Democracy in the hands of wild-eyed fanatics is perilous. In the end, they would have used the democratic process to deny the democratic process once they gain power through the democratic process. It’s been said that Democracy is like a streetcar. When you reach your destination, you get off.

Mandatory Arabic Classes Coming To Some Texas Schools

Some Students at Mansfield ISD schools could soon be learning Arabic as a required language. The school district wants students at select schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant.

Video Of Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson: Org Coerces Minors Into Having Abortions

Abby Johnson is the former Planned Parenthood who's eyes were opened when she assisted in an abortion and was shocked into reality by what she saw:

Pic of the day:

Ain't this the truth though!

Liberty vs. benevolence by Roger Kimball

An introduction to Limited government in an age of uncertainty.

Renormalizing the gun culture

We’re winning. Keep winning.

If you read one thing today, read this by Kevin Baker:

The renormalization of firearms in American culture is proceeding apace.

Like I say, we’re winning on TV because guns are fucking cool.

Capitalism, A Forgotten Value

Capitalism, A Forgotten Value

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

I have to chuckle when I listen to the business community and/or the government, specifically when either talks about capitalism.

Capitalism is something our founders understood. For a brief, maybe one hundred years or so following them, so did most Americans. They understood what it is as well as the value it gave to a free society.

However, after 1900 or thereabouts something changed. I think we all know what it was that began to slowing erode capitalism until today we have only a shell of real capitalism; a perverted shell at that.

Yes, certainly I blame the anti capitalist government mentality that took hold and ultimately grew in America, much to its great detriment. I also blame equally the businessmen and the manufacturers that once were responsible for this nation's prosperity and the creation of national wealth {those who produce} because they became willing partners in the efforts that served to eliminate true capitalism.

By asking for and accepting favors in the form government subsidies, business played into the hands of the progressive elements of society and a progressive socialistic government and in the process played their cards against the best interest of capitalism, the American people, and a free society.

Consider the following from Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal: "I said that the "liberals" are coining and spreading the "anti concepts" in order to smuggle this country into statism by an imperceptible process - and that the primary target marked for obliteration is thew concept of "capitalism," which if lost would carry away with it the knowledge that a free society can and did exist."

Consider as well this, again from Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal: "No "anti concept" launched by the "liberals" goes so far so crudely as the tag "consumerism." It implies loudly and clearly that the status of "consumer" is separate from and superior to the status of "producer"; it suggests a social system dedicated to the service of a new aristocracy which is distinguished by the ability to "consume" and vested with a special claim on the castes serfs marked by the ability to produce. If taken seriously, such a tag would lead to the ultimate absurdity of the communists proclaiming: "Who does not toil, shall not eat" - and the alleged representatives of capitalism replying: "Oh yes he shall!"

Anyone truly interested in understanding true capitalism and its force for good should read Ayn Rand's book, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

I vaguely recall a time when the banking industry was lauded as "Pillars of the Community." Well, given the recent past and the financial meltdown I suppose we can all agree the neither banking industry nor the financial industry in general represent any such "pillars." Rather they, as well as the government represent corruption and control. Today neither represent anything even close to an understanding of what true capitalism is.

Consider the following from the third President of these United States, Thomas Jefferson.... "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1821

Indeed, if President Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand where with us today there is no doubt but they would be appalled at the Corporatism, Crony Capitalism, Anti Concepts, and lack of Intellectual Honesty that currently pervades our society.

Unfortunately neither modern liberals nor modern conservatives are talking honestly and rationally on the issues herein introduced. This is not all that surprising if one thinks about it. After all, as we have grown to observe {assuming we have observed reality at all}, regardless of party, ideology, or level of awareness it is likely that all roads eventually converge at the same point. The failure to reexamine the principles of capitalism. and allow a true capitalism to again take root and eventually flourish will, at a not to distant time, result in our society becoming {willingly} enslaved to the corporatist, crony capitalist, and the anti-concept snake oil salesmen.

The choice we make must be that of people. The road we choose to take rests with us. Isn't it time that all Americans that truly long for a better more prosperous future take action to insure we remain a free people. A people at liberty to choose the course of or life and succeed own our own merit and hard work.

