Saturday, March 19, 2011

Irony?: Communist Mentor of Obama Called for the Nationalization of GM in 1950

California lawsuit accuses Bristol-Myers Squibb of fraud, kickbacks

SEIU Invades Bank Offices to Harass and Intimidate Executive

Anti-US Military, Pro-Communist Moonbats Protesting Outside White House Today UPDATE: Dozens Arrested, Including Traitor Daniel Ellsberg

Detroit News auto critic resigns after editors soften his blasting the Chrysler 200 as a "dog", “If this is the best vehicle Detroit exports, then Glenn Beck is right”

As 3 women push him into war, President Obama goes to Brazil, with 5 women, to see Brazil's female President, who gives him the cold shoulder.

Chart of the Day: Deaths per Energy Source

Victory on the web

50 mortars fired into Israel, 2 injured; IDF strikes Gaza

Muslim dictators "buying control" of British universities

O'Keefe Beats Back An Argumentative NPR Apologist

Louis Farrakhan to Obama: "Who the hell do you think you are? (video)


Charles Rangel Calls for Return of the Draft

Farrakhan Warns Obama, "In the Name of Allah" Over 'Oil Motivations' and 'Arrogance' In Libya

Libyan Rebels Shoot Down Own Plane (with video)

A Take of Two Newts: Gingrich Insists GOP 'Deeply Committed' to Defunding ObamaCare, But That Government Not Paying For Prescriptions Drugs Under Medicare Is "Utterly Anti-Human"

Both the WSJ & LA Times Misquote Governor Palin from the India Today Conclave

Another older Marvel propaganda tactic, UK-based

Allen West Upstages Lady Gaga

Wisconsin protesters branched out to an anti-war rally just as President Obama takes us to war with Libya

Wisconsin Teacher With Long History of Depression Kills Herself, Lowlife Lefties Blame Scott Walker

Pro-American by WHOSE Definition?


Saturday Night Card Game ("I didn't call you racist, I just pointed out you're white")

Libya Bombing Attack Video Live

Obama Launches Military Offensive -Anti-War Left: "Ooh, look! Shiny!"

Emotions in politics: A survey from ASU

Fox News Video: US fires missles on Libya.

Good Grief: City Bus Driver Who Showed For Work DRUNK Can’t Be Fired Because Of Union Contract, Has Been On PAID Leave For 5 MONTHS And Going...

"Thank You Gov. Walker!"

Liberal AlterNet Blog Launches New Racist Attack on Hermain Cain

Where Most Conspiracies Come From

Protesters firebombed the US Consulate in Brazil today during a massive protest against President Obama’s trip there tomorrow AFP

The Dumbing Down of Everything

Are You Happy With The Price You Pay at the Pump?

Spring Break WoW

The Council Has Spoken!! 03/18/11

Fukushima Reactor Restart?


Madoff Trustee hits Mets with amended lawsuit seeking $1B

Bomb Thrown At Pro-Life Prayer Vigil

Biden mentions rape in criticizing Republicans

Obama Commits US to War and Goes to Rio for Weekend

Saturday Obama junket edition: Pictures from the "Marvelous City" and from around the world (Video)

To my readers who are veterans

Gaddafi forces try to storm Benghazi

Libya: Jet shot down and shelling in Benghazi despite UN air strike threat

Yemeni journalist shot dead

Syrian forces seal city after deadly clashes

First it was Saddam. Then Gaddafi. Now there's a vacancy for the West's favourite crackpot tyrant

Did MI Democrat gubernatorial loser Virg Bernero pull Lansing police from Capitol to let union thugs have their go?

Girl Admits Women Are Chattel (Property) Under Sharia

US: Suspend Military Aid to Yemen

L.A. Deficit $350 Million; Even Crossing Guards May Go

White? Male? Heterosexual? Getting Bullied? You Are Own Your Own.

Echo and the Bunnymen Under Attack on Facebook

Another Obama Freaky Friday

Friday, March 18, 2011

Anti-American, Pro-Socialist & Communist Immigrant Youth: “Open The F**KING BORDERS!!”

Please donate to continue the search for Marizela Perez

Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear

USPS New 44-Cent Stamp Celebrates a Muslim Holiday Hoax

House Hearing Reveals the Truth About Obamacare Waivers

Does the Washington Post Really Think “Slash” Is the Best Way to Describe a Plan to Trim $6 Billion out of $3.8 Trillion?

