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Chiefs player Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend, then himself

The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher this morning shot and killed his girlfriend before going to Arrowhead Stadium and fatally shooting himself as team personnel tried to stop him, police said.

Police Capt. David Lindaman said Belcher, 25, and his girlfriend, 22, got into an argument around 7 a.m. at their home in the 5400 block of Crysler Avenue in Kansas City. Around 7:50 a.m., Lindaman said, Belcher shot his girlfriend multiple times. She was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The Star is not naming the victim at this time pending assurances that her family has been notified.

Lindaman said Belcher’s mother, who was visiting the couple and their 3-month-old daughter, witnessed the shooting and was being interviewed by police.

Belcher left the scene on Crysler and went to the Chiefs practice facility at Arrowhead, police said.

Police were called to the stadium around 8:10 a.m. When Belcher arrived there he encountered General Manager Scott Pioli, Coach Romeo Crennel and other team personnel. Police said Chiefs staff attempted to keep Belcher from committing additional acts of violence. When police arrived, they heard a gunshot and found that Belcher had shot himself in the head.

The Chiefs released the following statement: “We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning. We are cooperating with authorites in their investigation.”

Outside the home on Crysler, Jennifer Ashley, who said she was a friend of Belcher’s girlfriend, said the woman was a student at Blue River Community College in Independence and had started dating Belcher after being introduced to him by the girlfriend of another Chiefs player.

Belcher, originally from Long Island, N.Y., had been with the Chiefs for four years. He joined the team as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Maine.

Cult-like church's printing company linked to GTA school board 26

By Michele Mandel ,Toronto Sun

Fred King, the designated "Prophet" of the Church of Jesus Christ Restored. (Willy Waterton/QMI Agency)
TORONTO - This is not a match made in heaven.

A Mississauga printing company linked to a cult-like church being investigated by the OPP on allegations of polygamy and underage sex has been doing work for years for the Dufferin-Peel District Catholic School Board, the Toronto Sun has learned.

TriPrint Media is one of 15 current pre-qualified vendors on the board’s list for printing services and has been used in the past as well, confirms spokesman Bruce Campbell. But he stopped short of saying that the Catholic school board will no longer be using the company.

“We recently became aware of the controversy related to the company. We are, of course, not obligated to use any one vendor on the pre-qualified list,” he said.

A member of the printing industry who has done business with TriPrint Media for years said colleagues were horrified when they read the Toronto Sun story Friday and watched a W5 documentary about the Church of Jesus Christ Restored and their printing company run by Joe King, brother of the church’s self-proclaimed Prophet, Fred.

“As a collective group we’re shocked and horrified,” said the print broker, who requested anonymity. “The school board is their biggest account. We anonymously mailed them a copy of the W5 video last week. I don’t think the Catholic District School Board wants to be associated with these people. As a taxpayer, I certainly don’t.”

The woman now blowing the whistle on the church couldn’t agree more. “I don’t think anybody should be doing business with them,” said former “church-wife” Carol Christie, 59.

The OPP are in the initial stages of investigating claims she and other former members have made about physical and sexual abuse committed by the church and its leader. Several attempts to reach TriPrint Media and the Kings for comment were not returned.

In 1969, the church broke away from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Owen Sound after Stan King became dissatisfied with how it was straying from fundamentalist Mormon teachings. The married charismatic leader installed himself as the Prophet and at 18, Christie was told by her mother that she would be one of his “church wives” — even though he was 24 years older.

At about the same time, the secretive Mormon sect, based at a former bankrupt ski lodge outside Owen Sound, established a printing business in Mississauga known then as Resto Graphics where many members were expected to work.

Christie would have two sons with King, who took more wives, some as young as 10, and ordered them to participate in group sex. When he died in 1986, Christie thought she was free. Instead, she was simply passed to his successor, his legitimate son, Fred, who she claims had the same taste for child brides but ran the church with a far more brutal hand.

She finally fled in 2008 and two years later launched a lawsuit against the church, Resto Graphics, as well as owners Fred and Joe King. “Resto and the church were inextricably entwined in the minds and lives of the members of the church,” Christie claimed in her lawsuit. “The plural wives of Stanley and Fred were taught by such persons and by Joe that the work performed to benefit Resto was in turn intended to benefit, build up and edify the Church and its assets and material interests.”

As one of Fred’s seven wives, she alleged she was subject to “coercive and abusive sexual relations” and “forcible confinement”, assaults, threats and emotional abuse.

While the Kings denied all her allegations in their statement of defence, the lawsuit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. So, too, were five others launched by former members of the church.

A short time later, Resto Graphics changed its name to TriPrint Media. Among their employees is Christie’s youngest son who refused to come with her when she finally broke free of the church after almost 40 years under its control.

“You’re blackmailed that if you leave, you go to hell,” she explained. “Fear is a very powerful thing that keeps you there. You’re taught the world is an evil place.”

When the true evil may be what’s going on inside.

source: Toronto Sun

Cory Booker to live on $1.40 per meal, honoring food stamp challenge

Dec. 1, 2012

Newark Mayor Cory Booker touches palms with 13-year-old Blonbzell Taylor on Nov. 9, in Newark, N.J. Booker is living as a person would on food stamps by limiting himself to $1.40 for each of his meals, starting Tuesday.
Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., said he will live on food stamps for a week starting Tuesday.

Booker told The Associated Press on Thursday that he will honor the challenge he made to a Twitter follower earlier this month and try living on the monetary equivalent of food stamps for at least a week.

"December 4 to 11. Seven days," Booker said after the ribbon cutting for new loft apartments in Newark. He said he will be limited to $1.40 for each meal.