This is The United States of America. We can accomplish great things if we renounce emotionalism and lead our lives and our nation by rational concepts. Concepts borne of physical reality and determined to be true based on cognitive reasoning and logic.

Cross posted to Rational Nation USA and Democracy Central

'Don't Take U.S. for Granted'

Malcom Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, spoke on Monday at the 2011 Herzliya Conference during a session entitled 'All the Eggs in One Basket? America's Place in Israel's Foreign Policy.'

A Voice as Powerful as Countries

Can Al-Jazeera Topple Governments?

Holy War (the game)

Inevitible wasnt it?

“Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration" | Smuggle Illegal Aliens iPhone Ap

VIDEO          A new iPhone application is encouraging people to turn a blind eye to the illegal alien crisis in the United States. The objective of the game is to smuggle as many illegal aliens as possible. Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration was developed by a Boston company (no surprise, you didn't think you would see this coming from Arizona did you?)  

Baghdad Bob: We Will Implement ObamaCare Despite Judge’s Declaration That His Ruling Is the “Equivalent of an Injunction”…

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs told today that the administration will “rightly” continue to implement the Obamacare law even though the federal judge who sided with 26 states in declaring it unconstitutional said that his ruling was “the functional equivalent of an injunction” against the law.

In his ruling last week, Judge Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida wrote that in his opinion an injunction is an extraordinary measure, particularly when a ruling is against the federal government.

The ruling said an injunction would be an extraordinary measure. “It is even more so when the party to be enjoined is the federal government, for there is a long-standing presumption ‘that officials of the Executive Branch will adhere to the law as declared by the court. As a result, the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction,’” it said.

Red Tape Wrath

Businesses tell Issa the top five Obama regulations they hate the most

Pro-union power grab causes GOP to consider NLRB budget cut

Education and Workforce committee spokesman Brian Newell said Kline is worried about how the NLRB’s recent actions will affect workers and that the NRLB budget is on the table when it comes to budget cuts.

Planned Parenthood exposed seemingly willing to aid underage prostitutes for a sixth time

In the sixth installation of a concerted campaign to discredit Planned Parenthood, Tuesday Live Action released yet another video showing the abortion provider seemingly willing to aid a pimp and his prostitute in the sexual exploitation of young girls.

More Wealthy DC Residents Registering Guns

Of the 1,400-plus guns registered, more than 1,000 are handguns, mainly semiautomatics. The rest are rifles and shotguns.

Shuler: Pelosi Isolated From Democrat Moderates

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi apparently continues to be a drag on the Democrat Party. She has alienated herself from the party’s moderates in the House — the Blue Dog Coalition, says North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler, one of its top members, The Hill reports.

Dems Conceding Bush Was Right on Mideast

Egypt’s perilous standoff over democratic reforms has put the Obama administration on the defensive, with no clear end in sight to a stalemate that has exposed the White House to fire from all sides of the political spectrum.

Are Waivers Unconstitutional?

The Constitution does not authorize the president to grant dispensations.

No longer masked: Obama says workers must share in corporate profits

Here’s the quote: “If we’re fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports, the benefits cannot just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. They have to be shared by American workers, who need to know that opening markets will lift their standard of living as well as your bottom line,” President Obama told the Chamber of Commerce on Monday morning.

Really, Barry? And what if the company fails, do they share in the loss?

Judge’s trial begins: He allegedly sold kids to private juvenile jails

This story hits close to home for me because I used to practice law in Luzerne County, PA. It wasn’t my home county, but I was there regularly. Two judges – Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan – are involved. Conahan pled out. Ciavarella is standing trial against a heinous set of allegations. His jury selection begins today. Here’s some highlights of the activities:   (Read more)

First They Came for the Teachers...

As the movement to eliminate tenure takes hold, it’s worth asking advocates for dismissal of incompetent teachers whether they think that teachers are the only underperforming public-sector workers. Do they also favor more dismissals of subpar police officers and firefighters?

Short answer: Yep.

Is individual mandate first step in taking of freedoms?

