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Complete List Of Where U.N. Poll Watchers Will Be Stationed

October 27, 2012

Foreigners are about to participate in our election process..

Excerpted from THE HILL: United Nations election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers around the county on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places.

United Nations Election Observer Deployment 2012


Liberal-leaning civil rights groups met with representatives from the OSCE this week to raise their fears about what they say are systematic efforts to suppress minority voters likely to vote for President Obama.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the NAACP and the ACLU, among other groups, warned this month in a letter to Daan Everts, a senior official with OSCE, of “a coordinated political effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans — particularly traditionally disenfranchised groups like minorities.”

The request for foreign monitoring of election sites drew a strong rebuke from Catherine Engelbrecht, founder and president of True the Vote, a conservative-leaning group seeking to crack down on election fraud.

“These activist groups sought assistance not from American sources, but from the United Nations,” she said in a statement to The Hill. “The United Nations has no jurisdiction over American elections.”


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$Million Dinners Everyday Faire at Obama White House

October 27, 2012
Washington Examiner

Spending on White House dinners soars under Obama

President Obama has spent far more lavishly on White House state dinners than previous chief executives, including nearly $1 million on a 2010 dinner for Mexico's president, according to documents obtained by The Washington Examiner.

Presidents have long used formal dinners to court foreign heads of state and to dish out fine food and wine to reward political, financial and show business celebrities and supporters.

But current and former government officials said the documents obtained by The Examiner point to an unprecedented upsurge in White House spending on such events.

The Obama extravaganza two years ago for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, which included a performance by pop star Beyonce, cost $969,793, or more than $4,700 per attendee, the documents show.

The Calderon dinner was held on the South Lawn in a massive tent adorned with decorated walls, hanging chandeliers, carpeting and a stage for Beyonce's performance.

Guests rode private trolley cars from the White House to the tent. Celebrity guest chef Rick Bayless from Chicago’s Topolobampo restaurant was imported to prepare Oaxacan black mole, black bean tamalon and grilled green beans.

The dinner for the prime minister of India -- which was famously crashed by Virginia couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi -- cost nearly half a million dollars. Dinners for Chinese President Hu Jintao and British Prime Minister David Cameron were of the same level of extravagance.

A knowledgeable government official who made the documents available to The Examiner said the extravagant spending seemed unfair with so many Americans out of work.

"It just kind of takes your breath away to see the expenditure of money that has occurred since 2009," the official said.

Gary Walters, who ran presidential household operations for 21 years during Democratic and Republican administrations, before retiring in 2007, told The Examiner the costs reflected in the documents were "excessive. They are high."

The chief usher of the White House from the Reagan to George W. Bush presidencies, Walters consulted a former White House colleague and said neither of them could recall entertainment costs anywhere near those revealed in the documents provided to The Examiner.

"The highest [cost] event we could remember was $190,000 to $200,000 range, and that was for a very large dinner outside that was probably somewhere in the vicinity of 500 people with two different tents," Walters said, noting that the event was held under President Clinton.

Data for state dinner costs under Bush were unavailable because he signed an executive order in 2001 that put all presidential documents under seal for five years after a chief executive leaves office.

Spokesmen for the presidential libraries of Clinton and President George H.W. Bush were unable to locate data for dinners held in those years.

State dinner costs are a closely guarded secret, the officials said, because of concern about offending governments whose dignitaries receive less opulent bashes than others.

A White House spokesman declined to comment.

The documents also reveal that the Obama White House retained an outside planner for the dinners. Bryan Rafanelli, a Boston-based celebrity event planner who was retained last year, managed former first daughter Chelsea Clinton's 2010 nupitals. His firm's website boasts that he produced "State Dinners hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama."

Rafanelli's business partner, Mark Walsh, is deputy chief of the State Department's Office of Protocol, which reimburses the White House executive residence for the events.

An attorney, Walsh worked on the 2008 presidential campaigns of both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to his official online biography.

Under a long-standing agreement, state dinner expenses are sent by the White House to Walsh's office for processing. His name does not appear in any of the documents obtained by the newspaper.

Asked about the propriety of a White House contractor having a business relationship with a federal official in a position such as Walsh, Walters said, "I don't think it looks very good. Does it smell right? No."

Walters said he never used outside event planners because "I believed the White House residence staff could do the job."

A spokesman for Rafanelli declined to make him available for comment.

Obama's Favorite Taxpayer-Funded 'Green' Company Investigated for Fraud

October 27, 2012

Is this what Obama’s green-energy future looks like?

It was one of Barack Obama’s favorite green-energy companies. And green-energy companies, according to the president, are one of the best ways to facilitate economic growth.

Well, yesterday, The Denver Post detailed the criminal investigation of Abound Solar, a defunct solar-panel manufacturer in Colorado that was run on taxpayer “investments,” for securities fraud, consumer fraud and financial misrepresentation.

Abound shuttered its Colorado plant during the summer and filed for bankruptcy, leaving “125 workers without jobs and taxpayers holding the bag for up to $60 million in defaulted loans.” (Human Events senior reporter Audrey Hudson has already detailed the efforts by the House to investigate the company.) Here’s what Weld County prosecutors are looking into:

The securities-fraud investigation stems from allegations that “officials at Abound Solar knew products the company was selling were defective, and then asked investors to invest in the company without telling them about the defective products,” the DA’s office said in a news release.

Similarly, the consumer-fraud allegation is that Abound knowingly sold defective panels to customers.

The third subject of investigation is that Abound allegedly misled financial institutions when the company was seeking loans.

Since Obama’s “jobs plan” brochure pins the nation’s economic future on the growth of “green-energy jobs” — in fact, it’s one of two areas in the glossy pamphlet that has anything to do with job growth – it seems fair to judge the campaign’s case for the future using one of the companies it touted in the past. Abound was rolled out continually by the administration, the subject of numerous mainstream news stories regarding the stimulus in particular and clean energy generally.

Here is Obama touting Abound Solar personally in a weekly address in 2009. The president claims the project will create 2,000 construction jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs.

The company first began fleecing the American people with the help of the president in 2009, when then-CEO Pascal Noronha claimed that even without stimulus help his company was on track to create 420 new jobs by the end of the year.

