SPRINGETTSBURY TWP., Pa. —A York County company was told to take down a sign that reads "Celebrate Freedom" a few days before the Fourth of July.
The 10-foot patriotic banner was put up to celebrate American freedom.
York County businessman Rudy Kocman thought it looked great in front of his insurance business, especially for Independence Day.
"It is not an advertising ploy, not a marketing ploy" said Kocman. "It was a simple message to get out to the community."

On Tuesday, Kocman was stunned when a code enforcement officer from Springettsbury Township told him to take it down.
He was told the banner was in violation of township rules regarding signs.
"We were kind of shocked," said Kocman.
Kocman was also told he would face a fine of $500 for every day he kept it up.

"$500 bucks a day - that's a lot for any business - particularly a small business," said Kocman.
Trisha Lang, director of community development for the township, says Kocman failed to get a permit. She also pointed to a township rule that requires banners to be secured to buildings.

"We were happy to see the display of patriotism, they just needed to display it in the proper manor," said Lang.

In the end, a permit was filed with the township and Kocman got to put up his banner. It's now attached to the front of his business.