The argument that everyone must have health insurance so that we who are insured don’t end up paying the medical bills for those who aren’t insured has been repeated by so many people so many times that it has become an irrefutable truth. That is why Obamacare’s linchpin provision requires all of us to have health insurance by 2014.

Poll: Should women be able to transfer their vote to their husband?

A housewife and mother possess more power and influence in the world than a city full of voting men, for only she can create new life — and it is she, more than any other, that influences how the next generation will think.

It is not a shock that there are many women, like the woman in this video, who recognize their duties are vastly superior to the banal duties of men — and it is women such as these who would give to their husbands their vote. Should women have the freedom to transfer their vote to their husband? Ballot below.

Hey Barack, Resign Now, and Now Means Yesterday

While our nation languishes amidst record food and energy prices, unprecedented underemployment (including those excluded from the workforce) and economic stagnation, crippling regulations, and an administration in contempt of two court decisions, the media would rather distract us with the Islamist uprising in Egypt. It is imperative that we keep up the pressure on Obama and the Democrats by denying them the opportunity to preclude our attention from more relevant and ominous domestic problems. On the other hand, there is one salient question that we should excogitate from Obama’s handling of the Egyptian insurgency. If Obama is willing to listen to the protesters of a foreign country due to their grievances from high food and energy prices and an unresponsive government, shouldn’t he accede to the similar demands of his own citizens and resign immediately?

As a direct result of Obama’s assiduous depredation of the private sector, there are a record number of people who are unemployed or underemployed. For those who are lacking sufficient income, their most vital needs include food, energy, and health care are among Yet, this President has used every tool at his disposal (including illegal ones) to ensure that the cost of production or delivery of each vital sector of our economy has burgeoned exponentially.

Through this President’s continued support of ethanol mandates, subsidies, and tariffs, the price of essential food commodities has risen sharply, as corn is the antecedent of the food chain. Almost 40% of corn grown in this country is now used for an ineffective and potentially environmentally degrading fuel. In addition, the President has done everything in his power to mandate and subsidize the production and usage of under-performing and deleterious sources of energy. This, along with his slavish devotion to the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing (QE2), has artificially and gratuitously spiked the cost of food and energy commodities.

Incidentally, the most egregious threat to our energy independence and economic prosperity is Obama’s capricious assault on the energy sources that actually effectuate economic stability; oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power. What is even more scandalous is that he is prosecuting this war on energy under the guise of global warming solutions, even as Americans are suffering under record cold temperatures. We are now confronted with an energy shortage during this critically frigid era, as a result of unconstitutional policies, that were implemented to stave off the contrived man-made hoax of global warming.

The impetus of Obama’s war on oil commenced last year when he imposed a devastating moratorium on all deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Even though a Louisiana District Court Judge extirpated the job killing, price hiking moratorium, the Obama administration continues to deny drilling companies their permits to resume their much needed oil production. In fact, last week, the District Court ruled that the administration is in contempt of the court’s preliminary injunction. So Mr. Obama, who is the real autocrat on the geopolitical scene?

Unfortunately, Obama’s nefarious assault on our energy production, job producers, and consumers has not ended with the Gulf moratorium. Obama’s alacrity to destroy the energy sector is not assuaged by merely denying us 220,000 barrels of oil per day from deep water drilling. The administration has also dramatically tamped down production in shallow waters and in drilling fields across Alaska and every other coastline. The Obama Interior Department, under the leadership of Ken Salazar, has imposed odious new regulations and has denied permits to shallow water drilling companies who develop vital natural gas reserves as well as oil.

These regulations, along with Interior Department land grabs, have artificially induced a shortage in natural gas that has created a state of emergency in New Mexico. Now, thousands of residents throughout the southwest are without power during this record cooling period due to global warming regulations. The sad irony is that we are experiencing this shortage despite the fact that we are the ‘Saudi Arabia of natural gas’.

