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Former Breitbart Reporter Receiving Death Threats over Revealing Obama’s ‘Fake’ Past: “Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”



Former Breitbart reporter and founder of, Charles C. Johnson, claims he has never before seen information that answers to why no one has seen photos of a pregnant Michelle Obama, why Obama’s family photos are fakes, and why his birth certificate is anything but authentic (but says he was born in Hawaii not Kenya).

But ‘serious’ death threats are so far keeping Johnson quiet, according to a barrage of recent Twitter posts.

If true, the former Breitbart reporter may be in an eerily similar position to that of his former boss, Andrew Breitbart, who promised to reveal bombshell info on President Obama on what turned out to be the day died, officially of a heart attack. In early 2012, Andrew Breitbart reportedly told Sinclair News, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.” He added this teaser, “I’ve got video from his college days that show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008 – the videos are going to come out.”

While the importance of the information Johnson claims to have cannot be verified, he gives some hints that would be – if proven true – not only embarrassing to the Obama family, but threaten to unravel his entire legacy and shatter the false history that has been presented as unverified fact. It likely far too late to unravel his presidency:

Jesse Jackson, Jr. possibly the father? The Obama’s rise in politics could not have happened without the aid of the prominent Jackson political family. Michelle Robinson Obama “just about grew up in Jesse Jackson’s home,” and received numerous jobs and positions with their aid, while Barack was boosted by political capital and campaign help from Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Sr. alike.WND’s
 WND’s Jerome Corsi, who authored the book Where’s the Birth Certificate?, wrote:
“If you want to understand Michelle Obama, you’ve got to go back to Jesse Jackson,” a woman called “Robyn” for this article told WND.
Robyn, who spent several years working for Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, explained to a WND investigator in Chicago that Michelle Obama “just about grew up in Jesse Jackson’s home.”
“At the City of Chicago, where she worked under Mayor Daley, Michelle had one of those ‘Jesse hires’ positions. These are patronage jobs where the recipients did nothing.”
Robyn claimed that while working for Daley, Michelle just collected a check, doing very little work.
The Chicago sources told WND the selection of Michelle Robinson for Obama was made by Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright agreed it would be a good combination.
“It all relates back to Trinity United and to the Jesse Jackson orbit of blacks here in Chicago who gave Obama legitimacy and helped him establish his identity as a black man ‘from Chicago,’” Robyn explained.
“That’s what Wright did for Obama,” she claimed. “He connected Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality.”

According to Robyn, Jackson explained to Michelle that she would live a life of luxury once Obama was president, and that she never again would have to worry about money.
“The political left wanted to push a black to the presidency, and the key operatives in the Democratic Party decided long ago it wouldn’t be Jesse Jackson (Sr.). […] So, the political left then chose Obama.”
Meanwhile, there are other phony aspects of Obama’s past which Johnson also ranted about on Twitter.
For Johnson, the “birther” issues is a distraction from the true dark secrets of Obama’s past. Regardless, the American public was not told the truth about our sitting two term president, and Obama was not properly vetted by the media lapdogs people have been conditioned to trust as watchdogs.

Johnson suggests as others have that Obama’s “real father” Frank Marshall Davis – a black poet tainted by his involvement in American Communism – may be the real reason for the birth certificate forgery.

He calls out “official” family photos from Obama’s childhood – and his official biography – as complete and obvious frauds:

Will these revelations prove to be significant? Will they see the light of day? Or is it just too late to “out” the composite life of President Barack Hussein Obama? Johnson tweeted:

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FBI Digital Search-Warrant Plan a ‘Monumental’ Constitutional Threat


Tech giant Google submitted court documents this week charging that a new FBI plan for obtaining digital search warrants is a “monumental” constitutional threat.
Richard Salgado, Google’s director for law enforcement and information security, wrote Tuesday that the Justice Department’s plans for remotely accessing computer files “raises a number of monumental and highly complex constitutional, legal, and geopolitical concerns that should be left to Congress to decide.”
National Journal reported Wednesday that the federal government wants to make changes to a criminal procedure provision known as Rule 41, which would allow judges to approve warrants outside their jurisdictions.
“The serious and complex constitutional concerns implicated by the proposed amendment are numerous and, because of the nature of Fourth Amendment case law development, are unlikely to be addressed by courts in a timely fashion,” Mr. Salgado wrote.


"The Only Way You Can Delete This NSA Malware Is to Smash Your Hard Drive to Bits"


A sigificant report by security vendor Kaspersky Labs reveals a range of highly sophisticated cyberwar tools likely deployed over the last decade by American intel agencies.

Most interesting of all is NLS_933W.DLL, which -- in my view -- represents the "Holy Grail" of malware.
The names called out like beacons from the screen: Samsung; Seagate; Western Digital; Hitachi; Maxtor. Hardware makers were in the crosshairs of the Equation APT group and it was perhaps the worst possible scenario imagined by researchers looking at the frightening and extensive storehouse of capabilities within the attack platform.

By extending its reach into hard drive firmware, for example, this espionage gang had perpetual persistence on compromised machines. No matter of clean-up efforts could scrub module nls_933w.dll from hardware. None.

“This is an ultimate persistence mechanism, and it has the ultimate resilience to removal. This is a next level of persistence never seen before,” said Vitaly Kamluk, principal security researcher with Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team...

Matthew Braga offers some additional detail:

...Such an exploit could survive a complete hard drive wipe, or the re-installation of an operating system, and "exceeds anything we have ever seen before," the company’s researchers wrote in a new re​p​ort...

...These modules can target practically every hard drive manufacturer and brand on the market, including Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Corsair, Hitachi and more. Such attacks have traditionally been difficult to pull off, given the risk in modifying hard drive software, which may explain why Kaspersky could only identify a handful of very specific targets against which the attack was used, where the risk was worth the reward...

This particular brand of malware may have been reported in France in 2008, but was apparently never tracked down at that time.

One other (tangential) point: back in the 90's I used to argue that Microsoft's design of the "Registry" for machine configuration was a flawed and dangerous approach. My reasoning was manifold: the file format was proprietary; it was extremely fragile; backups and restores of individual configuration settings were difficult at best; and it was hard to detect malicious or ill-intentioned use.

What's the matter with discrete, text configuration files, like those Linux uses (e.g., httpd.conf for Apache)?

The Equation Group leveraged the Registry's flaws across the board. They stuffed malicious files into multiple branches of an infected machine's Registry, which made the infection "impossible to detect using antivirus software".

I rest my circa-199
5 case.


FBI’s Dangerous Right-Wing Extremists Are a Mix of Ferguson Anarchists and Occupiers

Sara Noble

The FBI’s report on dangerous right-wing terrorists puts Sovereign Citizens at the top of the dangerous domestic list. They are loosely-connected gangs of criminals, robbers, and cop haters who follow a little of the Ferguson anarchist and a little of the Occupier ideology without the racism. Sounds more left-wing to me!

First there was a 2009 government report making veterans with PTSD and Tea Party members into terrorists and then, in 2014, the University of Michigan conducted a survey labeling Sovereign Citizens as right-wing and as one of the worst terrorist threats we face.

DHS has now followed suit with a report of their own which they may never release.

Don’t be afraid of Islamic terrorism when there are Sovereign Citizens, they’re the real threat. At least that is what the DHS wants you to start thinking about. They’re more of a threat than ISIS.


Sovereign Citizens have taken center stage in a newly-released DHS report, suspiciously timed with Obama’s summit on non-Islamic extremism. All the left-leaning media outlets are drumming this up, pushing radical Islam off the front pages.

Left-leaning media falsely claimed the Sovereign Citizens were behind the Bundy Ranch episode. It turned out to be completely untrue though there were no apologies to the Bundys.

If you go to the Sovereign Citizens website, you might be surprised to see that their values lean pretty far left.

Like the Occupiers, they want sustainability and no wars.


They hate corporations like the Occupiers.

Sovereign Citizen_3

They have a video on their website which declares they must be free of the state and of ownership – freedom metastasizes the cancer of the state, a society without political rulers, without ownership, without the state.

The left-wing media is trying to pin that on Libertarian ideology but it sounds more like communism.

In 2009, the DHS released a rightwing extremist report for which they apologized since it included veterans with PTSD and Tea Party people (photo below of the ‘dangerous’ tea party people).

Tea Party

Sovereign Citizens, according to CNN, in coordination with the FBI “counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010,” the news group reported on Feb. 20.

That’s not a major crime wave though I don’t doubt they are dangerous and law enforcement needs to be trained to deal with these people.

Like Black Separatists, Ferguson rioters and Occupiers, they hate law enforcement.

They are not explicitly violent according to an article by Daily Beast, but they have engaged in lone wolf attacks, especially on police and other first responders.

The seven pictured below robbed, occupied a house, and one bit a police officer.


The Sovereign Citizens pictured below were involved in a shoot-out in St. John’s Parrish and gunned down four sheriffs.


The“sovereign citizen movement,” according to researchers, have an ideology that doesn’t always fit with right-wing movements.

How about it almost never does.

It’s not really an ideology so much as they are anarchist gangs.

The University of Michigan survey put cyberterrorism, Sovereign Citizens and Islamic terrorism as the three biggest threats in that order.

According to a survey – “Understanding Law Enforcement Intelligence Processes” – conducted by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) of August 2014:

“Sovereigns do not specifically share the ‘supremacist’ views of the Klan, etc. Their focus is not on individuals (e.g., minorities, Jews, etc.) rather their focus is on government dysfunction and abuse of authority. Their anti-government ideology is arguably more akin to left wing anarchists than right wing Klansmen.”

Mark Potok of the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center said that “What has happened that is very bizarre is that very large numbers of black Americans have adopted the sovereign citizens ideology, but without the racist twist. I would say that if you looked at sovereign citizens today, almost none of them know the racist and anti-Semitic origins of the history. You just don’t hear about it anymore.”

It’s bizarre to him because he doesn’t realize they are leftists more than right-wing. If they were once right-wing, they no longer are.

According to the University of Michigan report, most left and right wing terrorist groups are on the decline except for Left-Wing Revolutionaries [Ferguson and Occupy should qualify] and Extreme Anti-Abortion Extremists.

Sovereign Citizens are racketeers and squatters like Occupiers. This is completely leftist and anarchistic.

Listen to a Sovereign Citizen:

Another squatting Sovereign Citizen:

CNN’s running with the report and Islamic terrorism has fallen off their map.

CAIR, the terror-tied organization that pretends to speak for all Muslims, is thrilled about this report.

In a statement, CAIR said:

“We welcome this new intelligence assessment on the threat posed by domestic right-wing violent extremists. It is the government’s responsibility to address all forms of violent extremism – regardless of ideology – and in proportion to the criminal threat posed by those groups.

“We now call on the DHS and FBI to release an intelligence assessment addressing the spike in hate crimes targeting Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu, and South Asian communities throughout the United States.

“Without an awareness of the threat posed by all forms of violent extremism, our national security will remain at risk.”

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

FBI stats show that attacks on Muslims account for only 14.6% of hate crimes while attacks against Jews account for more than 64% of hate crimes.

In reality, this alleged right-wing terrorist group seems to have morphed into a gang with a fake ideology.