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Twitter's Latest Brilliant Idea Is Foolproof: Add Filters to Photos, Obliterate Instagram


Maybe Twitter is going through midlife crisis. For a while, it was the cool new thing, first only the cool people used it. Then, more and more joined, but it was still fresh, it was still the "future" and was getting a lot of praise from the mainstream media.

But then, just like a youngster fresh out of college, it realized that being popular is great and all, but it doesn't pay the bills, so it started looking at ways it could make money.

Twitter is probably doing better financially, but all of the developers it pushed to the side weren't that happy with it.

Perhaps a better analogy is a lead singer who now thinks he's too cool for the band and goes on a solo career.

But just as lead singers quickly realize that it wasn't all just about them and that the rest of the band actually contributed to the success, Twitter is realizing that going solo isn't as easy as it sounded.

The solution is not getting friendly with developers though, it's adding photo filters. Twitter is a year or two late to this particular party, but it's not bothered by that.

After the initial success of Instagram and co., "everyone" was adding filters to their apps in the hope that the same success would follow. It didn't of course.

Twitter is not only jumping on the bandwagon, it's doing long after the bandwagon crashed to the side of the road.

Apparently, Twitter's latest genius plan to stay relevant and prevent Instagram from "stealing" its users' time is to add photo filters to its mobile app.

The idea is that, if the filters are built into Twitter, no one will have any need for Instagram anymore.

Obviously, that line of thinking isn't new, but most of the companies that thought they could do that and compete with Instagram aren't around anymore.

That's because, no matter how shallow or superficial you think Instagram is, and it is, its success has nothing to do with filters.

Just like Facebook's success didn't have anything to do with the news feed, the profile, photos or whatever else.

Their success comes down to something very simple yet hard to understand and harder to do, they have a good product.

People don't use Instagram because they can alter their photos, they use it because it's easy, it's fun, they get to check out cool photos from others and they can share their photos easily with their friends.

The experience is simple and smooth. The network effect doesn't hurt either, at over 100 million users Instagram is huge.

But it's harder to replicate a great experience, mostly because you can't. You can't replicate it, you have to build it. It's much easier to simply copy whatever superficial feature stands out the most and call it a day.

This is why there are plenty of search engines, but only one Google, plenty of social networks, but only one Facebook, plenty of photo sharing apps, but only one Instagram.

by Lucian Parfeni

Photos of Flooded NY Aquarium

Nov. 3, 2012

One would suppose that a place with 10s or even 100s of thousands of gallons of water for nearly a century would be have emergency flood plans in tact, and be durable enough to withstand what, in their case, would be the equivalent to a typical workplace emergency.... Obviously not!

As previously reported, hurricane Sandy caused the New York aquarium to flood, and the Wildlife Conservation Society admitted to thinking about sending some of the animals to other wildlife parks.

Only yesterday, pictures taken inside the aquarium's flooded facilities hit the online community, and it is quite clear that, at least in some parts of this marine park, the damages are rather extensive.

Although power has been restored to two of the aquarium's main exhibit buildings, significant efforts must still be made to assess the remaining facilities and get them back on track, Mongabay reports.

The director for the New York Aquarium wished to reassure the public that, “We have been able to maintain temporary life support on our tanks and exhibits since we lost power when the storm hit.”

Furthermore, “Our veterinarians have been working with the animal care staff to ensure the health and well-being of all our animals.”

Once all the animals residing at this marine park find themselves out of harm's way, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the staff at the aquarium will focus on reopening the facility.

photos from softpedia

FOUND: Where to find gas in NY/NJ!

Fuel Tank Cracks Open, 349,000 Gallons Spill Near New York and New Jersey

Notice that the left is already whining over it polluting the area..

Well here's a solution: Let the destitute residents reclaim it and use it to survive... Nah, that would make too much sense, right?

Nov. 3, 2012

On October 29, a storage tank owned by a joint venture of Shell and Saudi Refining, Motiva Enterprises, got hit by hurricane Sandy and ruptured.

Shortly after, as many as 349,000 gallons of diesel fuel made their way into the Arthur Kill waterway, which separates New Jersey from New York's Staten Island.

As was to be expected, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) agreed to send an Emergency Response Division to the scene of the incident.

This team of first responders got to the leaking storage tank on October 31, and the US Coast Guard now wishes to reassure American citizens that the spill is well under control.

Huffington Post reports that, in order to contain and clean up the oil spill, members of the US NOAA and the US Coast Guard had to resort to a so-called vacuum truck which basically sucked in the diesel and water mixture.

Furthermore, rings were set in place in order to keep the spill from spreading even further. These rings also made it easier for workers to collect the spilled fuel.

BNO News says that, up until now, roughly 151,200 gallons of fuel and water mixture have been collected by the 150 emergency responders in charge of managing the spill.

According to the same source, a spokesperson for Shell wished to emphasize the fact that, “No injuries have occurred and there has been no further product released since the initial event.”

Furthermore, “Previously deployed booms are continuing to skim released product in the Woodbridge creek adjacent to the site. Motiva and public emergency responders are on site assessing the situation.”

For the time being, this fuel spill poses no immediate threats to public health, yet it was only a couple of days ago when a team of environmental scientists warned that hurricane Sandy was to have a tremendous impact on the natural ecosystems and human communities in this part of the world.

Thus, it is these environmental scientists' belief that Sandy will up US water pollution levels, simply because numerous chemical compounds have been washed off the streets by the heavy rain and the storm surges.

source: softpedia

UNEARTHED!! – As a Senator, Obama Voted against Aid for Hurricane Katrina Victims


Can someone say oops!!! President Obama who has through out his presidency “misspoken”, failed to live up to most campaign promises and has on numerous occasions spoken apparent untruths, is now being criticized for what most say cannot be described any other way than outright lying.

In one of the previously unreported and never aired segments of the 2007 video

Read the Full story>>

"The Hope & The Change" (2012)


For those undecided voters this should help you decide if you want 4 more years ...


New Jersey an 'Apocalyptic Vision' Two Days After Obama Photo Op


Two days after President Obama flew into storm-ravaged New Jersey on Wednesday for a 90 minute photo op with Governor Christie, parts of the state have descended into what one local resident calls "an apocalyptic vision." On Friday, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, this New Jersey resident described the situation there:

New Jersey right now is experiencing an apocalyptic vision. Gas lines are a mile long. Hundreds are standing in line with gas cans. Fights are breaking out. Police and national guard have been called out. I've not had power or taken a shower since Sunday. Pray for us here.

FEMA reps are meeting with people in their residences to assess how recovery assistance can be provided to them.