Additionally, the EPA has rescinded their permits to Shell Oil for drilling operations in the Arctic waters of the Beaufront Sea in order to “analyze the effects of emissions from drilling ships and support vessels.” Also, in order to utilize the oil for domestic consumption, it must be refined. But, not only have we failed to construct a new oil refinery since the 70’s, Obama’s EPA is planning to regulate the few remaining functional refineries into oblivion.

If America is the ‘Saudi Arabia of natural gas’, it is the ‘Kuwait of coal production’. Yet, the Obama administration has done everything in its power to shut down coal production in West Virginia and other states. Do they really oppose coal mining because of environmental considerations? Then, why has Obama failed to support nuclear energy, which is clean, efficient, and cheap? In Obama’s world, coal is not the king of energy production; rather it is wind, solar, wind chips, ethanol, and dung.

The reality is that we have a shortage in democratic leadership, not in abundance of natural resources.

As Rush Limbaugh always says; ignorance is the most expensive commodity. The deficit in public accountability of Obama’s food and energy policies has led to the destruction of jobs, economic stagnation, and most importantly; regressive commodity hikes on those vulnerable citizens whom the progressives purport to protect.

These same people, who are unemployed due to socialism, are also forced to pay 50% more in health insurance premiums due to the Obama Care law that is being implemented in contravention of a federal court’s ruling and our sacred constitution. Where are the mass riots over Obama’s fuel and health care policies that have infringed upon our democratic institutions?

The media and the Democrats are focusing incessantly on the democratic crisis in Egypt while ignoring our own. At least Hosni Mubarak has some justification for high food prices, namely; Obama’s QE2 and ethanol policies that have harshly affected Egypt’s market for food. In regard to the subversion of democracy, well, Egypt has no democratic institutions or constitution for Mubarak to attenuate. What can we say of President Obama who has vitiated the democratic institutions and constitution of the freest society in the world?

To borrow a statement from Robert Gibbs; what part of resign now don’t you understand, Mr. President? Now, means yesterday! Or, do you harbor more sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood than your own citizens?

Cross-posted to Red Meat Conservative

Tech at Night: The return of the Internet Tax

Remember when the Communication Workers of America backed Net Neutrality in the mildest way possible, despite the fact that it risked killing CWA jobs? Well here’s their payoff: CWA is all-in for the Internet Tax.

The Non-Socialist Obama Wants Us To Share (Video)

Since he was addressing the Chamber Of Commerce he may only mean them, but I doubt that. Of course the Daily Kos is all in favor of sharing. If you’ve got the time, President Obama’s speech earlier today to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is worth reading in its entirety. After first watching it live, [...]
Read More

Thomas Sowell clarifies what is meant by "judicial activism."

"Judicial activism" is a term coined years ago by critics of judges who make rulings based on their own beliefs and preferences, rather than on the law as written. It is not a very complicated notion, but political rhetoric can confuse and distort anything.

David Cameron joins Angela Merkel in daring to speak the truth about the illusion that is multi-culturalism.

 Cameron demands that the government be less cautious and tolerant of Islamic extremism. Believing in liberty does not mean that a government must ignore someone like Major Hasan's extremist rhetoric and connections simply because his superiors fear seeming prejudiced against Muslims.

6 charged in Bell corruption case reject plea deal

The defendants in the Bell, California corruption case are rejecting plea deals. It may well turn out that voting oneself huge salaries for being on the city council of a very poor city is sleazy and corrupt, but not illegal.

Internet Cop

President Obama’s top man at the Federal Communications Commission tries to regulate the Net.   They Call It Net Neutrality

Texas bill gives homeowners tool against eminent domain

The eminent domain measure -- which strengthens protections for property owners -- is expected to be considered by the state Senate as early as Tuesday. Passage seems virtually certain since more than two-thirds of the chamber's 31 members have signed on as co-authors.

Socialist filmmaker demands his profits

IRONIC!   Michael Moore sues Weinstein brothers over 'Fahrenheit 9/11' profits [Updated]

Are you ready for President Drew Brees?

(Reuters) - Last year's Super Bowl winning quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints says he could pursue a career in politics once his playing career is over.

High school gym teacher accused of sex with five students...

Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with football players

Detroit Mayor Offers Homes For $1,000 To Get Cops, Firefighters To Live In City...