The North Carolina woman Booker challenged plans to accept, but she is not sure she will do it next week.

The woman, who uses the Twitter handle (at)MWadeNC and goes by the name TwitWit, spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because she says she has received threats.

She said she is upset that Booker didn't consult with her before picking the dates. She said Booker sent her a tweet this week saying his staff would be in touch, but she has heard nothing since.

"I don't think it's fair to be challenged and just find out from the Internet when I'm supposed to take part," she said in a telephone interview. "I would have appreciated the consideration that I have a life as well."

Nevertheless, she said she will participate in the challenge for at least a week, possibly two.

The average monthly food stamp benefit was $133.26 per person in New Jersey in fiscal year 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As mayor, Booker makes about 100 times that amount, $13,400 a month.

Politicians and community leaders around the country have taken on similar challenges in recent years to highlight the difficulty of relying solely on government aid for nutrition.

Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady lived on food stamps for a week earlier this year, and the mayors of Las Vegas and Phoenix, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper and the former governor of Oregon all did so within the past few years.

Most participated in the "Food Stamp Challenge," a program from the nonprofit Food Research and Action Center that gives out tools to help organizations and individuals live on a food stamp budget, typically for a week. It even developed a how-to-guide for members of Congress, which includes testimonials from eight politicians.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali and his family also did the challenge earlier this year. An AmeriCorps member serving as the community service coordinator at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut challenged her campus to try it for a week.

Booker, a prolific Twitter user who has 1.2 million followers, has said he wants the public to participate and on Thursday said he will soon announce a celebrity who will also take part.

The North Carolina woman said she thinks it would be "great" if high-profile people tried to live on the equivalent of food stamps.

"I think everybody should do this," she said.


Government Tells NJ Hurricane Victims to Demolish Their Homes Immediately or pay $2,000 Per Week

After hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, all of the mainstream media sources were praising FEMA and the governments overall response to the disaster.

However, since the dust has settled and reality has set in, it seems that most of the actual help is coming from people in the community and the government is actually doing more harm then they are doing good.

This week, residents of one of the most hard hit areas on the east coast, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, were told that they had to demolish their homes or face heavy fines.

According to a local newspaper:

“This weekend, Joe Biden visited this oceanfront community in Ocean County, but local residents, some who saw their homes for the first time, were also greeted by demolition notices.

Dated November 13th, one noticed by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous, stated “Your structure has possible structural of footing failures.”

It went on to say the structure would be demolished by November 30, 2012, just 17 days from the notice. The order allowed the residents to request a hearing, but also threatened by fines of up to $2,000 per week if they did not comply with the order and fix their homes before the 30th.

To date, homeowners have been allowed to hire contractors for damage assessments, quotes, winterizations and insurance inspections, but no plans have yet been made for any reconstruction, leaving homeowners in a difficult position with very little time to decide what to do before their homes are demolished by the township.”

People should be able to move at their own pace with this, especially because these are decisions that are being made with their own property. The government has no right to tell these people what to do with their property.

FEMA shut down a few weeks ago “due to bad weather”, during which time Occupy Sandy and other independent voluntary organizations continued to provide aid to hurricane victims.

Although mainstream media sources have been reporting that FEMA has done a great job, people who are actually forced to interact with FEMA have an entirely different story.

Some people who have no choice but to live in the “tent cities” set up by FEMA say that they are treated like criminals and actually feel like they are “in a concentration camp”.

Many on the east coast are still without power, lighting or housing and it seems that in many ways the natural good will of peaceful human beings is outshining the inefficient programs that are put forward by corrupt governments.

source: theintelhub

Parents Outraged that Elementary School Uses Padded Solitary Confinement Cell to Punish Students

Dec 1, 2012

Government schools have been children’s prisons for a very long time, but in recent years with metal detectors and on guard police officers it has gotten even more blatant.

At one Elementary school in Longview, WA the administrators have even installed a solitary confinement cell that they use to punish students, even throwing special needs children into the cell also.

According to local news channel KATU:

“A concerned mother who posted photos of an “isolation booth” in a Longview elementary school on Facebook said she wanted other parents to know how the school uses the space.

Ana Bate said her son saw the booth in use at Mint Valley Elementary School, and had questions.

The school principal said the padded room is used for students who have behavioral disabilities.”

Sandy Catt the spokeswoman for the school district responded by saying, “I believe that room has served a good therapeutic purpose and there may be improvements. I think we need to look at the information that’s been gathered to determine where to go from here.”

She added that the school asked permission of the parents individually before using this room on any of the students.

Ana Bate, a concerned mother asked reporters, “How come they’re not providing documentation about how this ‘therapeutic booth’ is beneficial? Show me some real numbers. Show me something from the medical community that says more times than not and all the documentation that backs it up. Don’t tell me ‘well, their parents said we could do it.’”

However, according to other parents who have had previous issues with the school, their children were placed in solitary confinement without their permission.

KATU News interviewed one of these parents, according to their recent report:

“Candace Dawson, who now lives in Marysville, Wash., has a son who used to go to Mint Valley Elementary three years ago.

She said the school put her child in the booth without her permission.

“He said that’s the naughty room,” Dawson told KATU News Wednesday. “That’s what he called it. He said when kids are naughty they get put in there.”

She said she had no idea the school had the isolation room until she went online and saw her son’s old school was in the news.

She asked her son about it. She said he got very uncomfortable and told her not only did he recognize the pictures of it online but his teacher forced him to spend time there.