While FEMA representatives had finally arrived on the ground by Friday, most of them appear to be focused on providing financial assistance to victims of Hurricane Sandy at some point in the future. There is no indication yet that any FEMA representatives on the ground are actually doing anything to aid in the distribution of food, supplies, gas, or restoring electricity.

On Wednesday, President Obama promised to deliver a far rosier outcome to New Jersey residents over the next several days. In fact, the President made a specific promise that he would make sure supplies were delivered, as CNN reported. Two days later, he's failed to deliver on that promise, though he has been able to campaign in key swing states across the country during that time:

Many people across the region are still in need of basic supplies. President Barack Obama visited a shelter Wednesday in the hard-hit town of Brigantine, New Jersey, where he said he met a woman with an 8-month-old who has run out of diapers and formula.

"Those are the kinds of basic supplies and help that we can provide," he said. [emphasis added]

Obama promised the federal government "will not quit" until communities are cleaned up.

"We are not going to tolerate red tape, we are not going to tolerate bureaucracy," Obama said. "And I've instituted a 15-minute rule, essentially, on my team. You return everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes, whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county officials.

"If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes."

The President may be right. The Obama administration has found a way to "say yes to something needed," by New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy, but it's not yet found a way to "do that something needed."

Wealthy Columbia Univ. donor: School told me Obama had 2.6 GPA

Daily Caller

The shroud over President Barack Obama’s college records — recently spotlighted by Donald Trump’s $5 million challenge — is prompting Americans to share what they’ve got, and The Daily Caller is getting its share of leads, including one story that the president scored a GPA of only 2.6 at Columbia University.

The 2.6 grade can’t be confirmed, is contradicted by some evidence, and it doesn’t say anything about the courses, professors and associations Obama was immersed in during his two-year stay in Columbia.

But the source is credible, and he’s contributing to the collective effort by Americans to find out more about their president — who is a champion of a greater role for himself and other government officials in Americans’ personal lives, social norms and career opportunities.

The source for the 2.6 number is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a Columbia alumnus who maintains good ties with the university.

In 2004, after Obama’s successful speech at that year’s Democratic convention, a Columbia University official told him Barack Obama’s GPA, he explained to TheDC.

“This person told me that he [Obama] was a pre-law, poli-sci major, had a lot of incompletes, and as best could be determined after sorting through the incompletes, had a GPA of 2.6,” said the businessman, a former Marine Corps combat veteran.

The source asked not to be named, but TheDC has verified at least one $2,500 contribution he made to Columbia.

The claim matches some of the other reports about Columbia’s arrivals in 1981, and some of Obama’s comments about his college career, including his 1981 transfer from Occidental College to Columbia.

Obama told author David Maraniss that he earned a B+ GPA in two years at Occidental.

But it also clashes with other evidence, including Obama’s observable smarts, and his claim to Maraniss that he earned a GPA of 3.7 at the Ivy League school.

Public and media interest in presidents’ college records isn’t new.

The New Yorker published Bush’s transcripts a year before he was elected president, amid approval from many Washington, D.C. political reporters and partisan advocates.

On Oct. 24, real estate mogul Donald Trump highlighted the widespread interest in the president’s exotic and obscured past by offering to donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his academic transcripts and passport records.

Americans “will know something about their president [and] their president will become transparent, like other presidents,” Trump said, prompting derision from many in the media establishment.

Other groups and individuals are digging for the same materials, which they hope will help shape the public’s understanding of the president’s priorities.

On Sept. 19 a group of federalists used their website, The Trenches, to offer a $35,000 reward for Obama’s transcripts from Occidental College, Columbia or Harvard.

Next Page: Is search for grades a distraction?

Wash. college OK’s exposure of young girls to naked man


Alliance Defending Freedom:

College points to non-discrimination policy, local district attorney won’t enforce indecent exposure law

Attorney sound bite: David Hacker

45-year-old male student Colleen Francis, who has been using the women's locker room at Evergreen State University (KIRO TV)
OLYMPIA, Wash. — Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to Washington’s Evergreen State College Thursday after college officials claimed that its non-discrimination policy doesn’t allow the school to stop a man from exposing himself to girls as young as six years old in a women’s locker room. A local district attorney has also stated that he doesn’t plan to enforce the state’s indecent exposure statute to protect the girls.

The 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his male genitalia on several occasions in the presence of young girls who use the college’s locker rooms. Students from Olympia High School and children in the Evergreen Swim Club and Aquatics Academy share use of the locker rooms with the college. Rather than prevent the man from using the locker room, the school has installed curtains and asked the girls to change behind them.

“Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period. A college’s notions about ‘non-discrimination’ don’t change that,” said Senior Legal Counsel David Hacker. “The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling. What Americans are seeing here is the poisoned fruit of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies. Placing this man’s proclivities ahead of protecting little girls is beyond unacceptable.”

According to a police report, the local district attorney will likely not pursue charges because he claims “the criminal law is very vague in this area”; however, the state’s indecent exposure statute clearly states, “A person is guilty of indecent exposure if he or she intentionally makes any open and obscene exposure of his or her person or the person of another knowing that such conduct is likely to cause reasonable affront or alarm.”

The problem of men using the women’s locker room has gone on for many years at the college, and the Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that Evergreen State College and its employees could be held liable for damages if any harm befalls any of the young girls.

“Clearly, allowing a person who is biologically a man to undress and expose himself to young girls places those girls at risk for emotional distress and harm,” the letter states. “Any reasonable person would view this as dangerous to the young girls involved. The fact that this individual was sitting in plain view of young girls changing into their swimsuits puts you and Evergreen on notice of possible future harm. Moreover, Evergreen’s recent installation of curtains…does not solve the problem. Evergreen continues to allow Francis, and apparently any man who claims to be a woman, to use its women’s locker room and expose himself to minors without restraint. The parents who contacted us are concerned for the safety of their children.”

“Speak Up” University website

Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) is an alliance-building legal ministry that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith.

# # # | Ref. 39144

Union halting power repair crews is top Democratic donor


Washington Examiner:

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, cited in news reports for halting nonunion repair crews from helping to restore power in superstorm Sandy's New Jersey-New York path, is one of nation's top union donors to Democrats, a group President Obama last year praised in a visit to an IBEW training Center.

The Center for Responsive Politics, a public political spending watchdog, said IBEW has the nation's fifth highest spending political action committee, doling out nearly $2.3 million, 97 percent of which went to Democrats. According to the group, IBEW during this election cycle has given $2,928,973 to Democratic House and Senate candidates, and just $51,600 to Republicans. They have also helped raise money for Obama.

