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Eight of top ten states for job growth have Republican governors


Chris Wilson recently wrote a guest post for us on how the RNC needs to do more to showcase its governors and their successes. Here’s one of the things they should be talking about.

According to today’s release by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 31 of the 50 states have experienced significant job growth over the last 12 months.

It might not come as a huge surprise, but states with GOP governors (8 of the top 10) and right-to-work states (7 of the top 10, in bold) dominate the top of the list in terms of job growth over the last 12 months.

Also worth noting — there’s a pretty large gap between the growth rate of the top four and everyone else — after that, the numbers are distributed smoothly. For reference, average U.S. population growth is 0.75% per year.

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Longtime Obama supporter Paula Deen fired from Food Network for racist language.



In this day and age…

Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed queen of Southern cooking and a sugary mainstay of the Food Network, was dropped by the network on Friday, after a bewildering day in which she failed to show up for an interview on the “Today” show and then in two online videos begged her family and audience to forgive her for using racist language.

A network spokeswoman said it would not renew Ms. Deen’s contract when it expired at the end of June. Ms. Deen has faced a volley of criticism this week over her remarks in a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee. In the document, she admitted she had used racial epithets, tolerated racist jokes and condoned pornography in the workplace.

…Yup, she’s a Democrat – a word that, inexplicably enough, does not appear in the New York Times piece. Neither does the word “supporter,” or the names “Barack” or “Michelle Obama.” Guess that the Old Grey Lady was pressed for space, huh?

Moe Lane

PS: Ms. Deen’s language* was… pretty bad, sorry. Redacted language or no, I would recommend against clicking against some of those links from a work computer.

*Normally I would say ‘alleged,’ except that she’s comprehensively groveling at this point.

source: Moe Lane

Dear IRS: Here’s a 501 c(4) group that actually should be scrutinized


Politico notices, after John Ekdahl brings it up:

The name “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” is well known as Mike Bloomberg’s gun-control arm, which he spends his personal fortune through on ads. Yet the group’s website is registered to, and handled by, official city government servers and staffers.

Domain names for MAIG were registered in 2006 by the New York City Department of Information and Technology, and have remained on official city web servers ever since.

Yet the group’s “action fund,” through which he has piped at least $14 million of his own money in ads over gun control this year alone, is registered as a 501c4, a nonprofit “social welfare” group with the same tax status as, say, the Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS or Organizing for Action, President Obama’s grassroots arm. And it raises questions about why a website associated with the group is being managed by City Hall.

In fact, the various pieces of the mayor’s efforts appear as a confusing muddle online, with sites that are ostensibly not part of the 501c4 nonetheless being visually dominated by entreaties to click through to the ones that are. There’s little indication that these are different entities with different oversight.

Now that the group is actually being used to defeat Democrats in Senate elections, maybe someone will notice. Read it all.

Hat Tip: Conservative Intel

Obama About To Give More Weapons To Rebels? Watch As “Rebels” Behead Man, Execute Two Women


Again, *WARNING* video is of beheading and extremely graphic:

The killers are reportedly members of the al-Nusra Front, the radical Islamic terrorists connected with al Qaeda amongst the rebels fighting in Syria.

Some of the terrorists in the video are thought to be European converts. One can see the red-hair on two of the killers.

Source: Weasel Zippers

“Go Home and Put on a Veil”


Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article with the latest polling data from the culturally enriched neighborhood of Grønland in Oslo. The translator includes this note:

This article from Avpixlat concerns a recent survey carried out by NRK in Oslo, or more specifically in the Grønland district. The types of crimes referred to here are what is finally going to trigger a response from fed-up civilians. I had a look online and there are several vigilante groups operating in Norway at the moment. That’s a start.

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U.S. Judicial Conference: Immigration Bill Would Overwhelm Federal Courts


The Judicial Conference of the United States, the policy-making body for the federal judiciary, has come out with a scathing letter on the costs that the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill would create for our court system. Sent to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the letter outlines the many ways in which the immigration bill would put strains on the nation's court system, noting that "without increased resources, the federal courts cannot sustain the increased workload this legislation would create." The Conference is calling for the immigration bill to be amended, a move that will necessarily make the 1,000-page bill even larger and more costly.

The letter is significant in that it highlights serious costs not taken into account by Congress or the organizations that have estimated the cost of the bill. It is also significant in that the letter calls for the appointment of more judges to cover the increased demands the bill would create; President Obama would, in effect, acquire more power over the judiciary because he would be appointing federal jurists who would ultimately be deciding many cases unrelated to immigration.

The Judicial Conference explains that the amnesty will increase the workload on the federal courts in three ways: "(1) by dramatically increasing personnel, resources, and funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ); (2) through the judicial review provisions; and (3) by adding several new federal crimes and heightening the penalties for the most frequently charged immigration offenses." All of this amounts to more cases and the Conference says that it will require the hiring of additional judges, court staff, interpreters, probation and pretrial services officers, federal public defenders, and court security, plus larger facilities.

The letter analyzes four different elements of the immigration bill: the enforcement provisions, legalization provisions, funding for Executive Branch immigration courts, and E-Verify.


The Judicial Conference notes that the immigration bill requires DHS to increase border-crossing prosecutions in the Tucson Sector of the southwest border and that funding in the bill would cover the costs for increases in court staff such as interpreters and pretrial services officers. The letter notes that the bill would also authorize the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona to appoint full-time judges. But according to the Judicial Conference, the bill fails to address three different things relevant to this provision in the bill. First, it does not address costs related to facilities and court security. Second, it does not address costs related to public defenders. Third, it does not provide funding for the probation office in Tucson and related costs. The Judicial Conference estimates that "a conservative estimate" for the costs of probation and pretrial services staffing needed to handle this new workload in Tucson "would include an increase in 367 new staff, costing over $37 million."

The letter also points out that the bill will result in "a substantial increase in litigation" nationwide and will "extend the duration of cases in the system as more defendants will have a right to a jury trial and to have their cases heard before a district court judge."