Dawson said her son does have some behavior problems but said she would never OK the school to send her son to this room.”

Now in the age of the internet, formal education is obsolete. Children will teach themselves what they need to learn if they are in the proper environment, and a state institution is far from the proper environment.

However, it is a place for them to be indoctrinated, and that’s exactly what happens, that’s exactly why the whole education system exists to begin with.

Many of the things that children learn in government schools are not through books, but from subconscious lessons that are embedded into the overall structure of the school day.

Walking in lines, asking to speak or go to the bathroom and being entirely obedient to those in authority are some of the most obvious ways that children are “socialized” into becoming obedient, unquestioning citizens.

This project is just an example of the system moving that much further down the line and building upon the methods of indoctrination that are already in place.

Many studies have shown that solitary confinement can have a severe impact on the mental health of adults and there is no telling of what kind happen to children who are put into these situations.

The solitary confinement room is being challenged in this particular district, but this practice is still commonplace throughout many areas in the pacific northwest.


source: theintelhub


Port strike: Cargo vessels diverted at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach as labor action continues

Dec. 1, 2012

Cargo ships continued to gather off the coast or divert to other ports as most of the terminals at the nation's busiest seaport complex remained closed Friday during the fourth straight day of strikes by clerical workers, port officials said.

At least 60 clerical workers continued to protest in the rain Friday morning at several terminals. Because longshoremen are honoring the picket line, seven of eight terminals were still shut down at the Port of Los Angeles and three of six terminals were closed at the Port of Long Beach.

Meanwhile, nine vessels were anchored waiting to dock at the ports by Friday afternoon, while nine ships were diverted to Oakland, Panama and Mexico, according to Dick McKenna, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, which monitors vessel traffic through the twin ports.

More ships are expected to arrive this weekend, including five container vessels Saturdayand six vessels on Sunday, McKenna said.

"We are hopeful for a quick resolution," said Port of Long Beach spokesman Daniel Yi, adding that this is the first work stoppage of this magnitude in a decade at the Port of Long Beach.

The strike started Tuesday after talks fell apart between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63 Office Clerical Unit, the union representing more than 600 clerical workers at both ports, and their employers, the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Employers Association, which represents shipping agencies and terminal operators in Southern California.

Talks, which have been going on for more than 30 months, resumed Thursday night and both sides were continuing discussions in some form Friday, sources said.

Several politicians and officials have urged both sides to resolve negotiations, fearing more disruption at the ports, which handles 40 percent of the nation's imports.

"Both sides in this dispute understand the critical importance of keeping cargo moving through the San Pedro Bay complex," Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz said in a written statement. "Time is of the essence and we urge a mutually agreeable resolution as soon as possible so that we can return to full operations."

Nearly 3 million jobs nationally are supported by the more than $300 billion worth of goods that flow through the two ports, including dockworkers, truck drivers, rail yard workers, warehouse clerks and those along the supply chain.

"We have some of the best and most efficient cargo facilities and workforce in the world," Port of Long Beach Executive Director J. Christopher Lytle said in a written statement. "A quick resolution is critical to maintaining our status as the country's premier gateway for trans-Pacific trade and we urge the parties to come to agreement soon."

The disruption has prompted the Harbor Trucking Association, which represents more than 150 licensed motor carriers and nearly 8,000 port drivers who work at the twin ports, to send a letter Friday to Federal Maritime Commissioner and former Port of Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Mario Cordero, asking him to advocate for a quick resolution.

"As of today, the gates at most of the terminals in the San Pedro Bay Port complex are closed — preventing these 8,000 drivers from picking up containers and being compensated for their work," according to the letter. "In turn, the warehousing and processing workers that stand downstream in the supply chain are being equally impacted. In short, this closure continues to have a devastating impact on all facets of the maritime industry."

When the gates do re-open, the trucking and drayage industry will deal with "unprecedented congestion" at the terminals and a backlog of containers, according to the letter.

The striking clerical workers, who have worked without a contract since the previous one expired in summer 2010, have expressed concern about the implementation of new booking information technology that could prompt employers to outsource jobs. That technology is already being used at other ports.

The Harbor Employers Association said that it has proposed "absolute job security," guaranteed full-time pay, wage increases and a one-time $3,000 payment to each permanent employee to cover missed pay hikes in 2010 and 2011.

The proposal also calls for pension raises for the next two years and maintaining pension benefits for the following two years.

In terms of staffing and technology, employers are agreeing to give up full control over whether and when temporary employees are called in to work.

But the union is demanding that employers hire additional, unnecessary employees and is insisting on stronger restraints on the implementation and use of technology, after agreeing to back down on those demands, the employers group said.

Clerical workers picketed two prior times this year at individual terminals. Each time, an arbitrator has ruled that longshore workers couldn't participate in the walkouts.

But a higher-level West Coast arbitrator sided this week with the ILWU, saying that dockworkers can now honor the clerical workers' picket lines without violating their contracts.

source: daily bulletin

$19 unlimited wireless phone plan is a reality

Dec. 1, 2012

Looking to save a a bundle on your wireless phone service?
Republic Wireless, which offers its “members” a $19 unlimited talk, text and data plan, recently entered open beta.

That means anyone can join.

Of course, there’s gotta be a catch, and there is. The company wants you to connect to Wi-Fi for the majority of your calling, texting and Internet access.

That shouldn’t be a problem for those of us who have Wi-Fi access at work and at home, but for others, that could be a dealbreaker.

Of course, you still have service when you’re not connected to a hotspot. Calls, texts and Internet get routed through Sprint’s CDMA cell network when you’re out and about, and the company remains committed to unlimited access for everyone.

