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Exposed: Names and Identities of Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in U.S.


(AINA) - El Watan, one of Egypt's most widely circulated and read newspapers, has published a report discussing the Muslim Brotherhood's influence over the United States, especially in the context of inciting pro-Brotherhood policies against Egypt's popular June 30 Revolution, which resulted in the ousting of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood from power.

Titled (in translation), "With Names, Identities, and Roadmap… El Watan Exposes Brotherhood Cells in America," it's written by investigative journalist Ahmed al-Tahiri, who begins the report by saying:

In the context of El Watan's ongoing investigation concerning the Brotherhood's cells and lobby inside America that support the regime of the ousted [Morsi], and which intensified their activities to attack and defame the June 30 Revolution, informed sources have disclosed to El Watan newspaper the names and cell entities of the Brotherhood and their roadmap of activities all throughout the United States of America.
The sources said that these organizations, which are spread throughout the States, agitated for and were supportive of the decisions taken by Muhammad Morsi's project to "Brotherhoodize" and consolidate power [in Egypt] and gave a favorable opinion to the general American public that Morsi's decisions were welcomed by the public [in Egypt]. Following the June 30 Revolution, these groups launched a malicious war in order to incite the American administration to take hostile decisions against Egypt, with the aim of bringing back the Brotherhood to the power.
El Watan then goes on to name names, saying that the following activists and entities are Brotherhood operatives working within the United States (reproduced verbatim):

  • Union of Egyptian Imams in North America, represented by Sheikh Muhammad al-Bani
  • The Egyptian American Foundation for Development
  • Dr. Khalid Lamada, New York
  • Dr. Hassan al-Sayah, Virginia
  • The Egyptian Network in America, led by Dr. Muhammad Helmi
  • Dr. Akram al-Zand, Sa'ad Foundation
  • Muhammad al-Khashab, Head of ART channels in America
  • Sameh al-Henawi, member, Business Association of America
  • Dr. Hany Saqr, member, Egyptian Association in America
  • Dr. Khalid Hassan, Maryland
  • Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hakem, Seattle
  • Dr. Ahmed Ismat al-Bendari, President, Islamic Society of America
  • Walid Yusari, Chicago
  • Ahmed Shadid, New Jersey
  • Ahmed al-Hatab, Indiana
  • Dr. Muhammad Morjan, Boston
  • Ramadan Ridwan, Houston
  • Ahmed Fayez, Las Vegas
  • Dr. Amru Abbas, member, Egyptian Foundation in Michigan
  • Dr. Safi al-Din Hamed, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Hamdy Radwan, North Carolina
  • Ahmed Shehata, Director, Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights
  • Dr. Iman Shehata, New York
  • Dr. Muhammad Amru Attawiya, member, Organization of Islamic Relief in the United States
  • Dr. Khalid al-Sayes, member, Rebuilding of Egypt Foundation
  • Dr. Tariq Hussein, member, American Islamic Relations Council (CAIR)
  • Dr Hisham al-Gayar, member, Egyptian Foundation, Michigan
  • Amin Mahmoud, Maryland
As a most recent example, El Watan quotes from an American op-ed published on October 16 (just two days before the publication of the El Watan report itself). Titled "Egypt: 100 days later" and written by Ahmed Shehata of the Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights, the piece appeared in The Hill, the Capitol's most widely circulated newspaper, published specifically for Congress.

The op-ed is certainly a prime example of pro-Muslim Brotherhood propaganda that actually tries to "shame" U.S. policymakers into returning the Brotherhood back to power in the name of "democracy."
Key excerpts follow:
While the U.S. must consider its own interests in the region, it is baffling and disheartening to think the current administration would choose to discount the suffering that continues to occur on a daily basis as well as the complete violation of democratic principles which it espouses to the rest of the world…. As this past week marked 100 days since the coup and the lives of the Egyptian people continue to be sacrificed, the United States cannot be silent any longer for the sake of their own interests and convenience…. To that end, Egypt represents a golden opportunity for the U.S. to uphold democratic values by pushing for the reinstatement of the democratically elected government, despite their shortcomings. This would aid tremendously in showing the world that, above any one particular physical interest, stands the mantle of freedom and the rule of law.