The Newspaper Guild calls on members to expose HuffPo's 'unprofessional and unethical practices'

Three Voluntary Economies

Pew Survey: Fox # 1 Source For Cable Political News, MSNBC Second to Last…

Dems’ Proposed Cuts: 1/7th of Deficit--for Tuesday

Sen. Rand Paul introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget Plan with Senators Lee and DeMint

Andrew Cuomo Wakes Up And Smells The Tea

The Real Costs of Inflation

Napolitano accused of demoting a whistleblower

Gay activists in England have to cancel a gay pride parade

Mosque recruiting American kids to become martyrs in Lebanon or Miami?

How Quantitative Easing Has Paralyzed the US Economy

“You Are a Target”

Tyrannical “governments” are not genuine governments

How to Lie with Charts and Graphs

Israel Seizes German-Owned Vessel, Aiming to Arm its Enemies

GOP housing opposition racially motivated

Poll: Wisconsin governor rising in Republican eyes

Friday Open Thread: March 18th, 2011

The Good Humor Man….literally

AMTRAK station named for stimulus 'sheriff' Biden is $5.7 million over budget

Thousands in Iran march in support of Arab revolts

Minuscule fallout reaches US

Israeli Prime Minister Calls For Strike Against Iran

Palin Doctrine Emerges as Arab League Echoes Her Demarche on Libya

FBI chief confirms ties cut with U.S. Muslim group (Agency bans outreach due to terrorist links)

Reid Says He Won't Consider Changes to Social Security Until He's 91

"Subject to the Jurisdiction": You Can't Have It Both Ways

Plan to split Florida Supreme Court clears a committee

Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences

Republican senators uneasy with Obama’s nominee for OMB deputy director

Colorado Democrats Launch Budget Listen Tour This Weekend

Qadaffi's Chicago Connection

Time to Quit Pining for a “Level Playing Field” in International Trade

Powering New York

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

Egypt's New Rulers Friendly with Assad

Libyan Crown Prince: The Libyan Tea Party

Diversity panel wants military to look like U.S.

Manhattan mom sues $19K/yr. preschool for damaging 4-year-old daughter's Ivy League chances

Why the yen rose despite calamity?

A WV Momma Grizzly protects the children

RSA Warns SecurID Customers After Company Is Hacked

The Media and the Republicans

The Rising Irrelevance of Obama

Obama's Selective Anger

Jefferson High School dance coach charged with improper relationship with student

Does President Obama Have a Bogus Social Security Number?

Medicare recipients will suffer under health-care law

Why inflation hurts more than it did 30 years ago

Harsh Reality: Paper Wonders if Obama is Worst President in History

Libya Cease Fire Announced

More Drilling Is "A Problem Not A Solution" - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Wants Us To Be Powered On Pixie Dust Instead

Your security update

2 more states move guns on campus

More blacks in South move to suburbs, census shows

Vlog: Fukushima is no Chernobyl, and here's why

SEIU Local President Attacks Immigration Enforcement

Chicago Mob: Carol Marin Interviews Frank Calabrese Jr. For Chicago Tonight- " Politicians Needed Us"

House Republicans introduce bill to reform Fannie, Freddie

Nostalgia with '95 Political Narrative Should Cut Both Ways

John Kerry’s recycled government slush fund recipe

Glenn Beck On Obama Versus The NRA

Communist Party of Egypt Comes Out of the Shadows

SEIU Sued For Racketeering

Glenn Beck on Gun Control, Bullying and the "Three Little Pigs"

How to Deal With Cultural Bullying Texas Style


Senate approves stopgap spending bill in 87-13 vote

Other angles on Hillary's no to another go in 2012 (Video)

Illinois Representative Wants Illinoisans to Register When They Buy Drano

U.S. Backing for World Currency?

The Tea Party Goes to Washington: Rand Paul on the intellectual bankruptcy of both major parties

What’s Your State’s Deadweight Ratio?

Heather Higginbottom's Socialist Connection

My letter to Harper

The New Poseidon Adventure

New Civility Fail: James O’Keefe Gets Twitter Death Threat

Strip Search

Dhimmicrats and Muslim Theocrats: Fellow Travelers

Markets in Everything: Brainy CFLs

Radical Governor Supported by Evil Koch Brother Blasts Teacher Scare Tactics

Breaking News: At least 14 killed and more than 100 injured by the dictator's forces in San'a, Yemen

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Judge says Abdulhakim Muhammad fit for trial

Tennessee store owner opens fire during robbery

Country entertainer Ferlin Husky dies at age 85

Nearly half of Costa Mesa city employees get layoff notices (One commits suicide)

Pennsylvania man accused of dumping frackwater into streams

Stripping that Stupid 'Waiver' from the Jerusalem Embassy Act

Geithner names insurance director to head new insurance office

Union equates lavish benefits to black civil rights

Sodexo sues union under federal racketeering statute

Limericks About Liberals

Palin International

Daughter kept away 5 years because mother wouldn't sign c-section consent

Fairfax Unions Rally Against Budget Cuts: Teacher's unions demand pay increase after freeze

Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy

The Pro-Diabetes Board Washington state targets modern medicine.