Among the recipients were political figures and groups in New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, key political battleground states.

News organizations today are reporting that nonunion crews from Alabama were approached by IBEW officials telling them to join before going into the disaster areas.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the IBEW is the top industrial union contributor, which earned it the center's "heavy hitter" designation.

While the president has wooed IBEW, they snubbed him this year when it came time to help fund the Democratic National Committee because the party chose non-union North Carolina to host the event.

Christie threatens ‘Disaster Control Act’ order to guarantee nonunion utility workers


The Daily Caller:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie bristled at reports Friday that an electricians’ union stood in the way of some utility workers who wanted to help restore power to victims of Hurricane Sandy. He would use his emergency-management powers, he said, to guarantee that nonunion crews could help restore his state’s electricity grid without interference.

“I’ve been on the phone with PSE&G [Public Service Electric and Gas Company], JCP&L [Jersey Central Power & Light] and the union, and they’ve all absolutely promised me they would never turn away a single worker whether they were union or nonunion, and I wouldn’t allow it,” Christie told reporters shortly after 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

“I would invoke my powers under the Disaster Control Act to prevent that from happening, but they’ve assured me we don’t have to."

But a spokesman for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t reply to emails asking whether his boss would take a similar hard line. A spokeswoman for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo similarly didn’t return phone calls asking the same question.

Christie said Friday that “there was one incident of this in Seaside Heights” since Superstorm Sandy hit.

“First of all, the workers never came to New Jersey, okay? They weren’t turned away when they got here. They heard that New Jersey was a union state, coming from Alabama. When they stopped in Virginia, they called to see what they would do and they were given bad information.

Christie said his state’s major utilities and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) “have all said they do not have that requirement.”

Without A Doubt We’re Living In Strange Times

Indianapolis, IN --( I can’t begin to describe my thoughts about this kind of story, “U.S. Military to Use Mock ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ as Part of Counter-Terrorism Training“, but it certainly is indicative of the fearfully bizarre world we seem to be cornered.

What would have been the reaction from people or even media to a story like this 50 years ago, 1962? Beyond the ridiculously deceptive explanation of what this training is supposed to be about, when you read it carefully, it suggests that it’s geared more to urban warfare and engagements.

I’m not going into a lengthy dialog about this nonsense, but like so many other grotesque real life news reports one must wonder if this even moves the needle on most people’s meter. Given the fact that in this case the scenario is based on a recent movie and current TV series is it possible that it clouds the line between fact and fiction so much so that it is perceived as entertainment rather than reality?

If you look at the link below you might notice some resemblance in the picture in the above article and the one from April 22, 2000 at 5 AM when agents stormed the home of Elian Gonzales.

Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez and Donato Dalrymple, one of the two men who rescued the boy from the sea, in a bedroom closet as federal agents enter the Little Havana home of Elian’s relatives.
Copyright: 2000, Associated Press

Without a doubt we’re living in strange times and what appears acceptable today certainly would not have been a few decades ago.

The next 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting will be Saturday Nov. 3rd. We hope you can attend. Margie is suggesting to bring your favorite soup for the pot luck dinner. As always soda pops and desserts are welcomed, too.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama Moves Libya Attack Suspect to Tunisia Where U.S. Officials Can’t Interrogate Him

Nov. 2, 2012
The Blaze

The Tunisian man arrested over the deadly terror attack in Benghazi that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens, his aid Sean Smith, and two Navy SEALs dead has now been identified through facial recognition software as having been present at the U.S. diplomatic outpost during the siege, senior U.S. intelligence officials told Fox News Tuesday. The only problem is that Ali Ani al Harzi, who was detained at a Turkish airport in the days following the attack for travelling with false documents, has now been transferred to Tunisia, where U.S. interrogators are unable to reach him.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, frustrated by the incident, blames the Obama administration for U.S. officials being unable to access the Tunisian militant, who may have ties to al Qaeda.

“This individual in the hands of Tunisians is a classic example of what happens when you have lack of policy for detention for interrogations,” the Georgia Republican said.

“Once the president in January of 2009 signed the executive order, saying we are going to shut down Guantanamo … there are no policies in place to take possession and interrogate him in a way to gain valuable information.”
Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton agrees. During an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday, the longtime statesman joined Sen. Lindsey Graham in calling for a potential suspension of aid to Tunisia unless the country grants the U.S. access to Harzi.

“I don’t know what the total supply of foreign aid going into Tunisia is now, but I would be looking at substantial reduction if they don’t start cooperating, beginning tomorrow,” Bolton told Van Susteren.

NewsMax adds that, earlier in the broadcast, Graham said that he was “stunned to hear the Tunisians are denying us access to question this man [Harzi]” and that he is currently questioning officials at the Tunisian Embassy in Washington.

Of course, the senator also suggested that Harzi might be connected to al Qaeda.

“It would be very disturbing if al-Qaeda operatives in Libya can talk to al-Qaeda operatives in Tunisia. That shows they have a regional effect,” Graham said. He indicated that if such a level of coordinated communication exists, it would be troubling.

During the interview, Graham broached the subject of suspending foreign aid to Tunisia in an effort to spur the country’s authorities.

“I’m the ranking Republican on our foreign aid subcommittee on appropriations. You know, we’re in charge of the money,” he told Van Susteren.

“I’m going to ask the Tunisians why can’t we have access to this person that we believe was involved in the attack on our consulate.”

Meanwhile, Fox reports that The State Department has thus far not offered a comment on why access to Harzi is being obstructed by Tunisian authorities.

I Don’t Know What Kind of a Nigger Wouldn’t Vote with a Black Man Running”

Nov. 2, 2012

Yep, you read that right! Here's the full story....

OBAMA'S RACIST PASTOR: "I Don’t Know What Kind of a Nigger Wouldn’t Vote with a Black Man Running”... "All White People will Go to Hell"

(Washington Examiner) - Obama awarded Lowery the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 / AP

Pastor Joseph Lowery, a civil rights movement hero who delivered the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, reportedly said that he is shocked that any black Americans would stay home with Obama on the ballot and suggested that all or most white people would go to hell.

The local outlet paraphrases Lowery’s comments. “Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell,” the Monroe County Reporter (Ga.) says in covering a rally in Forsyth, Georgia. “Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.”

The local mayor, who attended the rally, rejected that statement from Lowery. “The Bible doesn’t say anything about white or black to go to heaven,” Mayor John Howard said. “I have great number of black and white friends. I’ve been in the military. I make friends with everybody. I’m too old for enemies.”

