Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Joseph's family gets help from 'a mama grizzly'

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Connecticut Town Ordered to Pay for Union Workers’ Coffee

PA: Pension legal challenge suggested

Interior appeals oil drilling ruling

UK: Future public sector pension costs ‘hugely underestimated’

Obama: Unrest a positive for Israel

The New Middle East

Is ATF gun-running operation a ploy to demonize U.S. gun rights?

NAACP Wants To Honor Kid Rock, Faces Boycott

Islamists in America


American veteran sniper still has perfect aim [Video Link]

Homeland Security Delays Launch of 'Real ID' – Again

Protester To Tea Partier: "Why Do You Have A Right To Your Money?"(EPIC VIDEO)

More on the climate gravy train ( Climate Science: 10th Highest Paid Profession )

Egyptian Children's TV Show: We Must Liberate Jerusalem from the Hands of "the Disgusting Jews"


Communists Claim Capitalism and Beck are the Problems, Not Unions

Constitutional Scholar Obama: Second Amendment is so People Can Go Hunting or Something


Creeping Shariah

Sweden: Politician not guilty of "agitation against an ethnic group" for nude Muhammad poster

Obama defends education spending hikes

Who Could Have Imagined Koch Prank Call Was Identity Theft?

4000 Muslims chanting "Allahu akbar" torch church, attack Christian homes

Should Christians And Jews Eat Halal Meat?

NRA Credits Sarah Palin For Boost in Female Membership

Texas GOP Introduces Bill Making Body Scanners Illegal

Hiding behind the shield

Eminent Historian Paul Johnson On Palin: She's Got Courage....Like Thatcher & Reagan

UW polisci prof Howard Schweber responds to my "Who started the restriction of access to the Wisconsin Capitol...?"

Mid East instability argues for breaking 2nd unholy alliance between Democrat Party and Environmentalists keeping U.S. from being energy independent

A Middle East without borders?

The Egyptian Revolution Has a Long Way to Become a Reality

Massachusetts Legislature Considering Putting GPS Locators In Firearms

Current Al-Jazeera (Arabic) Online Poll

$1 Coin Would Save $5.5 Billion, Let's Do It

George Will: 14th may go down

Canada Should Delay the Security Perimeter

Public Sector Continues To Hemorrhage Jobs, Report Says

Biting the Hand

Kathleen Sebelius Admits Double-Counted $500 Billion Dollars in Obamacare!

Tea Partiers Cleaning up the Union Mess in Wisconsin

Video of CNN Guest Prof: "Mr. Obama Is Like Jackie Robinson"

LA Police-Fire Fighters Can Retire and Stay on Job Drawing Salary

Harry Reid's Son Evades Campaign Laws and Creates 91 Shell PACs to Funnel Money to Campaign

U.S.S. of A.

Surgery patient left in hallway to recover

13 million jobs needed in next 3 yrs to bring number to 6%

Hundreds storm Egyptian state security headquarters

President Stoops To New Low With Calderon

Solidarity? AFL-CIO funds cop haters

Losing freedom little by little

Crystal Meth Use 'Rampant' in N.Korea

N.Korean Soldiers' Wives Flee Hardship at Home

Health Care Premiums Soar as Coverage Shrinks

Taste of Home Teachers Recipe Contest

Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses

Snyder's legal costs could reach six figures, but help is already coming in (Westboro Case)

Agenda: Grinding America Down 2010 (VIDEO)

Obama set aside his hatred of America, our flag and anthem to become president

No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.

3 Good Reasons To Buy an Open-PC (Linux)

Illinois State Senator Obama admits childhood in Kenya

White House calls push for strategic oil reserve release ‘premature’

Saudi Arabia bans all demos after Shi'ite protests

The One Chart You Need to See...(Entitlement Programs)

Costa Mesa Will Fire 43% Of Workers, Outsource Services

Bill would allow Brewer to call up state army for any reason

Gov Scott Walker is a hero for standing strong against Obama’s union thugs and propaganda machine

Mexico’s President Whines About Growing “Anti-American Feelings in Mexico” Because We’re Not Welcoming the Flood of Illegal Aliens…

Arid Uka’s Gratitude

Santorum on his suspension: Fox News didn’t ask me if I was running

Proof when the Global Caliphate has wiped everyone else out, Muslims will turn on each other in their neverending quest for “peace”

Union Goons Storm Ohio Restaurant and Threaten Republican Lawmakers

Biden leaving in middle of budget talks

Rep. Rangel Causes Stir In Courtroom; Reprimanded By Judge

But There’s No Difference in Reporting?

