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NSA Whistleblower Speaks Out on Verizon, PRISM, and the Utah Data Center

June 8, 2013

Editor’s note: The following is a lightly-edited transcription of an interview with William Binney, a former employee with the NSA who after over 30 years with the agency quit and became a whistleblower, bringing to light many of their illegal activities and mass surveillance of American citizens.


Misfired 2010 email alerted more IRS officials to Tea Party scrutiny

June 8, 2013

(Reuters) - A misfired email from a U.S. Internal Revenue Service employee in Cincinnati in July 2010 alerted a broad group of Washington IRS officials to the heightened scrutiny being given conservative groups, according to an interview the IRS worker gave congressional investigators.


Public Documents Contradict Claim Email Spying Foiled Terror Plot

June 8, 2013

Defenders of “PRISM” say it stopped subway bombings. But British and American court documents suggest old-fashioned police work nabbed Zazi.

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President Obama’s Brother works for Organization Founded by man connected to Masterminds of both World Trade Center attacks

June 8, 2013

The half-brother of the President of the United States is the Executive Secretary of an organization that was founded by an Sudanese Islamic terrorist – Hassan al-Turabi – who was extremely close with the masterminds behind each World Trade Center attack (2/26/93 and 9/11/01). As the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), Malik Obama is connected to Sudan’s genocidal President Omar al-Bashir, through the IDO. Consider that Turabi was proven to be connected to the “blind Sheikh”, who was the mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack (bombing) in 1993. In 1994, the Clinton administration’s Secretary of State – Warren Christopher – “placed Sudan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism” and it’s been there ever since.

In our May 28th report, we showed photos of al-Bashir, Suar Al Dahab (Malik’s boss), and Malik himself at the 23rd IDO Conference in Khartoum in 2010. Al Dahab has hobnobbed with both the Prime Minister of Hamas – Ismail Haniyeh – and the Spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood – Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

Al Dahab_Haniyeh_Qaradawi in Gaza in May of 2013

Turabi is purported to be the IDO’s founder, according to Alintibaha, a Sudanese source. Here is the relevant translation:

“Representing the Organization of the Islamic Da’wa (Sudanese regional), one the Sudanese Islamic movement, founded by Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, accompanied by staff of the late war…”

While Bashir and Turabi joined forces in the 1989 coup that put Bashir in power, the two men have had a falling out since teaming up to take control of Sudan in 1989. Turabi has been in and out of prison and in 2009, the BBC reported that Turabi called for al-Bashir to hand himself over to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which had indicted al-Bashir on seven counts relating to crimes against humanity.

In 2011, Turabi was arrested and jailed again by al-Bashir and company but none other than Hamas’ Khalid Meshaal and Al-Qaradawi called for his release. When Meshaal and Qaradawi call for your release, it says more about you than it does about them. Then again, Turabi’s past says quite a bit.

The falling out between Turabi and al-Bashir smacks of being far more about a power struggle than ideology; both are Muslim Brotherhood.

That Sudan made it onto the State Department’s list appears to have been attributable to its likely role in the first WTC bombing as a third of the suspects (five of fifteen) in that bombing were Sudanese citizens, according to Department of State Publication 10136, which stated the following:

“In August, the United States placed Sudan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. This decision was made on the basis of convincing evidence from multiple sources that Sudan provides assistance to international terrorist groups.”

To demonstrate how Islam has impacted the language within the U.S. Government (USG) since Publication 10136, consider that the document – penned by a State Department under a Democratic administration (Clinton) included the word “Muslim” twenty times and the word “Islam” seventy-four times; the word “Jihad” can be found twenty-one times.

Speaking of times, oh, how they’ve changed.

In 1996, the New York Times reported that Turabi was the Speaker of Sudan’s National Assembly and had this to say about the attack on the WTC that occurred three years earlier:

“…in their (American officials) eyes, the Sudan stands convicted of abetting… the World Trade Center bombing in 1993…”

Of course, the mastermind behind that bombing was Sheikh Abdel Rahman (“the Blind Sheikh”). Andrew McCarthy, the man who successfully prosecuted Abdel Rahman, had this to say about Turabi’s involvement:

“At trial, we proved that Sheikh Abdel Rahman had close ties to Hassan al-Turabi, leader in the early 1990s of Sudan’s de facto government, the National Islamic Front; that under Turabi’s influence, Sudanese jihadists were permitted to emigrate to America…”

In 1998, just a few short years after the Blind Sheikh’s conviction, McCarthy had written an article that appeared in the Weekly Standard which provided even more detail, not just about Turabi’s involvement but also a guy named Osama bin Laden:

“…documents recently unsealed in federal court in New York make explicit something that has been assumed for years. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda has formed an alliance with three of the world’s most ruthless practitioners of terror: Sudan’s National Islamic Front, headed by Hassan al-Turabi; the Iranian sponsored Hezbollah organization; and the Islamic Group headed by Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman…”
[Barack Obama's half-brother was given expeditious, retroactive, and illegal tax-exempt status by Lois Lerner at the IRS. Here's the letter bearing her signature. The organization that Malik Obama works for was founded by Turabi.]

McCarthy introduced another name into this toxic pool of terrorists:

“(Turabi) is a friend of radical Islam, of the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations — ever counseling his longtime associate Yasser Arafat towards greater intransigence in dealing with Israel. Turabi is also an intimate of bin Laden, whom Sudan officially took in when the Saudi ruling family expelled him in 1994.”

It is indeed interesting that the founder of the IDO that Malik Obama works for was identified in 1998 as a “friend of… Hamas…” because Malik Obama’s boss – Suar Al Dahab – recently visited Gaza and expressed solidarity with Ismail Haniyeh, the Prime Minister of Hamas and Qaradawi. Now we learn that Turabi and Arafat were close too.

Of Turabi’s ties to Osama bin Laden, the Sudan Tribune reported:

“Turabi invited jihadists from all over the world to Khartoum, including Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.”

This is worth underscoring because in the early 1990′s, Turabi welcomed two individuals who would eventually become known to all Americans as al-Qaeda’s number 1 and number 2 respectively – bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. Turabi did this at around the same time that the the first WTC bombing was being plotted.

Turabi with Osama

In a book entitled, Inside Al Qaeda, author Rohan Gunaratna writes that within two years of the 1989 coup led by Turabi, Osama bin Laden began putting down roots in Sudan, via History Commons:

“Hassan al-Turabi comes to power in Sudan in 1989, and his beliefs are ideologically compatible with bin Laden’s… al-Turabi sends a delegation and a letter to bin Laden, inviting him to collaborate and move to Sudan. Bin Laden agrees to the offer, but moves slowly… He also visits Sudan himself to establish a relationship with al-Turabi.”

McCarthy described the relationship a bit more succinctly in 1998:

“…bin Laden’s and Turabi’s organizations worked in lock-step…”

A short time later in McCarthy’s article, he referenced the Blind Sheikh as being a constant beneficiary of Turabi’s “hospitality”, saying:

Thanks to the broad investigations surrounding Rahman’s trial in the World Trade Center bombing, we have extraordinarily detailed knowledge of the Sudanese assistance to Abdel Rahman’s terrorist operations in the United States and abroad.