The 91-year-old Lowery worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and played a key role in various important moments in the civil rights movement, such as the march from Selma, Ala., to Montgomery, Ala. “Lowery was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2009 by Obama and was elected earlier this year to lead the state’s delegation to the Democratic national convention,” the Georgia Tipsheet recalled.

He sees this election in explicitly racial terms. “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” Lowery said, according to the Reporter. “All that he did with the stimulus was genius. Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney.”

Lowery’s benediction at Obama’s inauguration emphasized peaceful relations between all Americans. “And now, Lord, in the complex arena of human relations, help us to make choices on the side of love, not hate; on the side of inclusion, not exclusion; tolerance, not intolerance,” he prayed in 2009. “And as we leave this mountain top, help us to hold on to the spirit of fellowship and the oneness of our family.”

NBC: Staten Island Abandoned By FEMA, Red Cross


About that population control.......

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
NBC's Brian Williams conducted a devastating exposé on the latest developments of the ravaged areas in Sandy's path. "There's no Red Cross," on resident exclaimed. Multiple residents vented their frustrations at the camera "Where is FEMA?" "Who do we go to for help?" "We need help!" NBC reported on the growing outrage by those hit hardest by the superstorm, cut off from access to necessities they are dependent on government aid to provide for their basic needs until the city has removed enough of the damage for residents to be able to leave. "They are still pulling out bodies," one resident said. Many residents who claimed they had lost everything have said that they haven't received any help from FEMA or the Red Cross.

Libtards Create 'Murder Republicans' Violent Video.mp4

Nov. 2, 2012

Libtard "Civility" Alert: "Tolerant" Libtards Create Video In Which They Violently Murder 'Republicans'

No one believes liberals' claims they are "civil" and that Republicans are not. No one ever did. Once again showing that their accusations are baseless, a group of liberals have created "Republican Zombie Defense." To explain their site (which slams Republicans and sells merchandise), they have created a video.

The video begins, "They're out there! Lurking, hungry to seize control! Brain-dead zombies: Republicans!" And within 15 seconds, viewers are welcomed to blood, guts, and gore. There are Democrats who will rip the heads of Republicans off of their bodies. And after a quick discussion about Health Care, Democrats shoot a Republican with an automatic weapon.

Then, after a blond says, "Ban divorce for straight people," she chainsaws a Republican, while laughing hysterically. After this, a "Latino" man (a Democrat) takes a Republican's head off with a baseball bat. After this, a racist stereotype blows up a woman with a grenade, then happily holds up her internal organs, screaming, "Oh yes, we can:"

They then plug their merchandise. To put it simply, this is one of the most racist, violent, and vile video I have ever seen.

Uploaded by yazakchattiest

Business as usual

A truly teachable moment...
In the long run, 7am scotch was a better choice than a trip to Jersey.
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Big Labor first, victims last: Non-union utility crews from Ala. spurned by N.J.

November 2, 2012

Note: if this post does not put fire in your veins, you are dead inside

via Twitchy:

Unions first, hurricane victims later. This blood-boiling report from Alabama’s WAFF 48 News will come as no surprise to those familiar with the Big Labor protection racket.

The hurricane-ravaged east coast has been receiving north Alabama help, but crews from Huntsville Utilities learned they’ll be doing work in Long Island, New York instead of in New Jersey. Crews from Huntsville, as well as Decatur Utilities and Joe Wheeler out of Trinity headed up there this week, but Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said they were told by crews in New Jersey that they can’t do any work there since they’re not union employees…The crews were told to stand down. In fact, Moore said the crew from Trinity is already headed back home.

It’s almost enough to leave you speechless. Almost... Keep Reading

direct link to story:

ObamaCare could be back before the Supreme Court by next year

Nov. 2, 2012
Fox News

The ObamaCare regulation that will require employers to provide insurance coverage with access to a wide variety of contraception has prompted numerous lawsuits across the country challenging that mandate, and opponents are scoring key victories.

The latest legal showdown came Thursday in a federal courtroom in Oklahoma, where the owners of the Hobby Lobby arts and crafts store tried to convince a federal judge to issue an injunction against the mandate, arguing that it would violate the owners' religious beliefs by requiring them to provide access to "abortion-causing drugs and devices."

Though it could take days, even weeks, for Judge Joe Heaton to rule on the injunction, attorneys for Hobby Lobby say they're feeling optimistic.

While Hobby Lobby would be the largest employer to win a reprieve, the company wouldn't be the first. Companies in Colorado and Michigan have won temporary injunctions in recent weeks, but there is a much bigger development that takes the fight several steps closer to the Supreme Court.

Liberty University was among the first to file suit against the president's health care law when it initially was passed. The school got as far as the Fourth Circuit, which determined that it could not get to the merits of Liberty's case because of the Anti-Injunction Act.

That 1867 law essentially blocks plaintiffs from challenging a tax before they've actually had to pay it. Some argued that the penalty associated with the individual mandate at the heart of the health care law amounted to a tax, so under the Anti-Injunction Act legal challenges couldn't proceed until someone actually had to pay it.

When the Supreme Court issued its landmark decision upholding the health care law in June, it swept aside the 1867 law as a barrier to getting to the merits of the case. When that happened, Liberty University renewed its attempt to have its case heard.

Upon the school's second request, the Supreme Court directed the federal government to respond. In a move many found surprising, the Department of Justice filed a response late Wednesday - agreeing with the university.

The agreement comes solely on procedure, not on the merits of the case. In addition to challenging the individual mandate on grounds not considered by the Supreme Court, Liberty is also challenging the employer mandate. With both parties now united in the belief that the case should go back to the Fourth Circuit, it is likely the Supreme Court will grant that request.

That would put the case well ahead of the dozens of others now challenging the ObamaCare mandate at the lower court level, meaning it could be back at the Supreme Court as early as next year.

TSA agent arrested for rape



We've learned a Transportation Security Agent has been arrested on a warrant for the rape of a northeast Ohio boy he had been mentoring as a big brother.

The man had been a volunteer with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland.

Cleveland Sex Crimes investigators built a case against him, and he was arrested at the airport in Newark, NJ.

He had gone to work for the TSA in Germany.

We're not naming the man until he gets brought back to Cleveland and charged.

Copyright 2012 WOIO. All rights reserved.

U.K. hospitals rewarded for killing patients


NHS millions for controversial care pathway

The majority of NHS hospitals in England are being given financial rewards for placing terminally-ill patients on a controversial “pathway” to death, it can be disclosed.

NHS millions for controversial care pathway Photo: Getty Images
Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows.

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the full scale of financial inducements for the first time.