Norohna was at the White House with Obama to welcome his first round of American “investment” as part of the $787 billion stimulus package. “We are honored that the White House invited us to participate in this event. The president’s commitment to help us a build a clean energy economy further validates the work our employees do every day to harness the power of the sun, and provide its energy in abundance in the form of low-cost solar panels.”

Abound Solar was also awarded a $400 million loan guarantee in 2010.

During my 8 years in Colorado, I can’t tell you how many times I was informed by highly enlightened and intelligent people that photovoltaic solar panels were the future of energy and an explosion of jobs were right around the corner. Half of the four solar manufacturers that received loan guarantees have failed. The Obama administration’s response? Slap tariffs on Chinese companies to make solar panels more expensive for everyone. Maybe — and this is just a theory — when you flush companies with millions in taxpayer cash for purely ideological reasons you incentivize irresponsible behavior.

Source: Human Events

AUDIT: Obama's Green Jobs Stimulus Program Wasted Cash, Sent Money to His Donors, Who Sent Your Tax Money Back to Fund Obama's Campaign

October 27, 2012

President Obama’s green jobs training program, which was part of his stimulus, has failed on most key jobs measures, according to a new internal audit that found it was training workers who already had jobs that didn’t need green energy skills, and was failing to place new enrollees in jobs once they finished the training.

The Labor Department’s inspector general also said grantees who received the green jobs-training money did a poor job of reporting their results.

Only 38 percent of those who have completed training got jobs based on it, and only 16 percent kept jobs for at least six months — the key measure of success for the program.

“Outcomes for participants were far less than originally proposed,” the auditors said.

The government earmarked more than $400 million for green jobs training programs, and $328.5 million has been spent so far.

About half were already working in the energy sector and wanted retraining, and half were potential new energy workers.

Of those workers who already had energy-sector jobs, the auditors said they were retrained, even though they didn’t need it.

“We found no evidence that the incumbent workers in our sample required services or training to keep their job or obtain a new one,” the investigators said in their report.

The Labor Department challenged the findings, saying that auditors didn’t consider the full progress of those who got training. The department said some of those who got training found jobs before their training was completed and said they should have been counted.

Jane Oates, assistant secretary for employment and training, also said as the rest of the training is completed, they expect the numbers to improve.

The audit was released by House oversight committee Chairman Darrell E. Issa, who requested the update.

Mr. Issa said in addition to poor performance records, the green jobs money “served as a slush fund” for the Obama administration to dole out payments to allies “like the National Council of La Raza, the Blue Green alliance and the U.S. Steelworkers Union.”

Source: Washington Times

AC-130 Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi with CIA on Ground Pointing Laser Designator at Target, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire

October 27, 2012

(Weasel Zippers) - This was buried in a post I did earlier but I really feel like it needs to be pointed out. An armed drone was also circling overhead and did nothing.

[I]n fact, at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours — enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive. Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators.


‘Leaked’ State Department Emails Turn up Heat on Barack Obama

October 27, 2012
By Guest Author

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

According to specific public statements made by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney and Susan Rice, for almost two weeks after the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya–during which our Ambassador, his aide and two former Navy SEALs were ambushed and murdered, the Administration maintained that current intelligence gave no indication that it was more than a protest that got out of hand as a result of an anti-Islamic video, repeatedly declaring:

…we shared intelligence information with the American people as we received it.

Maybe not so much.

Now, ‘whistle-blowers’ from inside the Clinton State Department have made available copies of critical, ‘real time’ email traffic that chronicled the attack on the virtually defenseless consulate, which originated from the State Department Operations Center and then routed to top national security officials at State, the Pentagon, the FBI, the White House Situation Room and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, according to Reuters, CBS, CNN and ABC News articles yesterday.

However, due to the greater depth and detail of reporting, Chad Pergram’s FOXNews article today provides the majority of the information hereunder.

Beginning with the fact that [apparently] only Fox News was told, [or reported], that an estimated 300 to 400 national security figures, who work directly under the nation’s top national security, military and diplomatic officials, received these emails.

Timestamps are [ET] Eastern Time, with the subheading SBU–”Sensitive But Unclassified.”

At 4:05 p.m. ET, September 11, 2012, the State Department Operations Center issued an email alert broadcast to the government and intelligence agencies listed above, particularly including State, the White House Situation Room, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the FBI.

Subject: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack (SBU).

The Regional Security Officer reports the diplomatic mission is under attack. Embassy Tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well. Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four COM personnel are in the compound safe haven.

The 17th of February militia is providing security support.

The operations Center will provide updates as available.

At 4:54 p.m. ET, another email alert is broadcast:

Subject: Update 1: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi (SBU)

Embassy Tripoli reports the firing at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi has stopped and the compound has been cleared.

A response team is on site attempting to locate COM personnel.

At 6:07 p.m. ET, a third email alert is broadcast:

Subject: Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack (SBU)

Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli.

When pressed for comment by the media today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that these emails implicating an Al Qaeda-tied group in the Libya consulate attack were not proof of terrorist involvement–stating claims of responsibility on Facebook and Twitter were not “evidence.”

So, by being unwilling to ‘share’ this immediate information with Americans, it rekindles the question as to why U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, was ‘trotted’ out five days later to appear on all five Sunday morning news shows to etch-in-stone Obama administration narrative that the attack was a “spontaneous” reaction to protests over an anti-Islam film.

At the same time, Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), John McCain (AZ) and Kelly Ayotte (NH), sent a letter to the White House, demanding that President Obama “address the American people directly” as to what exactly the administration knew of the attacks and when.

In television interviews nearly a week after the events in Benghazi, you yourself even refused to describe it as a terrorist attack, instead emphasizing the role played by a hateful video. This concerted misrepresentation of the facts of the case — facts that, it appears, you and your administration possessed almost as soon as the attack began — is why so many of our constituents are demanding a fuller explanation of why your administration responded as it did.

Do not hold your breath waiting for an answer to this letter prior to the election.

It also seems that Clinton’s ‘fog of war’ defense, as related to FOXNews Wendell Goler, while traveling to Peru last week, is affecting the recollection [news archives] of another CNN reporter, Elise Labott, who reported in her CNN article today that:

The day after it took place, President Barack Obama labeled the incident an ‘act of terror.’