As if Sudan’s links to both World Trade Center attacks isn’t enough, a federal judge found the government of Sudan (al-Bashir and Turabi) liable for the USS Cole bombing.

According to the New York Times, the Blind Sheikh was implicated in the assassination of Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat as the Islamic group he headed was found to be behind the assassination, according to a New York Times opinion piece from 1995:

Fortunately for the Middle East, Egypt’s President, Hosni Mubarak, escaped assassination last week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Cairo alleges, without hard evidence, that Islamic-ruled Sudan was involved either through its Government or through the Islamic National Front, led by its most powerful politician, Hassan al-Turabi.

McCarthy explained the roles of Abdel Rahman and Turabi in another planned assassination attempt on Mubarak, shortly after the WTC bombing and during a trip by Mubarak to the United States. An informant named Emad Salem was the source of McCarthy’s claims:

Following the Trade Center bombing, Salem agreed to record conversations for the FBI, and the result was a trove of insight — including Siddig Ali’s explanation that his information about Mubarak’s itinerary had come from the “highest level” of the Sudanese government.

In 2013, Mubarak is long gone and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi has replaced him as the head of Egypt. Turabi recently called for tighter relations between Egypt and Sudan. Also warming the cockles of Turabi’s heart was, no doubt, Mursi’s call earlier this year for the release of the “Blind Sheikh”.

In light of what we now know about the nefarious characters with which Malik Obama works, Turabi’s endorsement of Barack Obama’s re-election, which was approximately a year and a half after Malik’s foundation became the beneficiary of Lerner’s malfeasance. In an interview shortly before the 2012 election, Turabi granted an interview to AFP, which reported, via Arutz Sheva:

“You know what ‘Baraka’ means in Arabic? Blessing,” said veteran Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi, who served as the secretary-general of the Islamic Charter Front, a political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood that advocated an Islamic constitution and opposed western secularism.

“Obama of course,” Turabi told AFP, when asked about his U.S. presidential preference during an interview.

Coincidentally, Malik likely finds his brother’s IRS to be a blessing as well.

We’d like to end this report with the same words McCarthy used to end his 1998 Weekly Standard article while talking about America identifying her enemies:

“Sudan would be a good place to start.”


NSA Verizon snooping prompts exit by Wil Wheaton, Android hacker Koush

June 8, 2013

As NSA data collection from Verizon Wireless is defended this morning by no less than the office of the President of the United States, actor Wil Wheaton and top Android hacker/developer Koushik Dutta have announced their departure from the carrier. The order in question was revealed yesterday, having originated from the FBI and passed down to the public media by an anonymous source.


Xinhua Insight: China's currency nears equilibrium

June 8, 2013

BEIJING, June 7 (Xinhua) -- The yuan is nearing equilibrium, as its rate against the U.S. dollar has hit a new high for 19 times since the beginning of April, experts said.


Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program

June 8, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — When government officials came to Silicon Valley to demand easier ways for the world’s largest Internet companies to turn over user data as part of a secret surveillance program, the companies bristled. In the end, though, many cooperated at least a bit.

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Alligator Threatening People Shot & Killed By Daytona Beach Sergeant

June 8, 2013

Daytona Beach, FL - A large alligator was shot and killed by a Daytona Beach police officer after it allegedly made threatening moves against nearby residents.

In his monthly “Ask The Chief” appearance on WNDB’s Marc Bernier program, Daytona Beach police chief Mike Chitwood says the incident started around 12:43pm Friday at a retention pond on the 1000 block of George W. Engram Boulevard.

“There’s a woman who said that her kids had been going in through the hole in the fence and feeding the gator and poking it with a stick,” Chitwood told Bernier.

The person who called for help told the responding officer 4 kids were “throwing things” at the gator just north of the Jackson Avenue intersection and that the gator was walking towards the children and acting aggressive.

When the responding officer reached the pond with the woman who called for help, the officer said the gator heard the sound of their voices and followed them as they walked around the fence which surrounded the pond.

A sergeant was called to the scene soon after, and it was when he was there that Chitwood said they learned the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission wasn’t going to be able to send a trapper to get the gator for 2 hours and that the trapper planned to kill the gator anyway since it had lost its fear of humans and was too dangerous to be left alive.

“The sergeant elected [to shoot it] before the thing got into the storm water drain and got away into another pond, where maybe it would’ve attacked a child or whatever,” Chitwood said.

According to the incident report, that’s when police had the lock to the fence gate cut by a tow truck worker who had stopped to assist and they entered the fenced-in area.

The report says the sergeant pointed his M-16 and fired once at the gator’s head from about 10 feet away as it swam “very aggressively” towards them, then fired 2 more shots between the gator’s eyes as it thrashed around in the water.

Chitwood said it was not the first time people in the area had complained about the creature.

“There was a pastor of a church who said he had been calling [F.W.C.] because the gator is out and it had been menacing and threatening and nobody did anything,” Chitwood added.

An F.W.C. trapper showed up to collect the dead alligator afterwards and told officers the gator was over 10 feet in length, per the incident report.

Copyright 2013 Southern Stone Communications.

Source: WNDB

Rights watchdog urges Singapore to drop Internet rules

June 8, 2013

SINGAPORE – Human Rights Watch urged Singapore on Friday to drop new licensing rules for news websites, saying the “onerous” regulations would limit access to independent media.

The new rules, which require popular news websites to obtain an annual license, will discourage independent reporting and curb free expression in online communities, the US-based watchdog said in a statement.

Volunteer-run blogs focusing on social and political issues including poverty and immigration have gained popularity as an alternative source of news and opinion in Singapore, where the mainstream media is widely seen as pro-government.

These blogs and other online social media sites have also been used by citizens to vent their frustrations and criticisms of government policies, often setting the tone for political debate in a country governed by strict laws against dissent.

“The Singaporean government should withdraw an onerous new licensing requirement for online news sites,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

Cynthia Wong, the organization’s senior Internet researcher, added: “Singapore’s new licensing requirement casts a chill over the city-state’s robust and free-wheeling online communities, and will clearly limit Singaporeans’ access to independent media.”

She warned that the new rules could harm Singapore’s reputation as a business center.

“Singapore is placing its status as a world-class financial center at clear risk by extending its record of draconian media censorship to the digital world.”

Under the rules, which kicked in on June 1, websites with at least 50,000 unique visitors from Singapore every month that publish at least one local news article per week over a period of two months must obtain an annual license.

Websites granted a license will have to remove “prohibited content” such as articles that undermine “racial or religious harmony” within 24 hours of being notified by Singapore’s media regulator, the Media Development Authority.

The rules have caused an uproar in the online community, which largely sees it as a measure to muzzle freedom of speech.

More than 130 Singaporean bloggers blacked out their homepages on Thursday and will hold a rally on Saturday to protest the new rules.

But Singapore’s media regulator and other government officials have sought to allay fears that the new rules will impinge on Internet freedom.

Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said Tuesday the government would continue to take a “light touch” approach to regulating the Internet and noted that blogs were not covered by the rules as they are not considered news portals.


Obama defends sweeping surveillance efforts

June 8, 2013

The programs “make a difference in our capacity to anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity,” Obama said.


UK shale gas finds could mean US-type energy boom

June 8, 2013

Evidence that the UK might be close to experiencing the energy revolution that has transformed the US market continues to mount.

IGas, an energy company awarded shale gas licences in Northern England by UK authorities, has announced it has found enough gas reserves to meet the UK’s needs for 60 years.


Guardian makes splash in US with security scoops

June 8, 2013

Before this week, the Guardian newspaper's gradual move into the U.S. — hiring dozens of employees in the last two years — hadn't produced much of a splash in terms of scoops.

In the last three days that has changed.

The newspaper, which started publishing in the English city of Manchester in 1821 and is now based in London, has established a significant presence in Washington by uncovering the vast scope of secret surveillance operations carried out by U.S. officials at the National Security Agency.


GOP hopefuls court donors at Romney event

Jun 8, 2013

PARK CITY, Utah — The Republican Party is trying hard to move on from Mitt Romney. His donors are another story.


Pride Week in Boston: A week of public homosexuality -- with new focus on kids

June 8, 2013

A growing focus on getting kids involved

Years ago, Gay Pride Week -- as weird as it was -- was largely only about adults who might dress and act like children. But a disturbing trend in recent years has been to include activities to attract teenagers as young as middle school age. There seems to be a very strong interest by adult activists to get kids involved with the "gay" festivities.

For example, last year for the first time, the Boston Pride Committee took over the "Youth Pride" event which was held this year in Boston on May 18 for middle school and high school kids. (We have a full report on that coming up, with video.) It was VERY disturbing.


My fight against Obama's abuse of power

June 8, 2013

Exclusive: Larry Klayman explains suit filed on behalf of spied-on Verizon users

“Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.”

These are the words of our American “führer,” President Barack Hussein Obama, who, however unbelievable, found it necessary to “reassure” the rabble of this great nation Friday that he, “Big Brother,” is not spying on it in the wake of revelations of widespread searches of over 100 million Verizon cellphone subscribers and users and the illegal warrants he had issued and executed on Fox News and Associated Press employees and management. As a Verizon user myself, I am directly affected by these criminal unconstitutional searches and seizures, and I have filed suit to hold Obama, his attorney general, Eric Holder, my alma mater, the U.S. Justice Department, the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) Keith B. Alexander, the head of Verizon and the judge who illegally issued the warrant, Roger Vinson, accountable to the people.


Romney Calls for Special Prosecutor to Probe IRS Targeting Scandal

June 8, 2013

“Clearly, the president’s ability to manage the government of the United States, and the trust that Americans have for our government, have been very seriously eroded by the kinds of revelations that have come forward from the IRS,” Romney said on the Fox News program Your World With Neil Cavuto...



June 8, 2013

Having watched the news coverage and read numerous emails from concerned Baptists and Scouters, I contacted the Membership Impact Department at the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America, proposing an interpretation of the changes in the membership guidelines.

Below Here is the text of what I offered as my interpretation.

Lewandowsky, Cook and the Barack Obama tweet that wasn’t

Anti-gunners caught using deception for foreign minions to influence NV polls

June 8, 2013

As the controversial "Universal Background Check" Senate Bill 221 awaits Nevada Governor Sandoval's veto, anti-gun forces have pulled out all stops in an attempt to persuade the governor to sign it. The latest is by deception through calls to the governor's office from out of state cronies, feigning the number to look like it originates in Nevada.


Meet Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Lobbyists in Oregon

June 8, 2013

"According to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, the group spent a whopping $781.59 during the first quarter of this year (January through March). "

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Dem Senator: ‘Clearly the Administration Has Not Followed the Law’

June 8, 2013

As this week drew to a close, the scandal trifecta of Benghazi, IRS targeting and snooping on journalists seemed so five days ago.

The late-week revelation that the National Security Agency accessed the Verizon phone records of millions of Americans snowballed within a day as more phone companies were included and operation PRISM, which involved agreements with nine Internet companies to monitor email and web activity, put the Obama administration on the defense.


Red light: Traffic cameras bring Ohio town to screeching halt

June 8, 2013

The people's business is on hold after a nasty spat over traffic cameras prompted Village Council members to quit.

Those traffic cameras drivers hate and municipal bean counters love have brought a small village in Ohio to a grinding halt.

Elmwood Place (pop. 2,188) has seen four of its six Village Council members resign amid public outrage over a flurry of fines issued by the cameras. The devices have raised nearly $2 million for the tiny Cincinnati suburb, but angry drivers and shopkeepers complain the ticket blitz from above could turn downtown Elmwood Place into a ghost town. Now, with two-thirds of the council gone, partly in protest over the cameras, the governing body can't reach a quorum to conduct the people's business.

“The public is bewildered with what is going on,” Village Councilman Jerald Robertson told “There is a sense that they have no idea what we are doing.

“I have no idea what is going on with the council,” he added.

The standoff puts Elmwood Place in the center of a national controversy over traffic camera controversy. Cities and towns around the nation, working with private companies, have installed the cameras to catch drivers speeding or running red lights. They then split the fine proceeds, generating big profits for companies such as American Traffic Solutions and Redflex Traffic Systems, and much-needed revenue for municipalities. The Washington Post reported that the District of Columbia has collected $84.9 million from tickets in the current fiscal year, including $29.5 million from the 10 most profitable speed cameras.

But not only do motorists hate the cameras, local merchants complain that they make potential customers steer clear of shopping districts - and even entire towns - where the cameras lurk, waiting to dispense costly citations.

Attorney Mike Allen is fighting back at Elmwood Place, filing for class-action status for a suit against the town on behalf of everyone who paid a fine meted out by an eye in the sky.

“We want to put money back into the pockets of people who already paid the tickets,” Allen told “We feel what the village did was unconstitutional.” He remains confident that his motion for class-action allegations will be granted.

Robertson described the status of the village council as “muddled.” Two new members have been appointed, and two of the members who recently resigned returned to their positions last week, though Robertson is unsure whether they will continue to serve.

Health problems were cited as the reasons for the resignations for two of the members, but Robertson believes the public outrage played a role in all of their decisions.

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Jerk of the Week – Jim McDermott

June 8, 2013

"Unlike in previous weeks, the Jerk of the Week this time around came out of the gate strong and clinched the honors right away. I thought it would be a monumental, but not impossible task, to dethrone this jerk by the week’s end, but nobody sunk low enough in human decency to wrest the honors from our chosen jerk. Without further ado, the Jerk of the Week is Jim McDermott."

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Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities

June 8, 2013

Are you ready for a future where China will employ millions of American workers and dominate thousands of small communities all over the United States? Such a future would be unimaginable to many Americans, but the truth is that it is already starting to happen.