There are a few caveats, however.

For now, Republic offers only
one phone, the Motorola Defy XT, which costs $259, plus tax. It’s an Android smartphone, running Gingerbread at 1 GHz. It’s definitely not in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Google Nexus 4 or the iPhone 5, but it should get the job done.

dual-band phone connects to Sprint’s 1900 and 800 MHz towers. You can check out the full spec sheet here.

The service is still in beta testing. Expect there to be a few bugs still to be worked out.

For instance, MMS is not available, and doesn’t appear to be a high priority for the company. If you live and die for sharing photos with your friends via MMS, this isn’t the service for you. Besides, isn’t that what Instagram is for?

International calling is not available, either. You can call to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada from anywhere in the world you have Wi-Fi access, but to call elsewhere, you’d have to use Skype or a similar service.

If you understand that you’re going to be a little ahead of the curve, Republic looks to be a decent way to get unlimited, contract-free service at a price the competition simply can’t match.

Republic offers a full 30-day
money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the phone or the service, just send it back for a full refund.

For more information, visit the
Republic website.

hat tip: John Plessel @

Angry Father Michael Canaii Shows Up At H.S. Asking “Who Has Been F****** My Daughter”

Angry father, Michael Canaii is accused of showing up at his daughters high school telling students he is going to “F*** them all up” until he found his daughter. While swinging a metal chain he blurted out “who has F****** my daughter.”

Canaii showed up to at the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in Manhattan, New York swinging a heavy chain with a padlock, demanding to speak to the principal.

The 35-year-old Canaii was upset because he believed his daughter had become involved in gangs, smoking marijuana, and was sexually active. He went to the school to take action against the staff and students who he felt were not doing good by his daughter.

Canaii was briefly hospitalized after his arrest. Canaii was held in lieu of $5,000 bond or $1,000 cash bail.

Featured Image of Michael Canaii from Facebook via Daily Mail.
source: American Live Wire

Nothing Too Immoral For Left's War on Values:

Principal Tim Richards Has Two Male High School Students Hold Hands As Punishment For Fighting

Westwood High School principal Tim Richards had two Male high school students in Arizona hold hands as a punishment for fighting. 14-year-old Freshman Charles Crockett, and a sophomore only known as Julio got into a fight in their P.E. class at Westwood High School, in Mesa, Arizona, on Wednesday.

The two young men were offered a choice – either get suspended or face public humiliation for their fight. The boys wisely chose to stay in school and not miss time spent in class but at the price of public humiliation.

Now Principal Tim Richards is facing criticism over his handling of the punishment and public humiliation after the image of the two boys was posted to Facebook becoming a viral sensation.

ABC News reported some of the students in the crowd taunted the boys saying “are you gay?” Other students who are in the schools ROTC program believe the punishment is no different then the disciplinary action received in ROTC, saying that the humiliation actually works.

Some critics of the disciplinary action, said that it encouraged bullying and that it was inappropriate. Others said that gay male students may feel ashamed of the act of holding hands, looking at the act as shameful for two boys to hold hands.

What do you think? Was the principal out of line for offering the students the alternative of public humiliation, or do you think that the students learned a valuable lesson and the teasing will eventually cool off as the incident becomes old news? Good principal or bad principal?

source: American Live Wire

Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome baby #Hashtag!

Twitter post claims newborn gets social network name

An unverified photo making the rounds on Twitter, posted by user @Riley1Son, claims this baby was named Hashtag.

A photo making the rounds on Twitter suggests a mother has named her newborn after that social network.

“Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite,” reads the caption of a photo that appears to have been posted on Facebook.

“She weys 8pounds and I luv her so much.”

Online reaction ranged from outrage to laughter over the supposed naming of the baby, pictured wrapped in a blue blanket. Hashtags are used to highlight keywords on Twitter.

“A baby has been named Hashtag. If true, funny. In a life ruined kind of way,” one Twitter user said. “‘Hashtag..I love you’ Let's hope for a Follow Friday sister.”

The Star and other media have so far been unable to confirm whether the image, made famous by Awkward Messages, is legitimate.

If true, Hashtag could be the latest example of extreme baby naming. Last year, a man reportedly named his first-born Facebook. Before that came little Number 16 Bus Shelter.

But there are some limits, at least in New Zealand, where a judge ordered that a 9-year- old be renamed in 2008. Her parents named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.

Source: The Star

Students told to disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality’

(The College Fix) - A political science professor at Butler University asks students to disregard their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom – a practice the school’s arts and sciences dean defended as a way to negate students’ inherent prejudices.

The syllabus of the course at Butler, a small Midwestern liberal arts institution in Indianapolis, spells out that students should use “inclusive language” because it’s “a fundamental issue of social justice.”

“Language that is truly inclusive affirms sexuality, racial and ethnic backgrounds, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions,” the syllabus states, referencing a definition created by the United Church of Christ.

The syllabus of the class, called Political Science 201: Research and Analysis, goes on to ask students “to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be the norm.” It is taught by a black, female professor.

In an interview with The College Fix, Jay Howard, dean of Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, denied this practice essentially presumes every student who walks through the door is a racist or misogynist.

He said students must be told not to assume such prejudices because such assumptions are ingrained into the culture and remain there until questioned. With that, a liberal arts education questions these assumptions, and such questions can make for uncomfortable situations, he said.

“Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said. “There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never made uncomfortable in your college education, you’re not really getting a college education.”

Howard said the college he oversees does not want students to continue to harbor such assumptions without question, “but neither do we want to exclude the dominant group in society in our attempts to make sure that we’re leveling hierarchies.”