Anyone familiar with the real happenings of Egypt knows that Shehata's assertions are complete opposites of the truth: the military ousted the Brotherhood in response to the will of millions of Egyptians--the people, the demos, as in democracy--who took to the streets protesting against the totalitarian Morsi government. Moreover, it is the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters who have been committing numerous human rights atrocities--including the slaughter and persecution of Christians, the torture and murder of many Egyptians (including before the revolution), and the destruction and torching of some 85 Christian churches.

Shehata seems to think that, if the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters terrorize, murder, destroy, persecute, and betray their nation--which is precisely why tens of millions of average Egyptians rose up against them (though you might not know that following Al Jazeera-led Western media that distorted the popularity of the revolution)--as long as they won "elections" (which from the start many authorities insisted they didn't), then that is all that matters; and, if need be, the U.S. must war with Egypt's military and people on behalf of the ousted terrorists--all in the name of "democracy" and "human rights," as Shehata's U.S.-based Brotherhood front is laughably called.

That such a shameless piece of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda can be published in the most influential and widely read Capitol Hill publication certainly goes a long way in validating El Watan's claims that the Brotherhood has its tentacles all around the United States' points of influence.

By Raymond Ibrahim
Human Events

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EXCLUSIVE: Rev. Jesse Jackson says Ronald Reagan wanted to ban blacks from playing football with whites


  • Claimed NFL franchise Washington Redskins name is reference to scalping
  • Tea Party was born from segregation efforts, he said
  • Repeatedly called the United States South ‘the land of the free, the home of genocide.’

  • Charlie Crist files to run for Florida governor as a Democrat


    ST. PETERSBURG — Charlie Crist is running for Florida governor as a Democrat.
    The worst-kept secret in politics was confirmed Friday afternoon when the Republican Party of Florida spotted Crist's official filing with the state Division of Elections.

    "Biggest voter registration fraud scheme in the history of the world"

    Give Us Liberty1776

    ObamaCare: Illegal Voter Mine for the Democratic Party?

    While many Americans remain focused on the ominous implications of ObamaCare with regard to health insurance or the faulty website, a far more serious issue remains under the radar. On Wednesday, two national election watchdog groups alleged thatObamaCare is really a massive voter registration vehicle masquerading as a healthcare bill.

    As Millions are being dropped because of Obamacare, White House Campaign Says Obamacare Ensures No Insurer Will Ever Drop Customers


    With millions set to lose their current health care plans, Americans are reacting with disbelief and fury to a White House campaign claiming that Obamacare guarantees that no insurer will ever be able to drop customers.
    The White House posted the following tweet earlier today:

    Pentagon Declares War on White Privilege


    With the War in Afghanistan won and the Taliban defeated, not to mention an attack on the Benghazi mission successfully repulsed with a combination of air power and the United States Marines, the Pentagon is free to go on focusing on important things, like expensive Green fuels for ships, promoting gay marriage and fighting White Privilege. 

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    Eric Holder: Jihadists' Best Friend


    Attorney General Eric The Red makes a shocking statement to Muslims in America.

    Well, it wasn't a shocking statement to Muslims.  Heck, it wasn't shocking at all.  Eric The Red preaching the Gospel to that Muslim audience would have been shocking.  Ditto the man becoming a born-again constitutionalist.  But that's what "we" voted for, twice.  At what point do such heresies stop being "shocking"?

    by JASmius

    Single Payer: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Will Provide 43% of All Health Insurance in 2014


    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services--the federal agency that created and is operating the Obamacare exchanges--says in a budget document provided to the congressional appropriations committees that the Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will cover almost 116,000,000 Americans in 2014. 

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    How the Democrat Party is like the Kenyans and why the US Constitution matters


    Kenyan press up in arms over 'draconian' media bill

    Kenya's media reacted with shock and outrage Friday after parliament voted through a bill that could see journalists and outlets slapped with huge fines for violating a code of conduct.

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    hat tip: Jerry

    The funny thing about charges of racism


    I was just thinking that charges of racism only work to shame those people who are obviously NOT racist.

    That is to say, you cannot use the charge of "You're just a racist" against a member of the Klan or any of the 'White Power' skinhead groups. Their likely response? "Yeah. Your point being...?"