DETROIT (WWJ) - These brave women and men already work in the city of Detroit — and now, Mayor Dave Bing wants police officers to live in the city as well.

Bing has been vocal about his desire to get police officers to move back into the city, and now he’s taking action by announcing a new incentive plan to get them to live where they work.


Egypt has power transfer plan, vice president says

‘The View’ Host Sherri Shepherd to Host Christian ‘Dove Awards’

We all need a good laugh from time to time!

'Beck For President’ Sign Appear in Superbowl PSA? (Video)

The sign in question appears approximately :20 seconds into this public service announcement that aired just before the Superbowl.

1st lady tells us 'eat carrot sticks,' serves junk food at White House

(Associated Press) Bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza and Buffalo wings with sides of German potato salad, twice-baked potatoes and assorted chips and dips ...

Afghan Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity

An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed within three days for converting to Christianity....

Bill would ban sales of toy guns to kids

( "Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a fine of not more than $2,000, imprisonment of not more than ninety days, or both" ...

Wave of immigrants from India cross illegally over Rio Grande

Thousands of immigrants from India have crossed into the U.S. illegally at the southern tip of Texas in the last year, part of a rapidly growing human-smuggling pipeline ...

U.S. funds school for teaching revolutionaries high-tech tricks

(New York Post) The Alliance for Youth Movements is run by 30-something Internet execs and has held three international conferences to arm cyber Che Guevaras, including the Egyptian opposition ...

Farm insurance fraud scams bilk taxpayers for millions

(Los Angeles Times) Perpetrators falsely claim weather or insects destroyed their crops and cash in on a government-backed insurance program. Some don't bother planting at all ...

FBI launches most-wanted list to stop billions in Medicare fraud

(Associated Press) Health care fraud used to be a faceless crime - until now. Medicare and Medicaid scams cost taxpayers more than $60 billion a year ...

Monday, February 7, 2011

FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested

Now that there's a rule in place, the next challenges are going to be working with all the stakeholders on timing of the test and to reach out to the public so they understand it's a test and not a real emergency, Fowlkes said.

Top 10 Democrats Who Have No Business Calling Sarah Palin 'Dumb'

For those pundits who claim that Sarah Palin is 'dumb', Dan from New York presents the following list for your consideration:

There’s a real glut, but these were first 10 that came to mind:

1. Harry Reid
2. Barney Frank/Andrew Sullivan (tie)
3. Joe Biden
4. Al Franken
5. John Conyers
6. Nancy Pelosi
7. Sheriff Dupnik
8. Jimmy Carter
9. Patty Murray
10. Howard Dean

I was pretty sure Maxine Brown-Reed and Matthew Yglesias would crack this elite list, but like he says there's a real glut.

Liberalism Threatens Your Children By Tolerating Pedophilia

The list of wicked sins that Liberals and Democrats are willing to tolerate against children now includes pedophilia. If the sexual abuse is not done by a Catholic priest then the Left has no interest in it. We continue to have Liberals defend Polanski and there is yet to be any uproar over Obama’s pedophile tolerating Safe Schools Czar. Since Liberalism is a false and idolatrous religion that stands in total antithesis to biblical Christianity, it will tolerate evil against those God’s Word has unique concern for, our children.

Obama’s EPA Screws Alaskans Out Of Good Paying Jobs; Shell Will Not Drill In 2011

Once again, we need a judge to find the Obama Administration in contempt of the middle class. The latest example of this is having 800 good paying jobs held up because of environmental concerns. From the Los Angeles Times:  (read more)

Al Sharpton, tax scofflaw

Sharpton owes $359,973 to the IRS for 2009 personal income tax, according to documents on file with the city.

“Terror Television” Breeds Terror Regimes

Al-Jazeera consistently and misleadingly describes the Muslim Brotherhood as a “non-violent” organization.

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Backs New Anti-Mubarak Egyptian Labor Federation

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka is backing the Egyptian revolution.

From the Communist Party USA’s Peoples’ World:

Egyptian workers…have broken away to form their own independent unions and federation and join the popular protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorial rule.