They suggest that about 85 per cent of trusts have now adopted the regime, which can involve the removal of hydration and nutrition from dying patients.

More than six out of 10 of those trusts - just over half of the total - have received or are due to receive financial rewards for doing so amounting to at least £12million.

At many hospitals more than 50 per cent of all patients who died had been placed on the pathway and in one case the proportion of forseeable deaths on the pathway was almost nine out of 10.

Last night the Department of Health insisted that the payments could help ensure that people were “treated with dignity in their final days and hours”.

But opponents described it as “absolutely shocking” that hospitals could be paid to employ potentially “lethal” treatments.

The LCP was originally developed at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the city’s Marie Curie hospice to ease suffering in dying patients, setting out principles for how they to be treated.

It involves the withdrawal of treatments or tests from patients which doctors believe could cause distress and do more harm than good.

Protocols say that doctors should consult the patient, if possible, and their families.

But the system has been mired in controversy amid claims that it can actively hasten death.

A series of cases have also come to light in which family members said they were not consulted or even informed when food and fluids were withheld from their loved-ones.

In some instances patients placed on the pathway because doctors judged that they were nearing the end of their life went on to recover.

According to responses from a sample of 72 trusts, at least £12.4 million has been paid out in the past two to three years to trusts which hit targets associated with use of the care pathway. But the full figure could be more than £20 million.

Under a system known as “Commissioning for Quality and Innovation” (CQUIN), local NHS commissioners pay trusts for meeting targets to “reward excellence” in care.

These can range from simply recruiting a set number of people to classes to help them stop smoking to providing specialist end-of-life services on wards - such as LCP.

As the goals are set locally, they vary from area to area but in some cases trusts are given specific targets to ensure that a set number of people who die in their hospital are on the LCP.

Elsewhere the targets relate to how the pathway is operated or monitored.

Each Trust was asked how many people had died on the LCP over the past three years and how much money received in that period was attached to goals involving it.

Overall 61 of those which responded said that they used the pathway, translating to 85 per cent of the total.

Of those, 62 per cent disclosed that they had either received, or expect to receive, cash rewards for meeting targets associated with the implementation of the pathway. The remainder said they had adopted the LCP without receiving any payments.

Central Manchester University Hospitals - which received £81,000 in 2010 for meeting targets relating to the LCP - said the proportion of patients whose deaths were expected and had been placed on the pathway more than doubled to 87.7 per cent in the past year.

In Berkshire the Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals Trust received more than £1 million over two years for meeting its LCP goals.

Its targets included carrying out an audit of the number of deaths of patients on the LCP as well as having a “meaningful conversation” with the patient themselves but did not set a specific goal for the number of deaths.

Bradford teaching Hospitals, which qualified for CQUIN payments of more than £490,000 in the last two years, has seen the number of patients dying on the pathway more than double to 51 per cent over the last three years.

In Birmingham the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust disclosed that 38 per cent of patient deaths occurred on the LCP in 2010 and 27 per cent in 2011. It received a CQUIN payment of £603,886 in the financial year 2010-11 alone.

A handful of trusts openly spoke of either hitting or missing targets connected to the LCP in their responses.

Dr Gillian Craig, a consultant geriatrician who was among the first doctors to raise the concerns over the possible flaws of the LCP, described the use of the incentives as “absolutely shocking”.

“I think there should be questions in Parliament as to who instigated this policy and I think the cash payments should be stopped forthwith,” she said.

“You can’t pay people to use a certain protocol that everybody knows to be lethal.”

Dr Phillip Lee, the Tory MP for Bracknell and a former GP, insisted that the pathway did not amount to “euthanasia by the back door”.

“This is about trying to provide appropriate care to someone who is dying,” he said.

“Palliative care specialists are some of the best doctors that this country has.

“Sometimes there are conflicts between doctors and patients’ families but I just cannot believe that there is anybody in the palliative care arena who is trying to anything other than provide the best care for patients.”

Earlier this week the NHS disclosed that it was beginning a review of the operation of the LCP following concerns highlighted in the media. Dying Matters, a coalition of organisations including hospices, has been asked to speak to relatives about their experiences as part of the inquiry.

The Department of Health has consistently stood by the LCP.

Last night a spokesman said: “The Department of Health does not centrally fund any payments for the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway, but local areas may choose to do so in order to improve the care and support given to people in their last days.

“This means patients can be more comfortable and treated with dignity in their final days and hours.

“The Liverpool Care Pathway is supported by more than 20 leading organisations, including Marie Curie Cancer Care and Age UK, as a way to help meet the care and dignity needs for those who are at the end of their life.

“We are clear the Liverpool Care Pathway can only work if each patient is fully consulted, where this is feasible, and their family involved in all aspects of decision-making. Staff must properly communicate with the patient and their family - any failure to do so is unacceptable.”

source: UK Telegraph

Beyond debate, Pennsylvania's in play


DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - A new poll released on Wednesday is the latest indication that Pennsylvania, which has not voted Republican in a presidential race since 1988, could do so again next week.

In one month, an 11-percentage-point lead held by President Barack Obama has dwindled to 4 points, according to a survey by Franklin and Marshall College's Center for Opinion Research.

While few are predicting a Romney victory, the state is now in play, with its haul of 20 electoral votes, two more than Ohio.

That explains why the "super PAC" American Crossroads, supporting Republican challenger Mitt Romney, has begun running ads in the state, and why the Obama campaign is responding in kind.

Ann Koberna, a Democratic activist and former school teacher in the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown, did not need a poll or ads to see that support for Obama was eroding ahead of next Tuesday's election.

She noticed it just after the first debate, on October 3, which boosted Romney's national poll numbers after his strong performance. All of a sudden, she said, Romney-Ryan lawn signs started popping up in Doylestown and now they are all over the place.

"It's troubling," she said, noting she recently planted an Obama sign in her front lawn as a "counterbalance."

"I know people who voted for Obama last time but aren't this time," Koberna said. She attributes the shift less to the debate than the economy. "They are looking for someone to blame."

The Franklin and Marshall poll supports her observation.

Of the registered voters polled, 47 percent said Romney was the "most prepared to fix our economic problems," versus 42 percent for Obama. That was almost exactly the reverse of the result in Franklin and Marshall's poll taken in September.

The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania has been stubborn, increasing slightly in September to 8.2 percent, versus the national rate's decline in the same month to 7.8 percent.

She suspects the debate was a factor too.

A lot of people changed their minds after the first debate, the Franklin and Marshall poll showed, with 22 percent of those who did citing the debate as one of the reasons.

"For the first time I can remember, we have no shortage of volunteers," said Joseph Flood, a local Republican committeeman.