Clearly the immigration attorney groups pushing this amnesty are well aware that the bill would provide them job security.


The immigration bill includes provisions allowing judicial review for illegal aliens who have had their amnesty application denied, or who have had their status revoked after receiving amnesty. The Judicial Conference notes that generally such decisions can be appealed further to the Courts of Appeals.

The Judicial Conference notes that while it is unknown how many illegal immigrants will apply for the amnesty, "even if the … process results in a 90-percent approval rate … the number of individuals seeking review [for a rejected application] in the federal courts would be significant." The Conference estimates that the impact "will be substantial and will affect courts throughout the country over a period of years."

As a comparison, the Conference notes that in fiscal year 2012, the total number of civil filings in federal district courts was 278,442 and that an increase "of even 100,000 new cases would have a significant impact."

Immigration Courts

The immigration bill would double the current number of immigration judges in three years, adding 75 immigration judges each year between 2014 and 2016. The bill also provides at least one law clerk and one legal assistant for each immigration judge while increasing the number of staff attorneys and support staff in the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) by at least 30 people over the same three-year period.

The Judicial Conference notes that as the cases move through the Executive Branch immigration courts and find their way into the Judicial Branch courts the immigration caseload could more than double if appeals rates remain the same. The Conference points out that in 2005, during a "major surge in administrative processing of removal proceedings, the rate of appeal from the BIA to the courts of appeals was 30 percent" and it that it was equivalent to 13,000 cases. Based on a similar appeal rate, the Conference estimates that the amnesty will result in an impact "far-exceeding" the 2005 surge.

Yet the bill does not provide any additional resources to the federal courts to deal with the larger caseload. Likely, the bill will eventually be amended as the impacts become more apparent and the cost and length of the immigration bill will grow.


The Senate immigration bill expands the scope of workplace verification requirements, but provides for the creation of an alternative verification system that would eventually replace E-Verify.

The Judicial Conference points out that the bill provides avenues for federal court review of administrative decisions relating to employees being denied employment authorization and employers who are charged with violating the law. However, the bill provides no funding to cover increased demands on the judicial the review process will likely create.


Netroots panelists: Homeless people don’t have the freedom to get laid


Homeless Americans face many daily struggles — finding food, lack of shelter and the fact that they aren’t getting banged.

According to a group of sex educators and activists at Netroots 2013 — on the wittily named ”Free your Ass: Defining and Creating a Progressive Sexual Culture” panel — homeless people are sexually repressed by society due to their economic situations.


State Official: complaints about water quality “can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism.”


A Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation deputy director warned a group of Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about water quality could be considered an “act of terrorism.”

We take water quality very seriously. Very, very seriously,” said Sherwin Smith, deputy director of TDEC’s Division of Water Resources, according to audio recorded by attendees. “But you need to make sure that when you make water quality complaints you have a basis, because federally, if there’s no water quality issues, that can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism.

“Can you say that again, please?” an audience member can be heard asking on the audio.

Smith went on in the recording to repeat the claim almost verbatim.

The audio was recorded May 29 by Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment, a Smyrna-based civic action group that had been working with Maury County residents to tackle water quality complaints in Mount Pleasant. Residents there have complained to the state for months, saying some children had become ill drinking the water. The meeting was organized by State Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, and attended by residents, TDEC and local officials.

TDEC said it was looking into what had been said at the meeting and that Smith would not be available for comment.

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Climbing Mohammed’s Ladder


Our Israeli correspondent MC returns with a meditation on the circumstances which allowed the Muslim sex slavery gangs in Britain to grow and flourish.

Climbing Mohammed’s Ladder
by MC

In the now ancient anti-racist propaganda film South Pacific (Rogers and Hammerstein 1958 Fox) the young Marine Lieutenant sings a song which goes:

You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You’ve got to be taught
From year to year,
It’s got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You’ve got to be carefully taught!

This is strong stuff, but did we forget it for a moment? How did those Muslim Rape gangs get past the defences that we should have ‘carefully taught’ our children?

Firstly, they took us by surprise — or did they? My son was taught in school at the age of ten that it was OK to have ‘sex’ as soon as he felt like it, I must assume that the girls were also told this, so here is the first rung in this ladder of destruction.

Secondly, there are, and always have been, vulnerable young girls (and boys), they have always been easy prey for sexual predators, but usually, sexual predators are uncommon and are quickly caught. Not so with Muslim sexual predators. They are common, and they are given carte blanche by police and social workers in order to keep ‘social cohesion’. This is the second rung in the ladder of destruction.

Thirdly, and continuing the theme from the second rung, Islam does not see anything wrong in the sexual predation of unbelievers. The Koran sees unbelievers as loot, slaves if you like, with no say in how they are treated by believers (Muslims). Captives are given a choice of converting to Islam, dying by beheading (males) or slavery (including sexual slavery) for women and children.

Fourthly, Islam has no concept of ‘age of consent’, so any infidel child is ‘fair game’ in Islamic eyes. Aisha was six when she attracted Mohammed’s attention, and as Ali Bakr’s daughter she had status. They were soon married, but the marriage was not consummated until she was nine. Mohammed is seen as the perfect man and young Muslims are taught to emulate him in all things. The fourth rung in the ladder of destruction.

In the West, we see children as ‘special’. On the whole, our society nurtures children and believes that they have an absolute right to be safe from exploitation, especially sexual exploitation. Islam believes that the females are the rapists, and that by flaunting their bodies they topple men from the nobility of the ‘Islamic warrior’. Any female, of any age, who is even innocently provocative, puts herself in a vulnerable position, so firstly she deserves exactly what she gets, and secondly, she has effectively raped the man (by being provocative) rather than vice versa. Children, especially female children, should therefore be kept locked away behind high walls. This is why the Muslim mother in the Oxford case blamed the young girls instead of her sons. This is rung five.

The Islam of the ‘five pillars of wisdom’ is incompatible with Western culture. Above are five rungs in a ladder of destruction which all too many Muslim men appear to have climbed, and this is just one of many ladders of incompatibility that exist.

Our children are never again going to be safe, because these are not the sex monsters that we normally have to deal with in under age rape cases. These are normal ‘moderate’ Muslims males, on the prowl as men do, only their rules are different from ours. And by the rules of the PC/MC game, their rules are as valid as our rules, aren’t they?

And herein lies the crunch: whose standards apply?

Western Judaeo-Christian standards which give the child a chance to experiment and grow up and learn self-control in a benevolent environment where other members of society are expected to exercise self-restraint?

Or a foreign set of rules where male self-control and self-restraint are derisive signs of weakness?

It seems that we’ve all got to be carefully re-taught!

Source: Gates of Vienna

From American Hero to Villain: U.S. files espionage charges against Snowden over leaks


(Reuters) - The United States has filed espionage charges against Edward Snowden, a former U.S. National Security Agency contractor who admitted revealing secret surveillance programs to media outlets, according to a court document made public on Friday.


Jamaal Charles’ Wife’s Sister Awarded Custody Of Zoey Perkins


One of the darkest chapters in Kansas CIty Chiefs history came to close yesterday as the daughter of former Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, was finally given a permanent home.

Belcher orphaned his infant daughter Zoey on December 1, 2012, when he shot and killed her mother, Kasandra Perkins, before driving to the Chiefs’ training facility and taking his own life, in front of then head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli.

Since then, the Perkins family and Belcher’s family, the Shepard’s, have been going through court proceedings in an effort to gain custody of Zoey.

Yesterday, the courts decided to award custody of Zoey her cousin, Sophie Perkins of Pflugerville, Texas.

You may remember around the time of the shooting that it was revealed that Kasandra Perkins was the cousin of Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles’ wife, Whitney Golden Charles. Well, Sophie Perkins is Whitney’s sister. If that is all a little confusing, in simple terms, Belcher’s daughter is now in the custody of Jamaal Charles’ sister-in-law.

It is a relief to see this unfortunate chapter comes to an end. While KC fans will surely move on, for little Zoey, the road forward will be difficult as she grows up and struggles to come to grips with the fact that her father murdered her mother.

Still, Zoey will hopefully find a loving home with Sophie Perkins. She will also be provided with significant financial support thanks to the terms of the new CBA and donations made by the Chiefs.

source: arrowhead addict

Refusing Military Use of It, Obama Violates First Amendment


The Family Research Council in Washington, DC publishes the Tony Perkins’ Washington Update online and in its June 13, 2013 article “Furloughing Faith” Perkins states that Obama knows he can’t outright veto the First Amendment to our United States Constitution, so he sneaks around it by refusing all military personnel their God given right to use it.

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IV. Intelligence Operations



Intelligence is one of the hardest things to share in a coalition environment. Each partner, no matter how dedicated to the general cause, has a natural tendency to mask his intelligence capabilities and to retain control of what tasks he performs and how his products are disseminated. Furthermore, there are differences in national doctrine and disclosure rules. For IFOR, there was some confusion as to roles and responsibilities and duplication of effort. In spite of this, the coalition members were willing to cooperate and share information. The nations shared intelligence to a remarkable degree and certainly beyond most expectations.

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Man Who Allegedly Raped 12 Year For “Dressing Provocatively”, Reportedly CAIR “Core Volunteer”


“She seduced him” by her “provocative dress”. No burqa.

Via Viral Read:

A university senior accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl told police the runaway was “dressed provocatively” when he met her near the University of Washington campus. Omar Abdelbadie, 22, was charged with second-degree child rape for the June 10 incident in which prosecutors say he smoked marijuana and had sexual intercourse with the girl he met after midnight in Bellevue’s University District.

Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reported:

“He thought she was dressed provocatively,” according to the police report. The victim told investigators she told Abdelbadie that she was 12 years old.
Abdelbadie then allegedly bought the girl marijuana, and according to court documents, they smoked it together at his apartment.
After smoking the joint, they engaged in sexual intercourse multiple times, the documents said.
At Abdelbadie’s bail hearing Tuesday, Michael Hogan of the King County Prosecutor’s office said, “What we have is predatory behavior with a 12 year old.”

Abdelbadie said the girl “seduced” him. Prosecutors say he is “a danger to children.”

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Another case of corruption? Tijuana´s Border Administrator lives in luxurious neighborhood in Houston, TX.


Alejandro Amadeo Gonzalez Guilbot
El UNIVERSAL. Houston.- Alejandro Amadeo Gonzalez Guilbot, Central Administrator of the Tijuana´s Customs Office, receives a monthly pay of 104 thousand 113 Mexican Pesos-Roughly 8 thousand USD-. His life, however, is more like that of a millionaire than a public employee.

Gonzalez Guilbot owns two homes in Houston, Texas worth close to 1 million USD and several vehicles valued at about 600 thousand USD, including a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

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An overlooked news story or simply more transparency?": At La Raza Summit, Disgraced AG Eric Holder Touts Amnesty & Threatens States


Less than two weeks after becoming the first sitting cabinet member in American history to be held in contempt of Congress, disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder spoke in front of the highly controversial National Council of La Raza — it means “The Race” in Spanish — and issued threats against ongoing state and local efforts to control illegal immigration or enforce voter-ID requirements. He also touted an administration effort to stop deportations while promising to keep working with President Obama to pass the “Dream Act” and secure amnesty for illegal immigrants.


Can the Democracies Survive?


Exercise: The following article was written nearly 30 years ago. Rather than influencing your own self-interpretation with mine or anyone else's, your assignment is to mentally update and/or clarify the content for accuracy as if it were written today. Feel free to share the results of your assessment. As there is no "concrete" right or wrong angle. Just an exercise in perception. However, knowledge of both past and current events could likely prove to be helpful in comparisons.

Can the Democracies Survive? 

An article written by Jean-François Revel — June 1984

Democracy may, after all, turn out to have been a historical accident, a brief parenthesis that is closing before our eyes.

The entire article is rather lengthy. It can be found HERE

The 'Great Renewables Scam' unravels


In many parts of northern Europe, wind and solar projects may be highly visible facts on the ground. But the headline economic fact behind renewable energy is, and always has been, its sheer and blatant “unsustainability”

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Graphic: Yahoo News study on how Jay Carney has ducked 9,486 questions from reporters


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Obama administration cuts back oil shale development


Controversy is heating up over an administration plan to drastically reduce the amount of federal lands available for oil shale development in the American West.

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The Lightbringer Could Have His Windmill Tilting Climate Agenda Ready By Next Week


Middle East is burning, his administration is scandal-plagued, millions are still out of work but, hey, this guy is locked in to what’s important.

President Barack Obama is likely to roll out a number of measures on climate policy, potentially including a strategy to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, in a speech on Tuesday, sources familiar with the plans told Reuters.

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DOJ Secretly Drops Terrorism Charges In Taliban Case


The Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to explain why it has abruptly dropped terrorism charges against a member of a Middle Eastern family indicted in south Florida last year with providing material support for the Pakistani Taliban.

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IRS Sent Almost 24,000 Refunds Worth Combined $46 Million To “Unauthorized” Alien Workers All At Same Address In Atlanta, GA


Words fail.

Via Fox Nation:

The Internal Revenue Service sent 23,994 tax refunds worth a combined $46,378,040 to “unauthorized” alien workers who all used the same address in Atlanta, Ga., in 2011, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

That was not the only Atlanta address theoretically occupied by thousands of “unauthorized” alien workers receiving millions in federal tax refunds in 2011. In fact, according to a TIGTA audit report published last year, four of the top ten addresses to which the IRS sent thousands of tax refunds to “unauthorized” aliens were in Atlanta.

The IRS sent 11,284 refunds worth a combined $2,164,976 to unauthorized alien workers at a second Atlanta address; 3,608 worth $2,691,448 to a third; and 2,386 worth $1,232,943 to a fourth.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

URGENT: Skype Provided Backdoor Access to the NSA Before Microsoft Takeover


The NSA saga continues in the Redmond-based empire, this time with a new report aimed at Microsoft’s flagship VoIP platform Skype.

A report published by The New York Times and citing people who asked not to be named for obvious reasons, Skype developed its own user-monitoring system before the Microsoft acquisition in October 2011.

It appears that US intelligence agencies have insisted that local software companies must cooperate closer with the NSA, so it asked several top vendors, including Skype, to put together secret teams to develop systems that would provide them with backdoor access to users’ conversations.

The source claims that the NSA wanted “to control the process themselves” and thus skip the process of contacting the parent company and asking for details on select user accounts.

This is how Skype Project Chess was born. “Less than a dozen people inside Skype” have been asked to develop a hidden system that would allow the NSA to access conversations and user details at any time.

Skype officially joined the PRISM program on February 6, 2011, so it’s believed that the backdoor access system was already up and running at that time, more than half a year before the Microsoft acquisition was completed.

It’s not yet confirmed, but it appears that those tools have already been removed from Skype, as part of Microsoft’s network updates over the years. Tipsters, on the other hand, claim that companies involved in this NSA secret plan have kept the monitoring systems to “control the process themselves.”

The interesting thing is that Microsoft is now refusing to comment on this report, even though the company has often denied stories claiming that Skype calls can be wiretapped.

The only thing we got from Microsoft in the PRISM scandal is the public statement rolled out this month and claiming that it never provides user details to the government on a voluntary basis.

“We provide customer data only when we receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so, and never on a voluntary basis. In addition we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers. If the government has a broader voluntary national security program to gather customer data we don’t participate in it.”

source: softpedia

NSA Secret Warrantless Spying Rules Revealed


The Guardian has done it once again, this time presenting two July 2009 documents signed by none other than Eric Holder which lay out under what conditions the NSA is allowed to make use of information "inadvertently" collected from domestic US communications without a warrant. The documents detail the procedures the NSA is required to follow to target "non-US persons" under its foreign intelligence powers and what the agency does to minimize data collected on US citizens and residents in the course of that surveillance. "The documents show that even under authorities governing the collection of foreign intelligence from foreign targets, US communications can still be collected, retained and used."

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Leaked NSA Doc Says It Can Collect And Keep Your Encrypted Data As Long As It Takes To Crack It


If you use privacy tools, according to the apparent logic of the National Security Agency, it doesn’t much matter if you’re a foreigner or an American: Your communications are subject to an extra dose of surveillance.


NSA Claims Broad Authority to Monitor Americans' International Calls and Emails


Agency Retains Purely Domestic Communications Without Warrants, Documents Show

Read the Full Story from the ACLU>>

Bush-Era NSA Whistleblower Makes Most Explosive Allegations Yet About True Extent of Gov’t Surveillance


Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed Wednesday that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

He also made another stunning allegation. He says the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Senate candidate Barack Obama back in 2004.


GOP leader warns of attacks on free speech


"As serious as the IRS scandal is, what we're dealing with here is larger than the actions of one agency or any group of employees," McConnell, who is up for re-election next year, said in remarks prepared for delivery Friday to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. "This administration has institutionalized the practice of pitting bureaucrats against the very people they're supposed to be serving, and it needs to stop."

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ObamaCare suckers needed, inquire within


In the course of explaining why the White House is still spending huge amounts of time and money to convince Americans that ObamaCare doesn’t stink, even though we hate it more with every passing month, Time drops this little nugget of information:


A Challenge to Young Obama Supporters


You didn’t vote for Obama and cheer the passage of Obamacare because it was the cool thing to do. You did your homework. You want to share the sacrifice. You want to secure the president’s legacy.

And now’s your chance to prove it.


TED CRUZ Launches National Petition Drive to Kill Immigration Bill



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** Sign the petition here.

End the Farce, Pull the Plug: Amendment Would Give Amnesty/Legal Status to Any Would-Be Immigrant Displaced by 'Climate Change'


Senator Brian Schatz’s (D-HI) filed an amendment for the immigration bill Wednesday that would allow stateless people in the U.S. to seek conditional lawful status if their nations have been made uninhabitable by climate change.

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Church of England Sells Soul: Creating 'pagan church' to recruit members


The Church of England is trying to recruit pagans and spiritual believers as part of a drive to retain congregation numbers.


Norway: 90% of all violent rapes in Oslo committed by Muslims


"Imam al-Khomeini spent the night with the girl in his arms, and we could hear her crying and screaming" — Husayn al-Musawi witness account of Ayatollah Khomeini raping a small 4-year old.


Weiner Wants 'Single-Payer Laboratory' for NYC Workers' Healthcare


..The former Congressman revealed Thursday he wants New York City to act as a “single-payer laboratory,” funding employees’ medical expenses directly instead of paying the employees through insurance companies..

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Edmund Burke: the greatest Whig, the first conservative


EXCERPT: There are never any prizes in politics for being right too early. Burke stood apart, an ascetic soothsayer, a lonely vate, descrying a future invisible to his contemporaries. He was right about America, right about Ireland, right about India and, outstandingly, right about France. As is usually the way, his peers never properly forgave him.

Read More from Daniel Hannan about this unsung Hero>>

Morally Sound Need Not Apply: Chauffeurs,florists, photographers and cake makers will be sacked if they object to same-sex marriage


David Cameron’s government has admitted under scrutiny from the House of Lords that they want to give commercial employers to be able to sack staff who refuse to participate in same-sex marriage.

READ: The Coalition for Marriage reports

Public Liberal Radio Fades Away: WBAI Lays Off Entire Staff


"...The announcement comes a day after word that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is withholding funding to Pacifica’s five stations for insufficient accounting practices, misreported revenues and failure to comply with CPB rules on open meetings and financial transparency. One of the WBAI hosts claims that the layoffs have come about because “The Labor Department got wind that they were refusing to pay us...

Full Article>>

If you were concerned about how much the U.S. is becoming more and more like Europe, this will likely cause you to double up on your anti-depressants..


Crack on Earth's crust could make ocean DISAPPEAR - and pull Europe and North America together

New crack has been found in the Eurasian plate that contains all of Europe and most of Asia

The crack was found near the site of the devastating Lisbon earthquake in 1755

It could cause Earth's continents to 'look very much like the Pangea' according to researchers

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The Next Obama Administration Scandal: ‘Assembly line’ for illegal campaign donations alleged in probe of D.C. politics


The corruption investigation that has roiled D.C. politics for two years has uncovered a highly organized operation inside an accounting firm that funneled illegal contributions to scores of political campaigns, according to new court documents filed Thursday.




Could the tragic events of Waco in 1993 bring down the president and the Democratic machine after 20 years? Mike McNulty, producer of the Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated documentary “Waco: Rules of Engagement” and its follow-up films, “Waco, A New Revelation” and “The FLIR Project,” believes it could. McNulty says that the close ties between the Waco atrocity and members of the Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and powerful congressional Democrats – could unravel the administration and the entire Washington Democratic power structure.

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Out of Site, Out of Mind: Did Clinton's resignation pull double duty by avoiding the negative spotlight to preserve her 2016 ambitions plus risking perjury charges for her major role in the Benghazi murders?


One thing about the "truth", it almost always makes sense.. unless of course, the majority of influential voices in your life contain strictly fecal matter.

Click here to read the example we unanimously dubbed GEM #1>>

Why Are We Intervening in Syria?


With violence raging across the Middle East (which is nothing new), the threat of Islamic jihads grows ever stronger. For decades, most of the countries in the Middle East were ruled by dictators or strongmen. While some of them sponsored terrorism, they did manage to keep a lid on jihadist groups, but that situation has now changed dramatically. Since Obama promoted the “Arab Spring”, we have seen multiple countries thrown into turmoil and ruling strongmen toppled. While Obama and the progressive left naively believed that this would lead to pro-democracy and pro-Western governments, the result has been anything but...

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CHQ GOP Presidential Straw Poll: Rubio Support Dropping Like A Stone


. . . Indeed, of the major public polls, the only one that Rubio continues to do well in is – surprise, surprise – the Democrat-leaning PPP poll, which uses the notoriously unreliable “robo-polling” method. . . 

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Toronto District School Board opens its first co-ed washroom


Intended primarily for students identifying as “transgender,” the washroom was set up after a petition by grade 8 students that cited last year’s passage of Bill 33, which enshrined protections based on “gender identity” and “gender expression” in Ontario.

The school board unveiled the washroom at City View Alternative Senior School on Friday in a sign-hanging ceremony, according to the Toronto Star.

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1M Brazilians fill streets with protest, violence


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — More than a million Brazilians poured into the streets of at least 80 cities Thursday in this week's largest anti-government demonstrations yet, protests that saw violent clashes break out in several cities as people demanding improved public services and an end to corruption faced tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets.


White House issues advice about shootings at churches – POLL

Former Rep. Allen West open to Senate primary challenge against Rubio


West told station WMAL that he could run for Senate, "If I see people that are not taking our country down the right path, if I see people that are not standing up for the right type of principles and putting their own party politics before what is best for the United States of America."

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H/T: Michael Savage

New Iranian president tied to 1994 bombing


Iranian President-elect Hassan Rowhani was on the special Iranian government committee that plotted the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, according to an indictment by the Argentine government prosecutor investigating the case.

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NYPD fights to fight crime with new ad, as Council tries to ban using ‘race, gender, or age’ to ID suspects


Cops might as well wear blindfolds if the City Council passes a bill that would let them use little more than the color of a suspect’s clothing in descriptions — or risk being sued for profiling, according to this provocative new ad (pictured) from the NYPD captains union.

The ad asks, “How effective is a police officer with a blindfold on?”

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Nanny State On Steroids


As bad as government intrusion is into families here in the United States, it could be a lot worse. A law introduced to the Scottish Parliament would mandate a “named person” (guardian) be appointed for every child in Scotland from birth. Said named person would “promote, support or safeguard the well-being of the child or young person.” Children’s Minister Aileen Campbell said the responsibility for providing a named person will belong to health boards until the age of five, when it would be transferred to councils.


Pro-Amnesty Immigration Bill Will Cripple America


The pro-amnesty immigration bill continues forward in the US Senate despite the fact that it will vastly hurt Americans and reward unlawful behavior. Right now, many amendments are being voted on for this piece of trash that will pave the way for amnesty for 11+ million illegal aliens, thus ensuring that conservatives will never win a national election for decades to come. Like most legislation coming out of Washington, this bill is a travesty.


Russia Today: Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal


The scandal over illegal data interception by US security services questions the correlation between the US and international law, and senior Russian officials are calling for an urgent update in Russian legislation in response.

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Pravda: JP Morgan's man in the White House: Barack Obama's legacy of ashes


At one time, it seems decades ago now, the general thinking in the USA was that President Barack Obama would jolt the American political system into actually doing something beneficial for its citizens rather than spying on them, building F-35 aircraft, upgrading nuclear weapons, spending trillions of dollars (US) on national security, cutting unemployment benefits/food stamps, fomenting war with Iran, Syria, China and Russia; and dragging out the war in Afghanistan.


Foreign Authorities Assume Kidnapping Of OKC Valedictorian


OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities in Ecuador are officially treating the disappearance of an Oklahoma City valedictorian as a kidnapping case, according to family members searching for the teen.


Dem RINOs: U.S. lawmakers float bill for Medicare to cover obesity treatment


WASHINGTON : A day after the American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease, U.S. lawmakers introduced bipartisan bills in the Senate and House of Representatives that would require Medicare to cover more obesity treatment costs.


Democrats to impeach govt over water project


The opposition Democrat Party will file a petition to remove the Cabinet on suspicion that the government colluded with four large companies in the bidding for the Bt350-billion water-management scheme.

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Senate Agreement to Bolster Border Security


Early Thursday morning, the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senators will announce an agreement to strengthen border security.

ABC News has confirmed that the Senate “Gang of Eight” has reached an agreement to strengthen border security provisions in their bill that they hope will deliver the 70 crucial votes needed for the measure.

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California State politicians get 5.3 percent raises


With budget in surplus, commission OKs increase to partially restore reductions

SACRAMENTO — State politicians were granted 5.3 percent raises on Wednesday, now that California government is enjoying an infusion of cash from November’s voter-approved Proposition 30 tax increases.


Op-Ed: Israel is Selling Out the Land


Mention any biblical and historic site of the Jewish people. You won't find one preserved and protected by the Israeli establishment.

Not only is the Temple Mount no longer "in our hands", but its easier substitute, the Western Wall, has also been conceded by Israel’s government to a group of femminists and cultural extremists.

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Somali Militants Live-Tweet Their Deadly Attack on U.N. Compound


The Somali militant movement al-Shabab today launched a deadly strike against a U.N. humanitarian compound in Mogadishu that killed one international staffer, three contractors, four Somali security guards, and an unknown number of Somali civilians.

Then the group gloated about it in a creepy series of Twitter posts.


Denmark Refuses to Deport Al Qaeda Soldier Who Raped 10-Year-Old Because He is “Well Integrated”


Excerpt: The rape of the 10-year-old girl triggered strong feelings in the local community. It occurred on Saturday November, 19, 2011 in a wooded area in ‘Lyngens Kvarter’ in Gullestrup just outside Herning.

The perpetrator forced the two little girls to follow him. The youngest girl managed to escape, but he was able to rape the 10-year-old.

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LA Fire Chief Apologizes For Controversial Photo Depicting Mexicans


LOS ANGELES ( —Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian Cummings apologized Wednesday for a controversial photo depicting Mexicans he displayed on Twitter.


DHS Criticized for ‘Increasing Sense of Bunker Mentality’ in Communicating with Americans


Agency strategy "strains the institution’s credibility and makes people question the motivations of the department’s leadership," says chairman.

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FBI Foils Plot To Build Strange X-Ray Weapon, Possibly Targeting President Obama


A New York man who allegedly wanted to kill President Obama and apparently blamed him for the recent Boston bombings has been arrested for trying to build and detonate a weapon of mass destruction.


Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion


An Italian court Wednesday sentenced fashion house duo Dolce & Gabbana to one year and eight months in prison for tax evasion of around one billion euros ($1.33 billion), according to media reports.


Michael Hastings conspiracy theories: Web goes wild after NSA, CIA reporter killed in crash


Less than a day after the BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter died in a fiery car crash at age 33, conspiracy theorists are speculating that there is more than meets the eye over Hasting's demise.

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Bomb threat to Texas courthouse unless demands of Fort Hood jihad mass murderer met


BELTON, Texas (AP) — A Texas sheriff says someone threatened to bomb a county courthouse near Fort Hood unless officials met the demands of the Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 shooting rampage on the Army post.

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Obama offends Catholics in the UK, says religious schools are divisive


The Catholic media is up in arms over comments President Obama made during a speech while in Northern Ireland for the G8 summit. Obama made what is described as “an alarming call for an end to Catholic education,” in spite of the fact that it is considered “a critical component of the Church.”


8 late-night jokes about NSA snooping


We Americans might be losing our rights, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of humor. Here are eight late-night ha-ha’s about the not-so-funny federal surveillance program to snoop on the citizenry:


Muslim group files complaint against UCF professor


IRONY: The Council on American-Islamic Relations claims Jonathan Matusitz, a UCF professor, supports an anti-Muslim hate group.


Connecticut gun maker moving to South Carolina, in wake of tighter state gun laws


A Connecticut gun manufacturer is moving to South Carolina after Connecticut lawmakers passed stricter gun-control laws in the aftermath of the fatal Sandy Hook School shootings.


Anti-Disabled Bigotry: It’s How You Say It?


Colin Brewer, who disgustingly called for the infanticide of disabled infants some time ago, is apparently under police investigation for those comments.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sitting Ducks: "Ordinary" Americans operating small businesses on trust and overconfidence in government, self...

June 19, 2013

69% of US Small Businesses Aren’t Concerned About the Impact of a Data Breach

Shred-it, an information security company providing document destruction services, has published a study – conducted by Ipsos Reid – which shows that many small business from the US are not really aware of the impact that a security breach could have on a company.

 According to the report, “The 2013 Shred-it Information Security Tracker,” 69% of firms are not aware or don’t believe that a breach resulting in data loss could have an impact on finances or business credibility.

This false sense of security results in the fact that many organizations don’t fully implement information security programs, and they don’t safeguard sensitive data as well as they should.

The study has also found that 45% of small businesses don’t have protocols in place for securing data, and over one third of them never train staff on information security procedures.

Only 18% of them would encourage new data privacy legislation that requires stricter compliance and harsher penalties.

“As we celebrate National Small Business Week, we're urging companies to be vigilant when it comes to information security,” said Mike Skidmore, privacy and security officer, Shred-it.

“We have seen a consistent increase in small businesses without security protocols in place and a crucial first step for practicing effective information security is improving awareness of policies and procedures. Organizations face a lot of risks, but enforcing sensitive data safeguarding as a company-wide practice will potentially avert both significant financial and reputational damage.”

Shred-it advises businesses to analyze the possible security gaps in the organization and in the supply chain, and assess existing security risks. A quick risk assessment survey is available on Shred-it’s website, here.

source: softpedia

THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL, POWERFUL STORY OF THE DAY:‘Free at Last’: La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation’ & Joined GOP in Powerful Video

‘Free at Last’: La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation’ & Joined GOP in Powerful Video

(The Blaze) - Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory, formerly a Democrat, recently — and enthusiastically — joined the Republican party.

Weeks after announcing his bold move, Guillory has released a video explaining why he is now with the GOP. The powerful video is titled, “Why I Am a Republican.

In the video, Guillory says it is the Republican Party that actually has the best interests of the black community in mind. He argues Democrats relentlessly push an agenda intended to exert control over blacks, not lift them out of poverty.

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Hat Tip: Nola Defender

Murder Scandal UPDATE: Benghazi Whistleblower Lawyer Says Joint Chief’s Chairman Lied to Congress

June 19, 2013

Remember this scandal? It's the one that keeps getting buried by what, all but a few people are calling scandals, while the rest of us consider them as distractions from the only scandal involving murder.

Here's your update:

( – An attorney whose firm represents two Benghazi whistleblowers said Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, lied to the Senate when he said there was never a “stand down” order during the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11, 2012.


US soldiers killed hours after US announces peace talks with Taliban

June 19, 2013

Four US soldiers have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan hours after the US announced it will engage in its first formal direct talks with the Taliban after dropping its long-standing demand that the movement renounce ties with al-Qaeda in order for them to progress.

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Distrust Growing: 70% Believe IRS Decision to Target Conservatives Was Made in DC

June 19, 2013

While the controversy over the National Security Agency surveillance program has dominated the news recently, concern about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations remains high and is inching up. Despite the large number of controversies engulfing official Washington, the number of people following the IRS scandal has actually increased in recent weeks.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 82% of voters nationwide are now following the IRS targeting story, including 44% who are following the story “Very Closely.” The overall number of voters who are following is up from 74% a month ago. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Source: Rasmussen

Nevermind Oxis', This Guy is 100% Moron

June 19, 2013

Rep. Nadler: Post-Five Month Abortion Ban ‘Morally Outrageous’

( – Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday it is “morally outrageous” to ban abortions after five months of pregnancy.

“It is morally outrageous, frankly,” Nadler said about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 1797), a bill that would ban abortions 20 weeks post-fertilization, or five months into pregnancy.


Meanwhile in Washington, it's Back to the "Important" Stuff: Justice, State Departments Hosting Gay Pride Events This Week

June 19, 2013

The departments of Justice and State this week are holding back-to-back LGBT events in honor of gay pride month, and as the Supreme Court prepares to deliver two landmark decisions on same-sex marriage...

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A Self-Serving Non-Story: Conservatives more racist than liberals, says liberal government-funded study

June 19, 2013

A Must Not Read! At least for the laughs...

Mixed-race people are more likely to be considered black by conservatives, who are subconsciously attempting to “justify racial divisions,” said the authors of a new government-funded study.

The report, originally released earlier this month, has begun attracting criticism from those who see political bias in the results.

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In Berlin, Obama will invoke JFK, Reagan to push climate change

June 19, 2013

Following a well-worn path to Germany's Brandenburg Gate, President Obama plans to invoke America's most important speakers at the Berlin landmark -- John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan -- as he seeks to revive his promise to curb climate change.

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Niall Ferguson: The Regulated States of America

June 19, 2013

Tocqueville saw a nation of individuals who were defiant of authority. Today? Welcome to Planet Government.

In "Democracy in America," published in 1833, Alexis de Tocqueville marveled at the way Americans preferred voluntary association to government regulation. "The inhabitant of the United States," he wrote, "has only a defiant and restive regard for social authority and he appeals to it . . . only when he cannot do without it."

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Massive San Antonio NSA Data Center Raises Eyebrows

June 19, 2013

Even as reports break about the size and scope of the National Security Agency’s vast data storage center in Utah, new details are emerging about a second massive NSA center in San Antonio, Texas. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Satellite and aerial imagery show that massive air conditioning units and backup generators have been added to the facility, which is now ringed by barbed-wire fencing. City permits and property tax records show that the complex has been dramatically expanded.” According to sources, the plant will supposedly translate intercepted communications from the NSA; the communications are then forwarded to Maryland for processing.

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Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment

June 19, 2013

Google asked the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Tuesday to ease long-standing gag orders over data requests the court makes, arguing that the company has a constitutional right to speak about information it is forced to give the government.


Exclusive: Whistleblower Says State Department Trying to Bully Her Into Silence

June 19, 2013

The State Department investigator who accused colleagues last week of using drugs, soliciting prostitutes, and having sex with minors says that Foggy Bottom is now engaged in an "intimidation" campaign to stop her.

Last week's leaks by Aurelia Fedenisn, a former State Department inspector general investigator, shined a light on alleged wrongdoing by U.S. officials around the globe. But her attorney Cary Schulman tells The Cable that Fedenisn has paid a steep price: "They had law enforcement officers camp out in front of her house, harass her children and attempt to incriminate herself."

Fedenisn's life changed dramatically last Monday after she handed over documents and statements to CBS News alleging that senior State Department officials "influenced, manipulated, or simply called off" several investigations into misconduct. The suppression of investigations was noted in an early draft of an Inspector General report, but softened in the final version.

Erich Hart, general counsel to the Inspector General, did not reply to a request for comment. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said last week that "we hold all employees to the highest standards. We take allegations of misconduct seriously and we investigate thoroughly." She also announced that the department would request additional review by outside law enforcement officers on OIG inspection processes.

After the CBS News made inquiries to the State Department about the charges, Schulman says investigators from the State Department's Inspector General promptly arrived at Fedenisn's door. "They talked to both kids and never identified themselves," he said. "First the older brother and then younger daughter, a minor, asking for their mom's place of work and cell phone number ... They camped out for four to five hours."

Schulman says the purpose of the visit was to get Fedenisn to sign a document admitting that she stole State Department materials, such as the memos leaked to CBS. Schulman says it was crucial that she didn't sign the document because her separation agreement with the State Department includes a provision allowing disclosures of misconduct. Furthermore, none of the materials were classified.

Schulman charged that sending law enforcement officers to pressure her into signing an agreement was heavy handed. "Why not simply mail it, courier it, send it Federal Express or deliver it by any other normal means by which one delivers a demand letter? Why send two federal law enforcement agents?" he asked. He also said that officials from the Inpsector General's Office told him they'd be having a "no kidding get together with the DOJ," implying to him that they would push criminal charges if his client didn't cooperate.

In discussing the chain of events with Kel McClanahan, a D.C. attorney who has represented several agency whistleblowers, McClanahan said the case smacked of intimidation.

"This type of intimidation technique is all too common when an agency wants something from you that it is not entirely confident it can get without your cooperation, and more often than not people who don't know any better fall for it," he told The Cable. "Regardless of what you may think of Fedenisn's motives, she worked for these guys for years and she knows their playbook ... I would have been shocked if she did anything except promptly hire a lawyer and call their bluff."

Update: In an email to The Cable, Doug Welty, Congressional & Public Affairs Officer at the State Department's Office of Inspector General, sends the following message:

Highly sensitive, internal documents that contained personal information and unsubstantiated allegations were improperly removed from OIG custody and subsequently released to unauthorized individuals.

OIG wants to emphasize the sensitive nature of OIG inspection information, particularly when it pertains to individuals and may be incomplete or contain unverified, raw data.

· OIG did not authorize any such release. As soon as OIG learned that documents were improperly removed and released, OIG took appropriate steps to remediate potential damage.

· OIG sought to retrieve the documents and information, and put the person who leaked them on notice not to distribute them further, nor distribute additional documents or information, in accordance with the standard "Separation Statement" presented to all employees when leaving Department employ and signed by Ms. Fedenisn in December, 2012.

· OIG's efforts to retrieve the internal documents and information were done in an effort to protect the sensitive information contained therein and to prevent harm to potential investigations or administrative disciplinary adjudications, as well as harm to private individuals named in the documents, and their due process and privacy rights.

source: Foreign Policy

Bill Ayers: Try Obama for War Crimes

June 19, 2013

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The IRS Immigration Fraud Scandal: Here comes another one not like the other ones.

June 19, 2013

Rubio, Ryan losing credibility over amnesty as fraud issue returns.


NSA Leaker: Analysts Receive Your Emails


On Monday, NSA leaker Edward Snowden suggested in an online interview with The Guardian (UK) that someone at the National Security Agency does indeed receive the content of your emails.


Ted Cruz Set to Infuriate the Left With Immigration Bill Amendment


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday announced his intention to file another amendment to the so-called “gang of eight” immigration bill that is facing tough opposition from some GOP lawmakers.


Oxymoron: Obama says NSA spying is “transparent”


Transparent Spying?

Charlie Rose: Should this be transparent in some way?

Barack Obama: It is transparent. That’s why we set up the FISA court…. The whole point of my concern, before I was president — because some people say, “Well, you know, Obama was this raving liberal before. Now he’s, you know, Dick Cheney.” Dick Cheney sometimes says, “Yeah, you know? He took it all lock, stock, and barrel.” My concern has always been not that we shouldn’t do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism, but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances? So, on this telephone program, you’ve got a federal court with independent federal judges overseeing the entire program. And you’ve got Congress overseeing the program, not just the intelligence committee and not just the judiciary committee — but all of Congress had available to it before the last reauthorization exactly how this program works.


Obama's Soft Totalitarianism: Europe Must Protect Itself from America


People around the world were shocked to learn of the extent of US snooping. This anti-Obama poster comes from Hong Kong.
Is Barack Obama a friend? Revelations about his government's vast spying program call that assumption into doubt. The European Union must protect the Continent from America's reach for omnipotence.

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