    It only works to shame people who agree that being a racist is such an abhorrent thing that they should stop saying anything lest they prove the charge true. It does nothing about topic under discussion, except make it okay to use the threat the next time the topic comes up.

    Unfortunately for those out there who have used the charge too often, when the first response to any perceived threat is to glibly throw around the charge of "Oh, that's just because you're a racist. You want lower taxes because you don't want a black man in the White House. You don't want the government dictating your health care choices because you're a secret member of the Klan. You think the IRS threatening political groups is wrong only because you hate Muslims. You're just a homophobe for insisting that marriage is the basis of civilization. You're just a H8RXTIANIST for not wanting the EPA to triple the cost of energy. He won and now no one has to pay their rent or phone bills or health care, so SUCKITHATERS."

    Which, fuck that. They have overplayed their hand, and the charge is utterly worthless, but only if you call them on it every time they use it. Whenever they make the charge, make them look like fools by making that explicit: "Damned skippy, pal, I hate anyone not in the human race, now answer the question about {whatever topic they are avoiding}." Every time. (Or your own variation, but make it clear that they are making charges solely to avoid answering the embarrassing question. So let's embarrass them.


    The Daily TIP Reports: Top Senators brush off Obama administration calls to delay Iran sanctions push‏


  • Reports: Top Senators brush off Obama administration calls to delay Iran sanctions push
  • Secretary of State to visit Egypt this weekend, amid reports of Cairo pivot to Russia
  • Five Israeli soldiers injured in Hamas attack on anti-tunnel operation
  • Experts: Hamas claims around shut down power plant "insane" What we’re watching today: 

  • Kenyan Pastors Ask for AK-47s Amid Radical Muslim Persecution


    As attacks on Christians mount in Kenya’s coastal region, some evangelical pastors in the Mombasa area may no longer be willing to turn the other cheek.

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    How Historic Revisionism Justifies Islamic Terrorism


    How important, really, is history to current affairs? Do events from the 7th century--or, more importantly, how we understand them--have any influence on U.S. foreign policy today?

    By way of answer, consider some parallels between academia's portrayal of the historic Islamic jihads and the U.S. government's and media's portrayal of contemporary Islamic jihads.

    Continue Reading..

    Bankrupt Abound Solar: Took Stimulus Money and Left a Toxic Mess


    A Colorado-based solar company that got hundreds of millions of dollars in federal loan guarantees before going belly-up didn't just empty taxpayers' wallets - it left behind a toxic mess of carcinogens, broken glass and contaminated water, according to a new report.

    Full Story..

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    The Best Concealed Carry States in 2013


    After ranking the Best States for Gun Owners in 2013, we’re back to rank the Best Concealed Carry States.

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    Janet Yellen Exposed --The Truth Behind the Myth, Part 1


    In reviewing this video I realized that I did not emphasize the most foolish of Yellen's statements. In her praise of "innovative" mortgage products, which include such things as subprime, interest only, zero down, negative amortization, and no-doc loans, Yellen specifically identified homeowners using their houses as investments rather than places to live, and leveraging those "investments" using cash-out refis or home equity loans, as evidence that there was no bubble. So according to Yellen, highly leveraged, real estate speculation was evidence that there was no housing bubble! That the very products that helped fuel the housing bubble and exacerbate the financial crisis proved that there was nothing to worry about! Incredible!!! And she is our next Fed chairman!

    See Part 2 for a more detailed analysis of this aspect of her speech.

    Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi


    Guest: Fred Burton, author, Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi by Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz.

    Listen To Audio>>

    Why are so many generals getting the axe?


    Ever notice how no cabinet members in the Obama Administration are ever fired (the names Holder, Rice, Sibelius spring to mind), but in the last year nine senior generals have been fired? I wonder why that is?

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    The Tipping Point We've Dreamed Of?


    I close my eyes and imagine the coming days. The American public growing skeptical and then outright dismissive of Obamacare. A growing revulsion over the administration's Benghazi deception. A national awakening to the crises we face in spending, especially on entitlements.
    But then I open my eyes, and I have to look at the real world.

    Iraq seeks US arms as Obama is blamed for fresh onslaught


    Two years after pushing out the last American troops, Iraq’s flailing Government has returned to beg Washington for help in taking on a resurgent al-Qaeda.