In twenty years, white people will no longer be the majority, but they will still be the largest ethnic group, Howard said. He said using inclusive language would help students prepare for a changing world as America becomes more diverse.

He added that American culture makes speaking inclusively difficult, and the English language is partly to blame.

“Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,” Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.”

However, not all writing- and language-intensive classes at Butler University mandate students use such “inclusive” language.

Nancy Whitmore, director of the journalism school in the College of Communication, said in an interview with The College Fix that students in her department are encouraged to use diverse sources with a wide variety of opinions, but are not mandated to use so-called inclusive language.

Whitmore said she is unsure what educators in Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences mean when they ask students to write without assuming certain things to be the norm.

“I don’t think I could ever write from a black woman’s point of view because I’ve never been a black woman,” Whitmore said.


My name is Ryan Lovelace, and I dropped that politically correct political science class.

Clearly, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University believes its students were raised as racist and misogynist homophobes who have grown to harbor many prejudices, a stance that is both offensive and hostile to any student’s ability to learn.

As a student at an institution predominantly focused on the liberal arts, I expected to hear professors express opinions different from my own. I did not expect to be judged before I ever walked through the door, and did not think I would be forced to agree with my teachers’ worldviews or suffer the consequences.

Being judged and forced to act a certain way is antithetical to how any institution of higher education should conduct itself.

As a journalism major, I will now strive to avoid the liberal arts college as much as possible, not because the college fails to provide its students with any practical knowledge, but because the college seeks to indoctrinate its students with a hostile paradigm that views people like me—an American, white, heterosexual male from a middle-class background—as evil; whitey-righty need not attend.

Many consider higher education to be in turbulent waters because of rising tuition costs and student loan debt, but students who actually graduate may struggle even more if they view the world as Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences does.

The liberal arts college seeks to include people, but someone will always be excluded, as it is impossible to always include everyone. Furthermore, I’m not sure how to write assuming any other persona but my own. Any attempts to do so would only be offensive to people different from myself.

Lastly, the idea that people have different views from mine is not what makes me uncomfortable. The idea that I must walk, talk and act as the liberal arts college pleases does. I’ll speak as I always have and conduct myself in the way I deem fit. I think paying $40,000 a year should give me that basic right.

Fix contributor Ryan Lovelace is a student at Butler University.

Hat tip: Michael Savage

School Orders Child to Remove God From Poem

By Todd Starnes

A North Carolina community is embroiled in controversy after a school ordered a six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem that she was supposed to read during a Veteran’s Day ceremony.

The girl is a first-grader at West Marion Elementary School. She was supposed to read the poem during a school assembly marking Veteran’s Day. The poem honored her two grandfathers who had served during the Vietnam War.

“He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength,” the poem read.

A parent reportedly found out about the poem and expressed concern about mentioning the word God during a school event. The parent did not want the Almighty’s name mentioned anywhere in the program, according to one account.

“We wanted to make sure we were upholding the school district’s responsibility of separation of church and state from the Establishment Clause,” Supt. Gerri Martin told the McDowell News.

Martin told the newspaper she made the decision in consultation with the school’s principal and vice principal.

“We jointly decided that we must err on the side of caution to prevent crossing the line on the Establishment Clause of the Constitution,” Kirkpatrick told the newspaper. “As a principal of a public school, I must put aside my personal religious beliefs and follow the law — which upholds that we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but that we, as public schools, cannot endorse one single religion over another.”

Fox News contacted the parents of the child but they declined to comment on the controversy.

The incident has sparked widespread concern across this western North Carolina community — called by many the buckle of the Bible Belt.

“I’m reserving my opinion at this point – but I’m very concerned that the young lady’s First Amendment rights have been broken,” said Scott Hagaman, senior pastor of Marion’s First Baptist Church.

He told Fox News that ministers across the community are alarmed what happened and many are asking questions.

“It’s saturated the community,” he said. “I’m quite sure it will be handled appropriately and fairly but right now there is a lot of concern that this child was not treated appropriately.”

The issue is expected to be addressed by local residents at next week’s school board meeting.

“I am outraged that a school would deny a six year old child her First Amendment rights — especially during an assembly to honor our nation’s veterans,” Trudy Pascoe told Fox News. “It is unacceptable for schools to continue to deny students rights because of their Christian viewpoint.”

Chris Greene, who happens to be employed by the school district, spoke to board members earlier this week.

“My question is this, when do the rights of one outweigh the rights of another,” he asked in remarks covered by the local newspaper. “I believe that this little girl’s rights were violated and that those who worked so hard to prepare this program should receive an apology.”

Pastor Hagaman said it’s no surprise that the First Amendment debate has reached their small town.

“I don’t think there’s anywhere in the country where you can hide from these issues — with the culture changing so quickly,” he said.

Good News for a Change: Two More States Reject ObamaCare


Some good news today, as Michigan and Arizona have both made decisions that they will not be setting up a health care exchange under ObamaCare.

In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer declared yesterday that she will not direct the state government to set up an exchange.

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder has been trying to set up an exchange, but Speaker of the House Jase Bolger has declared that he will not bring the bill to establish exchanges to the floor. 3,500 people have already sent messages urging Michigan's top state officials to stand against ObamaCare, and the Speaker is listening. Keep the pressure on Governor Snyder - Michigan residents can Take Action by contacting his office HERE.

That makes twenty-two states which have stood up and refused to implement the costly exchanges that are at the core of ObamaCare. For a good breakdown of why it is so important that states refuse to set up an exchange, check out Rusty Weiss' blog post HERE.