This misguided statement is a clear attempt to reinforce and extend President Barack Obama’s statement of fiction he ‘floated’ during the second debate, wherein CNN host and debate moderator, Candy Crowley, destroyed any semblance of her integrity, on camera, in front of 66 million TV and Internet viewers around the world.

For the record, the ‘official’ White House definition of Benghazi did not change to a “terrorist attack,” until Press Secretary Jay Carney snarled at reporters, who were traveling on board Air Force One, that it was ‘self-evident,’ on September 21, 2012–even though Barack Obama would continue the video fantasy while speaking from the podium to the annual General Assembly of the United Nations on September 25, 2012.

It is becoming painfully apparent that Benghazi-gate is becoming a caldron of hot water for President Barack Obama, the four murders and political corruption from which has the potential to eclipse Watergate.

For more: GulagBound/tag/Benghazi

Additional: via Gulag from Western Center for Journalism:

And there's more to immediately come.

Anonymous Warning: 5th November 2012

October 27, 2012

Hat tip: Teresa

Dem congressman draws a blank on 2nd Amendment

October 27, 2012
The Monitor

McALLEN — Asked Wednesday about the Second Amendment, longtime U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa fumbled for an answer.

“There are so many people in Washington who come and talk to us about the Constitution and the rights that they want kept sacred and that not do anything about them. (sic) That we not change them. That we not amend them,” said Hinojosa. “And I can tell you that — I’m drawing a blank on the Second Amendment, but I think it’s the weapons, isn’t it? The NRA?”

Hinojosa recovered after a brief pause, recalling how the 1999 Columbine High School massacre convinced him America needs stronger background checks at weekend gun shows and that he supports more restrictive gun laws.

“And especially those machine guns. Why in the hell do we have to have machine guns? And don’t touch that, because NRA will come and put you on the black list,” Hinojosa said. “Well, I didn’t go up there to be Mr. Popular. I went up there to do the right thing. To help our community. To protect them.”

Hinojosa spoke Wednesday at a political debate hosted by the McAllen Rotary Club, which drew about 50 people to the Salvation Army building, 1600 N. 23rd St. The 72-year-old Democrat from Mercedes is running for a ninth term against Republican challenger Dale Brueggemann, a businessman from Seguin.

The roughly 45-minute debate touched on everything from education to the national debt. Afterward, though, discussion focused on Hinojosa’s comments, which initially suggested he wasn’t familiar with the Second Amendment.

“That was scary, on the part of Rubén, when he was having trouble remembering what the Second Amendment was,” said Peter P. Pranis Jr., a 70-year-old retiree. After Hinojosa’s comments, Pranis said he passed a note to someone sitting nearby, questioning the representative’s mental acuity.

The gaffe also surprised Brueggemann, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association who holds a concealed handgun license.

“I’m a little surprised he didn’t know it right off,” Brueggemann said after the debate.

Hinojosa called Brueggemann’s response “just political rhetoric.”

The moderator switched topics and Hinojosa said he wanted to continue the earlier discussion.

“I just wasn't prepared,” Hinojosa said. “He started talking about a totally different question.”

Obama's Apology Tour Was Crafted By Handful Of Radical Advisors

October 27, 2012

President Obama indignantly denied Mitt Romney's charge in Monday's final debate that his foreign policy amounts to "an apology tour" around the world.

"This has been probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign," Obama protested. "And every fact-checker and every reporter who's looked at it, governor, has said this is not true."

In fact, the president has followed a "doctrine of mea culpa" crafted by a handful of radical advisers who have urged him to, in so many words, apologize for America's war on terror and nuclear superiority.

• Samantha Power. "U.S. foreign policy has to be rethought," according to Obama's national security adviser for multilateral affairs and human rights. "Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors."

Power has suggested the president literally bow to foreign leaders, as atonement for Americans' "sins" — and that's exactly what he's done.

A former New Republic journalist, Power is also a 9/11 apologist who thinks Islamic fanatics hate America because it backs governments that repress them — such as the Mubarak regime in Cairo.

"It's not a coincidence that all but one of the 9/11 hijackers came not from axis of evil countries but from American allies, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia," she says. Power thinks the 9/11 massacre helped "Americans empathize with the victims of genocide."

She redefines U.S. vital interests to include genocide, poverty and disease, and was the main White House aide agitating for removal of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi on "humanitarian grounds."

• Anne-Marie Slaughter. The former State Department policy chief, who last year returned to Princeton University, also has advised the president to apologize for the war on terror.

"The president must ask Americans to acknowledge to ourselves and to the world that we have made serious, even tragic, mistakes in the aftermath of Sept. 11 — in invading Iraq, in condoning torture and flouting international law, and in denying the very existence of global warming," Slaughter said.

• Rashad Hussain. The White House adviser-turned Mideast envoy helped Obama kick off his apology tour in 2009 with a remorseful speech to Muslims in Cairo that he helped draft.

In the 6,000-word speech, which never denounced "terrorism," Obama apologized for the war on terror, lamenting "it led us to act contrary to our ideals." He vowed to close Gitmo, the detention camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, and take other "concrete actions to change course."


Communist Obama sees executive pay rules as next financial reform: report

October 27, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said in an interview released on Thursday that the next important step for making the financial sector safer is to make sure executive pay is less closely tied to risky bets.

In an interview to be published on Friday in Rolling Stone magazine, Obama said that despite passage of Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, there is more to be done to make financial markets safe after the damage caused by the crisis of 2007-2009.

"The single biggest thing that I would like to see is changing incentives on Wall Street and how people get compensated," Obama said. It's questionable, even after enactment of Dodd-Frank reforms, that those incentives have completely been changed, he added.

The Rolling Stone interview stirred controversy because of the president's use, at one point, of a barnyard epithet that some saw as an attack on Republican Mitt Romney.

The White House did not dispute the remarks but a re-election campaign official stressed that the comments were "part of a casual conversation at the end of the interview." The wide-ranging interview covers Obama's first term, what he views as his biggest accomplishments and his fierce fight with Romney for the White House.

The president and Romney are running neck and neck ahead of the November 6 election and have stepped up their campaigning. Obama points to financial reform as a signature accomplishment of his four years in office and says the overhaul will prevent a repeat of the devastating crisis that caused the loss of more than 8 million jobs and erased an estimated $19 trillion in household wealth.