"The thinking was: 'Why waste our time with African-American voters? They have no other place to go.'"


Just a Reminder: Yes, Fred Phelps Is A Democrat

Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

Al Gore Now Suffering From Koch Derangement Syndrome

Enemies of the Middle Class

National Education Association (NEA): “Schools need to teach about orgasms”

Liberal Site Tries to Tie Shocking Muslim-Taunting Video to Respected Conservative

Story of Citizens United v. FEC, The Critique

Italy makes immigrants speak Italian for work visa

Obama Administration Urges Union Protesters to ‘Keep Fighting’

Spiro Agnew Speaks of the Radicals of His Time...and Ours

Teacher Union's Top Priority - Raw Power (VIDEO)

Pensions, Wisconsin Teachers, and the Koch Brothers

Santelli: 'Good' Jobs Report Has Dark Side

Sunnis, Shi'ites clash in Bahrain...

Yemeni army fires on protesters

Libyan Internet service cut again

Naked party at Yale prompts sexual assault investigation

Brotherhood clerics launch campaign to replace Egypt's religious leadership

"Don't You Dare Apologize For Me"

The Billion Dollar Candidate Has Left The Starting Gate

The Red-Green Alliance Raises the Black Flag of Jihad

Friday, March 4, 2011

Worse Is Better, and Less Is More

US Unemployment at 8.9%, but labor participation rate still at all-time low

US Unemployment at 8.9%, but labor participation rate still at all- time low

Infidel Task Force Interviews Pastor Terry "Burn the Koran" Jones

Let the Czar Wars Begin

Venezuela and Libya: it is not an April 11 coup

1600 Copperhead Road

British Pull Plug on Four UN Agencies

Hypocrisy: DNC Chose State That Bans Public Employee Collective Bargaining for 2012 Convention

Erectile dysfunction linked to aspirin and other NSAIDs

Ron Paul: 'Education Isn't A Right'

Obamacare Accounting Tricks Admitted to by Sebelius

German Politicians Do Away With Themselves

Multiculturalism and Islamification in Britain, Part 1

Close The Car Show Loophole

Violent clashes in Alexandria

Saudis mobilize thousands of troops to quell growing revolt

Harvard Professors Raked in Millions from Khadafy.

South Korea drops pamphlets in North telling of Arab uprisings

Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail, but sure, you can still Pass Go and Collect $200

Important News: Staring at Breasts Increases Heart Health

Wisconsin Capital: Leftist Protesters' 7.5 Million Dollar Carbon Footprint

British Government Slashes U.N. Funding Over Poor Performance…

Good News/Bad News about SEIU going broke.

Libyan 'Money' Ship Escorted To UK Port

Salazar tells House Gulf oil production at 'all-time high;(300,000 fewer barrels produced per day)

Caught On Camera: Wis. Rep. Tackled

Civilians Not In Labor Force Hits All Time Record

China ups defense spending 12.7%. China increases combat capability, ours shrink.


Supremes to Conference on Obama Eligibility

Amtrak police chief bars Transportation Security Administration from some security operations

UN Betrays Its Own Charter In Dealing With Ghadafi and Other Tyrants

Operation Slander, the Race Card and the Father There Of

Israel blocks Palestinian anti-tank rocket

Gun in US ICE agent's death traced to Texas man

Obama Quiet as Gas Prices Rise

Tea Partiers Scream Racial Epithets at Muslims

Obscene Salaries Uncovered at NPR

Macon (GA) Man Receives Life Sentence for Seeking Sex with 7-Year-Old Girl

Dead Nation Walking

S. Korean Web sites suffer DDoS attack

Former FBI agent missing in Iran still alive

Dodge parents plead guilty to trading sex with daughter for van payment

Survive - One Family In California Grows 6,000 Pounds Of Produce On Just 1/10th Of An Acre

Muslim camp backers want lease extension

Utah Pushes To Accept Gold, Silver As Alternative Currency

Coburn: Education Department "Tipping Hedge Funds" on For-Profit Colleges

Meet Regis, 19-year-old big game huntress who's America's deadliest teen

Shi'ites stage protests in Saudi oil province

European Central Bank prepares rate rise as global tide turns

Fired workers burn Indian executive to death

Illegal-hiring bill spurs jest and jeers (prof opposed to capitalism - calls for transformation)

China: Beijing to Track People's Movements via Their Mobile Phones

Mark Steyn's sober analysis of the debt crisis

China’s High-Speed Rail, Highly Suspect

Russia confirms plans to supply Syria with Yakhont missiles

Gun charges dropped against self defender

Protesters leave Wis. Capitol after 17-day sit-in

Mexican truckers to be allowed in U.S.