And you can click HERE for an up-to-date summary of where every state stand on ObamaCare, and for links to how you can take action in your own state.

Socialists Outline Democrat’s Agenda for Next Two Years

Nov. 30, 2012

Trevor Loudon

Contrary to popular opinion, the US Democratic Party does not set much of its own policy.

Democrat policy is actually dictated by the labor unions and radical think tanks, such as the Center for American Progress, and the Institute for Policy Studies.

The unions are dominated by the US’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America – which also works closely with the C.A.P. and I.P.S.

So, by a process of osmosis and deliberate orchestration, D.S.A., and their friends in the Communist Party USA, effectively dictate Democrat policy at state and national levels.

On November 16, the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee released After the Election: Keep Fighting, a blueprint for DSA action and priorities for the first segment of Obama’s second term.

It is basically a guide to action for long time DSA ally Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, over the next two years.

Diverting money from the military to social spending will be a huge part of the agenda. After all, a strong US military is the major block to world revolution.

The push will be towards universal socialist healthcare and an economy wrecking Financial Transactions Tax.

Ending poverty through massive re-distribution will be a big focus… capitalizing on the 50th anniversary of DSA founder Michael Harrington‘s famous book “The Other America,” which helped to launch Lyndon Johnson’s catastrophic and completely counter productive “War on Poverty” in the mid-1960s.

Students will be manipulated with promises of loan forgiveness. There will be a huge push for immigration reform. DSA leader Eliseo Medina, a leader of the movement, has openly boasted that this will mean eight million more Democrat Party votes.

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HOPE & CHANGE ALERT!! After Re-Electing Obama, College students learn of Obama’s secret 33% cuts to Pell Grant

...But don't sweat the small stuff kids. The money will likely go to those who won't be going to college and likely quit high school to lay around, get high and make babies.

Spreading the wealth, did you really think it was for you?

November 30, 2012

This cut in eligibility was never mentioned by President Obama during the campaign, and when he boasted about increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, CNN fact-checked his claim as true. While the amount of government funding to the program is going up in future years, CNN failed miserably by not pointing out the cuts in eligibility to students. The cuts could be a rude awakening to students who thought President Obama was expanding their educational opportunities.

The email, sent out by the Dallas County Community College District, informed students of the changes to the Pell Grant program. It revealed....


OBAMA BUDDIES EXPOSED! IAEA, UN & Russia Kept Iran’s Nuclear Mega-Bomb a Secret

Nov. 30, 2012

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which reports directly to the United Nations (UN) & the Security Council, has kept documents on Iran’s nuclear mega-bomb a secret for more than a year. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that IAEA-documents show calculations of Iran’s massive nuclear bomb blast, and it is estimated to be three times larger than the one dropped on Hiroshima.

From the AP report:

The International Atomic Energy Agency — the Vienna-based U.N. nuclear watchdog — reported last year that it had obtained diagrams indicating that Iran was calculating the “nuclear explosive yield” of potential weapons.

This isn’t the first time the global defense community has had trouble with the IAEA and its reports.

Egyptian activist & Legal scholar, Mohammed ElBaradei served as the Director General of the IAEA from 1997-2009, and was sympathetic to Iran’s nuclear program. Eventually the public learned he withheld information due to his bias.

During the Egyptian revolution, which ousted Hosni Mubarak, ElBaradei aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood; a group banned from operating in Egypt at the time. No matter who oversees the IAEA, or who directs the talks for the US & our allies, it seems that sympathy & secrecy are perpetually prevalent in favoring Iran’s nuclear program.

The closer Iran comes to completing a nuclear bomb, the more crucially important information is being withheld.

Conservative Report recently exposed, the UN’s conclusion that Iran does have an underground nuclear blast facility. Iran has also purchased detonators from Russia, which were custom made to fit into their ICBM’s (Shabab-3). As reported, once the nuclear material is refined to weapon grade status, it can then be put right into the missiles & Iran will be a nuclear-armed, world power.

The AP report reaffirms the fears of the rest of the world—that Iran is a “snap of the fingers” away from having a nuclear core suitable for weapons.

“the IAEA said Iran is poised to double its output of higher-enriched uranium at its fortified underground facility — a development that could put Tehran within months of being able to make the core of a nuclear warhead.”

And helping Iran from within their “underground facility” is Russian scientist, Vyacheslav Danilenko—an underground explosion and weapons specialist.

During the “Reset” talks, the concern of Danilenko’s involvement was shot down just as fast as it was raised. Our own State Department claimed that Danilenko was just a “nano diamond” scientist, when in fact he was the key to Iran constructing the underground facility at Fordo. Danilenko also controls explosive tests underground; tests that would be hidden from US spy satellites.

The Washington Post reported at the time that the IAEA report mentioned a “foreign expert” helping Iran. And that is all the group would say. But the expert was in fact Danilenko. So, there is another example where the IAEA was intentionally elusive and vague regarding Iran and their nuclear program.

With the most dangerous ring of religious whackos months away from having bombs three times as powerful as Hiroshima, and a theological agenda that requires them to kill as many infidels as possible, why can’t we get an ally within the IAEA that can help tell us the truth about Iran and not do everything in their power to expedite Armageddon?

source: Douglas Stewart @ Conservative Report

HOPE & CHANGE HOLIDAY EDITION: White House Draft of Cyber-Security EXEC ORDER, Fed Power Grab

November 30, 2012

LEAK: White House Draft of Cyber-Security EXEC ORDER, Fed Power Grab

A White House draft for an Executive Order regarding Cyber Security policy has been leaked & obtained by Conservative Report. The draft memo details just how the Executive Order on Cyber Security will be structured, and details the process by which cabinet members & appointees shall implement the new law.