However Dodd-Frank reforms are deeply unpopular with the financial industry and many businesses, who say an avalanche of new requirements stands in the way of hiring new workers and making fresh investments, thus holding back the broader economic recovery. Romney has promised to repeal provisions of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law if elected.

Obama said the stability of markets is still at risk because people making risky bets are handsomely rewarded if the bets pay off, but face limited consequences if those bets go sour.

"It tilts the whole system in favor of very risky behavior," he said. "By the time the chickens come home to roost, they're still way ahead of the game."

Such changes are not entirely up to passing laws in Washington and may require shareholders or company directors to act, Obama said. Changes to the executive compensation system cannot entirely be legislated, he said.

Another challenge to ensuring greater financial stability in the future will be to ensure that the rules that prohibit banks that receive government backstop from making risky trades -- the so called Volcker Rule - is adequately enforced, Obama said.

Progress in implementing the rule was slowed when regulators received thousands of comment letters.

Two influential U.S. senators on Thursday urged regulators to resolve differences and finish writing the rules before the end of the year.

(Reporting by Mark Felsenthal and Emily Stephenson; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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Windows XP Is the Second Most Popular OS, Microsoft Can’t Kill It

October 26, 2012

Windows 8 is now on the market and Microsoft urges everybody to dump Windows XP in order to make the move to the new OS.

This is pretty much mission impossible, as
Windows XP remains one of the most popular choices for all those looking for a Windows operating system.

Worldwide, Windows 7 is the number one OS with a market share of 52.2 percent in September, according to figures released by StatCounter. Windows XP comes second with 27.64 percent, while Vista is way behind with 7.58 percent.

“Our stats confirm the theory that business users in particular have been reluctant to move from XP,” Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter CEO, said.

“The scale of change of the desktop experience, however, may heighten the initial reluctance of traditional business users to upgrade to this new OS.”

Source: Softpedia

Media Hypocrites Stifle Free Speech of Stimulus Recipients

October 26, 2012

The mainstream media, and public radio in particular, made much of Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remark, mocking the idea that some people had become so dependent on the federal government that they could not bring themselves to vote Republican. And yet the Cleveland Plain Dealer and American Public Media’s Marketplace argue that those whose businesses received federal stimulus funds ought not donate to Republicans.

Marketplace’s Jeff Horwich
spoke to the Plain Dealer’s Stephen Koff today, who wrote: From a Cincinnati garbage hauler to some of Ohio's more prominent manufacturers, company executives lined up to get taxpayer money from the stimulus. Then they joined or rejoined the chorus of fiscal restraint, supporting candidates running on that platform including, in the case of some donors, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Koff’s article, as Horwich noted, picks up the charge of hypocrisy that Vice President Joe Biden hurled at Rep. Paul Ryan in their debate on Oct. 11, referring to the fact that Ryan opposed the stimulus but wrote letters on behalf of constituents who had sought stimulus grants. Koff also amplified the Obama campaign’s theme of attacks on GOP donors, which has frequently singled out private citizens for public attack and abuse.

Note that only Republicans are singled out--not Democrats, although eleven joined the vote against the stimulus in 2009. And Koff does not ask an equivalent question of Democratic donors--i.e. whether they donate to Obama despite opposing particular Republican policies from which they may have benefited--such as wealthy liberals who benefited from the Bush tax cuts and failed to return the difference to Washington.

Liberals who want the government to impose higher taxes are perfectly within their rights to hold onto their money regardless. And conservatives who oppose massive government spending are perfectly entitled to apply for federal funds, especially when not doing so might put them at a competitive disadvantage.

What Horwich and Koff are suggesting is not only one-sided, but deeply illiberal: that your right to dissent depends on whether you have received government benefits, in which case you ought not do so.

This is exactly the conformity the left wishes to enforce. Strategists such as Robert Creamer, for example, proclaim that implementing Obamacare will stifle complaints against it.

It is Democrats’ agenda to create a subservient class of beneficiaries that cannot speak out. And it is the media’s agenda--for some, apparently--to assist.

Image credit: American Elephants
October 26, 2012

Texas authorities have threatened to arrest international election observers, prompting a furious response from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

“The threat of criminal sanctions against [international] observers is unacceptable,” Janez Lenarčič, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), said in a statement. “The United States, like all countries in the OSCE, has an obligation to invite ODIHR observers to observe its elections.”

Lawmakers from the group of 56 European and Central Asian nations have been observing U.S. elections since 2002, without incident. Their presence has become a flashpoint this year, however, as Republicans accuse Democrats of voter fraud while Democrats counter that GOP-inspired voter ID laws aim to disenfranchise minority voters.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott further fueled the controversy on Tuesday when he sent a letter to the OSCE warning the organization that its representatives “are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place” and that it “may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place's entrance.”

The letter goes on to accuse the group of having met with liberal organizations that oppose Voter ID laws. The OSCE put out an interim report last week saying that “recent state-level legislative initiatives to limit early voting and introduce stricter voter identification have become highly polarized.”

“The OSCE may be entitled to its opinions about Voter ID laws, but your opinion is legally irrelevant in the United States, where the Supreme Court has already determined that Voter ID laws are constitutional,” Abbott wrote. “If OSCE members want to learn more about our election processes so they can improve their own democratic systems, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the measures Texas has implemented to protect the integrity of elections. However, groups and individuals from outside the United States are not allowed to influence or interfere with the election process in Texas.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) also weighed in, tweeting “No UN monitors/inspectors will be part of any TX election process; I commend @Txsecofstate for swift action to clarify issue.”

In letters to Abbott and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose State Department invited the 44 election observers, Lenarčič reiterated that the group is only there to observe the elections.

“Our observers are required to remain strictly impartial and not to intervene in the voting process in any way,” Lenarčič said in a statement. “They are in the United States to observe these elections, not to interfere in them.”

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland sought to tone down the controversy during her briefing Thursday. The department is eager to avoid giving the impression that the United States is unwilling to submit to the same scrutiny it demands of others when it comes to human and civil rights.