"Before the debate, Romney supporters were mostly anti-Obama. Now they are strongly pro-Romney," said Flood.

"For months, people had seen Romney gaffes. In the debate, they got to see him unfiltered for 90 minutes. Many were almost surprised to be impressed by him," Flood said.

Obama rebounded with stronger performances in the second and third debates. But the initial encounter has proved to be pivotal in Pennsylvania just as it has nationally.

"The Obama and Romney campaigns and super PACS are going to flood our airways," said political scientist G. Terry Madonna, director of the Franklin and Marshall poll. "This has become the default state to Ohio."


If Romney cannot get Ohio, where the Real Clear Politics polling average gives Obama a small edge, Pennsylvania may be his next best shot at capturing an undecided big state, Madonna said.

The conventional wisdom is that to win a statewide election in Pennsylvania a candidate must do well in Bucks County and surrounding jurisdictions near Philadelphia.

"We are a bellwether," said Pat Poprik, chair of the Bucks County Republican Party, noting there were 188,900 registered Democrats and 178,000 registered Republicans in the county.

Democrat Ed Rendell, a former governor of Pennsylvania and mayor of Philadelphia, scoffs at talk of new Romney momentum in the state.

"The polls are all over the map," Rendell said, adding he was confident Obama would win his state, which last voted for a Republican nominee when George H.W. Bush won all but 10 states in his 1988 race against then-Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

"But we are not going to take anything for granted," Rendell said, promising an aggressive get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day. "We are ready to roll."

In Doylestown, population 8,400, both sides are busy calling undecided voters with the help of volunteers like Republican Ellen Cox and Democrat Iris Perlstein.

Cox, a small-business owner and Navy Reserve officer, said: "Republicans are thinkers. We didn't fall behind Romney right away. But after the first debate, it went through the roof."

"The people I talk to on the phone are saying, 'Romney, Romney, Romney,'" Cox said. "They are really excited. I invite thinking Democrats to take a look at him."

Perlstein, clinical director of programming for psychiatric health at the Princeton University medical center, voiced frustration about Romney backers she had talked to on the phone.

"They say Obama hasn't done anything. I tell them, 'He ended the war in Iraq, killed Osama bin laden and passed healthcare,'" Perlstein said at the Obama campaign's office in Doylestown. "They say that isn't enough."

"A lot of them are angry that he has not turned the economy around in four years," Perlstein said. "What do they expect? He doesn't walk on water."

As Perlstein telephoned undecided voters, Ed Taylor, a self-described member of the conservative Tea Party group, stood a block away, waving a placard that read: "Hey Barack, we're baroke," and "Save the USA, fire B.O."

Taylor is no Romney booster, however, expressing the view of many recent converts that, as he said, "He's better than Obama."

The Obama campaign remains confident, so much so that Obama's chief strategist bet his mustache on it Wednesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show.

If Obama loses Michigan, or Minnesota, or Pennsylvania, Axelrod promised, "I will come on Morning Joe and I will shave off my mustache of 40 years."

 (Reporting By Thomas Ferraro. Editing by Fred Barbash and Peter Cooney)

George Lucas’s Jedi estate planning


Why the “Star Wars” creator’s decision to sell his film company to Disney was a savvy move.

Star Wars creator George Lucas (C) poses with Storm Troopers.
In the “Empire Strike Back,” Yoda admonishes Luke Skywalker for spending his life dreaming of the future, “never his mind on where he was … what he was doing.” But at 68, George Lucas, the creator of the “Star Wars” saga, seems to be doing much thinking about the years ahead – in fact, experts say, his decision to sell his company to Disney was an estate planning move worthy of a Jedi Master.

Disney will buy LucasFilm for $4.05 billion in cash and stock, the two companies announced Tuesday. By cashing out now, experts say the filmmaker spared his family the need to pick up the pieces of his empire after he’s gone. It also allows him to focus his remaining years on his charitable endeavors – particularly Edutopia and the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which he founded in 1991. “I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education,” Lucas wrote in 2010 (pdf) on , which invites the world’s wealthiest people to commit most of their money to philanthropy.

Since none of Lucas’s three adopted children plan to take over his film empire, financial advisers say the strategy will save his heirs the the responsibility of managing their inheritance – and potentially going through the often long and fraught process of dividing it. “Mr. Lucas has obviously surrounded himself for years with world class legal, estate and tax advisers,” Wade Westhoff, a financial adviser based in Danville, Calif., says of the Disney deal. “This is a textbook example of exit planning for a private business owner.” (Lucas and a spokesman for LucasFilm were not immediately available for comment)

That Lucas struck a deal in 2012 may be no accident either, advisers say. Long-term capital gains tax from the sale of assets held more than one year are taxed at a rate of 15% for investors in the 25% income tax bracket or above (Lucas’s level), and zero for investors in the 10% or 15% bracket. Those rates are set to jump to 20% and 10%, respectively in January. “He probably wanted to take advantage of the lower rate on long-term capital gain while it’s certain,” says Bill Smith, managing director at CBIZ MHM, a national accounting and professional services provider.

Of course, Lucas is far wealthier than the average American business owner. “With smaller mom-and-pop businesses [this kind of planning] can be more complicated,” says Charles Sizemore, a financial adviser based in Dallas, Tx. The owner of a restaurant or a landscaping business probably won’t have the option of selling to a Fortune 500 company, he says. “They may have to bring on a junior partner or work out a royalty arrangement with a new buyer,” he says.

 But perhaps more than the money, experts say Lucas was also taking steps to ensure the future of his vision and ideas. Disney says it will produce “Star Wars Episode 7” for release in theaters worldwide in 2015 and will release more films every two to three years. “I felt like I wanted to put the company somewhere in a larger entity that would protect it,” Lucas told reporters this week. “We could go on making Star Wars for the next 100 years.” Should Lucas decide to set up trusts for his children, Westhoff says this deal will provide a steady income for his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren – and beyond.

SHOCKER! Bloomberg endorses Obama because of 'climate change'

By Michael R. Bloomberg

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to New York City and much of the Northeast -- in lost lives, lost homes and lost business -- brought the stakes of Tuesday’s presidential election into sharp relief.

The floods and fires that swept through our city left a path of destruction that will require years of recovery and rebuilding work. And in the short term, our subway system remains partially shut down, and many city residents and businesses still have no power. In just 14 months, two hurricanes have forced us to evacuate neighborhoods -- something our city government had never done before. If this is a trend, it is simply not sustainable.

Our climate is changing. And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it might be -- given this week’s devastation -- should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action.