As legislation, this act failed to be passed by Congress leaving the President to take his preferred means of creating law; by himself at the White House. The memo prefaces the need for such an executive action by reminding all those participating that this new responsibility of the President is due to the failures of Congress. From the memo:

In May of 2011, the Administration submitted proposed legislation to improve cybersecurity to Congress. Since Congress has so far failed to pass cybersecurity legislation in the 2011-2012 session, the President intends to use his authority to improve the Nation’s cybersecurity.

Use his authority he will. Since 2008 various websites had expressed concern over President Obama’s desire to micromanage the internet by creating regulations and giving multiple agencies responsibilities to enforce his new web regulations. With “national security” being used as an excuse to interfere, very little could be done to stop the president.

Now, it seems that that is exactly what is happening. A source familiar with the memo who asked not to be named said “This is the first real venture into putting blanket regulations over the internet in general. No one is going to argue against protecting our infrastructure. No one is going to say ‘leave the power grid software alone’ or ‘I’m sure the nuclear power plant is already safe enough against hackers’ giving that every other news story today has to do with hacking…the President already has public support for this.”

And they were right, to a certain extent.

Citing national security as the main reason for broad and sweeping regulations, the leaked draft also shows delegated responsibilities to multiple agency heads in order to enforce the Executive Order. The memo itself was sent to 28 of the President’s appointees and divided into two simple sections. Tab A and Tab B. One section structures the discussion on areas that need improvement while the second section of the memo (Tab B) is the current draft Executive Order on cybersecurity. Each agency head is not going to be able to identify every area at risk, so to be “safe” there is going to have to be extra government control, monitoring, intrusion, et al.

The starting point for an around-the-clock government monitored and controled internet starts with every agency having just enough power to go slightly beyond protecting themselves in cyberspace.

No memo or Presidential Policy Directive is ever going to be able to accurately predict every type of dangerous scenario they could encounter. So by design they have to grant themselves more power than they should have. Considering this is of the utmost importance, it being a matter of “national security”, than the Executive Order itself will not fall sort by limiting the power of these cabinets and the departments of the Presidents other appointees.

According to Part 4, the new Executive Order will:

“Establish workable frameworks for implementing cybersecurity minimum standards and practices designed to complement, not supplant, currently-available security measures- without prescribing particular technologies or methodologies.”

How does someone implement a workable framework without prescribing particular technologies or methodologies? You can’t. Its contradictory. You need a workable framework at any cost. And because you can not prescribe any specific technology or methodology then you are allowed to do whatever you want.

The fourth & final point of the draft says all you ever need to hear to be concerned about this power hungry President getting government claws around the last truly free thing left in this country. I will highlight the parts that signify the death of freedom on the internet.

Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin

“Those who are willing to trade their freedom for temporary security, deserve neither, and will lose both.”

Dear Internet, you were so awesome. We are all going to miss you. Have fun in your abusive relationship with the Democrats.

See the full memo to the below, and be sure to share it, courtesy of Conservative Report.

source: Douglas Stewart @ Conservative Report

Queen Guitarist Brian May Exposed!

Queen Musician Brian May & Animal Rights Hypocrisy

Queen Musician Brian May & Animal Rights Hypocrisy

Countryside Alliance Ireland
Ireland --( It came as some surprise last weekend to find that Queen musician Brian May had been leasing the stalking rights on his land.

The news was broken by the Sunday Times, who found that he was receiving payments of £750 a year for the right to shoot deer on his Middlemarsh estate.

Many other papers picked up on this story because of its significance since Dr May has become a figurehead of the animal rights movement.

This is more than just irony. Brian May is the self styled saviour of animals. Not a TV, radio or newspaper interview is complete without the obligatory comment from him “standing up” for the animals. He has vehemently opposed any form of culling, but was most vocal in the recent case of the proposed badger cull.

The fact that a millionaire rock star raised his own dwindling profile at the expense of dairy farmers on the brink of collapse and bankruptcy is hard enough to accept. The fact that he did this having profited from a deer cull on his own land is indefensible.

Dr May stood shoulder to shoulder with the RSPCA and other animal rights groups to oppose the badger cull at all costs, including boycotting milk from already pressed farmers. As I reported last week, he also endorsed the policy that would make public the names of all those involved in culling, regardless of the consequences. In a cruel twist of poetic justice, May has been the one whose name was made public for allowing shooting to take place on his land.

Now the tables have been turned, Brain May appears to prefer secrecy about what happens on his own land.

The word hypocrite hardly does justice to the level of duplicity displayed, but at least he must start to comprehend how the affected farmers feel.

Barney White-Spunner
Executive Chairman

About: Countryside Alliance Ireland has been active since the early 1960s, providing Irish sportsmen and women with high levels of information and advice and representation. Over the years as the political environment has changed we have evolved into a highly effective campaigning organisation. Countryside Alliance Ireland is governed by an elected “Board” made up from members throughout Ireland. The Board sets policy and oversees financial and operational matters. Countryside Alliance Ireland partner groups nominate members of the “Board” also, making it truly representative of country sports interests in Ireland.

Distributed to you by - – The Shooting Sports News source.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Militant Socialism in America

American Thinker

Despite his "colossal economic failures" and a national debt "above $16 trillion" Barack Obama was given a second term. It is not because the conservative message was wrong; it is because Obama is a master of marketing his message. Seductive and false advertising as well as outright bribery marked this man's first term and will certainly be the hallmark of his second.