“Since the initial issue with Texas we've received a letter, both for Secretary Clinton and one for Texas authorities, from the OSCE assuring us and Texas authorities that the OSCE observers are committed to following all U.S. laws and regulations as they do in any country where they observe elections and they will do so as well in Texas,” Nuland said. "To my knowledge [Texas] is the only state that came forward and said 'please reassure us that you're going to follow our state electoral law.' And they have now been reassured."

OBAMA PRAISES UN on Same Day UN Urges Boycott of US Companies Doing Business in Israel

October 26, 2012
Posted by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit:

The Barack Obama Administration heaped praise on the United Nations today on its anniversary.

Also today…
 The United Nations Human Rights Council urged member states to boycott US companies that do business in Israel.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained a report soon to be released by the United Nations that calls for an international campaign of legal attacks and economic warfare on a group of American companies that do business in Israel, including Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar Inc., and Motorola Solutions Inc.

The Human Rights Council (HRC), a body dominated by Islamic countries and known for its hostility to, and heavy focus on, the Jewish State, issued the report. The George W. Bush administration refused to participate in the HRC, but President Barack Obama joined it soon after taking office. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.

The Obama-approved body maintains a “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories [sic].” The current rapporteur is American college professor Richard Falk, a 9/11 “truther” who once posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal blog.

“Alger Hiss Day” a Reminder of U.N.’s Anti-Americanism

October 26, 2012
Trevor Loudon

October 24 is United Nations Day, or as Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it, “Global Oneness Day.” It has also been labeled “Alger Hiss Day,” in recognition of the Soviet spy and State Department official who played a major role in founding the world body. Don’t expect the major media to remind us of that fact.

One of the best sources of information on the role of Alger Hiss in the U.N. is the important new book, Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason, by Christina Shelton.

The Shelton book notes, “Following Yalta, preparation for the establishment of the United Nations was Hiss’s primary mission.” Hiss was appointed acting secretary-general of the U.N. founding conference and was involved in staffing the U.N. by selecting people for employment in the world body. “About fifty showed up as permanent employees and a couple of hundred in part-time assignments,” Shelton says of Hiss’s efforts.

One of Barack Obama’s fundraisers was Anthony Lake, a former Clinton official who had publicly questioned whether Hiss was guilty of espionage-related charges. Obama appointed him Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, has been strongly criticized for lying about the nature of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. She blamed the murders of four Americans, including the Ambassador, on a spontaneous reaction to a film attacking Islam, rather than an al-Qaeda terrorist affiliate which claimed responsibility for the assault.

Almost as controversial, the Obama State Department has announced that “observers” from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), an ad hoc organization under the United Nations Charter, have been invited to monitor U.S. elections on November 6.

On the 2007 anniversary of the U.N., I wrote about a State Department document on the founding of the world organization, “The United States and the Founding of the United Nations, August 1941 – October 1945,” which ignored Alger Hiss’s role. I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out why.

It took several years for the State Department to release the documents, which I have now posted. The material consists of 215 pages of internal State Department documents which explain how the role of communist spy and State Department official Alger Hiss in founding the U.N. was covered up during the 60th anniversary of the world body. There is no smoking gun, in the sense of the documents showing a controversy over some official working to get a mention of Hiss’s name in the report and other bureaucrats objecting to it. Instead, the documents include several drafts of the report, “The United States and the Founding of the United Nations, August 1941 – October 1945,” which examines minor controversies over mostly trivial matters.

The material constitutes an indictment of the State Department’s failure to acknowledge, let alone explain, how a communist assumed a major position of authority and power in the State Department and then used that influence to create a world organization that has been exploited for anti-American purposes ever since.

Ironically, while the U.S. State Department ignored Hiss’s role, the U.N. itself published a report about its founding that relied upon the observations of Hiss (without of course noting his role as a Soviet agent).

Although Hiss’s role in founding the U.N. is not mentioned by the major media when writing or airing contemporary stories about the world body, the facts do sometimes get noticed. When Hiss died in 1996, The New York Times noted, “By the time the charge [of being a Soviet spy] surfaced in the late 1940’s, Mr. Hiss had accompanied President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference, played an important role in the founding of the United Nations and left the Government to become president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.”

There are significant differences between the two major political parties about the importance and significance of the U.N.

The Democratic Party 2012 platform declares that the United Nations has been “a centerpiece of international order since the mid-20th century” and that “American leadership was essential to forging the architecture for international cooperation after World War II…” The Republican Party 2012 platform declares, “Since the end of World War II, the United States, through the founding of the United Nations and NATO, has participated in a wide range of international organizations which can, but sometimes do not, serve the cause of peace and prosperity. While acting through them, our country must always reserve the right to go its own way. There can be no substitute for principled American leadership.”

Mitt Romney has recognized how Russia, the successor state to the Soviet Union, uses the U.N. for its own purposes. In the final presidential debate, he called Russia “a geopolitical foe” which continues “to battle us in the U.N. time and time again.” He has urged the defunding of the U.N. Population Fund and wants to pull out of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

On the other hand, the Council on Foreign Relations, which once included Alger Hiss as a member, has noted that Obama is a frequent “advocate for the organization.”

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is one of the largest blocs of nations at the U.N. It includes 56 Islamic states promoting Muslim solidarity in economic, social, and political affairs. Russia is an OIC observer state.

The OIC has called for critics of Islam to be silenced, on the grounds that such criticism constitutes “Islamophobia.” Obama told the U.N. in September that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Mitt Romney has declared that the Obama administration “has distanced itself from Israel and visibly warmed to the Palestinian cause,” an approach that “has emboldened the Palestinians,” who are now “convinced that they can do better at the U.N.—and better with America—than they can at the bargaining table with Israel.”

Romney added, “I have studied the writings and speeches of the jihadists. They argue for a one-state solution—one all-dominating radical Islamist state, that is. Their objective is not freedom, not prosperity, not a Palestinian state, but the destruction of Israel. And negotiating and placating such jihadists will never, ever yield peace in the Middle East.”

On the other hand, Romney seemed to be endorsing the U.N.-sponsored International Criminal Court (ICC) when he said in the debate, “I’d make sure that [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad is indicted under the Genocide Convention.” Romney said his statements about destroying the state of Israel “amount to genocide incitation.”

Article 25(3)(e) of the so-called Rome Statute, which created the ICC, outlaws the incitement of genocide.