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    Colorado ObamaCare Navigator Hasn't Signed Up A Single Person


    EU calls for suspension of multi-billion ‘Safe Harbor’ deal over NSA spying


    EU leaders are calling for the suspension of a trade pact with the US worth billions of dollars over NSA spying. The 28-nation bloc suspects the so-called ‘Safe Harbor’ deal is being undermined by US espionage and has demanded safeguards for EU citizens.

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    New “glitch”: If you like your hospital, you might not be able to keep your hospital


    Americans who sign up for Obamacare will be getting a big surprise if they expect to access premium health care that may have been previously covered under their personal policies. Most of the top hospitals will accept insurance from just one or two companies operating under Obamacare


    Thursday, October 31, 2013

    Local Ordinance created because of "Travon the Dead Hoodlum" is specifically designed to protect against Future Dead Hoodlums


    As for those of you law abiding citizens in Sanford who wish to protect your neighborhoods? SCREW YOU!

    Sanford Florida: No More Concealed Carry for Neighborhood Watch 

    Sanford, Florida plans to announce that anyone who has a concealed carry permit and chooses to carry a firearm may not participate in the Neighborhood Watch programs. They can carry their guns all they want, but they can’t be acting under any “authority” of Neighborhood Watch.


    DECEPTION INDICATED: ObamaCares "War On Woman" By Design is an Extremely Useful Tool for "Adjusting" the Mortality Rate


    Lack of private sector alternatives, less doctors and long lines force the creation of a lasting, initial dependency on ObamaCare. Making it, "the only game in town".U

    Obamacare Excluded MAMMOGRAMS & BANS Breast Cancer Drug, AVASTIN  

    Outrage spread like wildfire as voters learned that Obamacare’s “Preventative Services Task Force” dissuaded routine mammograms for women between the ages of forty & forty-nine. This Obamacare policy was deemed “anti-woman” because those at greatest risk for breast cancer are women over forty.

    13 Democrats, Who Knew You Would Lose Your Plan, But Lied, Are up for Re-election in 2014


    If you are one of the estimated 16,000,000 people that are going to lose your plans under ObamaCare (and that’s just in the individual market), you might just be a tad bit upset.  After all, you’re going to be forced to buy another plan, and it’s going to cost a lot more, likely have a much higher deductible, and probably offer less.  Let’s be honest; you’re probably po’d right now.  Well, killing this turkey is a few years off, but you can get yourself some payback in 2014.

    Why Obama Made His 'Keep Your Plan' Lie


    At IBD, "The Biggest Lie? 'Keep Your Plan'":

    Deception: In the face of millions of cancellation notices, Democrats want to downplay the president's "keep your health plan" pledge as standard political hyperbole. It was, in fact, a calculated lie that got ObamaCare enacted.

    To understand why, let's freshen up on a little health care reform history.

    Back in 1994, when Bill Clinton was pushing his own version of "comprehensive health reform," the insurance industry launched its infamous "Harry and Louise" ads to deliver a simple message: The Clinton plan would force families to give up their own health plans.

    In one of these, the middle-class couple pours over a pile of documents at the kitchen table, while a narrator intones about how "things are changing, and not all for the better," and how "the government may force us to pick from a few plans designed by government bureaucrats."

    "Louise" then complains that "having choices we don't like is no choice at all," and the ad concludes with the couple saying, "They choose, and we lose."

    The campaign was devastating. Even though Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, Clinton's bill never made it out of congressional committees.

    So when President Obama decided to take another stab at health care, he was determined to avoid that pitfall. He endlessly promised in the most emphatic way possible that under his plan, Harry and Louise would have nothing to worry about.

    "Let me be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you," the president said at a July 2009 rally in New Jersey. "First of all, if you've got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you."

    Later he said that "When I say 'If you have your plan and you like it,' ... what I'm saying is the government is not going to make you change plans under health reform."

    He promised this after the law passed, and throughout the 2012 election campaign.

    Of course, Obama knew it wasn't true when he said it. He just couldn't admit it if he wanted to convince enough Democrats to vote for the bill.

    And now that millions of people are finding out that ObamaCare is, in fact, forcing them to pick from a few plans designed by government bureaucrats, Democrats and the liberal press are desperate to explain Obama's promises away.
    More at the link.