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British Intelligence watchdog flies to Washington to demand answers on snooping scandal

June 8, 2013

The Guardian newspaper claimed that it had obtained documents that show that GCHQ, based in Cheltenham, has had access to the system since at least June 2010, and generated 197 intelligence reports from it last year.


China in driver’s seat, Obama along for the ride

June 9, 2013

China’s President Xi Jinping is in America for two days of meetings with President Obama. The timing is diplomatically peculiar, coming on the heels of the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre that squelched Chinese democracy. Given that the stated purpose of the summit is for the two leaders to build bridges, Mr. Obama is in a pickle: If he soft-peddles Beijing’s awful human-rights record, the ostensible leader of the free world once again exposes his weakness in confronting tyranny; if he calls out the Maoists, he rains on the weekend parade. As the candles flicker out from the Tiananmen memorial protests, here are five pressing issues on which Mr. Obama should shine some light while his Chicom counterpart is on free soil:

Organ black market. Surgical advances in recent years have created a problem: The demand for organs for transplant is far larger than the supply. China has developed a lucrative market solution whereby prisoners are executed and their parts sold to the highest bidders, many of whom are in rich Western countries. Chinese organ salesmen have told buyers the government can “shoot to order” to satisfy organ demand, a chilling prospect given the widespread use of capital punishment for minor crimes in the People’s Republic.

Forced abortion. As Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey Republican, explains in his June 7 exclusive op-ed for Rare, “Hundreds of millions of pregnant women have been forced to abort their precious babies because of the draconian one-child policy. The result of this forced practice has been gendercide – the violent extermination of unborn baby girls, simply because they are girls.” It’s more prestigious to have a boy than a girl in the Middle Kingdom, and couples are only allowed to have a single baby, leading to awful consequences. Beijing has announced its intent to crack down on women giving birth out of wedlock, which will lead to even more brutality.

Bad food. China exported 4.1 billion pounds of produce to the United States last year. Products include everything from fish, candy, fruit and vegetables to the apple juice in your toddler’s sippy cup. Shoddy Chinese health and safety practices mean dangerous food is on restaurant and dining-room tables across America. “Food safety problems, like melamine deliberately put into pet foods and baby formula as well as unsafe levels of cadmium in rice, have plagued China,” the New York Times reported last week. “The latest episode involved fox, rat and mink meat that was doctored with gelatin, pigment and nitrates and sold as mutton.”

Intellectual property. The U.S. Commission on the Theft of Intellectual Property (IP) estimates that IP bandits cost the U.S. economy a whopping $300 billion annually, and that China is responsible for upwards of 80 percent of the pilfering. This wealth is absconded through cyber attacks as well as by taking advantage of the old five-finger special. For example, Chinese agents have been busted brazenly swiping disks and computer chips out of machines belonging to U.S. competitors at trade shows. Undercover Chinese spies also have sent home valuable blueprints and business plans from unwitting U.S. corporations where they were employed. These business losses are especially costly during tough economic times when the U.S. employment rate is stuck at a 30-year low.

Cyber-security. OK, admittedly, this one might be hard to bring up while the U.S. government is busy snooping on Americans’ phones, email, Facebook pages and other private information. Still, hypocrisy is a lesser evil than relativism, and Mr. Obama needs to at least pretend to protect our nation from the bad guys. The U.S. military maintains a huge advantage over the People’s Liberation Army in land, sea, air and nuclear forces but is constantly on the defensive against Beijing’s army of hi-tech hackers, which could turn the tide. According to Gary Schmitt of the American Enterprise Institute, “An internal Defense Department review had concluded that China had used cyber attacks to gather data on more than three dozen key U.S. military programs, including the country’s most advanced missile defense systems, naval warships and even the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – the stealthy, fifth-generation jet that will be the backbone of the American military’s ability to sustain air superiority in the decades ahead.”

Donald Trump tweeted this week that the U.S. president “will get zero deliverables” out of his sessions with the head of the Chinese Communist Party. “China laughs at us,” Mr. Trump rightly concluded. The reality is President Obama doesn’t have much leverage over President Xi because out-of-control White House spending policies keep Washington handcuffed to the Chinese, who buy our debt. Until the U.S. government lives within its means, American leaders like Barack will keep bowing to Beijing with hat in hand while important bilateral issues are ignored.

Source: Brett M. Decker, Editor-in-Chief of Rare

Friday, June 7, 2013

Secret 'man caves' found at gov't warehouse

June 7, 2013

Contractors also created extensive gym at facility

Video Link is Here>>

Contractors at an Environmental Protection Agency warehouse were careless with inventories, and used government furniture and appliances to create hidden "man caves" complete with couches and TVs, an agency watchdog alleges.


N.Korean State TV Starts Live Stream on Facebook

June 7, 2013

North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency has begun streaming its programs live via Facebook since late last year, it emerged on Thursday. Most of the content has centered on propaganda pictures and videos praising its leader, Kim Jong-un.

All the postings are in English. The first one, uploaded on Nov. 23, was a doctored picture mixed with the North Korean flag. On March 11, an announcement was posted that a live stream of North Korean state TV on has started on Facebook.

On Thursday, the popular social networking site attracted a flood of online users, with many apparently simply intrigued by a look inside the reclusive state.

However, the page was blocked in South Korea later that evening. The National Police Agency said the national security law forbids citizens from viewing North Korean propaganda.


PRISM: Here’s What You Need to Know About the US Internet Monitoring Scandal

June 7, 2013

The US tech scene has been shaken with allegations that authorities are monitoring US and international Internet users on Facebook, Google, YouTube and countless other services from the likes of Yahoo, Apple, Skype, AOL, Microsoft and more.

The news broke via reports from the Washington Post and the Guardian, and has rightly garnered coverage across many news websites (TNW included) but the sudden rush of news has left many people unsure of all the details, or confused by the onslaught of details.

Here’s our essential guide to understanding what PRISM is, why it is important and other details that you need to know.

The basics:       Continue to article...

U.S. quietly allows military aid to Egypt despite rights concerns

June 7, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry quietly acted last month to give Egypt $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid, deciding that this was in the national interest despite Egypt's failure to meet democracy standards.

Kerry made the decision well before an Egyptian court this week convicted 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, in what the United States regards as a politically motivated case against pro-democracy non-governmental organizations.

Rights groups believe Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi is retreating from democratic freedoms, notably in a new civil society law and in proposals for judicial reform that critics see as a way to purge judges perceived as hostile to the government.

Despite stating in a May 9 memo that "we are not satisfied with the extent of Egypt's progress and are pressing for a more inclusive democratic process and the strengthening of key democratic institutions," Kerry said the aid should go forward.

Ruled for three decades by authoritarian former President Hosni Mubarak, a close U.S. ally, Egypt has long been seen as a bulwark of stability in the Middle East, notably because it was the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel.

Under U.S. law, for the $1.3 billion to flow the secretary of state must certify that the Egyptian government "is supporting the transition to civilian government, including holding free and fair elections, implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion, and due process of law."

The legislation, championed by Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, also gives the U.S. government the ability to waive that condition if it deems this in the U.S. national security interest and provides a detailed justification.