In a Jan. 30 declaration the new Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions said its demands include the right to organize and the right to work at a decent minimum wage, rather than be unemployed.

Like the other protesters, the new federation also demands Mubarak quit. The federation then called a general strike to back its demands.

The new federation, unveiled at a press conference in the jammed central Tahrir Square in Cairo, includes the Real Estate Tax Authority (RETA) workers, the Retired Workers Union, the Health Professionals Union, the Teachers Independent Union and several other independent unions.

The workers’ movement drew support from both AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and the International Trades Union Congress. Trumka said the new confederation’s role in the protests “inspires us and will not be forgotten…”

Trumka wrote to RETA President Kamal Abu Eita and to Kamal Abbas, director of the Independent Egyptian labor group, the Center for Trade Union Worker Services, that their “organizations symbolize the strength and courage of Egyptian workers and their families who have been standing up to repression for many years.”

“We salute you in this brave endeavor” of forming the new labor federation “and join the international labor movement in standing with you,” Trumka added. “The peoples’ movement for democracy in Egypt and the role unions are playing for freedom and worker rights inspires us and will not be forgotten,” he concluded.

Who will Trumka blame when American workers pay double to fill their gas tanks?

Chick-Fil-A: A Christian Business in the Left's Crosshairs

Here's a modest proposal for liberals who say they support job creation: Stop smearing successful, law-abiding private companies whose values don't comport with yours. I'm looking at you, New York Times.

Shopper Ingested Semen-Tainted Yogurt Sample

Lab tests confirm New Mexico woman’s sickening suspicion

Proposal Would Punish Parents of 'Sexting' Teens...

teen, parent would have to undergo 'education program' on dangers of practice

Freedom Is the Foundation of the Internet

Governments understand that the Internet gives people tremendous power to share information and organize protest movements. That’s why oppressive governments all over the world are attempting to restrict Internet freedom.

Green-energy plant sucks up subsidies, then goes

To turn wood chips into ethanol fuel, George W. Bush's Department of Energy in February 2007 announced a $76 million grant to Range Fuels for a cutting-edge refinery. A few months later, the refinery opened in the piney woods of Treutlen County, Ga., as the taxpayers of Georgia piled on another $6 million. In 2008, the ethanol plant was the first beneficiary of the Biorefinery Assistance Program, pocketing a loan for $80 million guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayers.

Last month, the refinery closed down, having failed to squeeze even a drop of ethanol out of its pine chips.

Even the sun loves her.

Nothing more beautiful.  Gawd, she’s gorgeous… even the sunlight loves her.

Are You Ready For Another Round Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

That's right, campers, it looks like one of our wishy washiest flip floppery Senators, Lindsey Graham, might give the whole shamnesty thing yet another try: Senators look for immigration deal

Radical Islamists on the Move in Egypt: U.S. Labor and Code Pink Offer Help

The American media want us to believe that the Egyptian revolution is a student-led fairy-tale fight for free elections and democracy. This is very, very naive. However, anyone who believes otherwise is being branded a “kook conspiracist.”

Thin Lizzy guitar ace dies after booze-up on holiday

GUITAR ace Gary Moore died on holiday yesterday - choking on his vomit after knocking back champagne and brandy. ...Bob Geldof yesterday described Moore as one of Ireland's musical legends.

Friday, the USDA quietly announced deregulation of Monsanto’s GMO sugarbeets

The US Department of Agriculture continues its unprecedented give-away to big agriculture monster Monsanto and its Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds. On Friday, while the media was preoccupied with the Superbowl and Egypt’s rioting, the USDA quietly announced it was deregulating Monsanto’s GMO sugar beets – despite a court order. This move comes just a week after the agency had gone back on its own plan to regulate GMO alfalfa to at least attempt to keep it from contaminating organic farms. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack had been floating a plan to limit the area where the GMO crop could be...

Iranian Bloggers Propose Resuming The Anti-Regime “Green Movement”

This report suggests that Iranians are looking to Egypt with some measure of envy.

Will unrest in Egypt inspire another uprising in Iran?