    Source: American Power

    Flowchart: Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?


    (Chart design by Michael Palmer)

    Dad Arrested at Common Core Forum


    The father of a 2nd-grader and a 6th-grader who attend Howard County schools in Maryland was arrested in September for speaking out against Common Core at a state Department of Education meeting. 


    Nationalized Healthcare Exploring Innovative New Ideas For It's Own Survival


    Belgium considering unprecedented law to grant euthanasia for children, dementia patients

    Religion of Peace, Pedophiles and Rapists UPDATE:

    Tx Fellowship

    Saudi Men Accused of Gang Raping a 3-Year-Old (Yes, a 3-Year-Old)


    And they evidently don't think anything is wrong with that.

    Listen up people, this is also happening in the UK, Europe and here in the US.  Not any 3 year olds that I could find but several 8 to 15 year olds.

    Don't believe me?

    Saudi airman found guilty in Vegas child rape case

    Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service


    This is the Religion of Peace

    Obama Pressures Insurance Companies, "Shut Up Or ELSE!"


    Looks like Don Obama is making the insurance executives an offer they can't refuse.A trade group leader told CNN says the Obama administration "is exerting massive pressure" to keep silent." Other insurance company executives say they got calls from White House after speaking out.
    After insurance officials publicly criticized the implementation, White House staffers contacted insurers to express their displeasure, industry insiders said. 

    Multiple sources declined to speak publicly about the push back because they fear retribution. 

    But Bob Laszewski, who heads a consulting firm for big insurance companies, did talk on the record. 

    "The White House is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations, to keep quiet," he said. 

    Laszewski, who's been a vocal critic of Obamacare, said he's been asked by insurance executives to speak out because they feel defenseless against an administration that is regulating their business -- and a big customer. 

    Government-backed plans accounted for about half of health care policies last year, a number that is expected to grow over the years. 

    White House spokesman Jay Carney said the idea that administration officials are trying to silence insurance industry insiders is "preposterous and inaccurate." He added that Laszewski has been a vocal critic of health care reform for two decades.
    According to Laszewski  insurance company officials are embarrassed that they have to cancel plans and force people into more robust, and possibly more expensive, coverage. But they their hands were tied due to Obamacare regulations.  He adds that insurers warned the White House that the regulations would lead to discontinued policies.
    "One of the things I think is clear here is the Obama administration has no trust in anything the health insurance industry is telling them about how to run a health plan," Laszewski said.
     The White House denies the charges of intimidation.

    Source: "The Lid"

    Number of Kids Seeking a Sex Change Rises by 50 Percent in a Year


    A wet dream coming true for the twisted obsession of pedophiles hiding behind a PHd.

    The number of children wanting a sex change in 2012 saw an increase of 50 percent compared to the previous year, according to The Times newspaper in Britain.

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    SURPRISE! University puts professor who called for murder of NRA members children back to work


  • "The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters."
  • KU announced Thursday that David Guth would return to work, but not to the classroom.
  • Guth, who had defended the Tweet in an interview with Campus Reform on Sept. 18

  • UPDATED: appears to violate White House guidance on web security


    During her testimony Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said that is operating under a “temporary” order certifying that it met stringent security standards even as testing continues.

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    LAUGHER OF THE DAY: White House Claims Half of young adults can get coverage for $50


    The Obama administration released a report Monday evening claiming that half of single, uninsured adults will be able to purchase coverage for under $50 a month under Obamacare.


    If Congress can defund the 2nd Amendment, it can defund Obamacare


    TAMPA, October 28, 2013 – President Obama won a temporary victory in his standoff with House Republicans over funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. He signed a continuing resolution to reopen the government without conceding anything on his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. But continuing resolutions are temporary and this issue is far from settled.


    Controversy Over Tea Party Members Being Kicked Out of Workshop


    JEFFERSON COUNTYW.Va. - Some members of a local West Virginia Tea Party are speaking out after being asked to leave a workshop at the Jefferson County Commission public meeting room last week.