Veteran the last man standing at 110 (last WW1 vet in the world)

America's Midterm Analysis

My people reject the race card

We, the Unhyphenated Americans: Meet My People

Tracking Indiana's stimulus money ($2.5 bn) ~ grasshoppers, zebrafish,salamanders

Protests Reported At Iran Chemical, Tire Factories

CBS Blows the Lid off of ATF Gunwalker Scandal.

ATF begins spin in wake of devastating press reports

Krauthammer: From Baghdad to Benghazi (The revolutions in the Middle East are exposing W’s critics)

GM sells just 281 Chevy Volts in February, Nissan only moves 67 Leafs

Is ObambiCare Going Global with GE's Help

In Utah, State Guns and Campus Firearms

Track your stimulus funds by zip code ~ ADVANCED RECIPIENT REPORTED DATA SEARCH

Echoes of Clinton's gun ban

Obama’s Race Card

Observation satellite fails to reach orbit

A Muslim Upbringing and Terrorism

Christine O'Donnell Accuser David Keegan Exposed by FREEDOMIST

'PM told Abbas Israel demands to hold 40% of W. Bank'

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why worry about China's nuclear warheads?

US Interior to Act on Permits by March Deadline

Judge to Prez: You Have 1 Week to Save Obamacare

Teacher pay plan adds rank, rewards

LIVE THREAD... Police attempt to remove protesters from capitol

Exclusive video: Final words of a Martyr who dared to speak up against sharia law

Real-World Cases Prove: Spending Restraint Works

China Gold Buying Surges amid Inflation Fears(200 tons in last 2 months)

Obama: US Shares Responsibility for Mexican Violence; Says he supports the 2nd Amendment

Arizona Eyes Special License Plate for Tea Party

Internal Surveillance Agencies Mushroom in N.Korea

"Schools need to teach about orgasms" says NEA to UN

Mosques Flourish in America; Churches Perish in Muslim World

Leftists Continue to Push the Myth of the Pedophile Orientation

"An Economic Earthquake Or Tsunami That Will Reset Globalization Is In Our Future"

Madison: Demonstrators suddenly enter Capitol (bust through police line)

The Death of Common Decency

EPA says big budget cut would hurt public health

Federal Workers Thrive Without Collective Bargaining

GM sold 281 Chevy Volts last month

N.C.-based sailor charged with attempted espionage

Obama: No Arming of U.S. Agents in Mexico

“Kosovars” Strike Again

Lieberman, McCain push economic assistance plan for Egypt (billions in foreign welfare checks)

‘Evil spirits’ disrupts teaching

Is Islam knocking at our door? (VIDEO)

Toddler found wandering streets -- while mother attended parenting class...

Nine Afghan Boys Collecting Firewood Killed by NATO Helicopters

Mom arrested after toddler's body found in oven

Mexican border town had more civilian casualties than all of Afghanistan

Radical Muslim Cleric ‘Postpones’ Shariah D.C. Rally

First Wind backs out of Brimfield (MA) wind project

Can't find a parking spot? Get a hybrid ... or a baby.

Soldiers open fire on women protest in Ivory Coast

An Expeditionary Force in Readiness

Obama/Clinton Want to Keep Funding Lebanese-Hezbollah Army

What is really going on in the Middle East

Bosma To Fine Boycotting Democrats

Student: Principal forced deletion of Facebook posts

GAO Finds Billions Lost in Duplications, Inefficiencies

Actor Matt Damon Abandons Obama

9/11 May Pale in Comparison to 3/11

Three of the top Ten spots are held by Chinese speaking people

JW Sues Justice Department for Documents Detailing Justice Kagan’s Participation in Obamacare Discussions as Solicitor General

Video: Before Fleeing, WI Senate Dems Worked with Unions to Stall Budget Bill

11-year term for beating that blinded woman, 78

$105 Billion secretly tucked into Obamacare without Congressional approval

Women Under Sharia Law, Part 2: 1,400% Increase in ‘Honor Killings’ in Turkey

State says damage to marble at Capitol could hit $7.5 million

Philippines deploys 2 warplanes after local ship reports harassment by Chinese patrol boats

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Hitting 10.3% in February

CARTOON: Wreckonomics

Spiders lead to Mazda recall

Are Teachers Overpaid?

Australian politics churning