Here in New York, our comprehensive sustainability plan -- PlaNYC -- has helped allow us to cut our carbon footprint by 16 percent in just five years, which is the equivalent of eliminating the carbon footprint of a city twice the size of Seattle. Through the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group -- a partnership among many of the world’s largest cities -- local governments are taking action where national governments are not.

Leadership Needed

But we can’t do it alone. We need leadership from the White House -- and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption, including setting higher fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks. His administration also has adopted tighter controls on mercury emissions, which will help to close the dirtiest coal power plants (an effort I have supported through my philanthropy), which are estimated to kill 13,000 Americans a year.

Mitt Romney, too, has a history of tackling climate change. As governor of Massachusetts, he signed on to a regional cap- and-trade plan designed to reduce carbon emissions 10 percent below 1990 levels. “The benefits (of that plan) will be long- lasting and enormous -- benefits to our health, our economy, our quality of life, our very landscape. These are actions we can and must take now, if we are to have ‘no regrets’ when we transfer our temporary stewardship of this Earth to the next generation,” he wrote at the time.

He couldn’t have been more right. But since then, he has reversed course, abandoning the very cap-and-trade program he once supported. This issue is too important. We need determined leadership at the national level to move the nation and the world forward.

I believe Mitt Romney is a good and decent man, and he would bring valuable business experience to the Oval Office. He understands that America was built on the promise of equal opportunity, not equal results. In the past he has also taken sensible positions on immigration, illegal guns, abortion rights and health care. But he has reversed course on all of them, and is even running against the health-care model he signed into law in Massachusetts.

If the 1994 or 2003 version of Mitt Romney were running for president, I may well have voted for him because, like so many other independents, I have found the past four years to be, in a word, disappointing.

In 2008, Obama ran as a pragmatic problem-solver and consensus-builder. But as president, he devoted little time and effort to developing and sustaining a coalition of centrists, which doomed hope for any real progress on illegal guns, immigration, tax reform, job creation and deficit reduction. And rather than uniting the country around a message of shared sacrifice, he engaged in partisan attacks and has embraced a divisive populist agenda focused more on redistributing income than creating it.

Important Victories

Nevertheless, the president has achieved some important victories on issues that will help define our future. His Race to the Top education program -- much of which was opposed by the teachers’ unions, a traditional Democratic Party constituency -- has helped drive badly needed reform across the country, giving local districts leverage to strengthen accountability in the classroom and expand charter schools. His health-care law -- for all its flaws -- will provide insurance coverage to people who need it most and save lives.

When I step into the voting booth, I think about the world I want to leave my two daughters, and the values that are required to guide us there. The two parties’ nominees for president offer different visions of where they want to lead America.

One believes a woman’s right to choose should be protected for future generations; one does not. That difference, given the likelihood of Supreme Court vacancies, weighs heavily on my decision.

One recognizes marriage equality as consistent with America’s march of freedom; one does not. I want our president to be on the right side of history.

One sees climate change as an urgent problem that threatens our planet; one does not. I want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics.

Of course, neither candidate has specified what hard decisions he will make to get our economy back on track while also balancing the budget. But in the end, what matters most isn’t the shape of any particular proposal; it’s the work that must be done to bring members of Congress together to achieve bipartisan solutions.

Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both found success while their parties were out of power in Congress -- and President Obama can, too. If he listens to people on both sides of the aisle, and builds the trust of moderates, he can fulfill the hope he inspired four years ago and lead our country toward a better future for my children and yours. And that’s why I will be voting for him.

(Michael R. Bloomberg is mayor of New York and founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Explosion!


We just received a link for this! It certainly appears to be a rooftop cam catching the explosion in New York caused by Hurricane Sandy... Scary as Hell!

Here is the direct link to the video

Hat tip: 879123213

Obama’s Fourth Term


It is a problem I had mulled over for a few months. I decided it had to be done. Lilly has just turned fifteen. Could she shoulder the burden?

I have to find out, my way, before she finds out on her own. She is noticing her brother and I spend more and more time together and she is starting to ask questions. I sense she is a bit jealous. Her mother would probably not approve but they live with me now. Their mom has been conscripted to work up north in what use to be Washington State, where there is a shortage of people in her field. There is no safe way to discuss this with her, so I have to do what I think is best for us all.

Braxton, Lilly’s brother and my grandson, had an interest in politics since he was ten years old. Even as a child, he understood more than you would think a ten or twelve year old could. He saw the direction we were headed as a country, and as he grew, so did his understanding and instincts. At the tender age of fourteen, he saw things turn for the worst and has been my right hand and confidant for the past ten years.

Yes, it has been ten years since Obama was elected to his second term. He is now in his fourth term. They took a page out of Hugo Chavez’s book on that one. How did we get here? How did we lose America, home of the free and the brave? Many things came together at the wrong time, much like a “perfect storm.” In part, we had a large portion of an electorate that was lazy and asleep. They preferred to watch a mind numbing TV show, rather than read a book and learn something, or get involved in something important – important like poll watching, to prevent the massive amounts of cheating that went on during the elections. History text books were gradually rewritten, to suit the narrative of the progressive agenda. Unions controlled the teachers, government workers, manufacturing, service industries, and the media, including the entertainment industry. TV was a huge influence on our culture and they came to control it. The unions funneled their money into an ultra liberal Democratic Party. When I say Democrat, I really mean Marxist. This was not my grandfather’s Democratic Party. They managed to crash our once vibrant economy, create great poverty, and get many people on government subsidies, thereby creating votes for their party.

Years ago, cunning men of great power set up non-profit foundations disguised as charitable organizations with credibility, to push the liberal agenda, and create bogus, biased studies, published and touted by the media as truth. The media! It was supposed to be the watchdog. It was intended to be a “free press” to protect the people.

Those are a few of the things that happened. There is much more, but I do not see that it adds to this story. I blame the media the most. They outright lied and hid truth. In short, they became the enemy of freedom and the people. They are the reason I do what I do today.

Lilly was only five when Obama was reelected, so she does not have the background experiences and knowledge her brother does, plus she has gone to the state schools all of this time. She knows I do not agree with the regime, but I have kept her in the dark about our activities, until now. She is surrounded by patriots at home, but we are very careful what is said, to whom. The government has recruited children to rat on their families now. It is rewarded. It is sick. Those caught speaking against the government are taken for reeducation. If they come back, they are very different. We suspect they have undergone something akin to hypnosis and brainwashing techniques.

“Lilly come for a walk with me”

“Where are we going Grandma?”