He mesmerized a misinformed or ill-informed public, convincing them that his promises would result in a piece of the pie for them. Thus, currently, "...more than half the population -- 50 percent plus one -- is dependent upon government benefits. For the past four years, the Obama administration has created a Franco-German welfare state whose sole purpose is to forge a majority political coalition wedded to the Democratic Party." The explosion of food stamps, the bailouts -- all translated into an 'I got mine, not gonna' worry about anybody else' mentality that has ruptured this country into two camps. There are those who pay and there are those who expect the payment without any effort on their part.  

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Deputies: Homeowner shoots burglar caught taking property

Chalk one up for the Constitution!

 HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A northwest Harris County homeowner fought back against two burglars Tuesday night and ended up shooting one of them.

It all happened at a home on Morgensen Drive at Zada Park Lane sometime before 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said a homeowner came home and noticed an upstairs light was on that wasn’t supposed to be. He went back to his car, got his gun, and headed back to the house.

Deputies said as he was heading inside, the thieves were on the way out with stolen property. That’s when the men tried to take off. One managed to get away, but the other ended up in a scuffle and then was shot by the homeowner.

The injured man sped off in a car but turned himself in to authorities at a gas station on Veterans Memorial and W Mount Houston. He was sent to the hospital in stable condition.

Investigators said the wounded suspect didn’t make it far because his older model Lincoln Town car, complete with Houston Texans window flags, had two flat tires. A description of the other suspect involved in the burglary was not available.

Deputies said the homeowner carries a concealed handgun license.

source: khou

Michigan: Time Running Out to Repeal State Handgun Registration and Permit System


The Michigan Legislature returned yesterday for the last few weeks of their 2012 legislative session with several pro-gun bills still pending consideration. House Bill 5225 and its companion bills, legislation that would eliminate the state handgun “permit-to-purchase” and registration requirements in Michigan, have been languishing in the state Senate for months, so your state Senator and the Senate leadership need to hear from gun owners across Michigan today! Since the state House passed HB 5225 back in June, the Michigan Senate is the only remaining obstacle to getting this vital bill to the Governor.

HB 5225 has faced increased opposition by the Michigan State Police (MSP). MSP, never friendly to pro-gun reforms (including the current state Right-to-Carry law), has even proposed a number of crippling amendments to HB 5225 that would perpetuate Michigan’s antiquated registration system in the event that they are unable to stop its passage. Please contact your state Senator and Governor Rick Snyder TODAY and tell them to stop holding up this critical reform and act soon to protect your gun rights. Respectfully urge them to reject any hostile amendments to HB 5225, and to end Michigan's costly and unnecessary gun registration scheme as well as the onerous handgun purchase permit process.


Another Court Loss: Preliminary Injunction Denied

Yesterday an NRA backed case that challenged San Francisco’s safe storage and ammunition restrictions lost in District Court. Reading the opinion here, I find myself stunned by this:

Plaintiffs’ showing as to the severity of the burdens imposed by section 4512, “The Safe Storage Law,” is only marginally better. As noted above, section 4512 gives San Francisco residents the very set of rights the Heller plaintiff sought and obtained. San Franciscans may lawfully possess handguns in their own homes, may carry them in their own homes at any time, and may use them for self-defense without running afoul of any aspect of the ordinance. Plaintiffs have offered only the possibility that in a very narrow range of circumstances, the delay inherent in rendering a handgun operable or in retrieving it from a locked container theoretically could impair a person’s ability to employ it successfully in self-defense. Even assuming this rises to the level of a “substantial” burden, however, thereby triggering some heightened degree of scrutiny, plaintiffs have not shown the regulation to be overreaching or improper in any way, or that it fails to serve a legitimate governmental interest. Indeed, as noted in Heller itself, nothing in its analysis “suggest[s] the invalidity of laws regulating the storage of firearms to prevent accidents.”

This is disingenuous, and the quote taken from the full context. The full quote from the Heller opinion, in full context, is this:

The other laws Justice BREYER cites are gunpowder-storage laws that he concedes did not clearly prohibit loaded weapons, but required only that excess gunpowder be kept in a special container or on the top floor of the home. Post, at 2849-2850. Nothing about those fire-safety laws undermines our analysis; they do not remotely burden the right of self-defense as much as an absolute ban on handguns. Nor, correspondingly, does our analysis suggest the invalidity of laws regulating the storage of firearms to prevent accidents.

The majority is refuting justice Steven’s dissenting argument about 18th century laws that mandated storage of excess gunpowder on the top floor of the home, and speaking of safe storage in a context which does not burden the right of self-defense to any real degree. Any honest reading of Heller has to come to terms with the fact that the invalidity of storage requirements that interfere with self-defense is unambiguously part of Heller‘s holding:

We must also address the District’s requirement (as applied to respondent’s handgun) that firearms in the home be rendered and kept inoperable at all times. This makes it impossible for citizens to use them for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.

It is difficult to see how the San Francisco ordinance is materially different from that of the District of Columbia’s. I can accept that on the matter of ammunition restrictions, a judge has some room to suggest that case law is not that well established, and perhaps a preliminary injunction is not appropriate, but regardless of what is stated in Nordyke, which cannot control Heller, any requirement that a firearm be bound by a lock or stored in a way that makes it unavailable for self-defense is pretty unambiguously unconstitutional. The judge here pulls dicta out of context, in an attempt to ignore the core holding in Heller. It is worth noting that the judge in this case is an Obama appointee. Elections have consequences.

source: pagunblog