    The Obamacare Cost Gap


    Assuming you actually could buy health insurance coverage on the state and federal government-run Obamacare exchanges, how much would you have to pay before you could actually benefit from having the insurance?
    That's an important question to answer, given the high premiums and even higher deductibles that apply for even the most affordable health insurance options being sold through the government-run marketplaces. In addition to paying your monthly premiums, you will also have to burn through your policy's deductible before your health insurance will begin covering a significant portion of your health care expenses.
    That creates something that we'll call the "Obamacare Cost Gap", which is the difference between how much of your health care bills that you would have to pay before your insurance coverage begins to kick in, and how much you would have to pay for the same expenses if you had no health insurance coverage at all.
    How much is your Obamacare cost gap? Well, we've built a new tool where you can find out! But before you use it, we'll ask you to first use our tool that can estimate both your annual subsidy tax credit and also the amount of additional income tax that you will have to pay if you choose not, or cannot buy health insurance in time to avoid a higher tax bill in 2014.
    Then, just enter those numbers into our tool below along with the other indicated information. We'll take care of the rest!...
    Health Insurance Plan, Subsidy and Tax Information
    Input DataValues
    Your Monthly Premium for Health Insurance
    Your Health Insurance Plan's Annual Deductible
    Your Annual Tax Credit Subsidy for Buying Health Insurance
    Your Potential Additional Income Tax If You Don't Have Health Insurance

    Your Obamacare Cost Gap
    Calculated ResultsValues
    Your Minimum Cost Gap (How Much You Will Have to Pay Before Your Health Insurance Coverage Begins Covering a Meaningful Portion of Your Health Care Expenses)
    If you're reading this article on a site that republishes our RSS news feed, click here to access a working version of this tool! 
    Our default data in the tool above is taken from our default example at our Premium or Penalty Tax tool, and applies to the situation of a single woman working in a part time job in California who is losing her employer-provided health insurance coverage as a result of the changes mandated by the Obamacare law.
    What these results make clear is that she can expect to pay quite a lot of money before she might gain any meaningful benefit from having health insurance, even if she opts for the lowest cost, least coverage-providing Bronze plan available to her.
    Keep in mind that under Obamacare, one of the big benefits that the law's supporters like to tout is that all health insurance policies will provide one annual checkup per year with no additional out-of-pocket cost. So you know how much that benefit is actually worth, the Department of Health and Human Services reported in 2008 that the average amount paid by Americans for an office visit with their physician was $199.
    Meanwhile, the same report indicates that the cost of an outpatient physician visit at a U.S. hospital averaged just $1,275, often in connection with surgery. The average cost of a physician visit in the emergency room was $922.
    In an upcoming post, we'll take on the question of just how high your health care expenses have to be to really benefit from having health insurance coverage!

    In case you missed it, the entire #Benghazi 60 Minutes story. (video) #tcot

    Did the Obama administration make NBC pull story about people losing their healthcare plan?


    NBC's story about how the Obama administration has known for three years people will lose their healthcare plans under Obamacare disappeared down the Internet rabbit hole. 


    Monday, October 28, 2013



    By John F. Di Leo - 

    The apparatchiks, you see, are different from you and me…

    As the Government Shutdown of October 2013 fades away into the history books, there are two lessons that the American Left desperately wants the country to forget.

    The Enemy With In: Lonegan Says National Senate Committee Kept Campaign Contributions


    Republican Steve Lonegan is blasting fellow party members for not giving him enough financial support in his failed Senate bid against Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

    In a letter to supporters, posted by Dave Levinthal, senior political reporter at, Lonegan wrote, "It’s been just over a week since the campaign has ended and bills keep coming in, but all the help I was supposed to get from conservatives and Republicans across the country hasn’t."


    Sen Ted Cruz Speech at the 2013 Ronald Reagan Commemorative Dinner (Full Speech 10-25-13)

    Right Speak

    Sen. Ted Cruz was the keynote speaker at the Reagan Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, November 25, 2013:

    13 illegal aliens arrested after agents notice truck “riding low”


    A total of 13 immigrants present in the U.S. illegally were detained after authorities noticed the truck they were in was “riding low”.


    SHOCKER: Washington state may force some government workers to join Obama’s health insurance exchange


    OLYMPIA, Wash. — In a quest to save money, political leaders in Washington state are exploring a plan that would shift some government workers out of their current health plans and onto the insurance exchange developed under President Barack Obama’s health care law.

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