Saturday, April 2, 2011

'No blood for oil' is the chant not heard

Arabs prefer life in Israel

Jimmy Carter Bashes U.S. In Meeting With Communists

Law Suits Filed Against Obama's Stealth Amnesty Plan

Obama’s ineligibility: conspiracy and cowardice

Liberal Lie #14: The Right Is Violent, the Left Is Civil

UPDATE - Southwest Cancels 300 Flights After Emergency

Cass Sunstein and his Lady Macbeth

Is Obama Sr. Really Junior's Daddy?

PA Arab Attacks Jewish Farmer with Hoe

28% of U.S. women have kids by more than one man

Brazil stares down the US on Libya

FINAL REPORT: Obama's Birth Announcements Fail To Indicate "Natural Born" Status

An Appeal to Morality

Azerbaijani youth protest against opposition leader

Top 10 Reasons George Soros is Dangerous

Al Qaeda members hide in Brazil, raise money: report

Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk

UK: Half a million 'sick' are fit to work

Girl Traces US Presidents' Family Tree, All Related But One

19 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of Our Economic Problems

Toddler Dies After Hit & Run, Illegal Immigrant Driver Arrested

Rosie O‘Donnell Can’t Believe Her Teenage Son Wants to Join the Military

Arab Spring: Male-on-Female Atrocity in Gaza Disappeared by the Western Media

Charlie Sheen takes stage in Detroit: 'I'm a giant and leaky bag of mayhem'

Reporting Suspicious Activity? There’s a Homeland Security app for that

Republicans question Obamacare’s $5 billion early retiree ‘slush fund’

Afghanistan: Number of People Killed During Attack on UN Headquarters Over Florida Koran Burning Hits 20…

Regime grants another 129 ObamaCare waivers — half to unions

Good News: Former Gitmo Detainee Training Libyan Rebels

War Without Mission


Progressive Progression

Barry’s Backdoors, Vol. 1, No. 1: Forcing the union label on unsuspecting workers

Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz: Obama is ‘Buck dancin’ Tom’ working for white man full audio

Oops! New Black Panther Reveals Barack Obama dined with Louis Farrakhan and received counsel from the Nation of Islam leader

57% support government shutdown if it leads to deeper budget cuts

The Tale of the Tape: President Bush’s War in Iraq vs. President Obama’s Kinetic Military Action in Libya

The Obama Administration Prepares to take Both Sides in the Libyan Civil War

Wisconsin Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg ignored abuse victim’s pleas.

Former Obama adviser Eric Schmidt tries to hide donations at Google

More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.

The Morality of Political Ignorance

Millions of sites hit with mass-injection cyberattack


Presidential limousine, security vehicles exempt from fed 'green' vehicle policy

Destroying Rich People would buy us one year of budget deficit, what then?

Obama Slated to Party With Tax Deadbeat

The Council Has Spoken!! 04/01/11

H.J. Res 46 – Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Barbarism! Afghans kill 12 at UN compound over Florida Koran burning

SEC found to have trouble with numbers

"Tea Partiers Draw Line in Sand

What Liberals Think of the U.S. Constitution

"Eat the Rich"

The Green Regulation Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Nato Air Strike Kills Libyan Rebels

VIDEO: Penn State YAF Students Assaulted for Putting up Palestinian Wall of Lies

Green corruption

Discard Senate Confirmation of Appointees?

The Next America: How Will Demographics Change the 2012 Presidential Election?

'She's Not Crazy, Like Some People May Think'

Great News: The Internet Will Destroy the Planet

What Israel Should Do With the Peace Process.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Rutgers Students Pay Fat Drunk $32K to Speak

Richard Goldstone Confirms He Was A Useful Idiot

IL Dem Legislators Bilk 35,000 families of college savings

Friday, April 1, 2011


How to make Obama eligibility No. 1 issue

Frustrated Eastern European doctors head west

Program errors force TEPCO to review all data

Voluntary Human Extinction

More people work for government than most industries


The UN talks Global Governance & Agenda 21 - 2011(Video)

Military Paid on Time if Government Shuts Down

Screwy Louie Got $8M From Gaddafi

Labor Force Participation Rate Remains At 25 Year Low 64.2%, Birth/Death Adjustment: +117,000

