Friday, April 19, 2013

The 20th Anniversary of Waco and the U.S. Government Killing The Branch Davidians

April 19, 2013

The US government fully intended to kill every man, woman and child in the Branch Davidian compound. The proof is right here. Watch it and make a decision.


Here's Why the Government Wants Your Banking Records

April 19, 2013

Despite objections from banks across the United States, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is preparing to monitor how millions of Americans apply for mortgages, use credit cards, and overdraw their checking accounts. To further this mission, the consumer finance watchdog is requiring banks to submit their records. It has even bought anonymous information about at least 10 million consumers from credit-monitoring companies, including Experian, which was paid $8.4 million.

Created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, the consumer bureau consolidated and expanded U.S. oversight of consumer finances.... FULL STORY

Teamsters head Hoffa tries to squash his own employees’ union

April 19, 2013

So I guess they'll get revenge when they vote on his pay raise... Oh wait 

International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) general president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is suspected by his members of trying to squash a union comprised of some of his own Teamsters organizers.

Hoffa’s battle with his own organizers’ union overlaps with a host of other problems for the prominent labor leader, including a pension crisis that is undercutting his support and a potential UPS strike that he might not be able to afford, according to insiders.


-Suspects Rob 7-11, #1 Mike Mulugata is DEAD, While #2 Sunlil Tripathi Remains On-the-Loose

April 19, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombing suspects -who found time to rob a 7-11 before apparently shooting a campus cop, leading on to the epic Watertown firefight- have been stopped from further acts hopefully.

Although Mike Mulugata arrived at the hospital in 'deep arrest' and is now reported dead, Tripathi remains on the lam, and he's a real peace of work, this one: now we hear bombs were found near Brown campus recently, which had to be 'sploded by a bomb squad. Sunlil Tripathi is the AWOL Brown U. student from India, and from his campus photos -although I hate to judge by appearances- you'd have think he's not in the TEA Party nor was celebrating Hitler's birthday, either:

Maybe IT WAS domestic terrorism,
just not quite what the left was hoping for...

Source:  Reaganite Republican

Holder feels 'frustration and anger' over gun bill defeat

April 19, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder expressed frustration and anger Thursday over the Senate's defeat of gun control legislation this week, but vowed he will continue to fight for measures to prevent gun violence.   MORE>>

IL Dems Revolt Against Gun Control Law

April 19, 2013

Democrats enjoy a supermajority in the Illinois House of Representatives, holding 71 seats to the GOP's 47. On Wednesday, the same day the US Senate voted down gun control legislation, powerful Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan tried to push a restrictive gun control measure through his chamber. The result was an open revolt by downstate Democrats, with almost half the Democrat caucus joining the GOP to kill the measure. The bill went down 31-76, a rare defeat for the legendary Madigan.


A tragic day for heroes: 11 firefighters and medics confirmed killed at in Texas fertilizer plant blast and at least three more feared dead

April 19, 2013

Huge explosion ripped through a fertilizer plant near the town of West, Texas at 7.50pm on Wednesday

As many as six firefighters who had responded to a fire before the explosion have been reported missing

179 people have been hospitalized and 24 are in critical condition, including children

Mayor: 'We've got a lot of people who are hurt, and there's a lot of people who aren't gonna be here tomorrow'

Records show the plant insisted there was no risk of fire - and it was cited in 2006 for failing to have a permit

The owner, Donald Adair, said no employees were there at the time and he does not know what caused the fire

U.S. Geological Survey: Blast produced ground motion equivalent to that of a magnitude 2.1 earthquake


Gang of Eight immigration reform fails accountability test

April 19, 2013

If conservatives should have learned anything from President Obama's first four years in office, it is that this chief executive has no qualms about ignoring the law whenever it becomes an obstacle to his ideological agenda, unless Congress or the federal courts force him to do otherwise. Exhibit A here is the Libyan bombing, which Obama's own White House lawyers concluded was a "military action" requiring congressional approval under the War Powers Act. Obama bombed Libya anyway.   MORE>>

Boston marathon suspect arrest after machine gun and grenade battle in the suburbs...but other is still on the loose

April 19, 2013

Boston marathon bombing suspect seized after shoot-out: Police officer shot dead and second terrorist still on run after car chase

FBI released multiple images and three videos of two men designated as 'suspect one' and 'suspect two'

Both men are wanted in connection with Monday's Boston marathon bombings which killed three people and injured over 180

Both men are seen wearing backpacks in the images and video

Investigators believe they planted explosive devices at two locations along the finishing line of the race

Suspects walked away from the scene 'pretty casually,' federal official says

David Green, a Florida man running the marathon, released a clearer photograph of a man closely resembling the suspect identified by the FBI Suspect Number Two

Mr Green captured the picture on his iPhone as he ran toward the site of the blasts

Investigators now suspect the bomb was set off remotely, official says
FBI warned the public not to approach the men under any circumstances

Described them as 'armed and dangerous'

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Part 2 of Unreleased Pictures from the Boston Marathon

April 18, 2013


MUST-SEE: These Are The Photos Of The Boston Bombing Suspects The FBI Won’t Release

April 18, 2013

Excerpted from The NY Post along with photos: Investigators probing the deadly Boston Marathon bombings are circulating photos of two men spotted chatting near the packed finish line, The Post has learned.

In the photos being distributed by law-enforcement officials among themselves, one of the men is carrying a blue duffel bag. The other is wearing a black backpack in the first photo, taken at 10:53 a.m., but it is not visible in the second, taken at 12:30 p.m.

“The attached photos are being circulated in an attempt to identify the individuals highlighted therein,” said an e-mail obtained by The Post. “Feel free to pass this around to any of your fellow agents elsewhere.”

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More photos from 4Chan:

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