A Romney senior adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, later said Romney was referring to the “World Court,” the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, a body that doesn’t have the ability to indict anybody. Another Romney adviser, John Bolton, who served as Ambassador to the U.N. under President George W. Bush, has been a strong critic of the ICC and announced the Bush policy that the United States did not intend to become a party to the treaty.

As a result, several media organizations have correctly noted that Romney’s position on cooperating with the United Nations has become a subject of much confusion.

Source: Accuracy in Media - Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at

Presidential Proclamation -- United Nations Day, 2012

October 26, 2012

Sixty-seven years ago, as the world began to emerge from the shadows of war, the 51 founding member states of the United Nations came together to take up the new test of forging a lasting peace. In a decade scarred by genocide, the United Nations chose the hope of unity over the ease of division, boldly promising to future generations that the dignity and equality of human beings would be our common cause. Today, we commemorate United Nations Day by celebrating the founding ideals laid down in its Charter and reaffirming the commitments to peace building, human rights, and social progress that will guide us in the years to come.

Throughout its history, the United Nations Charter has reflected the belief that the world is more secure when the global community acts collectively. Dedicated to assuring "the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small," the institution has played an essential role in addressing the conditions that make the world more just and conflict less likely -- caring for children, tending to the sick, and pursuing peace in places wracked by conflict. In today's world, this mission remains as vital as it has ever been. Across the globe, people are making their voices heard. They are insisting on their innate dignity and the right to determine their future. The United States will always stand up for these aspirations at home and abroad, and we will join our global partners in working to realize them.

Through the better part of a century, we have seen what is possible when a strong and united international community takes action to advance the interests and values we share. The founding values of the United Nations remind us that countries can resolve their differences peacefully, and that all people deserve the chance to seek their own destiny, free from fear and empowered with their most fundamental rights. As we recognize this 67th anniversary of the United Nations, let us recommit to carrying that vision forward in the years ahead.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 24, 2012, as United Nations Day. I urge the Governors of the 50 States, and the officials of all other areas under the flag of the United States, to observe United Nations Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-fourth day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh.


Vice President Joe Biden's Secret Service officer charged with sexual assault of girl, 14

October 26, 2012

A Secret Service officer assigned to Vice President Joe Biden’s residence was arrested Monday for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in his custody.

Hector Reynaldo Cuellar of Woodbridge, Va., was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child by a custodian, according to a daily incident report released by the Prince William County Police Department. He is being held without bond.

“The investigation revealed that the 14-year-old female victim was sexually assaulted by the accused family member on separate occasions between August and October of 2012,” according to the Prince William County Police Department’s daily incident report.

There is no mention of his employment with the Secret Service in the police report, but sources told that Cuellar, 51, is a uniformed division officer assigned to the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C.

In response to’s request for comment, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said via email:

“We are aware of the arrest of this employee. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of judicial action. Any other questions should be referred to the Prince William County police.”

When asked how long Cuellar has been with the Secret Service, Donovan told, "We aren't providing any further information at this point."

Sources also said that on Tuesday afternoon, the Secret Service’s Security Clearance Division sent around a “Do Not Admit” email notification throughout the agency for Hector Cuellar.

Police were first notified on Sunday, according to the police incident report.

“On October 21st, detectives from the Special Victim Unit received a report of a sexual assault, reported to have occurred in the Woodbridge area of Prince William County,” the report says.

Cuellar was arrested the next day following a police investigation.

Source: Fox News

TSA reveals top airports where workers were caught stealing

October 26, 2012

HOUSTON—The TSA is admitting where its workers have been caught stealing from travelers and Bush Intercontinental Airport made the list.

Bush Intercontinental Airport came in at 12th on the list and Miami, JFK and LAX were the top three.
The TSA was forced to reveal the airports where workers were fired for theft after a Freedom of Information Act request.

European Union Lauds Soviet State

October 26, 2012

Although the Soviet Union officially ended in 1991, apparatchiks working in the name of European “integration” are using the communist hammer and sickle, the coat of arms of organized mass murder.

“For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death,” writes Daniel Hannan. “It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people’s courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia.”

The symbol of German fascism, the swastika, is of course absent from the design. But if the rulers of the EU were honest, they’d include it too. In fact, it would replace the communist hammer and sickle as the dominant symbol on this advertisement.

As the Red House Report revealed, the Nazis planned for a Fourth Reich as the Third Reich crumbled. “The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants, reborn as democrats, soon prospered in the new West Germany. There they worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration,” writes Adam Lebor.

Paul Joseph Watson cited Lebor in 2009. “Lebor reveals how he uncovered US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, also known as The Red House Report, which details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 and, knowing Germany was on the brink of military defeat, conspired to create a Fourth Reich – a pan-European economic empire based around a European common market,” Watson writes.

A decade later, former SS Officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was gathering the “future Dictators of Europe” at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland. By 1955, they were plotting the European Union and a single European currency nearly forty years before the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.

source: prison planet

Criminal investigation underway in Moran voter fraud case

October 26, 2012
Washington Examiner

Patrick Moran resigned from his father’s reelection campaign after Project Veritas released video showing him coaching someone on how to commit voter fraud, and now the police are investigating the case.

“The Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the Arlington County Police Department have been made aware of a video released yesterday allegedly depicting Patrick Moran, former Director of Field Operations for the Jim Moran for Congress campaign organization, assisting another to vote illegally,” the city announced today.

“The Arlington County Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation of this matter.”

Here’s what The Washington Examiner’s Steve Contorno reported on the video:

In the video, Patrick Moran is approached by a man claiming to have the names of 100 Virginia residents who are registered to vote but unlikely to do so. The man, who is holding a hidden camera, asks Moran how he can cast votes for those Virginians.

Moran encourages the man to focus his time on legitimate get-out-the-vote efforts. But he also tells the man to forge utility bills with the names and addresses of the 100 Virginians and use those documents as a form of voter ID when casting votes in their name.

“So, if they just have the utility bill or bank statement — bank statement would obviously be tough — but faking a utility bill would be easy enough,” Moran says in the video.

Patrick Moran, the field director for his father’s re-election campaign, announced his resignation just hours after the video was released.