GE Gets Obama Health Law Money ($36 million for early retirees)

The List, Obama's One Hundred and Fourteenth Week in Office

Democrat Congressman: Drug Cartel Violence in U.S. Has Decreased


Disinformation from Kerry Emanuel

New Report: AARP's Profits a Billion on ObamaCare

Rage in N.H. as House makes deep cuts, limits union powers

BREAKING-Trump offers $5million for Obama's long form Birth Certificate

First they came for your light bulbs. Now Obama’s EPA is going after your soap

Issa subpoenas ATF for Project Gunrunner documents - White House misses deadline

U.S. wants to use India in missile shield against Russia, China'

DHS: Illegal immigrant students not a target for deportation

Afghan Mob Shoot 8, Behead 2 U.N. Workers Over 'Koran Burning

Cameron and Obama: Why are you supporting Al-Qaeda? (concrete and undeniable proof)

How Eric Holder and Barack Obama Squandered the Promise of a Post-Racial America

Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success

Libyan rebels sold Hizballah and Hamas chemical shells

What percentage of Mexican 'crime guns' are 'gunwalked' by Obama administration?

The Naked Communist

Handguns for the Homeless

On the Other Hand, Calling These “Multicultural Markers” Is Just Plain Silly

UK shale plans target cheap gas

Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak

A Dose of Reality

Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says

The mystery behind Gadhafi's birth: Some say he's Jewish

WSJ: Gov’t Workers Outnumber Construction, Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Manufacturing, Mining, & Utilities Workers Combined

Obama Administration: GOP budget would kill 70,000 children

Private Ford Set To Surpass Nationalized GM In Car Sales

Video: Annoyed Tennis Player David Ferrer Launches Ball at Crying Baby during match

How does Hate Crime laws jib with equal protection under the law?

Red Reps 5 Michael Paymar - Soros Linked Secret Socialist in the Minnesota State Legislature

Koch Brothers Company Highly Unionized: Union VP of United Steelworkers

Former NHS director dies after operation is cancelled four times at her own hospital

Riot at Cowboy Poetry Festival

Al Qaeda Magazine Praises Middle Eastern Revolutions - Warning to the West

US Fed loaned Libya-backed bank billions

2011 Budget Battle in Perspective

Young Israelis moving to the political Right

My nation is going bankrupt and all I got was a lousy toad!


Democrat is Confused About What Office He is Running For

WHICH NATION is the ONLY Nation on earth that inhabits the same Land-same Name-same Language same Religion...

What those 'third intifada' Facebook pages are about

Test your political IQ with Pew Research

Attempted Jihadi Probe of California Marine Corps Base?

Religion of Peace car bombers kill mother and newborn baby outside Iraq hospital.

PLO subject to jurisdiction in the US


Gov't to Spend $600,000 on Toad Statue

Libya and the Obama Cult

American female soldiers pushed to wear hijab in Afghanistan by PC obsesses military command

I Paid More Taxes Than GE

Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal

Norway's anti-Israel boycott

Gasoline Up 100% Under Obama; Seniors May Not Get Cost of Living Increase

Remind me again, what is the Obama Doctrine?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New World Order

Wisconsin judge tries to stifle criticism.

WISCONSIN: Democrats Try To Undo An Election.

A ROUNDUP ON Freedom Of Information Act Abuse At The Department Of Homeland Security

CHANGE: Gas Prices Have Doubled Under Obama

Inhofe: Obama can't veto EPA-blocking legislation

(Blind) Hope and (Regime) Change

Bonus Link!

Old and Busted: Easter Egg Hunt — New and Hot: Spring Egg Hunt…

Liberty Versus Tyranny

Pigford: 'One of the Biggest Conspiracies Ever

Rubio: “We are witnessing leadership failure of epic proportions”

Union Reform bills pass in Ohio, Indiana Houses

With 50,000 employees in the U.S., many of them unionized, the Koch brothers are hardly "anti-union."

Obama Threatens Veto If Congress Strips Pro-Union Election Rules in FAA Bill

The Time for Action is Now

American Orchestrated Air Strikes In Libya Kill Innocent Civilians

Exposing Obama’s Oil Lease Lies

The FCC Muzzle: A new attempt to silence corporate free speech

“Restoring Honor”

U.S. Socialist Leaders Incite Youth Revolutionaries

God is Not Dead

Hustler Fined $14K for Not Requiring Condom Use in Porn

The CIA on the Ground in Libya

Justice Dept clears Justice Dept in NBPP case

Liberals want G.E. CEO Immelt out of Obama administration

WAL-MART chief warns of 'serious' inflation in coming months

Birther Who Impersonated Obama Claims He Accessed the President’s Selective Services Records

Early April Fools? Obama Gets Anti-Secrecy Award in Secret Mtg.

Muslim Girl, 14, Lashed to Death for Alleged Adultery

Indiana pushes ahead with school-voucher plan

'Somali terrorists on the loose in the U.S.'

Threats claim al-Qaida planted nukes across U.S.

Hugo Chavez wins journalism award in Argentina

Poll: Obama's approval hits new low

'1,000 freelance jihadists' join Libyan rebels

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Video: Artificial Island Off Gaza Would Provide Access To Outside World

Beck Touches Many Bases

Russia, U.S. May Ease Visa Regime 'In Foreseeable Future'

Want an Unemployment or Welfare Check? Grab a Mop!

2nd Worst Ever U.S. President Visits Cuba

Liberals' default position: they're never wrong

March 30th is Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

"The Declaration of Independence"

The real executive branch of the U.S. Progressive Government: EPA

Michigan's Capital City To Lay Off Nearly 150 Cops

Willie Gets Off For A Song (and a fine)

'Insider' Is Charged at FDA

Socialist Labor Bosses Plan Mass Actions Across America

A Plea To End Hero Worship

Gasland's Burning Desire to Protect Pennsylvania Waterways?

Islam: Deception Through Peace

BBC: Israel does not want Assad to lose power in Syria

Images of the Post-Apocalypse, Or China's Booming Economy?

Three Genocides, One Strategy

Big Brother in the 21st Century?

OPEC to Make $1T This Year

SOWELL: What happens without freedom

Wafa Sultan explains the Religion of Rape to Bill O'Reilly

Israel's Vice PM: Iran Exporting Terrorism


Dingy Harry Reid: “Social Security Has Not Contributed One Penny to The National Debit in 75 Years”

Sa'ad Hariri helping anti-Assad uprising

An Illegal War by any other name is just as unconstitutional

The Democrats reveal their strategy

How the Bush and Obama Admins TOTALLY BLEW IT

Government-Sponsored Ignorance

Did Obama Just Convince Gaddafi To Dig In?

'Antiwar' Protesters Call for Revolution in U.S

Our incurious, inarticulate president

More evidence the United States is careening down the road to Hell

Intifada Facebook page back up

You Lie, Mr. President


Union-Funded Enviro Ad: Opposing EPA Same as Poisoning Babies

Video: When Muslims View Democracy As Incitement


Humpty in Toytown and the Arab Boomerang

Weeping And Other Hysterics; Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer?

New York Times: 600+ Rockets And Missiles Fired Into Israel by Hamas = Cease Fire

Pushing Deviancy Up

Know Thy Enemy: The Middle East

Hamas Cracks Down on Media

Black And Blue 2: Blacks Flee Blue States In Droves

Calling BULLSHIT on Rolling Stone

Drunkblogging Obama’s Libya Speech

Pakistani Actress rips Muslim Cleric A New One

The Real reasons We’re Bombing Libya

RBO News & views – the Dumb War Edition

Saving 1 Billion People from Themselves

Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Movie Star, 1932-2011

Libya bombing an attempt to create ‘New World Order’?

Vichy’s ‘Very Nice People’

Look out below. Deja Vu for February new home sales

Woe is Me! I’m Disabled!

Iran Plans To Introduce Clean Web

The Great Wall Of Cowardice

The Road to Hell pt. 2

Another Parody Video From Va Right! “Just Like a Real War” Music Performed by Tom White

Reading up on Hyperinflation

Is religion heading towards extinction?