“Mostly just to talk, but I want to show you something too. It is a beautiful fall day, let’s go enjoy it”

We walk in silence for twenty minutes. The woods are still, the path desolate. The silence is comfortable and I am at peace with my decision.

“What do you want to show me Grandma?”

“Well first I want to tell you a story, a history lesson of sorts. I have told you some of it before but the things I will tell you and show you today, you have to promise to never divulge to anyone. You know people that have disappeared when they did not agree with the government plan. You have friends that have lost family members and have not returned or have returned very different. Do you promise?”

“Is it bad? Are you doing something wrong, grandma?”

“No child, what I am doing is something very right, and I need your help. But I will say that what I am doing would be frowned upon by officials. I have to tell you, if you agree to help me, you would get in trouble too if they knew. Before I say more, you have to promise.”

“Oh grandma, now you have me very curious but scared too! I want to know but I do not want to get into trouble”

“Dear, the key to that is to be able to keep a secret. Can you keep a secret? It is that simple”

“Yes I can. I am good at it. Okay, I promise”

“When you were little, life was very different and we lived in a very different country. You might remember a bit of it. We lived in a republic with a mainly, two party system of politics. There were other parties but they were minor. Mostly, there was the liberal party, the democrats, and the conservative party, the republicans. I am a conservative, a Republican. You have been taught some very wrong things about conservatives, but we can discuss that later. The basic, real difference is liberals think government is the answer to everything and want to keep growing it bigger and bigger. Conservatives want limited, small government. I guess you can see, the liberals won.”

“There were fifty states and much of government was initiated at the state level, closer to where the people lived. They had more direct control. We live in an area that was once known as Texas. It was a great state with many resources. We almost became our own country when President Obama got elected for a second term, but many were afraid of blood being spilled.”

“We had the Internet. It was not the same internet we have now. It was glorious! The flow of information! Now we have what the authorities think we should have. The Internet now is more like a censored encyclopedia and a tool of government. Back in the day, anyone could express their opinion on most anything. Now you have to have a license to post anything on the Internet. People sold things on the Internet. They even sold guns on the Internet! Now you cannot even buy one in a store. Yes things are very different.”

“Anyone could start a business, even you. If you had an idea and wanted to start a business, you went and got a business license for a small fee and you were in business. Now you have to be in good favor with the right people to start a business. Everyone else has to work where they are assigned. We are lucky to still have our home here, on the outskirts of town. They are moving more and more people into the inner city into ‘sustainable communities.’ They do not care about us as much because I am old and cannot contribute as much as others, or so they think. We will let them.”

“Grandma, what happened? Why did things change so much?”

“Well the main reason, in my opinion, we had a corrupt media. We were supposed to have a “free press”, meaning that the government could not dictate what they covered or revealed. Mr. Obama and the people who work for him, told many lies and did some evil things. The media did not tell the people about the lies and misdeeds. We had the internet and tools like Twitter and Facebook that were uncensored. Information transferred to millions of people in real time. It was like the internet was alive! We almost won despite the media. I think we really did win, but they cheated. They committed election fraud everywhere. It was rampant.”

“There there were many other ways that things were changed, all by to a strategy that played out for decades right in front of our noses. It all became clear, but too late. Today though, what I am going to show you, this is what matters now.”

I look around to see if anyone one is near. We are alone. I tell Lilly: “Take that small path cut through the trees there. It is going to get more overgrown so don’t switch me in the face with a branch. Keep an eye out for snakes; it is not too cold for them yet.”

The path is much more rugged and hard to navigate. We walk in silence again for a time. I ask Lilly if she has any questions. She says some of what I told her she has figured out herself. Then she confesses that she found my small library. I keep it in a trunk in the back of my closet. It is mostly history about the Constitution, the founding fathers, and the corruption that occurred. She informs me she has been sneaking books to read for several years. That stinker! She can keep a secret! Smart girl!

I tell her to follow the tree line around a clearing so we are not so exposed. Then down another path even more overgrown than the last. Finally we come to a ramshackle cabin. If I did not know it from the inside, I would think it unsafe to enter.

Lilly looks at me and asks “Is this it? What you are going to show me? It looks spooky.”

I move a screen door hanging by one hinge. Then I go through a large heavy door and motion for her to follow. In the middle of the windowless room, with light only from the open door and a lantern, stands Braxton, sweat running down his face. “Hi sister,” he says with a big grin. He is loading a ream of paper into a small, hand cranked printing press. He has already run some of the papers.

The headline reads: The Nation Has a Voice – Freedom is Rising – Truth is Alive.

- CJ in TX

BENGHAZI: Damning Audio Tapes of Tyrone Woods Begging for Air Support


Obama and Biden Indicted by Florida Grand Jury for Willfully Releasing Classified National Security Data


Obama and Biden Indicted by Grand Jury
(Ocala, Florida, October 30, 2012). Larry Klayman, the founder and chairman of Freedom Watch today announced that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have been criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, U.S. and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber-attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The release of this information, among other harm to U.S. national security, resulted in the killing of members of Seal Team Six by terrorists and the arrest and imprisonment of American covert agents by Pakistan, such as the doctor who aided the CIA with regard to the bin Laden assassination. U.S.-Israeli war plans with Iran have also been compromised.

A true bill of indictment was issued by a Citizens’ Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida, who reviewed evidence and voted unanimously to indict Obama and Biden at 6:02 pm on October 29, 2012.

The authority for a Citizens’ Grand Jury can be found at

The criminal defendants, Obama and Biden, will now be given notice of their indictment, arraigned and then tried for their alleged crimes.

Mr. Klayman, the Citizens’ Prosecutor, issued the following statement: “The Citizens’ Grand Jury, after having deliberated, yesterday issued a true bill of indictment.

See It did the work that the government should have done, but does not have the integrity to do; that is hold these public officials accountable under the law.

For far too long, government prosecutors, who are put in place by politicians, have looked the other way as high public officials like Obama and Biden violate the law to further their political agendas.

Now, as a result, the people must therefore exercise the rights given to them by the framers of the Constitution, and themselves take legitimate measures to restore the nation to some semblance of legality.

This indictment (see of Obama and Biden is just the first step in a legal revolution to reclaim the nation from establishment politicians, government officials and judges who have represented only their own political and other interests at the expense of ‘We the People.’

Obama and Biden will now be tried in a court of law and I am confident that they will be convicted of these alleged crimes.”

For information see or contact Adrienne Mazzone: 561-750-9800 x210;
Here is the original proposed order. No, we don’t know why it appears in reverse order.

Perhaps one of the legal experts who roam this site could enlighten us.

Looks like this is hitting some other news outlets now: