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Scientific Proof: The Origin of the "Obama Political Machine"

Why cockroaches need their friends

The much maligned cockroach is more sophisticated, and social, than we thought, according to new research.

They hide away, unseen, lurking in dark corners and crevices.

And they form closely bonded, egalitarian societies, based on social structures and rules. Communities of cockroaches are even capable of making collective decisions for the "greater good".

Living among us

A small proportion of insect species are renowned for their social skills.

Cockroaches are among the hardiest insects on the planet.

They are also extremely adaptable to new environments and will eat almost anything.

Young cockroaches, it seems, need to be around and in constant physical contact with one another to properly develop.

Sometimes the cockroaches lay scent trails by depositing faeces rich in these chemicals, which other cockroaches can follow.

Perhaps the most striking revelation about the secret lives of cockroaches though, is the extent to which they form "social herds" and can make collective decisions.

In eusocial insects, a queen will dominate, reserving breeding privileges for herself, supported by thousands of workers.

In eusocial insects, a queen will dominate, reserving breeding privileges for herself, supported by thousands of workers.

*This story has been edited from the original

Obama Gift Registry

Has it come to this for Team Obama? This was clipped from the Barrack Obama website. How bad must things be to start asking for birthday money? Is this narcissism to the extreme? Is this presidential? Are you going to participate? Or…as my twenty year old daughter says, “That’s just ridiculous!”

Democrats Vow to Show No Mercy to the Constitution

We can now see before us a persistent pattern of disregard for the powers of the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision-making without—and often in spite of—congressional action. This violates the spirit—and potentially the letter—of the Constitution’s separation of the legislative and executive powers of Congress and the President...

Did Maraniss Commit Fraud to Protect Obama?

I was sitting out at lunch the other day reading David Maraniss's new book, Barack Obama: The Story, when I came across a passage that gave me pause. Maraniss excerpted the passage from an article, "Breaking the War Mentality," that Obama had written in 1983 for a Columbia University publication called the Sundial. What caught my attention was that the passage in question read better than I remembered.

I returned to my office after lunch, checked a digitized copy of the article, and then double-checked a PDF of the original print edition. I was right. The passage had been edited to fix one of Obama's signature errors....

Democrat Voter Fraud Hangs over WI State Senate Race Recount

After a massive blowout in the recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, State Senator Van Wanggaard still finds himself trailing his challenger John Lehman by 834 votes. This has prompted a recount of the results, which began on Wednesday.

We have reported previously about the electioneering activities by members of the community-organizing group Wisconsin Jobs Now and potential issues with a giant Obama “HOPE” painting hanging above voters as they cast their ballot in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. Reports of threats were rampant in the Racine area, and in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News an individual reported someone threatened to smash an election observer’s head into the ground. Also, Breitbart News revealed a video of election officials stuffing absentee ballots into ballot boxes with open ballot boxes and ballots laying on the floor at another poling place.

A source is now reporting that he witnessed one of the white vans dispatched by Wisconsin Jobs Now chauffeuring the same eight individuals around to three different polling places and witnessed them entering each polling place. Our source did not see what these individuals were doing inside each polling place, but they presumably happened to be inside long enough to vote. With numerous accounts of an extraordinary number of individuals entering poling places with ineligible post office change of address forms and water bills addressed to “occupant” only, this eyewitness account of a van unloading the same people entering three different poling places is more than alarming.

We now have evidence as well that Voces de la Frontera, an illegal alien rights front group, through their subgroup, Youth Empowered in the Struggle, dispatched over 400 high school students as part of massive and effective get out the vote drive to knock and drag voters to the polls. In the following video taken at a post-election protest in Milwaukee, Joe Shansky and Jorge Maya describe how these students were able to reach and mobilize some 3300 voters during the effort. The effort, of course, took place during school hours, during finals week with students from some of the most underperforming schools in Racine to target the most democrat precincts.

War on Christianity: NC police chaplains banned from invoking name of Jesus at official ceremonies

“I’m a pastor and Jesus is the only thing I have to offer to bless people – his life and his person,” he told FOX News Radio.

Energy Secy.: U.S. MUST make affordable electric cars

Chu wants to bring electro-chemists into automotive and "encourage" new sets of experts.

OSHA targets shooting range

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a citation, along with a proposed fine of $111,000 fine (OSHA press release here), against Illinois Gun Works–a gun store and gunsmith business which has a shooting range and teaches safety classes. HT Instapundit and David Codrea. In a November 2009 article for the NRA magazine America’s 1st Freedom, I warned about the dangers of President Obama’s nomination of David Michaels as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (head of OSHA), based on Michaels’ well-established record as an anti-gun advocate.

Many of alleged OSHA violations at the safety training range involved noise exposure for the instructors. Among OSHA’s suggestions were to eliminate training in “larger caliber” handguns such as “9 mm Luger and/or .45 Colt” and substitute “handguns of smaller caliber,” such as .22LR. And “Prohibition of any shotguns and/or rifles firing in the firing range.” (p. 6). In other words, eliminate training for all firearms except those which are least likely to have the stopping power to be effective for self-defense. And ensure that the range can never provide students with personal instruction in the use of the firearms which constitute the vast majority of firearms which people actually own.

Among the “violations” noted in the citation: An instructor on the range wore Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs, which allegedly provided insufficient noise protection. (p. 11). I’ve never used the Howard Leight brand, but I have used electronic muffs from Peltor and from Dillon. Electronic muffs are the perfect choice for hearing protection and range safety, especially for an instructor. When the muffs detect a sound spike, they instantly shut down, reducing the noise to a comfortable level. Unlike passive muffs, electronic muffs do not block sound at other times, so it is much easier for the instructor to communicate with students, and to hear everything going on in the area. Indeed, normal sounds (but not gunshots) can be amplified by the muff’s electronics, if the user so chooses.

My Peltor muffs have a Noise Reduction Rating of 19 decibels, while the Howard Leight muffs used by the Illinois Gun Works instructor had a NRR of 22db. I have previously used passive muffs (consisting of foam padding around the ears, with no electronics); passive muffs with a NRR in the low 20s allow more sound than I want, and I find that for passive muffs, a NRR of 29 or higher is much better. However, whatever the rated NRR of the electronic muffs, I can tell you that electronic muffs are far superior at sound reduction compared to passive muffs with much higher ratings. My Peltors with a NRR of 19db make gunshots much quieter than do my passive muffs with a NRR of 30db. Yet Illinois Gun Works is being fined because an instructor used superior hearing protection.

Here’s another violation: “A gun range instructor conducting shooter instruction was observed reaching down on the range floor to collect a loaded handgun cartridge. The employee was not wearing any hand protection such as gloves. The gun range floor was contaminated with lead. The gun had misfired and it required manual cycling of the barrel slide to remove the defective round which then fell on the gun range floor.” (p. 22). This is absurd. Range floors are necessarily going to have lead dust on them. In the course of live fire instruction, there are inevitably going to be some misfeeds, which result in a round falling to the floor. You don’t leave live ammunition lying on the floor. And if you’re going to be helping students clear misfeeds (step 1: press the small button which releases the magazine so that it drops out of the gun), you can often do so better with bare hands with gloves. After any time on the shooting range, it is essential to wash hands thoroughly with cold water. The notion that picking up a round from the floor is some kind of special danger is ridiculous.

One of OSHA’s suggestions for reducing instructor exposure to lead (p. 26): require the use of ammunition without lead primers and/or without lead bullets. But if you’re teaching people how to use the guns which they actually own, those people need to use the kind of ammunition that they will actually shoot. Firearms can perform quite differently with different types of ammunition. Semi-autos in particular may have a much higher rate of misfeeds with one type of ammunition than with another; one of the important variables in this is how strongly the user holds the grip (a lighter grip can increase misfeeds, but a grip that is too tight can reduce accuracy). The best way for a user to find out which ammunition works most reliably with her particular gun, accounting for the way she actually holds it, is to try different types of ammunition. And it’s all the better if those tryouts have the assistance of an instructor. The OSHA “safety” suggestion to use only unusual and expensive types of ammunition would harm gun user safety.

Another violation: employees used Hoppes #9 solvent for cleaning guns (Hoppes makes lots of gun cleaning material and accessories), but Illinois Gun Works had not relabeled each Hoppes bottle to list all the hazardous chemicals therein. (pp. 54-55). Gun cleaners have solvents, and so the cleaning should be done in a place with good ventilation. But it’s hard to see much practical benefit in requiring a store to put new labels on every one of the scores of Hoppes bottles which employees will use during the course of a year.

Not everything in the OSHA citation is as senseless as the items described above. And gun ranges are certainly not the first business in the United States to find themselves being punished by OSHA for things that have little or nothing to do with employee safety. However, if the heavy fine and the citation against Illinois Gun Works are followed by similar enforcement against other gun ranges, there may be many fewer ranges soon.

Picture: Sandusky Seen Leaving His House; Possible Verdict Soon?

Hat Tip Twitter:

Could This Make Ben Bernanke A Soviet Dictator?

Zimbabwe is the example most frequently cited, though Belarus’s authoritarian, state-controlled economy easily ranks among the most spectacular destructions of wealth in modern times....

The economic history of the last 2,000 years in one graph

Aaron Walker v Brett Kimberlin Federal Complaint Seeks $2 Million In Damages

Aaron Walker filed suit against Brett Kimberlin in federal district court in Maryland today. The counts alleged in the suit include defamation, harassment and invasion of privacy, tortious interference with contract, federal extortion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with business expectations, and federal stalking. Additionally, Walker’s attorney (Bruce Godfrey) filed an emergency motion for preliminary injunctive release asking that enforcement of a state peace order against Walker be enjoined.

In addition to asking for a permanent bar of enforcement of the peace order, the complaint against Kimberlin seeks $1 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

Here’s the complaint:

Federal Complaint: Aaron Walker v. Brett Kimberlin

Obama Launches ‘Fight Incompetence!’ Campaign

Juan Williams defends Holder’s Executive Privilege over Brian Terry’s death: ‘Hey, people die’

Eric Bolling points out that many of the documents given up by the Justice Department were heavily redacted, making the case for transparency and the need for Justice to turn over the documents that will explain how Fast and Furious came into being. Juan Williams quickly attacks Eric Bolling for pointing this out:

California mayor 2 other officials charged with taking bribes from pot shop

LOS ANGELES – If someone wanted to do business in the small Southern California city of Cudahy, federal prosecutors say one-time city manager Angel Perales had some advice.

"Money makes the monkey dance," Perales told an FBI informant, according to court documents.

Perales, Mayor David Silva and Councilman Osvaldo Conde were arrested Friday and charged with soliciting and accepting cash bribes totaling $17,000 to support the opening of a medical marijuana dispensary. If convicted of a bribery charge, they each face up to 10 years in prison...

But there will be no death panels

hat’s what we’ve been assured would never exist if government is in charge of your health care and paying all costs.

That, of course, in the face of a promise to lower health care costs as well as the fact that the vast majority of health care spending takes place at the end of life. Forget those conflicting points, death panels will never happen because, well because the left says so.

Incentive? Well that’s sort of a foreign word to the left so forgive them if they don’t understand that those two dueling points above provide incentive to end lives whether or not they’re willing to call it the result of death panels or not.

The example>>>

Beware of Endorsements in Tea Party Clothing

Ordering Pizza in the Future

the ACLU s version of ordering a pizza in the future.
scary !

Pat Boone: Obama's Plan to Raise Estate Tax is 'Robbery'

President Barack Obama's promise to raise the estate tax by 5 percent to 55 percent should he be re-elected in November is “not just wrong, it’s criminal,” legendary singer Pat Boone told Newsmax.TV.

"People that have worked hard, people who have saved, paid their taxes, set something away and now want to leave it to their family — if they have the bad judgment to die, the government will step over and say: ‘Thank you. We will take 55 percent of that,’ ” Boone told Newsmax in an exclusive interview on Friday.

"And if you have to sell your business, have to sell your house, have to borrow the money, you have to pay the government 55 percent of whatever was left — I think that’s just robbery. It’s not just wrong, it's criminal. It ought to be abolished, and it must be abolished."

Romney Stirs Up Challenge on Unions’ Own Turf

Mitt Romney has pushed the 2012 electoral battleground into union-friendly territory — putting organized labor on the defensive in states it typically has little trouble holding. A recent demoralizing election loss in Wisconsin and simmering disappointment with President Obama poses further challenges for labor to rally its troops this election season.

Among the 10 or so swing states where the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is battling President Obama, about half are populous, union-heavy states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, where in most polls Mr. Obama holds precarious single-digits poll leads.

Mr. Romney is performing particularly strongly in Ohio and Wisconsin, where the president is hanging on to average poll leads of only 1.8 percentage points and 3.4 percentage points, respectively, according to a composite of polls compiled by the website Real Clear Politics.

Several other swing states feature right-to-work laws that significantly handcuff union power. They include Florida, Virginia, Iowa and North Carolina. In each, neither candidate has more than a 4-percentage-point average lead, Real Clear Politics says. “Unions have good reason to be worried about their political position, especially in state and public unions,” said Charles Franklin, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “Unions have a challenge in unifying their membership to support them and their candidates at the ballot box.”

Organized labor is smarting after a high-profile loss in Wisconsin this month, when the electorate voted to keep Gov. Scott Walker — and his anti-union policies — in office. Unions, livid at the Republican for his 2011 law to curtail public-sector collective-bargaining rights, pushed back hard with a massive ground game to defeat him in a recall election. Yet almost 40 percent of union households voted to support the governor.

Union activists say the Wisconsin recall has bolstered, not depressed, their resolve to re-elect Mr. Obama. “Their courage sparked a movement and has inspired working people everywhere. That’s a beginning, not an end,” said Michigan State AFL-CIO President Karla Swift. Ms. Swift added that recall elections are “uniquely difficult” to win and that it doesn’t reflect the politics of her state.

Labor also points to Ohio, where seven months earlier voters repealed a law limiting the collective-bargaining rights of public employees. But critics of unions said the Wisconsin recall wasn’t an anomaly and that Republican candidates are no longer apprehensive to campaign on labor’s turf, a point highlighted by Romney campaign stops the past week in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.

“It is definitely a telling indicator,” Fred Wszolek, a spokesman with the pro-business group the Workforce Fairness Institute, said of the Wisconsin recall. “You used to not cross Big Labor if you wanted some of these states because you wanted to keep peace there. But attitudes have changed.”

Labor’s traditionally massive and organized electoral ground game will look different this year compared with 2008 election cycle. The Service Employees International Union said Tuesday it will focus its turn-out-the-vote field campaign in eight battleground states — about half the number it focused on in 2008. The union is expected to spend at least $85 million on Obama re-election efforts, about the same as it spent in 2008.

Still, SEIU said its Obama re-election effort, which will target Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, will include 100,000 union and nonunion member volunteers for its largest and most targeted political field campaign in its 91-year history.

The AFL-CIO also is taking a different approach this election cycle after announcing last year it would it would focus its 2012 political efforts on candidates according to their stances on issues important to labor — not based on party affiliation. “Our role is not to build power of a political party or a candidate. It’s to improve the lives of working families and strengthen our economy, our country,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a 2011 speech at Washington’s National Press Club.

But while unions gave Mr. Obama’s initial presidential campaign a boost four years ago — and certainly will again this year — he is less reliant on their labor’s massive grass-roots ground game than most other Democratic candidates, as he had built up his own sophisticated voter mobilization effort.

A less-than-symbiotic relationship with the president will be fine with some in the labor movement, who have accused him of not doing enough to push key labor initiatives, including the “card check” measure that would allow unions to organize locals if a majority of employees sign cards or petitions — bypassing the traditional secret-ballot method of organizing.

“It’s not as if [labor] is filled with an enormous sense of gratitude that the president and the Democrats have given them what they wanted,” said Norm Ornstein, a political analyst with the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative-leaning Washington think tank. “Democratic presidents are going to hope for a lot of help from labor, but they’re not going to put their eggs entirely in the labor basket.”

Top Massachusetts court limits foreclosure relief

(Reuters) - The highest court in Massachusetts ruled that lenders must have proper paperwork to conduct foreclosures but said its decision applies only to future property seizures, averting a potential flood of problems for banks trying to take possession of homes...

Indian Americans ahead of all other ethnic minorities in US

Indian-Americans are richer and better educated than all other ethnic groups in the US but are least likely to marry out of the community, says a new study...

The white girlfriends Obama erased from his past: How the President airbrushed his romantic history to burnish his credentials as a black leader

Blistering new biography studies Barack Obama's relationships with well-educated ex-girlfriends including Genevieve Cook and Alexandra McNear

President makes only fleeting references to former partners in his memoirs

Book by Pulitzer-winning journalist David Marannis paints unflattering picture of Obama's drive to be seen as a pioneering race warrior

Republican opponents are picking over inconsistencies between the Marannis book and Obama's own memoirs


It would seem that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has found a new ally in recently elected French President François Hollande, granting Abbas the confidence to once again try to circumvent direct peace talks with Israel. In a joint news conference with Hollande, Abbas stated that if Israel did not restart negotiations, he was ready to go the United Nations General Assembly in a bid for “non-member state” status. It is a move reminiscent of Abbas’ bid for full UN member-state status last September, which was supported by 120 General Assembly members but ultimately failed when the United States threatened to veto the measure in the Security Council. With the United States powerless to veto a bid for non-member-state status it is likely Abass’ attempt would succeed where the previous effort failed. Israel strongly opposed any Palestinian attempt to gain UN State recognition amid fears the move is designed to delegitimize the state of Israel...

Police and federal agents raid Charlotte home by mistake

“My son had heard me arguing with this man and it was not a voice he'd recognize. My son is a hunter, he put a bullet in the chamber of his gun. They heard that, they yelled down long gun, at that point there he told another ATF agent that was with me, handcuff her and take her out,”...

Obama’s Rapid Decline

Obama is on the fast track now in his agenda to destroy America – Americans are gasping for breath and trying to stay afloat, but we’re being manipulated and devoured by a desperate man, a would be dictator who no longer hides behind closed doors.

He boldly improvises, rewrites and changes the laws of our land (Constitution) daring us to confront him. Even his own Administration is starting to realize that we have a mad man on the loose.

Democrats realize they’re powerless and out of control because they put all their eggs in one basket betting on the “devil” who promised Americans jobs, smaller Government, transparency, lower unemployment, secure borders, a balanced budget and most of all unity...

Obama weaves Fast and Furious fight into his re-election narrative

It brings the president closer to the Fast and Furious scandal and directly connects Obama to Holder, seen by some as a controversial figure in the administration. It also allowed Republicans on Wednesday to suggest a deeper cover-up.

“It’s a terrible error,” said Matt Mackowiak, a Republican consultant. “It now links Obama directly to Holder in a way that hasn’t been done so far. The White House up until this point had done a pretty good job of staying away from the Justice Department on this issue.”

David Brock super PAC provides cover for its donors and Obama

Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts but are barred from coordinating their activity with the candidates they support or with the national political parties.

They can work with other outside groups. That's what American Bridge does each day, fact-checking commercials and sharing its research with other liberal groups, including Priorities USA Action, a pro-Obama super PAC.

"It's a lot more efficient," said Shauna Daly, American Bridge's research director who was deputy research director in Obama's 2008 campaign. "If you want to look through all of the state Senate votes of a candidate, it's best to look through it once and share what we've found with your friends, rather than have five groups do the same research.

Zimmerman Prosecutors Struggle to Outmaneuver Florida Law

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law is complicating matters for prosecutors rushing to convict George Zimmerman. The law is clear that residents can meet force with force when they feel threatened.

10 countries for a United States of Europe

The group also recommends replacing European councils of ministers and heads of state with a chamber “of states” in the European parliament. National competencies, most notably the management of borders, defence and public spending will be transferred to the federation, “making membership of the euro irreversible.”

Race Threatens to Become a Weapon in the Campaign

Left-leaning members of the mainstream media on numerous times in recent days have made race a part of the political equation, with many raising questions about whether conservatives are racially motivated in their treatment of President Obama...

About 13,000 Sacramento County Democrats shun Obama

President Barack Obama was the only choice on the ballot for the 85,000 Sacramento County Democrats and 5,000 decline-to-state voters who took Democratic ballots during last Tuesday's primary. But about 8,000 of those voters left their presidential ballots blank, and another 5,300 scribbled in a write-in candidate.

The Democrats who shunned Obama were largely concentrated in conservative parts of the county, particularly Orangevale, Citrus Heights and the rural outskirts...

NJ woman sues after being hit in face with baseball overthrown by Little League kid

A greedy New Jersey woman is trying to cash in on a clutzy Little League catcher — claiming he intentionally beaned her in the face with a baseball during a warm-up session with his pitcher.

Elizabeth Lloyd, 45, is looking for a $500,000 payday after suffering a broken orbital bone during a May 2010 game at Manchester-Lakehurst field. She endured “severe, painful and permanent personal injuries,” the suit says...

Vote for Wendy Long on June 26 for NY U.S. Senator & here's WHY

Did any of you listen to the debate last Sunday, and forum by on Thursday, featuring the three NY U.S. senatorial candidates? After listening I will definitely vote for Wendy Long at the primaries this Tuesday.

Wendy Long is 100% pro-life, belonged to Americans United for life, pro-Constitution, worked for Justice Clarence Thomas, and much more.

While all of the candidates are conservative, Maragos (sadly) has the exceptions on abortion, and according to the NY Post is tight with the NY GOP, which is too "moderate" imo.

Turner is a very fine man, but is too open to the possibility of raising taxes.

Maragos challenged Turner on this, and Turner said we need to raise the debt ceiling for defense, etc..

Maragos said let's cut the Educations Dept., etc., instead.

BOTH Wendy Long and Maragos stated that they want to eliminate the Educations Dept. and both say NO! to a debt ceiling.

Wendy Long has been called a constitutional scholar and promoted the confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito!

House bill extends TSA role to all mass transit

The Transportation Security Administration already shares intelligence it collects with airports. Now a House bill would expand TSA's intel sharing to local mass transit systems as well.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the bill's sponsor, said the legislation is a "common sense approach" to fighting terrorism. The House passed the bill May 30 and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is now considering the bill...

Obama: U.S. needs 'bottom-up economics'

TAMPA, Fla., June 22 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama told a campaign rally in Florida Friday the country needs "some middle class-out economics, some bottom-up economics."

Speaking at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, the president said the economy is growing, following the worst downturn since the Great Depression, "but it needs to grow faster..."

49% young voters grade Obama poorly

...But the poll found that the voters are down on Obama’s performance and aren’t wowed by his liberal positions on issues like abortion and the health insurance mandate on religious groups that would require, for example, Catholic institutions to offer insurance that includes abortion coverage.

Overall, 49 percent grade Obama as fair to poor; by nearly two-to-one, they won’t back a candidate like Obama who wants to force institutions pay for abortion coverage against their religious beliefs; are “pro-contraception....”

UPDATE: Christ Turns 'Green' at UN's Environmental Extremist Earth Summit

Green guru James Lovelock was right. He warned last week that “the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion.”

Now at the U.N. Earth Summit, even the image of Christ has been made a forcible convert to the eco-faith, as the city of Rio is bathing the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer (Christo Redentor) in green light...

Eye for an eye, hair for hair? Judge orders Price woman to cut off daughter's ponytail in court

Teen had helped cut hair of 3-year-old girl she met at McDonald's

PRICE — The mother of a 13-year-old girl says she has filed a formal complaint against a juvenile court judge who told her he'd cut her daughter's sentence if she cut off the girl's ponytail in his courtroom.

"She definitely needed to be punished for what had happened," Valerie Bruno told the Deseret News. "But I never dreamt it would be that much of a punishment."

Ill. Supreme Court: Sex With 17-Year-Old Was Legal, Pictures Were Not

Marshall Hollins, 35, is serving an 8-year prison sentence for child pornography, for photographing himself having sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend in 2009. The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled, even though she was old enough to legally consent to sex, it was still illegal to photograph someone under the age of 18 engaged in a sexual act. (Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections)

Secret Service takes forks away from Latinos at Obama event

“It’s very important that you use your utensils as soon as possible,”

Jerry Sandusky Guilty On 45 Counts

BAIL REVOKED: Sandusky Heads To Center County Correctional Facility

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS/AP) —Jerry Sandusky showed little emotion as the jury in child sex abuse trial read the verdict finding him “guilty” on 45 counts and “not guilty” on three. The judge immediately revoked his bail and he was handcuffed and sent to the Center County Correctional Facility.

“The Sandusky family is very disappointed obviously by the verdict of the jury but we respect their verdict, said defense attorney Joe Amendola. “We have some appeal issues, we’ll pursue.”

German neo-Nazis helped Palestinians kill Israeli athletes

German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Massacre, intelligence files reveal

Mastermind Abu Daoud was driven round Germany by neo-Nazi Willi Pohl

Pohl also helped terrorists procure fake passports and other documents

Dortmund police told German intelligence agency but they did not act

Weeks later terrorists stormed Olympic village and held Israelis hostage

Two were killed by Palestinians and the rest died in botched rescue mission

Libs Trumped By Own Environmentalists, kill California high-speed rail

The Los Angeles Times does not fully report this out, but Brown’s decision not to bypass CEQA essentially kills California’s high speed rail project...

Thy Enemie's Keeper: U.S. probe calls for punishment of troops in Quran burning

A U.S. military investigation into the burning of Qurans at Bagram Air Base near the Afghan capital, Kabul, last February has recommended disciplinary action against up to seven troops.

U.S. military officials said Tuesday no final decision has been made yet on the findings of the probe. According to the officials, one member of the Navy and up to six Army troops could face administrative punishments, but no criminal charges.

NATO troops stationed at Bagram attempted to dispose of a load of Qurans by setting them on fire, but were stopped by Afghan employees.

The incident sparked deadly riots across Afghanistan and attacks on NATO troops that killed some 30 people and led to the deaths of four Americans and plunged relations between coalition troops and their Afghan allies to an all-time low.

U.S. President Barak Obama apologized for the incident.

Obama's NLRB pick was top lawyer for union tainted by mob ties, corruption

Shown here is NLRB member Richard Griffin, Jr., right. At left are Colombo family boss Joel Cacace, top, and Gambino family member Andrew Merola.

The rap sheet for members of the International Union of Operating Engineers reads like something out of "Goodfellas."

Embezzlement. Wire fraud. Bribery. That's just scratching the surface of crimes committed by the IUOE ranks. And it is from this union that President Obama earlier this year picked one of his latest appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency tasked with resolving labor disputes between unions and management.

That recess appointee, Richard Griffin, was former general counsel for the 400,000-member union of heavy equipment operators -- a union tainted over the years by mob connections and a history of corruption.

Public documents obtained by Fox News show that more than 60 IUOE members have been arrested, indicted or jailed in the last decade on charges that include labor racketeering, extortion, criminal enterprise, bodily harm and workplace sabotage...

What Happens When You Let Gay Philly Activists Into the White House [UPDATED]

They pose for pics giving Ronald Reagan’s portait the finger.

Last Friday, an attaché of important gay people from Philadelphia made a trip to Washington D.C. as invited guests of President Barack Obama for the White House’s first-ever gay pride reception. There, they danced to the sounds of a Marine Corps band; they dined on crab cakes and canapés; they hand-delivered letters from concerned citizens like this 18-year old who has had four people close to him gunned down, and noted rhyming raconteur CA Conrad; and some of them took advantage of photo opportunities to give the late President Ronald Reagan the middle finger..

EDITORIAL: Obama wants your wedding presents

The latest Obama campaign fundraising vehicle will not help, either. The “Obama Event Registry” asks people planning weddings to have guests send a donation to the campaign in place of a gift to the newlyweds. “Let your friends know how important this election is to you,” the site exhorts. “It’s a great way to support the president on your big day” and “goes a lot further than a gravy bowl...”

KUHNER: Obama’s socialist designs

President’s policies are bent on shattering rule of law

President Obama is gradually transforming America into a socialist authoritarian state. This is the real meaning of his recent decision to grant backdoor amnesty to young illegal immigrants. Mr. Obama is behaving like a Latin American strongman, who asserts arbitrary power and ignores the rule of law. He is assaulting the very pillars of our constitutional republic....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why the House Must Impeach President Obama

The following is a guest post by Dr. Robert Owens.


Why the House Must Impeach President Obama

In America today just like in Lake Woebegone every child is above average and every child gets a trophy. We may score low in international grade comparisons but we rank number one in self-esteem. In other words American students may not be doing well but they think they are. Those of us old enough to remember how Dad could control the situation with a look and when you got in trouble in school your parents didn’t sue or contact the School Board you got in trouble at home too are also old enough to remember Watergate.

This scandal that the general public still does not understand brought down a president and led to the Watergate Congress which threw away the victory in Vietnam and solidified the Progressive control of Congress until 1994. Today we are confronted with contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law that makes the Watergate Scandal look like the tempest in a teapot that it actually was. How many people died as a result of the Watergate Scandal = 0. How many have died as a result of the Fast and Furious debacle = at least 200 and still counting including an American law enforcement officer. How did Richard Nixon disrespect, disregard or violate the Constitution in the Watergate Scandal = 0 (although his use of Executive privilege did spark a constitutional crisis). How many times has Barack Obama disrespected, disregarded or violated the Constitution during his time in office = at least twice as documented below by making recess appointments while Congress was still in session and refusing to enforce laws.

There is an old saying, “That’s good enough for government work.” This saying comes out of the big government make-work programs of the 1930s and has been used ever since as short hand for “Approximate is close enough,” which might as well be the new national motto. In societies that rob Peter to pay Paul the stage before all the Peters change their names to Paul is typified by government bean counters picking winners and losers. This process discourages producers and encourages non-producers assuring you get less of the former and more of the latter. As an educator I have a belief that if you don’t teach someone to do something right you are teaching them that doing it wrong is acceptable.

If Congress does not assert its place as a co-equal branch of government, the Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama will continue to usurp power. From recess appointments while Congress is in session to refusing to enforce the laws of the land this President is fundamentally transforming our system of government. Not through the amendment process, but through a campaign of unconstitutional and therefore illegal actions designed to buy him enough votes for a second term. Whether it is through the money laundering schemes that are government negotiations with public service unions, pork barrel payoffs to political donors, or back-door amnesty this is nothing more than buying votes: a time-honored Chicago tradition. Combine this with a campaign to resist any attempt to verify who is voting and the stage is set for an election that would make any managed society proud.

His supporters may call it the Audacity of Hope Campaign, but if it is successful it will be the audacity which crushes any hope of limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom. The dreams from his father will become the nightmares of our children and grandchildren. With no authority Mr. Obama is attempting to rule by decree. Executive orders have previously been used to direct the Executive Departments how to implement laws. Mr. Obama is using them to legislate, and that is in direct contravention to the separation of powers clearly outlined in the Constitution.

President Obama has built a shadow government that parallels and is standing ready to supplant our constitutional government. He has appointed more Czars than most of his predecessors and these Czars are not just advisers they are actually tasked with duties that under our traditional American governmental structure have been the responsibility of Cabinet Secretaries. These Czars are not confirmed; they are anointed, and none of them are accountable to anyone but the President. Even though Congress voted to defund his Czars, President Obama has said he will ignore that part of the Budget and keep them anyway. A cult of personality surrounds him typified by a compliant media which fawns over his every action and defends his every transgression.

As if to add icing to the cake the Obama Administration has invoked Executive Privilege to support Attorney General Holder in his refusal to surrender all requested documents in the Fast and Furious Scandal. What national security issues could there be in this matter? If the documents proved that the operation really did start under the Bush administration, as Mr. Holder contends, does anyone doubt they would have been on the table yesterday? Either the President is attempting to protect his Attorney General, some member of the White House staff or himself. Either way this may eventually provide a real similarity to the Watergate Scandal. Though in this case the cover-up could not be worse than the crime, it could lead to enough fallout to make his own supporters leave a sinking ship to avoid the stigma of a failed presidency and a looming constitutional crisis.

If this slide into tyranny is not stopped it will continue. If it is not protested it will be accepted. I know there are not enough Senators to convict but if these blatant attacks upon the checks and balances are not punished, at least by the shame and reproach of an Impeachment Resolution, they are being silently condoned. Speaker Boehner stand up and lead the House! Don’t just make a speech; present a case. Don’t just give us a photo op; give us a fighting chance to save this great experiment in human freedom.

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. America it is time to stand up to this Southside Chicago bully, and let him know he can’t have our lunch money anymore, and he can’t subvert our Republic either, at least not without us protesting and using every legal means available to stop him and preserve limited government.

We, the lovers of freedom and the supporters of limited government cannot merely wait the clock out on the Obama presidency. Because if he wins another term with all these affronts to constitutional government unchallenged, combined with a campaign based upon class warfare and the redistribution of wealth, he and his statist backers will declare it a mandate for more of the same, on steroids. An oligarchy of the perpetually re-elected veneered over a permanent nomenclature of federal bureaucrats will easily fall in line behind a complacent and complicit media to cheer the new order as the soft tyranny of the central planners tell us what is best for us and then forces us to say thank you.

Protest the lawless Progressive counter-revolution! Contact you Representative and demand an impeachment hearing to investigate President Obama for the High Crimes of subverting the Constitution. He should be investigated for:
making recess appointments while Congress was still in session
for ignoring his obligation to enforce the laws of the land in the areas of Immigration and the Defense of Marriage Act
for incorrectly using a claim of Executive Privilege to cover up reckless and possibly criminal activity in the Fast and Furious scandal.

Act today! Contact your Representative and let them know patriotic Americans want this tyranny ended and limited government restored. Keep the faith. Keep the peace. We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College. He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2012 Robert R. Owens Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Expect the Economy to Begin to Improve by November

Back in April, when diesel fuel was rapidly approaching $4.50 per gallon, I wrote an article predicting the recent downturn in our economy.

Today oil fell below $80.00 per barrel and diesel fuel is now well below $4.00 in most places.

Given my economic theory of diesel, there is an approximate three month lag between the price of fuel and its effect on manufacturers and shippers. That being said, the economy should hit bottom about the first of September. Manufacturing and hiring should begin to pick up again then.

Mitt Romney has pledged to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline as well as open up production of oil and gas leases already issued. By the economic theory of diesel, policies which would sustain lower fuel prices would do more to improve our national financial situation than anything else. If we continue the current policies which cause the current porpoising of oil prices, our economy will continue to stutter.

Report: "White House Ball Boy" Carney Called Fox News Executive To Chew Him Out Over “Fox And Friends” Video Critical of Obama…

So MSNBC hosts can hold pro-Obama political rallies and engage in Dem campaigning but Fox News can’t run an anti-Obama ad..?

DC's OccuBarn Protesters Found Guilty, One For Indecent Exposure

Members of Occupy D.C. who were arrested last December when the protest group erected a barn-like structure in McPherson Square were found guilty today of failure to obey police orders—along with other charges for some—by a magistrate judge in D.C. Superior Court.

The morning of December 4, about two months into its residency at McPherson Square, Occupy D.C. moved the prefabricated structure into the downtown park. The barn's introduction set off a confrontation with U.S. Park Police that lasted into the evening until the last demonstrators were pulled off the barn's rafters by officers riding in a cherry-picker.

Of the 31 people arrested that day, 12 faced charges in court in a trial that began last Wednesday. Charges against one, Rooj Alwazir, were dropped after witnesses for the prosecution failed to sufficiently identify her in court.

A final defendant, David Givens, was also found guilty of indecent exposure for urinating off the roof of the barn. For that, Givens received a suspended jail sentence of 90 days pending the completion of 24 hours of community service and a fine of $150. He was also sentenced to one year of probation.

Convicted Felon Received Millions in Loan Guarantees Through Obama Stimulus Program

You just can’t make this stuff up. A man convicted of massive corporate fraud went on to start a new company that received millions of dollars in loan guarantees through President Obama’s stimulus program....

The Mind of a Marxist: 'It's the Public Sector That Needs Help'

Obama's statement that "the private sector is doing fine" is one of the more asinine statements of his, and that's saying something:

"The private sector is doing fine. Where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government.” -- Barack Obama

Sheer Empathy and Genuine Concern: Obama press secretary Jay Carney forgets name of dead Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (Video)

Obama propaganda minister Jay Carney forgets the name of the border patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed with guns from “Fast and Furious.” You can see how much the Obama regime really cares that there are dead Americans (as well as Mexicans) from their botched gunrunning operation. ABC hack Jake Tapper tries to help Carney out by mentioning the “Terry Family.” I think I know why Jay Carney couldn’t remember Brian Terry’s name. He did look like he could have been Obama’s son.

Straight Up Fascism: Obama SuperPAC and Media Matters Collude to Suppress Conservative Speech

So why are there howls in the media about the influence of contributors on the right, such as the Koch brothers, but not those on the left, when there appears to be collusion to manipulate news media, lie to the public, and subvert honest political debate?

...All the while, Obama’s communications head David Axelrod whines about SuperPACs destroying America... If we had any kind of responsible mainstream press with a twinge of integrity, they would demand answers from the Obama re-election campaign. But there isn’t... So it’s up to you and me....

Five Republican Senators Voted to Help the EPA Kill the Coal Industry

Earlier this week I told you about a Senate vote to rein in the EPA and stop the regulations that will all but kill the coal industry. Today the measure was defeated by the Democrats. They had a little help from five Republicans.

All of which pales in comparison to the actions of several Republican Senators who crossed over and voted with the Democrats to kill off coal in the US — to stifle growth, to further burden those already struggling with the loss of equity in their homes, to ensure that the economy remains moribund, all for the cheap grace of pretending to support a cleaner environment.

Because not only did these GOP Senators — Lamar Alexander, Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Kelly Ayotte — cross over to help the Democrats defeat the Inhofe bill, the fact that they crossed over allowed several Democrat Senators up for re-election to themselves cross over and pretend to be conservative and pro-growth without costing their Party the vote. (Read More)

CNN Allows Immigration Activist to Pose As 'Undocumented College Student'

Hatred of Israel Brings the KKK and Democrats Back Together

A primary contest taking place in New York next Tuesday portends yet another embarrassment for the Democrat Party. In the newly re-drawn 8th Congressional District, City Councilman Charles Barron is running against state Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries for the Democratic nomination to succeed retiring Rep. Ed Towns. Yesterday, the African-American Barron picked up an endorsement from former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. How is this possible? As Duke explained, “The possible election of a dedicated anti-Zionist to the U.S. Congress, has thrown the Zionist-influenced media and the Zio-political establishment in a tizzy,” he said in a web video.

Duke, a self-described “white nationalist,” clarified his reasoning for backing one black American against another black American in a race far away from his home state of Louisiana. “In a race for Congress between an anti-Zionist black activist and a black activist who is a bought and paid for Zionist Uncle Tom, I’ll take the anti-Zionist any day,” Mr. Duke continues in the video. “In this election of limited choices, I believe that Charles Barron is the best choice. Why? Because I think there’s no greater danger facing the United States of America and facing the world than the unbridled power of Zionist globalism.”

The reason for Duke’s support is obvious: Since Barron’s election to City Council in 2001, he has associated himself with anti-Israel groups and regularly demonized the State of Israel. In a 2009 interview with the Amsterdam News, he referred to the Gaza Strip as “a virtual death camp, the same kind of conditions the Nazis imposed on the Jews,” further claiming the Jews “massacre the Palestinian people, bomb their homes, churches and schools, and then block anybody trying to deliver aid to them. What this amounts to is genocide.”

He has also insisted Israel should never have been created, asking Brooklyn churchgoers in June 2010, “Where should we start? Should we start with the 1906 Zionist Convention, or in 1914, with the Balfour Declaration? With Menachem Begin, the terrorists, all the wars, you want to discuss Israel becoming a state in 1948 when it should not have? Who are the terrorists? You want to talk about the definition of terrorism? How do you define acts of piracy?”

In the same month, at a rally opposing Israel’s raid of the flotilla trying to break the Gaza blockade during which nine activists were killed on the Mavi Marmara, Barron compared conditions in Gaza to “a concentration death camp.” “Israel is out of control,” Barron fumed. “They’re off the hook, they’re out of line…There’s too many children and women and innocent men of Gaza dying because you’re isolating them and not allowing anything in. It’s like having a concentration death camp. It’s horrible, and the whole world is and should be outraged.”

When questioned about the death camp reference, Barron continued, “Any time that you deliberately cause the death of innocent children, whether you are a government or a non-government organization, you’re participating in genocide and you’re in participating in a violation of the human rights,” he said. “And if you allow for this death and destruction to go on for years because you’re blocking humanitarian aid from coming in, you have set up a death camp.”

In August 2010, he appeared in Harlem with members of the leftist New Black Panther Party (NBPP). During the rally, NBPP members referred to Fox New as “Fox Jews” and New York City as “Jew York City.” Shortly afterward Barron expressed his allegiance, saying he and the NBPP “are embracing each other with unity…” In 2010 he complained to a reporter that Jews “only make up 20 percent of the population, but they’ve always walked these streets (in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights) as if they owned them, and acted as if they are the only ones in the community that matter.”

Continued on Page 2>>

Church to host gun class

Instruction planned for Saturday

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Whether people should be allowed to carry guns into churches has been a matter of debate, although in Texas, unless the church says otherwise, it's legal to carry a concealed handgun into a place of worship.

Come Saturday, not only will people be allowed to carry a weapon onto one church premises, but there will be a class on how to use that weapon.

The Heights Baptist Church will hold a concealed handgun class from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, with a break for lunch, church staff said.

"I want to be a responsible owner," said worship leader JoAnna Alexander, who initiated the class. "The majority of this is learning the rules and the laws. I can't imagine why that wouldn't be a wonderful thing to know."

She said she has not heard any complaints about the gun class happening in the church. She said several people had asked her to get a class going, so she invited instructor Stephen Jones to conduct it.

Jones charges $75 for classes. To get a license, a person must not have a criminal record that would prohibit firearm possession, such as having committed a felony. People also must pay $10 for fingerprinting, $10 for a passport photo and $140 for the Texas Department of Public Safety to perform a background check, he said.

Part of the class will consist of going to a gun range on Saturday where people will be required to shoot 50 rounds of ammo, which class participants must furnish.

He said he has held small classes in a church before.

"We had about eight people show up for the previous one and it went very well," Jones said. "It works just about like anything else. I like doing it in them. It's nice and quiet in them most of the time."

The class would address issues such as when using a firearm is allowed, where to store a firearm, and "nonviolent dispute resolution," Jones said.

"Using a firearm is always a last resort possible, but it's nice to have it there in case it ever comes down to that," Jones said.

Larry Arnold, a director of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association, said having lessons in churches isn't exceedingly rare. He had a hunting class to teach in a Kerrville church this weekend.

"I wouldn't see it as anything unusual," Arnold said, although he said it does depend on the church.

Churches can post a notice as to whether they want to allow concealed handguns on their property, Jones said.

Administrative Pastor Roger Blocker said the church used to have many gun safety courses in the 1980s, and that the chance to use the church for concealed handgun classes is an aspect of community service.

"They love it," Blocker said of the general congregational response. "They ask for it. We try to do what the congregation asks for."

MILLER: Backdoor gun ban

Microstamping drives up costs without solving crimes

Gun grabbers need to be sneaky to accomplish their goals. Their latest trick is to convince anti-gun states to mandate that handguns be microstamp-ready. That means the weapon’s firing pin is redesigned to imprint a code on the primer so that, in theory, it will give law enforcement the ability to identify a specific gun from shell casings left at a crime scene. Like most left-wing endeavors, this one isn’t going to work.

That didn’t stop the New York State Assembly on Tuesday from passing a microstamping bill backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The legislation, which passed 85 to 60, specifically says guns manufactured in New York or delivered to a dealer after January 2014 have to produce a unique alpha-numeric marker on at least two locations of each spent cartridge that identifies the make, model and serial number. Fortunately, the state Senate blocked the bill on the last day of this session on Thursday, as it has done in four previous sessions.

Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Cuomo don’t care about the negative impact of their proposal, which they estimate to be $12 per pistol. Manufacturers stuck with the actual duty of implementing the legislation put the cost at hundreds of dollars per gun. “We don’t know how to do microscopic etching. The equipment to do it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we would also need a scanning electron microscope to verify it’s on the pin,” said Jeff Reh, general counsel for Beretta USA. “We wouldn’t invest a half-million dollars to sell guns in one state.”

A spokesman for Remington Arms said if it had to add microstamping to all its pistols, it would “reconsider its relationship with New York and certainly the manufacturing of our handguns in the state.” New York-based Kimber Mfg. Inc. said the law would make the firm rethink its current expansion in Yonkers. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which represents firearm and ammunition manufacturers, estimates this bill would send 5,200 New Yorkers to the unemployment lines.

“Manufacturers will simply stop selling handguns into a state that requires microstamping,” explained NSSF’s senior vice president, Lawrence Keane, of the ultimate consequences for the industry. “This is, in effect, a handgun ban.”

California and the District of Columbia are the only places in the country that have passed the mandate, but neither has actually implemented the law because the technology isn’t ready. Several independent, peer-reviewed studies, including one conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, have concluded that microstamping is still flawed and unreliable.

Maryland, New York and the District required ballistics testing on spent casings for each gun sold - until they realized it was extremely costly and didn’t actually solve any crimes. Each of these jurisdictions recently jettisoned the testing requirement.

The gun grabbers talk about fancy technology, but nothing will stop the bad guys from merely using an emery board to scratch the stamp off the firing pin. It also won’t work on revolvers, which don’t leave casings behind when fired. It’s obvious that the only purpose left is to discourage the sales of handguns and infringe on Second Amendment rights.

U.S. family jailed for Holder's gun crimes

Eighteen months after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona by Mexican bandits using guns purchased through a U.S. government program called Fast and Furious, we still don’t know who within the Department of Justice knew about the program, much less who authorized it.

Certainly there has been no serious talk about prosecuting any of the people responsible for assisting in the illegal sales of over 2,000 guns to Mexican arms traffickers – guns that were subsequently involved in the murders of BPA Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, as well as possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens.

But while that investigation has dragged on, with Attorney General Eric Holder denying knowledge of the program, denying knowledge of who was involved and denying congressional investigators access to tens of thousands of documents that might answer those questions, New Mexico gun dealer Rick Reese and his two sons Ryin and Remington have sat rotting in separate detention centers, jails and prisons around the state accused of a similar crime involving some 30 guns.

The Reese family, including Rick’s wife Terri, ran a gun shop in Deming, N.M., and was arrested in late August of 2011 on charges of knowingly selling guns to Mexican smugglers and various other related charges.

After spending 6 months in jail, Terri Reese was finally granted bail in March of this year, but Rick and the boys have been repeatedly denied bail on the pretext that they are flight risks or might try to engage in a Ruby Ridge-type standoff.

The rationale for denying the Reeses’ constitutional rights is that Rick knows some people in Mexico, his home has a well and solar power and there were guns and ammunition in their homes and businesses when they were arrested. That’s right: Guns and ammo in the home and business of a federally licensed firearms dealer (all of which were seized a year ago and have never been returned) is being offered as evidence that they can’t be trusted – and a judge bought it.

Well, there’s also the fact that Rick and Terri were involved with a local tea-party group. That’s probably reason enough right there.

The Reeses are scheduled to finally get their day in court in late July, almost a full year after they were arrested and incarcerated. The first of several pre-trial motion hearings was held last week in which the judge heard arguments as to whether the charge of criminal conspiracy should be dropped. The prosecution contends that the Reese family members were all in cahoots in a conspiracy to sell guns to illegal buyers, falsify purchase paperwork, smuggle guns to Mexico and launder the illegal proceeds. The defense contends that the family operated a business buying and selling firearms, ammunition and accessories, and that they made every effort to ensure that every sale they made was legal and properly documented.

During this first hearing, we learned several things about the prosecution’s case. For instance, we learned that prosecutors acknowledge that every gun the Reeses sold was properly logged into and out of their store inventory, and that FBI background checks were conducted, and approvals received, for each purchaser. They also agree that all taxes were paid and no money was exchanged “under the table,” nor did any of the family members receive compensation above their normal company paycheck.

We learned that Rick Reese also employed retired and off-duty law enforcement officers as part-time help in the shop, and that a substantial portion of the company’s business came from law enforcement officers and agencies.

We learned that prosecutors consider three family members standing close to each other and quietly talking to be evidence of conspiracy and that the lead investigator in the case has a very low opinion of fellow law enforcement officers. When asked if he considered the fact that the Reeses employed LEOs in the shop to be contraindicative of a criminal conspiracy, he replied that he did not because “a lot of them [cops and former cops] are dirty.”

Probably the most important fact we learned at this hearing was that the entire investigation was instigated based on a tip that a woman named Penny Torres was making suspicious purchases of guns and ammunition, and might be illegally buying for someone else. That tip led to Torres’ arrest and her subsequent grand jury testimony against the Reese family and another gun shop where she had made some purchases. The presumption is that her cooperation garnered her leniency in the charges and sentence she was facing for her criminal activity.

What is most significant about the arrest of Penny Torres is that the original tip identifying her as a potential “straw buyer” came from Terri Reese.

Torres had claimed that her purchases were in preparation for a large family reunion at an area ranch where her relatives wanted to do a lot of shooting. At some point after the sales, Terri Reese became suspicious of Torres’ story and contacted a friend in the Luna County Sheriff’s office, who acted as the shop’s go-to guy in law enforcement. He assured Terri that he would make a report to ATF and get back to her.

Torres testimony against the Reese family led to a months-long sting operation conducted against the Reeses by a federal agency called Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI. That investigation involved a confidential informant named Roman, who was trying to earn a reduced sentence for drug and human smuggling. His job was to make purchases of firearms and ammunition from the Reeses while dropping hints that his intent was to illegally take the guns to Mexico. The trick was to drop those hints in such a way that they wouldn’t alarm the Reeses, but that someone listening to a recording of the tape and reading a transcript would conclude that the Reeses knew, or should have known, his intentions.

Roman, by the way, speaks only broken English, and his conversations with the Reeses included a lot of Spanish, a language that no one in the Reese family speaks, but which has been transcribed for the court in English.

Who would believe that a gun dealer’s report of a suspicious purchaser would lead to a federal investigation of the dealer herself, culminating in a raid with armored vehicles, helicopters and heavily armed officers and agents from multiple jurisdictions?

Or that a few firearms and ammunition sales in a high-volume gun store, including the sales that Terri Reese had reported as suspicious, would result in confiscation of virtually everything the family had accumulated over a 25-year marriage and 17 years in business – bank accounts, gun and coin collections, store inventory, vehicles, real estate, just about everything the family had?

Or that the same Justice Department that had instructed dealers to sell over 2,000 guns to known straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels while making no attempt to track or interdict them – with a few arrests and minor charges against the straw purchasers, but no charges against the ATF and DOJ employees who masterminded the criminal operation – would effectively destroy a family for not being quite diligent enough in their efforts to screen their customers?

It is worth noting that as HSI progressed in their investigation against the Reese family, they were briefing and receiving guidance from Phoenix ATF Bureau Chief Bill Newell – the man responsible for directly overseeing Operation Fast and Furious.

For the Reese family, who have already served 10 months behind bars and have had all of their worldly possessions taken from them, the July trial is an opportunity to prove their innocence and try to reassemble what’s left of their lives.

For the prosecution, it is imperative that they prove that the Reeses were intentionally engaging in the criminal activity they have already been being punished for. Failure to get a conviction would leave egg on the face of a relatively new federal law enforcement agency trying to establish itself, and would mean that the various agencies involved wouldn’t get to divvy up the spoils already pillaged.

Once again though, we see a case where those inside the government and law enforcement are handled with kid gloves and given the benefit of every doubt, while those outside of government and law enforcement are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence – even after the government has taken away the resources they need to make their case.

If you would like to help the Reese family in their struggle, a defense fund has been set up at:

ATTENTION Patricia Arias
First Savings Bank
520 South Gold
Deming, NM 88030

Is Barack Obama the “Enemy from Within”? Yes, Domestically And Globally!

Today’s announcement that Hosni Mubarak is now gravely ill and apparently on his death-bed prompted me to remember the events of last year. I remember vividly turning on Fox News around 5:30am, clutching my cup of French vanilla/breakfast blend coffee. I was greeted by an incredible scene– thousands of Egyptians in the streets, rioting/protesting. Four or five hours later, I also recall the White House held a briefing with Robert Gibbs (the then-Press Secretary). I honestly cannot remember which reporter asked him the question, but it went along these lines: Mr. Gibbs, can you tell us who or what group is behind these protest in Cairo? The response was simply, “No.” Next question, please....

Way to Go, Escondido! First City to Use ‘Immigration Audit’ to Remove ALL Illegal Alien Workers

Yet another first for the City of Escondido, California.

In 2010, the city was the first in California (along with Costa Mesa) to pass a resolution to “Stand With Arizona” – in an overwhelming slap-down to La Raza activists who wanted to denounce and boycott Arizona for its passage of S.B. 1070. SWA’s founder John Hill was on hand for the raucous vote.

Escondido was also the first city in America to forge a special partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2010, under which ICE agents help Escondido police officers determine whether suspects of crimes are in the country illegally or are wanted for deportation. The program has resulted in several thousand illegal aliens to be deported – much to the rage of open-borders activists.

Escondido was also the first city to conduct special vehicle “checkpoints” to discover unlicensed illegal aliens – which the state legislature is trying to ban – and the first in San Diego County to enact E-Verify in 2011.

And now Escondido does it again, becoming the first city to volunteer for a Federal “immigration audit” - allowing federal immigration officials to audit its hiring records to make sure all city employees are eligible to work in the United States.

The program is called IMAGE, which stands for ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employer, Escondido will have ICE check whether veteran employees turned in fake documents or stole someone else’s identity when they were hired by the citys, and it goes well beyond E-Verify, which deals only with new hires. The new agreement allows ICE to scrutinize the employment documents of everyone on the city’s payroll, including elected officials.

Mayor Sam Abed, who has said he was born in Lebanon but became a U.S. citizen in 1990, also praised the program, saying the city needed to do everything possible to help local residents struggling to find work.

“Lots of people just lost their unemployment benefits,” said Abed, adding that Escondido has a higher jobless rate than neighboring cities. “We want every business in the private sector to do this.”

But not everyone is happy about Escondido joining the IMAGE program. The ACLU said it “encourages employers to discriminate against foreign-looking job applicants, especially Latinos who are citizens or legal immigrants.”

And of course, Olga Diaz was not pleased. Diaz, the only Latino on the council, the only council member to vote against joining the E-Verify, and the member who led the failed attempt to boycott Arizona in 2010, said she was disappointed her colleagues were continuing to pursue policies to “divide the community”. Diaz claims that the policies are all racist, because whites are afraid of becoming a minority…

“Since it’s the first time that the whites have been exceeded by another group, they feel threatened and the elected officials have devoted themselves to promoting fear. The inability to reason with the councilors was one of the reasons I entered politics,” said Diaz.

However, Diaz is at a loss to explain why, despite her touting how Hispanics outnumber non-Hispanics in Escondido 49-41% , the city has twice as many Republicans as Democrats. Either the local Latinos are bucking a national trend, or there are a heck of a lot of them who are not eligible to vote – and gee, I wonder why that might be the case.

Way to go, Escondido! We salute you for continuing to laugh at the race-baiters, take on the well-funded open borders fanatics and fight for the rule of law.

Video Shows Cops Tasing a Restrained Woman In Accordance With a Policy That May Not Exist

Let's all sing the praises of video-recording technology and whistleblowers. And journalists looking for a big story. That's what it took to expose the tasing of a "mentally troubled" 34-year-old woman by Chariton, Iowa, police who had, ostensibly, pulled her and her boyfriend over because they feared she was the victim of domestic abuse. They ended up zapping her after they had her handcuffed and confined to a police car. And they zapped her according to a Use of Force Policy that may not exist.

Reports WHO TV:

Are Arkansas law enforcement agencies registering gun owners?

“I live in Northwest, AR and have a amature (sic) radio license as well as a concealed carry license. I listen to the police scanner often and have noticed something the past few months. When doing a background check on some one they will often come back with one of these 3 statements:
1. Pawner of fire arms.
2. Pawner of knives or swords.
3. Pawner of archery equipment.
We aren't talking about illegal pawning, just pawning. This happens on routine traffic stops as well as other calls. No other past criminal behaviors most of the time but they were still flagged.”

Attack the ignorant voters!

There seems to be a newly developing genre in 2012 of laying preemptive blame on Republicans. Preemptive to what, you ask?? Preemptive to President Obama's loss in November.

Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, Ezra Klein and now Carter Eskew, Frank Rich and today Dana Milbank, are just a few who have signed on. They are laying the groundwork for an Obama defeat that will require no finding of fault on Obama's part....

Can the Natural Gas Sector Save the US Economy?

It may not pique the public’s interest quite like finance or information technology, but it just could just save the U.S. economy.

Indeed, the natural gas industry supports some 2.8 million jobs — either directly through companies engaged in exploration and drilling or indirectly through manufacturers that use the fuel as a raw material, according to the American Gas Association.

The real potential for economic impact, however, lies in the vast reservoirs of shale gas that are newly accessible through hydraulic fracturing...

Gay Conservatives Group Endorses Romney

Despite his recently-announced support for gay marriage, not all gay rights groups are showing their love for President Obama.

GOProud, a group for gay Republicans that supports conservative principles, announced yesterday that it was “enthusiastically” endorsing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“We think that jobs, the economy, healthcare, retirement security and taxes are all ‘gay issues,’ and on every single one of those issues, Mitt Romney is light years better than President Obama,” GOProud’s executive director Jimmy LaSalvia said in a statement.

LaSalvia said the election is “bigger than just one issue,” such as gay rights, and when it comes to the “biggest issues facing our country” like jobs and the debt, he said Obama has “failed.....”

Westboro Baptist Church Members Told They’re Not Welcome At Local Soldier’s Funeral

Suraya Fadel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to Yucaipa residents who plan a quiet memorial processional — basically to overshadow and drown out any protest.The plan, she reported, was for hundreds to line the streets so that the family would be spared the image of the Westboro Church members protesting.

Philadelphia ‘Gay Pride’ Parade and Festival Feature Lewd Acts, Porn Booth, Sadomasochists

Sadomasochist man in a gown of sorts marches along 7th Street in Philadelphia carrying "Leather Pride" black-and-blue flag. The man to his left is carrying a "Bear Pride" flag. "Bear" is slang for heavier, hairy homosexual men...

The Coming DNC Disaster

"If this hits the media, the Democratic Party, our candidates and our credibility are doomed in this election,"

Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington

Terrorists aren’t supposed to get visas. But Hani Nour Eldin was apparently invited to D.C. this week to meet with top officials. Did no one Google him?

British school calls police to remove pupil 'obsessed' with studying

"I have been punished for wanting to do well. I am a hard-working and dedicated student, and this could have such an impact on my future."

Drone strikes threaten 50 years of international law, says UN rapporteur

US policy of using drone strikes to carry out targeted killings 'may encourage other states to flout international law'

Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, summary or arbitrary executions, told a conference in Geneva that President Obama's attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, carried out by the CIA, would encourage other states to flout long-established human rights standards.

In his strongest critique so far of drone strikes, Heyns suggested some may even constitute "war crimes"....

MSN, NBC, POLITICO: Romney only comfortable around 'white folks'

'White folks who are very much relaxed in their own company'

Children banned from drawing on sidewalk with chalk

The association, called Innovations and Courtyard Traditions at Stapleton, temporarily banned children from drawing on sidewalks, saying anything that offends, disturbs or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment is not allowed on shared spaces...

BBC exec in talks to head NEW YORK TIMES

Outgoing director general mulling role as NYTCo chief executive, although he is understood to also be considering other jobs

The New York Times Company owns the Boston Globe and the International Herald Tribune as well the newspaper from which it takes its name. The company has been under pressure, like other newspaper publishers, in recent years with the decline in the print business, and last year it lost $40m net after turnover fell 3% to $2.3bn.

Retiring Dem: 'The People Have Gotten Dumber'

Retiring congressman Gary Ackerman, a Democrat from New York, reflects on his time in Congress.

"It used to be you had real friends on the other side of the aisle. It’s not like that anymore. Society has changed. The public is to blame as well. I think the people have gotten dumber..."

Bronx Man Accused Of Using 47 Pit Bulls In Basement Dog Fighting Ring

NYPD Seizes Syringes, Cart Of Chicken Parts After Rescuing Injured Animals

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police arrested a Bronx man on animal cruelty charges Thursday in connection with an alleged dog fighting ring involving pit bulls.

Authorities seized 47 dogs, including puppies, from the basement of the Sherman Avenue apartment building, where they allege several of the pups were being trained to fight, the New York City ASPCA confirmed to 1010 WINS...

WEIRD SCIENCE: Obesity Threatens to 'Deplete Earth's Resources'

ATHENS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A recent study conducted by scientists in London found that the obese persons of the world are playing an increasingly large role in the rate at which the planet’s finite resources are used.

“Increasing population fatness could have the same implications for world food energy demands as an extra half a billion people living on the earth,” the study concluded...

Hackers claim responsibility for Twitter outage

Millions of social media users were unable to access micro blogging website Twitter on Thursday after it crashed amid claims hackers had caused the outage.

The hacker, who calls himself Cosmo, claimed taking down the Twitter website had been surprisingly simple Photo: ALAMY

Unlike the 2,000-Death Count in Iraq, ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC Skip 2,000 Marker in Afghanistan

On June 13, the CBS Evening News devoted a story by David Martin to the Afghanistan death count reaching 2,000, as Martin interviewed a mother of a fallen Marine. CBS was alone. There was no story last week on the Afghanistan death “milestone” on ABC, NBC, the PBS NewsHour – or even on the MSNBC programs found in Nexis, including Rachel “Our Military’s In a Perilous Drift” Maddow.

But the networks were all more aggressive when the 2,000 mark arrived in Iraq on October 25, 2005. The Big Three networks devoted 14 morning and evening news stories to the death toll from October 24 through the end of October, and another 24 anchor briefs or mentions. They used the number to spell “disaster for this White House.....”

Obama, GOP Clash Over 'Fast & Furious' Probe

Legal experts question executive privilege Emperor claim

Military instructor suspended over Islam course

(Reuters) - The instructor of a college course that taught top military officers the United States was at war with Islam has been relieved of teaching duties and the course ordered redesigned to reflect U.S. policy, a military spokesman said on Wednesday...

University of Minnesota and NAACP Sponsor Program to Undermine “White Privilege” (Video) …Update: University of Colorado, Too

University of Colorado Hosts 14th Annual White Privilege Conference

Is President Obama a pathological liar?

The Obama Record: The most frightening aspect of this president may not be his radical ideology but his rank dishonesty in selling that ideology. Now he's been caught lying about family racism...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video: Mean Kids Make Bus Monitor Cry

Yesterday morning I saw a clip of this video on the news and I had to choke back tears, it’s just heartbreaking. The cruelty that these kids unleashed on this woman was relentless. Do the parents of these foul-mouthed cruel teens have any idea what they’re unleashing on society?

After watching the whole video I still want to cry. (Language warning.) You hear about kids bullying other kids all the time, and that’s bad enough, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Whatever happened to respecting one’s elders?

The only good news is that this video has gone viral, and Karen Klein, the victim of this insane bullying, has some guardian angels who have raised money for her. Maybe she’ll have the last laugh after all.

Where are the pubic sector unions to protect the Karen Klein’s of the world?

H/T Hot Air where you can find a follow up video with Ms. Klein.

Obama’s ‘Bullying Czar,’ A Hater Extraordinaire

How Would Government Be Funded in a Free Society?

Advocates of a fully free, laissez-faire society are likely familiar with the following scenario. You provide a clear, well-concretized explanation of what capitalism is and why it is moral, only to be met with a question that seemingly wipes out everything you just said: “But if physical force were legally forbidden, taxation would be out; so how would a rights-protecting government be financed?” The implication being: A truly free society might sound great in theory, but it’s impossible in practice...

DUH! Obama Biographer Maraniss Says He Wrote His Book As a Historian, Not a Fact Checker

Author David Maraniss complained on CNN that conservatives have pounced on his new book Barack Obama: A Story as proof that the President had lied about his past in his memoir.

Maraniss was a guest on CNN’s Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.

I’m glad that you sort of mention in the beginning the buzz about the book challenging his memoir. That’s not the point of my book. I’m not writing it as a fact checker. I’m writing it as a historian. Other people for ideological reasons are pouncing on that part of what my book is, but in fact I’m trying to tell the truth. A memoir is far different from rigorous factual biography. It’s not as though I’m trying to say, aha, I got you, at each point, I’m just trying to present the way I really found it, which in many cases was different from what he presented.

But of course Maraniss knows that biographies are supposed to be a detailed history of a person’s life, which requires fact checking to make sure it is accurate. Maraniss is correct that he wrote the Obama biography as a historian, but he is wrong to try and separate Obama’s history from the facts that comprise that history.

Maraniss defended the inaccuracies in Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, by telling the CNN panel that Obama wrote that book almost entirely shaped through a lens of race, which led to some “distortions.”

I’ll have to remember that the next time someone gets caught in a lie, it was really only a distortion.

When quizzed by Will Cain as to whether or not memoirs should be considered fiction or non-fiction, Maraniss replied that Obama wrote the book when he was in his 30s, before he was running for president, and that Obama had no idea that people like Maraniss would be coming along later to try to tell the real story.

In other words, Obama thought it was okay to “distort” the truth because his story was so compelling that no one would attempt to verify its accuracy? If so, he was right to a certain extent — until now, the mainstream media have shown little interest in exposing the truth about Obama’s background.

Maraniss may have just helped ensure that Obama’s dream of a second term in office may go up in smoke.

There Goes Another One

Call out the hounds. We’ve got another escape from the moonbat plantation. E.T. Williams, via Whatever Happen to Common Sense:

The race card has been maxed out. It’s past time for people to take responsibility for themselves as individuals.

On a tip from Bill T.

By Dave Blount

NATO protesters face terror charges

CHICAGO (AP) – Three NATO summit protesters face four terrorism-related counts after being accused of planning to attack President Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago with Molotov cocktails, according to a grand jury indictment obtained by the Associated Press from defense attorneys.

Update on Ali Akbar and Bloggers Against #BrettKimberlin

I hadn't planned on writing about this again so soon, but then again, I wasn't expecting the aggressive push back against the post.

But before I get into the details, let me stipulate a few important things....

How Did Obama Know About Fast And Furious Before Eric Holder? (Video)

Wait… There was a Category on Jeopardy Dedicated to Michelle Obama???

#rsrh Democratic party shocked to discover actions have consequences.

That’s the only explanation that I can come up for this HuffPo article complaining that the Democrats are going to have between zero and one female governors in their ranks starting next January – with zero being the somewhat more likely number. Bless their hearts, but what did they expect? While Republicans will – admittedly, somewhat reluctantlly – grit their teeth and ignore a pro-choice candidate in states where the party has to take what it can get, the Democrats are getting pretty adamant that their statewide candidates not be pro-life. Particularly the female ones. Couple that with a general tendency for the Democratic party to want to reserve the good political jobs for white males and you can easily get this general result.

Personally, I think that it’s a pity that the Activist Left largely cannot conceive of a feminist also being pro-life, but it’s a sort of detached pity; after all, the end result skews in my side’s favor.

Overnight music video

I should warn you that this is a very difficult video to watch.

It was made last year in memory of the Fogel family of Itamar HY"D (May God Avenge their blood). I don't recall seeing it before.

Let's go to the videotape.