According to the May 9 memo, the U.S. national interests served by the aid include increasing security in the Sinai, helping prevent attacks from Gaza into Israel, countering terrorism and securing transit through the Suez Canal.

"A strong U.S. security partnership with Egypt, underpinned by FMF (Foreign Military Financing), maintains a channel to Egyptian military leadership, who are key opinion makers in the country," Kerry wrote in the memo which was obtained by Reuters.

"A decision to waive restrictions on FMF to Egypt is necessary to uphold these interests as we encourage Egypt to continue its transition to democracy," he added.

The memo was sent to congressional appropriations committees without fanfare and some aides did not know of its existence.

In contrast, when the State Department last year waived the restrictions, it announced the decision and explained its reasoning to reporters.

Tamara Cofman Wittes, director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, argued that the State Department should have been more open about the decision and had lost a chance to try to influence Egypt on rights.

"By issuing a waiver without any public discussion, it has at the very least missed a significant opportunity to ... raise its concerns about the political trajectory in Egypt," she said.

Wittes said that last year's waiver occurred at a time when Egypt had made some progress toward greater democratic reforms, while this year "the waiver was issued in the context of a negative trajectory in Egypt's transition to democracy."

(Reporting By Arshad Mohammed; editing by Christopher Wilson)

Source: Reuters

Lying Liar Anthony Weiner's Underage Girl Problem

June 7, 2013

Touchy, touchy. Despite Team Anthony Weiner's best efforts at political rehabilitation, there's just no way to shore up his sorest scandal spot. As the New York Post reported this week, Weiner had a bit of a snit fit when a local Democratic official boldly slammed his sexting habits with underage girls.


Author of Patriot Act says NSA phone records collection 'never the intent' of law

June 7 , 2013

The author of the Patriot Act said Thursday that a secret program under which the Obama administration was collecting phone records from millions of Americans is "excessive" and beyond the scope of the law.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., who wrote the 2001 law, was among a host of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who raised alarm over the practice.

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War on Hispanics, My Foot

June 7, 2013

For a movement that gets queasy at the thought of most war, the modern left surely fancies itself as experts on what war looks like-- and through their eyes, war breaks out at the very glint of opposition to their agenda.

Stand up for the unborn, and you are engaged in a “War on Women.” Stand up for traditional marriage, and it is an act of war against gay people.

So get ready for the summer of “War on Hispanics,” the battle garb painted on any conservative expressing conservative views on immigration, and just about anything else, for that matter.

I suppose they revisit this low tactic because it works. The left already feels that it is an offense against womanhood to suggest that future women should not be aborted, so they have to enjoy the occasions when low-information voters buy into the sorry logic that one honors women only when allowing them to terminate pregnancies.

The so-called war against gays consists only in the form of opposing a radical gay agenda that seeks to equate gay and straight marriage, or shoehorn gay Boy Scouts into an organization that wished to avoid sexualizing its young ranks.

But ask a cross-section of half-attentive Americans about conservatives, and many will say our policies disserve women or are an act of hate against gays.

So why not complete the trifecta with a wholly concocted “War on Hispanics?” Intellectual dishonesty is apparently not a barrier.

The goal is to identify liberalism as the only safe home for the interests of certain constituencies. Among black voters, this is a huge success, with any Democrat candidate likely to receive roughly 90 percent of the black vote.

The “War on Women” was a big player in 2012, even though the Republican party has a large force of up-and-coming female stars, compared to the droning dowagers that pass for the women’s leadership in the Democratic party.

While the fabrication of the “War on Women” rested primarily on the ghoulish euphemism of “reproductive rights,” the “War on Hispanics” is more broadly manufactured.

It rests not only on the lie that conservatives are hostile to Latinos, but on the larger myth that opposition to big government is somehow ethnically offensive.

There is no doubt that most Hispanics favor taxpayer-funded health care and government funded jobs programs. But that comes from their liberal minds, not their brown skin.

Therein lies the racism of this “war” language. It denies Hispanic status to anyone failing to embrace leftist dogma. The message: Oppose Obama or LULAC on any way, take one step toward conservatism and you become a self-loathing traitor to your race.

This is a familiar song from the liberal hymnal. Ask the blacks made to feel less black by race-baiters seeking to embarrass black conservatives. Ask the women told with straight faces that they are somehow less female if they do not worship at the altar of planned parenthood.

This not a war against any group. It is a battle against liberalism. If you are a liberal Hispanic, a liberal woman, a liberal homosexual, a liberal Eskimo or a liberal martian, conservatism will oppose you.

But join the ranks of conservatives, and not only does your status not matter, we will embrace it, with a sincerity long foreign to the left.

The right is thrilled at the slightest shred of evidence that Hispanics are joining the push to restore liberty and constitutional government.

Tea party groups are well aware of the vast whiteness of their membership. They would love nothing more than to join hands with minority members who wish to join the fight against confiscatory taxes and runaway government.

From domestic leaders like Sarah Palin to world titans like Margaret Thatcher, we are particularly energized and appreciative when women break with the majority of their sisters and realize that conservatism is best for both sexes.

There is indeed a war in progress, but it is not a race war or a gender war. It is a battle of ideas, which scares the left to its bones.

They would rather not defend the sorry track record of big government or their morally suspect social views. Better to demonize opponents as bad people.

The assault on logic makes no difference. They will look at a conservative woman and tell her she is waging war on women. They will tell conservative Hispanics tat they are at war against their own race.

One can hope that this will fail miserably, but it will probably see early success. To fight it, as the immigration battle looms, we will need every conservative Hispanic man and woman to rise up and reject the racist insult that they somehow dishonor their heritage by embracing limited government and free markets-- or strong borders.

Hispanics are already strongly socially conservative, as are the African-Americans who continue to vote by the millions in opposition to what most hear in church on Sunday.

The liberal expectation is that conservative arguments made by candidates in 2014 and 2016 will continue to send Hispanic votes to the Democratic party. There is that danger.

But if the conservative message is about liberty, values and real equality of opportunity, it can attract voters of all races.

Ultimately, the Hispanic gripe against Republicans is not about immigration. Not every Latino voter is soft on borders or cavalier about those who break the law to get here. Just like liberals of any race, they are fans of profligate spending and government overreach. Convincing them of the ill wisdom of those things requires the same argument one would use with someone of any race. It is the language of liberty.

The question is not why so many conservatives are white. The question is why so many people of color are chilly to the concepts of freedom and limited government.

The struggle to attract them to those causes is just, and has nothing to do with race. There is indeed a war on; it is a battle to save our nation. The soldiers needed to fight that war or of every color, religion and gender.

Let’s draw the lines of engagement where they belong, in the arenas of policies and ideas, and reject the insulting notion that it is an offense against any group to simply be conservative.

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New Jersey gun laws punish TX man for legally owned guns

June 7, 2013

Dustin Reininger is a U.S. veteran and former police officer serving 3-5 years in a New Jersey prison for possession of firearms that he legally owned. As a result of the extreme and unjust New Jersey gun laws, Reininger was convicted of illegal possession of firearms as he was passing through the state.

Dustin Reininger is not from New Jersey. He was actually moving from Maine to Texas and was driving through New Jersey when he parked his car in a parking lot to rest for the night. Reininger was awakened in the night by police officers who searched his vehicle without a warrant. This unwarranted search was deemed justified because the officer saw two gun cases in the back of the vehicle. Reininger was transporting his entire gun collection that day and was arrested immediately.

Under the Firearm Owners Protection Act, citizens are actually allowed to transport firearms from state to state regardless of the legality of the guns between departure point and destination. For full protection under this act, however, citizens must keep their firearms locked in either the trunk or a case. Reininger’s only error was keeping his firearms in an unlocked case.

Reininger’s careless oversight resulted in the 3-5 year prison sentence he is currently serving. This was not a criminal act. This is a mistake you or I could make. Reininger is guilty of a technical violation. The purpose of America’s prisons is not to hold honest citizens guilty of accidental infractions, but to punish those criminals who have intentionally broken the law for personal gain.

The terrible irony is that if Reininger had been living in New Jersey, he would have qualified for a state firearm ID card. “If he’d had one, he wouldn’t have been guilty of this offense,” said Evan Nappen, Reininger’s attorney on the case. “He didn’t have one because he didn’t live here. He was in transit and all the guns were lawfully his. So you have a situation where he is, in effect, turned into a criminal by New Jersey’s gun laws.”

Dustin Reininger is eligible for parole in the coming year. His prison sentence could be over soon, but his criminal record will remain. Not only has he lost years of his life, but as a felon, he may also lose the right to vote or own a firearm in the future. While Reininger will never get the time back that he has spent in prison, he can have a future. What Dustin Reininger deserves now and the least that New Jersey can offer him now is a pardon from the governor.

The pardon process exists for situations like this. Dustin Reininger has more than paid his debt to society and the time is long overdue to excuse him and let him return to his normal life. This is an error in the legal system that needs to be corrected. The state of New Jersey needs to make amends. Please contact Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, to inform him of your concern about this case and to ask him to pardon Dustin Reininger.

Governor Christie can be contacted through the following channels:




Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625


Source: Gun News

New York bill would make it a felony to annoy a police officer

June 7, 2013

(Fox News) - A bill making its way through the New York state legislature would make it a crime to annoy a police officer by subjecting them to physical contact.

The New York State Senate on Wednesday passed the bill that would make it a felony to "harass, annoy, threaten or alarm" an on-duty police officer, reported.

State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, told the station that individuals who harass police officers "create situations that can lead to injuries" and "deserve to pay a price for their actions."

Under the bill, which will now move to the state Assembly, anyone found guilty could face up to four years in prison, the station reported.

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How Much Secrecy Is Too Much?

June 7, 2013

I do not consider myself a naive person, in that I understand our government can not tell us everything it is doing. There are sometimes, realities that can not be ignored, and national security dictates that secrets be kept from the knowledge of the general public. There is no doubt we are living in a changed country. The realities that surfaced after the attacks on 9/11 made us all realize just how deeply that change runs. As a result, we now have the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. The phone and internet record gathering programs that were leaked to the public yesterday are a direct result of both laws.

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Mark Kirk to Holder: Tell the truth, has the DOJ been harvesting Congress’s phone records too?

June 7, 2013

Via Joel Gehrke, I won’t spoil the surprise of Holder’s answer. I’ll simply amend something that I said last night on Twitter: After this exchange, we may be only two or three more scandals away from this guy’s job being in trouble.

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NYTimes Editorial: Obama administration has lost "all credibility"

June 7, 2013

via FoxNews Mobile..

An editorial published late Thursday said the administration was using the "same platitude" it uses in every case of overreach -- that "terrorists are a real menace and you should just trust us." The editorial continued: "Those reassurances have never been persuasive -- whether on secret warrants to scoop up a news agency's phone records or secret orders to kill an American suspected of terrorism -- especially coming from a president who once promised transparency and accountability. The administration has now lost all credibility." The editorial board claimed Obama "is proving the truism that the executive will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it."

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Sources: NSA sucks in data from 50 companies

June 7, 2013

Analysts at the National Security Agency can now secretly access real-time user data provided by as many as 50 American companies, ranging from credit rating agencies to internet service providers, two government officials familiar with the arrangements said.

Several of the companies have provided records continuously since 2006, while others have given the agency sporadic access, these officials said. These officials disclosed the number of participating companies in order to provide context for a series of disclosures about the NSA's domestic collection policies. The officials, contacted independently, repeatedly said that "domestic collection" does not mean that the target is based in the U.S. or is a U.S. citizen; rather, it refers only to the origin of the data.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that U.S. credit card companies had also provided customer information. The officials would not disclose the names of the companies because, they said, doing so would provide U.S. enemies with a list of companies to avoid. They declined to confirm the list of participants in an internet monitoring program revealed by the Washington Post and the Guardian, but both confirmed that the program existed.

"The idea is to create a mosaic. We get a tip. We vet it. Then we mine the data for intelligence," one of the officials said.

In a statement, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that programs collect communications "pursuant to section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, " and "cannot be used to intentionally target any U.S. citizen, any other U.S person, or anyone within the United States."

He called the leaks "reprehensible" and said the program "is among the most important" sources of "valuable" intelligence information the government takes in.

One of the officials who spoke to me said that because data types are not standardized, the NSA needs several different collection tools, of which PRISM, disclosed today by the Guardian and the Washington Post, is one. PRISM works well because it is able to handle several different types of data streams using different basic encryption methods, the person said. It is a "front end" system, or software, that allows an NSA analyst to search through the data and pull out items of significance, which are then stored in any number of databases. PRISM works with another NSA program to encrypt and remove from the analysts' screen data that a computer or the analyst seems to be from a US person who is not the subject of the investigation, the person said. A FISA order is required to continue monitoring and analyzing these datasets, although the monitoring can start before an application package is submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

From the different types of data, including their credit card purchases, the locations they sign in to the internet from, and even local police arrest logs, the NSA can track people it considers terrorism or espionage suspects in near-real time. An internet geo-location cell is on constant standby to help analysts determine where a subject logs in from. Most of the collection takes place on subjects outside the U.S, but a large chunk of the world's relevant communication passes through American companies with servers on American soil. So the NSA taps in locally to get at targets globally.

It is not clear how the NSA interfaces with the companies. It cannot use standard law enforcement transmission channels to do, since most use data protocols that are not compatible with that hardware. Several of the companies mentioned in the Post report deny granting access to the NSA, although it is possible that they are lying, or that the NSA's arrangements with the company are kept so tightly compartmentalized that very few people know about it. Those who do probably have security clearances and are bound by law not to reveal the arrangement.

This arrangement allows the U.S. companies to "stay out of the intelligence business," one of the officials said. That is, the government bears the responsibility for determining what's relevant, and the company can plausibly deny that it subjected any particular customer to unlawful government surveillance. Previously, Congressional authors of the FAA said that such a "get out of jail free" card was insisted by corporations after a wave of lawsuits revealed the extent of their cooperation with the government.