Attorney General Eric Holder has dismissed voter fraud as an important issue in the past, even when Project Veritas released a video showing how easy it was to get a poll worker to give Holder’s ballot to someone else. “It’s no coincidence that these so-called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones,” a DOJ official told Talking Points Memo in response.

Ted Turner: I Think It's "Good" U.S. Troops are Killing Themselves

October 26, 2012
You Tube

During an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, Ted Turner said he thinks it's "good" that U.S. soldiers are killing themselves because it shows humanity has evolved a distaste for war.

Some have argued that Turner is expressing his satisfaction at U.S. troops killing themselves because it indicates that humanity is starting to spiritually evolve an aversion to war.

However, Turner has repeatedly voiced his wish to see billions of people wiped off the planet via population reduction programs.

If you think Ted Turner wants to save people from dying by ending war, then why does he also advocate the elimination of 95 per cent of the world's population as well as China's brutal one child policy?

See More>>

Published on Oct 25, 2012 by PrisonPlanetLive

Obama to Six Year Old Girl: 'Romney's a 'Bullshitter'

October 26, 2012

What a class act clown the sheeple voted in....

The Weekly Standard:

President Barack Obama told Rolling Stone that Mitt Romney is a "bullshitter." Mike Allen reports:
FIRST LOOK – Rolling Stone cover, “Obama and the Road Ahead: The Rolling Stone Interview,” by Douglas Brinkley: “We arrived at the Oval Office for our 45-minute interview … on the morning of October 11th. … As we left the Oval Office, executive editor Eric Bates told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old if there was anything she wanted him to say to the president. … [S]he said, ‘Tell him: You can do it.’ Obama grinned. … ‘You know, kids have good instincts,’ Obama offered, ‘They look at the other guy and say, “Well, that’s a bullshitter, I can tell.”

The things kids say, how 'bout it?

Dirty, Dirty Claire McCaskill – Husband Joe Shepard Awarded $20 Million in Stimulus to Benefit His Real Estate Projects

October 26, 2012
Jim Hoft @

The Gateway Pundit:

Claire McCaskill’s husband received over $20 million in Stimulus cash for his real estate projects.
Senator McCaskill at the time had influence over federal policy that directly affected her family’s income.

Missouri royalty - The rest of the country has suffered but Claire McCaskill and her husband Joseph Shepard have done very well these past five years.

National Legal and Policy Center reported:

An analysis of public records by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) has found more than $20 million in federal stimulus funds benefitting real estate projects financially tied to Joseph Shepard, husband of Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press published an analysis, stating, “businesses affiliated with the husband of Senator Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million in federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office…”

The NLPC analysis released today showed more than $20 million in financial benefits from the federal stimulus law to real estate projects associated with McCaskill’s husband, with all of the $20 million benefitting projects different than those identified by the Associated Press story.

While the AP study focused on federal subsidies going to entities listed on Financial Disclosure Reports filed by Senator McCaskill, NLPC reviewed voluminous public records involving the Missouri Tax Credit Fund, L.P. (MTCF), a business listed as an asset by Senator McCaskill on her reports.

None of the six real estate projects identified by NLPC as receiving over $20 million in federal stimulus funds were listed on McCaskill’s Financial Disclosure Reports or covered by the AP analysis.

According to McCaskill’s Financial Disclosure Reports, MTCF was listed as having an asset value of over $1 million in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Asset values are reported in broad ranges with “Over $1,000,000″ being the highest category. Therefore, it is possible that the asset value of MTCF is much larger than $1,000,000.

The McCaskills make millions from their government subsidized properties each year.

Hillary at Seal’s Funeral – We Are Going To Prosecute Youtube Video Maker

October 26, 2012

Our Secretary of State thinks it’s against the law to make a movie.

Reason Number 284 to vote out this administration-


Speaking to the “Lars Larson Show,” father of Seal Tyrone Woods — who died defending the consulate and Benghazi — told about his experience of meeting the President and Secretary Clinton at the memorial service for the fallen a few days after the attack. Charles Woods said that the President “couldn’t look me in the eye” and “mumbled” an “I’m sorry” but that it didn’t seem “genuine”. He said the same of Secretary Clinton and that Clinton assured him that they were going to “arrest and prosecute” the man that made the scapegoated youtube video critical of Islam.


 used to have one of those tuxedo t-shirts.

Ed Klein: Bill Clinton ‘Urging’ Hillary to Release Benghazi Documents That Would ‘Exonerate’ Her, Destroy Obama’s Re-Election Hopes

October 26, 2012
The Blaze

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered additional security for the U.S. mission in Benghazi ahead of the terrorist attack but the orders were never carried out, according to “legal counsel” to Clinton who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein. Those same sources also say former President Bill Clinton has been “urging” his wife to release official State Department documents that prove she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the election.

Appearing on TheBlazeTV’s “Wilkow!” on Wednesday night, Klein told host Andrew Wilkow that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been having “big fights” for “two or three weeks” about the issue, according to his two sources on Clinton’s legal counsel. While Bill Clinton wishes his wife would “exonerate” herself by releasing the documents that show she wasn’t at fault for the tragic security failure in Libya, the secretary of state refuses to do so because she doesn’t want to be viewed as a traitor to the Democratic party.

On Glenn Beck’s radio show earlier on Wednesday, Klein said his information comes from two “very good” sources.

Wilkow pointed out the obvious, that the Obamas and the Clintons have a “very behind the scenes, tense relationship” — to put it lightly.

“I said to you last night, and I think I stand corrected, that it seemed like Obama out-Clintoned the Clintons,” Wilkow said. “But Clinton seems to have gone along with all of this because he knew that Hillary would be exonerated in the end.”

He then asked Klein whether he thought Clinton would resign over the Libya scandal and expose the truth.

“No,” the author said immediately. “I can’t imagine that she would resign. It would bring down the entire administration. [Obama] would lose the election and she would be essentially blamed by the left-wing base of the party.”

“She will not be tarred with the blame for bringing down this administration,” Klein added.

Watch the segment via TheBlazeTV below:

In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, Klein confirmed that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been engaging in “heated discussions” where the former president has urged his wife to “release the documents that would exonerate her.” He reiterated that Clinton has refused to do so because she fears she would look like a “Judas,” or a traitor, in the administration and it might hurt her chances for a presidential nomination in 2016.