Swedish court: naked Muhammad pics legal

Israel Now Has The Right To Attack Iran's Nuclear Reactors

Ukrainians recall Chornobyl sacrifice, applaud Japan

US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High

New Plan Unveiled to expose Obama’s Militia, Government Unions

Forcible citizen disarmament by fiat: When separation of powers gets in the way

POTUS' Attention-Deficit Disorder (Oliver North)

Unions Join In Challenging EPA

Laws to Stop Sharia Law

Progress In Investigation of Fogel Murders

Things Are Fine And Dandy On Planet Obama

Is onslaught of 'gun show loophole' legislation--and worse--about to begin?

Nuclear Problem In Japan: Is Obama Partly Responsible?


Barack Obama explained

SAF Responds To NJ AG

Maryland Democrats Discover Hidden Costs of Excise Taxes

Union Threatens Wisconsin Professor Ann Althouse and Husband

F*** You - GWU Law Revue 2011

Wisconsin Republican Senator Threatened, Car Window Broken, Nails Scattered On Driveway

Military action against Gaddafi 'within hours' of UN vote

Democrats' dumb ideas to deal with high gas prices

Palin is the Psyche-logical Favorite

Democratic Socialists of America reach their goal ahead of time

British law may be changed to prevent libel tourism

Reid: GOP must give in on Planned Parenthood to get spending deal

John Conyers (D-Detroit): MI Law allowing emergency financial managers to fix municipalitis is RACIST!

Clinton: No interest in job if Obama wins in 2012

Tax Plan Aims for 25% Cap

Congressional Republicans Begin Planting Hit Jobs on Conservatives

Bill Regulating Fracking Draws Mixed Reaction

Eugenics advocating New Hampshire lawmaker resigns

Students: Teacher found with teen led Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Kentucky)

The Problem with Primaries

Italy at 150. Today, she celebrates the sesquicentennial of its birth as a unified nation today.

Reid: People "Have Had Miracles" In Past Year Due To Health Care Bill (video)

New Hampshire Swimming Against the Tide on Tobacco Taxes

Is Streaming A Felony? And What's This About Wiretapping?

Putting Chernobyl in Perspective

VIDEO: Fourteen Protesters Arrested at Michigan Capitol Building

Is Environmentalism Really Working?

House Votes to Defund NPR

Obama’s indecision on Libya has pushed Clinton over the edge

US warship commander is woman of Indian origin

U.S. Lawmakers Weigh Putting Brakes on State Age Limits for Teen Drivers

Gas Prices Will Remain High For Rest of Year

IRLI Got Some ‘Splainin To Do

Justice Dept Investigation of New Orleans Police Department Corruption Released

Collectivism and the GAO Report

The children of Reagan reshaping Congress

Democrats want a more open W.H.

Income tax chart shows assault on middle class

Obama’s ‘Openness’ a Transparent Lie

MLK's Jail Letter, 2011

India’s Quiet Counter-China Strategy

NJ shuts down Barack Obama Elementary School

Will The US Protect Israel From The Coming Palestinian Rebellion?

Oregon Police Failed to Report Car Crash Involving Democrat Congressman

Anti-Israel film screened at UN

Gun Control ≠ Gun Safety

Poll: 81% fear for Social Security


Walker could be a serious contender

DC Republican Office Shot At

Real News Video with Transcript: Egyptian Democracy Movement Expected to Reject New Constitution

Pop Quiz: Presidential Leadership Edition

Don't take potassium iodide, state advises

Regressive Progressives

Federal Court Halts Shocking Property Rights Abuse

Al-Jazeera Video: The nature of Yemen's uprising

Live Webcast of Fogel Family Memorial Service

A little Sprinkling of Civility Anyone?

Good News: Exhausted Obama Now Planning Irish Golf Trip

"43% of Americans would consider voting for Charlie Sheen over Barack Obama!"

Frustration With Obama Builds