It is possible, but not likely, that the NSA clandestinely burrows into servers on American soil, without the knowledge of the company in question, although that would be illegal.

The 2008 FISA Amendments Act allow the NSA to analyze, with court orders, domestic communications of all types for counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, counter-narcotics and counter-proliferation purposes. If the agency believes that both ends of the communication, or the circle of those communicating, are wholly within the U.S., the FBI takes over. If one end of the conversation is outside the U.S., the NSA keeps control of the monitoring. An administration official said that such monitoring is subject to "extensive procedures," but as the Washington Post reported, however, it is often very difficult to segregate U.S. citizens and residents from incidental contact.

One official likened the NSA's collection authority to a van full of sealed boxes that are delivered to the agency. A court order, similar to the one revealed by the Guardian, permits the transfer of custody of the "boxes." But the NSA needs something else, a specific purpose or investigation, in order to open a particular box. The chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, said the standard was "a reasonable, articulatable" suspicion, but did not go into details.

Legally, the government can ask companies for some of these records under a provision of the PATRIOT Act called the "business records provision." Initially, it did so without court cognizance. Now, the FISC signs off on every request.

Armed with what amounts to a rubber stamp court order, however, the NSA can collect and store trillions of bytes of electromagnetic detritus shaken off by American citizens. In the government's eyes, the data is simply moving from one place to another. It does not become, in the government's eyes, relevant or protected in any way unless and until it is subject to analysis. Analysis requires that second order.

And the government insists that the rules allowing the NSA or the FBI to analyze anything relating to U.S. persons or corporations are strict, bright-line, and are regularly scrutinized to ensure that innocents don't get caught up in the mix. The specifics, however, remain classified, as do the oversight mechanisms in place.

The wave of disclosures about the NSA programs have significantly unsettled the intelligence community.

The documents obtained by the two newspapers are marked ORCON, or originator controlled, which generally means that the agency keeps a record of every person who accesses them online and knows exactly who might have printed out or saved or accessed a copy. The NSA in particular has a good record of protecting its documents.

The scope of the least suggest to one former senior intelligence official who now works for a corporation that provides data to the NSA that several people with top-level security clearances had to be involved.

The motive, I suspect, is to punch through the brittle legal and moral foundation that modern domestic surveillance is based upon. Someone, at a very high level, or several people, may have simply found that the agency's zeal to collect information blinded it to the real-world consequences of such a large and unending program. The minimization procedures might also be well below the threshold that most Americans would expect.

Clapper said in his statement that the disclosures about the program "risk important protections for the security of Americans."

source: the week

Fed's Advisory Council Admits We're Screwed

June 7, 2013

Even more amazing than the admission is how long it took them to figure it out. However the most amazing aspect of all is the lack of reaction. The mainstream media, including the financial media, has completely ignored the warning. It's as if the report doesn't even exit. Perhaps it's part of a psychological defense mechanism whereby any information that casts doubt on the recovery myth, no matter how credible the source, is conveniently ignored.

Schiff Report

Obama continues, extends some Bush terrorism policies

June 7, 2013

President Barack Obama has continued to pursue some of the same anti-terrorism policies as the Bush administration, and, in at least one instance, expanded upon them.

In the clearest example, Obama has authorized more than 300 overseas drone strikes against suspected terrorists as president – that’s compared to an estimate of roughly 50 such strikes under President George W. Bush – even as Obama has proposed new restrictions governing the policy.


Politics: Back in time: 2008 presidential candidate deplores spying on citizens (VIDEO)

June 7, 2013

I'm sure Rob will have more to say on this later today, and I will be out much of the day celebrating my wedding anniversary, but in light of this morning's report that the administration is collecting phone data on all Verizon customers - from terror suspects to ordinary citizens like you and me (and yes, I am a Verizon customer) - I thought it would be instructive to hear from a certain presidential candidate who held forth on this issue back in 2008.

(Hat tip to Mary Katharine Ham for this one.)


GOP should lead fight against the Patriot Act

June 7, 2013

And to think they told us the War on Terror was over.

With news that the National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of us through one of America’s largest telecoms providers, Republicans have a chance to dramatically recast themselves in the debate over state surveillance and privacy.

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ATF whistleblower Dobyns’ case against government to begin on Monday

June 7, 2013

The case of Jay Anthony Dobyns v. The United States is scheduled to begin Monday by the United States Court of Federal Claims, an entry yesterday on the ATF agent’s blog announced. “The trial will start in Arizona and end in Washington, D.C. in early August,” Dobyns wrote.


Patrick: I napped while Boston was on lockdown

June 7, 2013

Behold the single strangest interview ever given by a governor with at least a possibility of running for the presidency at some point. Both the Boston Herald and Politico highlight the inebriation Deval Patrick indulged after the Tsarnaev brothers had been neutralized as their leads, but the Governor of Massachusetts could be forgiven for celebrating a bit afterward. But what was he doing while the state’s capital city was on lockdown? Taking a nap — until Barack Obama demanded to know what was going on:

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Campus bans guns, tells people to nod at attackers

June 7, 2013

In lieu of guns, people who find themselves in dangerous situations at or near the University of Arkansas should defend themselves by glancing and nodding, said a university safety expert.

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DDT Ban Breeds Death

June 7, 2013

Worldwide more than 2,700 people will die today because of a bureaucratic regulation instituted during the Nixon administration in 1972. The same number died yesterday and will again tomorrow, in an ever-growing tally of victims of that catastrophic policy. The regulation imposed by Nixon’s newly formed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned DDT, an insecticide that had until then saved the lives of countless U.S. citizens. Leaders in Europe and the United Nations followed suit in a frenzy of misguided environmental zeal and bloodthirsty population control fervor.

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Eurozone crisis: IMF admits mistakes over Greece bailout - as it happened

June 7, 2013

Abe said that final point was a clear priority, telling the nation:

"That's because the aim of our growth strategy is nothing other than to create jobs for enthusiastic people and raise take-home pay for those who are working hard.

In short, to let households benefit. That's the point."


America's 50 worst charities rake in nearly $1 billion for corporate fundraisers

June 7, 2013

The worst charity in America operates from a metal warehouse behind a gas station in Holiday.

Every year, Kids Wish Network raises millions of dollars in donations in the name of dying children and their families.

Every year, it spends less than 3 cents on the dollar helping kids.


Interior chief: New drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific? Yeah, we’re not doing that

June 7, 2013

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Thursday that the White House won’t allow drilling in the Atlantic Ocean while House Republicans are putting the finishing touches on legislation to do so.


The religious bigotry of the Virginian Pilot

June 7, 2013

The religious bigots at the Virginian Pilot have run editorials, news stories and carefully selected letters to the editors to smear E.W. Jackson, a Black minister who won the Republican nomination for Lieutenant governor of Virginia. Why so much hatred for a Black man? The answer is simple religious bigotry combined with the political bête noir of the Left: a Black conservative.

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House Votes to Defund Obama’s Illegal Executive Order For The DREAM ACT

June 7, 2013

The House voted to defund Obama’s DREAM policy. Keep in mind that the policy was implemented illegally via executive order. Executive orders are not to be used to implement law. One can only hope that sanity will continue to prevail on the illegal executive orders meant to bypass the laws of this constitutional republic.

Any immigration laws should also be defeated under this political environment.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

FBI started asking about Calif. lawmaker years ago

June 6, 2013

Tony Beard, Chief Sergeant-at-Arms, leaves the Capitol office of state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, after checking to ensure the office was secure the day following an FBI raid in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Armed with search warrants FBI agents raided Calderon's office and the offices of the Legislatures's Latino caucus, Tuesday. No reason for the search was given. Agents left Calderon's office with several boxes of material.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The FBI started seeking information about the business and political dealings of state Sen. Ron Calderon and his brother Tom, a former state assemblyman, as long ago as 2005, though the investigation only came to light this week when agents raided Ron's Sacramento offices.

Three people who have spoken multiple times with the FBI told The Associated Press on Thursday that agents initially were interested in virtually anything involving the brothers but more recently narrowed their questions to issues surrounding the Central Basin Municipal Water District, which paid Tom $11,000 per month as a consultant. Agents also wanted to know about Ron's involvement in legislation affecting the district.

The three include a current and former elected official in Los Angeles County, and a man who runs a local watchdog website under the pseudonym Pedro Paramo.

All spoke on condition of anonymity because of concern the FBI would be upset by public comments about an ongoing investigation.

The former elected official said the FBI encouraged him to attend fundraising events or other social activities where he might encounter the Calderons. He said agents instructed him to only attend events he would go to anyway so he wouldn't raise suspicion.

The FBI hasn't disclosed any details on the investigation, which burst into the public realm late Tuesday when agents executed search warrants at Ron Calderon's two offices. The search warrants are sealed so it's unclear what authorities were after.

Calderon, D-Montebello, hasn't commented on the investigation. His attorney, Mark Geragos, has denied any wrongdoing by his client.

Tom Calderon's attorney, Shepard Kopp, revealed that the FBI attempted to contact his client on Tuesday but couldn't provide details. He also denied his client did anything wrong.

FBI agents leave with boxes of material from the Capitol office of State Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, June 4, 2013. Search warrants were served about at Calderon's office and the office of the Legislature's Latino caucus, around 3 p.m., but would not disclose the reason for the investigation. Calderon was not present during the search.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
Joseph Legaspi, a spokesman for Central Basin, said the district hasn't been contacted by the FBI and will cooperate if agents want information.

Calderon is part of a powerful Southern California political dynasty that includes his two brothers, Tom and Charles. Both served in the state Legislature, and Charles' son, Ian Calderon, was elected to the Assembly last year.

Ron Calderon has built a reputation as a moderate, business-friendly Democrat — one with an appetite for extravagant campaign fundraising events and gifts. Since 2000, he has accepted about $40,000 worth of gifts from lobbyists, more than twice as much as any other lawmaker during that period, according to a tally by The Sacramento Bee.

He is termed out of the Senate next year and is considering running for state controller.

Calderon has introduced or opposed at least two recent pieces of legislation on behalf of Central Basin, which serves cities, water companies, utilities and private companies in southeast Los Angeles County.

In 2011, he sponsored a bill that would have given Central Basin authority over groundwater in the area. Committee hearings on the bill were canceled at Calderon's request and the bill never progressed.

Last year, Calderon unsuccessfully opposed a bill by then-Sen. Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, that gave control of certain groundwater to a competing water agency.

"What this legislation does is further fuel the flames of ongoing water wars" by "usurping" Central Basin's control, Calderon declared on the Senate floor at the time, and charged that "there is other motivation behind this legislation."

A second elected official from LA County told the AP on Wednesday that FBI agents asked him earlier this year about four or five water contracts awarded in the last several years to companies connected to Tom Calderon and about legislation supported by Ron Calderon on water-related issues.

Attorney Bill Portanova waits to be let into the office of state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, that was being searched by the FBI at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, June 4, 2013. The FBI did not disclose the reason for the search warrants that were served on Calderon and on the office of the Legislature's Latino caucus. Calderon was not present during the search.(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
Agents "kept bringing up certain contracts," said the official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because of concern the FBI would be upset by comments about an ongoing investigation. "Do I know about this contract, that contract, this piece of legislation related to that contract?"

Central Basin's former manager, Art Aguilar, said he's known the Calderon brothers for a long time and always found them to be honest.

"There was nothing they did with the district that wasn't on the up-and-up," said Aguilar, who retired last October. "Ron was our state senator. He carried bills for us, he carried bills for others. There were no kickbacks or anything of that type."

FILE - In this Feb. 7, 2007 file photo, California state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, speaks at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif. The FBI searched the offices of Calderon and the Legislature's Latino caucus on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, but would not disclose the reason for the investigation. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

Outdated but Overlooked: This would be a pretty funny story if it weren't for the "entrapment" part.....

June 6, 2013

New York's 'Hot Dog Hooker' arrested again
Woman drove hot dog vending truck to meet up

*Note: She responded to a call. It is unlawful to break the law in order to enforce the law. Yes, she is 100% correct. This is entrapment!

New York's infamous "Hot Dog Hooker" allegedly tried to serve up the full works to one customer, but she didn't know the customer was an undercover detective and is now facing a prostitution case, police said.

Catherina G. Scalia, 47, of East Rockaway, New York, was arrested after she responded to a call to go a hotel on Long Island, police said. She even drove her hot dog vending truck there, authorities said.

Scalia gave the undercover cop a massage -- without a license -- late Friday afternoon, police allege. She's also accused of unauthorized practice, police said.

Then came her alleged offer for additional services, police said.

"She also offered to engage in a sexual act for an undetermined amount of money. Scalia was placed under arrest without incident," a Nassau County Police Department statement said.

Scalia disputed the charges at her arraignment Saturday in a Nassau County Court in Hempstead, CNN affiliate WCBS reported. "They keep framing me. I am broke. I am jobless. All these arrests are entrapment," Scalia said.

When CNN's Jeanne Moos profiled Scalia and her hot dog truck a year ago, Scalia asserted she was a stripper, not a prostitute.

At the time, Scalia said she pleaded guilty in a recent criminal case: "I pleaded guilty to stripper. A stripper is not a prostitute," she told CNN.

In fact, in last year's incident, Scalia actually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor prostitution after an undercover officer bought hot dogs from her stand, took her business card offering topless dances, and received a lap dance at her home.

About nine years ago, Scalia faced a similar charge of prostitution out of her hot dog truck.

Scalia has four teenage boys, but she said last year they were in their grandmother's custody. "To my boys I say your mother's a stripper. You're gonna have to live with that 'till the day you die," Scalia said.

Scalia's hot dog business uses the slogan: "Get a little wiggle with your wiener."

source: KESQ

RUSH: Sarah Palin Was Right ‘There Are Indeed Death Panels In ObamaCare’


 by TMH

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