If the claims turn out to be true and Clinton did suggest more security be sent to Benghazi, it is appropriate to ask: why didn’t it happen?

Klein said Clinton’s request for beefed up security would have to go through CIA special ops and or the Pentagon.

“But none of that would happen with the National Security advisor to the president of the United States Tom Donilon going to the president and saying, ‘We want to send reinforcements to Libya because our ambassador is in jeopardy,’” Klein explained.

Ultimately, he indicated the ultimate authority would have been President Obama.

Wilkow and Klein also discussed what role Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, played in the Benghazi cover-up.

By Obama’s own admission, Klein said, the president never makes a big decision without first consulting with Jarrett.

“We have to assume that Valerie Jarrett, who is also by the way hooked into the Chicago campaign…that she was part of this cover-up in the White House.”

He continued: “The CIA got cables, the Department of Defense got cables, the NSA got cables during the attack on Benghazi, in addition to the emails that have since been made public. We know that there are cables that we haven’t seen yet, confirming the State Department cables that this was an al-Qaeda linked attack.”

These new revelations, following Tuesday night’s explosive report that 300 to 400 national security officials received emails detailing the Benghazi terrorist attack as it was happening, raise fresh questions about the truth behind the Benghazi attack.

The emails revealed that the Libyan radical Islamic group Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack just two hours after it began. White House officials told CBS News that an unmanned Predator drone was sent over the U.S. mission in Libya, providing Washington with a live feed to the chaos that unfolded.

To read the full emails, click here.

Video:Obama Linked To Benghazi Attack

October 26, 2012

We learned Tuesday that Barack Hussein Obama,along with the FBI,CIA,the State Department,and literally hundreds of intelligence-related entities within the federal government knew the Benghazi consulate had been attacked by terrorists within two hours.

We learned that three emails were sent directly to the White House Situation Room describing the incident as a terrorist attack.

We learned that Obama watched in real time and did nothing while four Americans were murdered.

And while Obama and the mainstream media were playing “Pin the tail on the YouTube video” for two weeks,Western Journalism had been on top of this story since day one. We knew that a cover-up was occurring from the very beginning.

But it was not simply a President who stood by and did nothing while four Americans were murdered. Not simply a President so myopic that he refused to accept that terrorists,under his “bridge-building” administration,would want to kill us.

It was something much more.

Much more sinister.

Watch our newest video to find out the real news on the Benghazi attack.

Source: Expose Obama

Frank Gaffney: Obama's Middle East Fast & Furious?

October 26, 2012
You Tube

It seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America's enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies, as well. That would explain his administration's desperate, and now-failing, bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate.

More at The Washington Times>>

University Refuses Tuition Aid for Combat Vets; Gives It to Mexican Illegals Instead

October 26, 2012

FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: The University of North Carolina, which is currently giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition benefits, denied an Army sergeant the same break at its Pembroke branch even though she owns a home in the Tar Heel state and only moved away briefly because the military stationed her husband in Texas.

Hayleigh Perez, 26, hoped to use her G.I. Bill to attend the UNC’s Pembroke campus near Fort Bragg, but the young veteran — who served a 14-month tour in Iraq — was told she did not qualify as a state resident because she had been gone for about three years.

“I got frustrated. When I tried to inquire, they kept putting up roadblocks,” Perez told “It’s just disgraceful that life in Iraq, where you could die, is easier than trying to go to school here.”

Perez enlisted in 2005, and was stationed in Fort Bragg before shipping out to Camp Bucca in Iraq. That’s where she met her husband and fellow soldier, Jose Perez-Rodriguez. The pair married and, when their tours ended in 2006, bought their home in Raeford, N.C. They lived there until 2009, when Jose Perez-Rodriguez was assigned to a base in Texas. But they continued paying the mortgage and taxes on the North Carolina property while she accompanied him on his deployment for six months, and Perez has been in North Carolina for the past two years, she said.

The Right Planet has MORE>>

Obama: Banks Are In To Make Money And That's Why We Need To Regulate Them

October 26, 2012
You Tube


October 26, 2012

By Gary Powell

The First Amendment to the constitution that promises “freedom of the press” continues to be thwarted by today’s media who are covering up for the President’s false identity to a level that borders on criminal.
Possibly worse is the amount of lies and deceit coming now from our leaders and politicians are in and of itself a national security threat.
Today, Real Estate Mogul and committed and so-called “birther” Donald Trump sent a challenge to the President:

“President Obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country, there has never been anything like it. We know very little about our President”.

“I have a deal for the President, a deal I don’t think he can refuse and I hope he doesn’t. If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport records, I will give to a charity of his choice, inner city children in Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS research, anything he wants, a check, immediately, for five million dollars. The check will be given within one hour after he releases the records so stated. “

What can we expect as the response of the MSM? Will they ask and the report on a statement from the President? Are they asking questions as to why, after almost 4 years Obama continues to remain non-transparent, contrary to what he promised, but rather quite opaque? Don't bet on it.
Instead, the media continues the same Saul Alinsky tactic that they have employed for the past several years, attacking and ridiculing the messenger.
These immediate headlines are an example and evidence of how the MSM as a whole will continue report:

MSN: “Donald Trump's'bombshell' is the biggest letdown of the day”

ABC: “Donald Trump’s‘Major’ News Now Twitter Laughingstock”

LA TIMES: “DonaldTrump's wretched $5-million gimmick”

And This is what we have so far from the White House:

“Direct those questions to Boston because Donald Trump is Mitt Romney’s biggest supporter, so he owns everything he says.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has investigated at the behest of Arizona citizens and uncovered enough information that questions demand answers on Obama’s identity records.
Will we find an honest broker in the media who will see this for what it is…a plea for Obama to come clean, to stop hiding whatever he may be hiding.
The implication is very clear, if Obama refuses to simply open what should be very benign records to Trump and thus the public in order to help charity with a whopping $5 million, then he MUST be hiding those records for a reason. Kudo’s to Trump for having the courage of his convictions to speak out, to open himself to ridicule in order for truth to be determined. Don’t expect Kudos towards Trump to come from a media that cheers and covers for Obama and the mystery of who he is.
The question is, what will America do in response to a President and a Press that are aactively deceiving millions of Americans? 

source: infiltrated nation