Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dylan Grice Explains Why He Likes Gold, And Why $7,500/Oz Makes A Gold Standard Possible

What would you like to ask the Obama Administration?

California City Hires $3,000-Per-Week Spokesman After Issuing Massive Layoffs

Obama: Actively Helping to Advance the Islamists' Agenda

GAO Report Outlines Individual Mandate Alternatives (Even after Supremes, Commiecare™ can survive)

Tripoli Shock: Minders Snatch 'Rape Victim'

Ground Operation In Libya Could Start In April - Russian Intelligence

California Lawsuit Alleges FBI Violation of Muslim Rights

Imperfect Justice in Snyder v. Phelps

Why Anti-Israel Incitement and Terrorism from the PA, PLO, and Fatah Continues

Iowa school shooting drill canceled after threat

Clash for America’s soul continues apace

Union Organizer Stephen Lerner Defends His Plan To Crash The Stock Market

Two birds, one stone: US “exits” Libya, and has been out of Afghanistan since 2006

Uzbekistan: Christians Detained

Malkin: The Weiner Waiver Wormhole

South Florida man who kept sex slave for decades sentenced to 30 years

NRA boss unveils shocking news on radio

Should Obama be playing golf during crisis?

Thoughts On The Liberty Dollar Debacle

As the World Burns

State police want to arrest judge who refused to sign arrest warrant

Glenn Beck Show Hilariously Mocks Alex Jones Fawning Over Charlie Sheen

Obama’s U.N. Debacle - The Obama administration’s big hopes of reforming the Human Rights

Do-gooders in a land with no good guys[KINETIC IN KUFRA]

The State of Dysfunction

Obama's Consigliere

U.S. Military Satellites Achieve 'Holy Grail' of Missile Defense

A Big Pot of Gold in Libya Could Finance Gadhafi's Long War

The Unseen Hand: Saudi Arabian Involvement in Yemen

Prime Minister warns of new Lockerbie

Fruits from the Tree of Malice

Pretending to boost drilling

UAW Plans Suicide Bombing of Economy (target foreign carmakers assembling in US)

Feds May Act if Florida Stalls on Health-Reform Law

Steven Lerner's :: WAKE UP CALL FOR AMERICA!

Saudi prince is behind disputed LA mega-mansion

When law becomes a lottery

Historic parliamentary defeat marks start of federal election battle (Canada)

The Real Shirley Sherrod Scandal

Army accused of covering up mistakes in Afghan battle

Senate OKs concealed weapons bill(ND,MN)

Deputies seek protection after threatening family(AZ)

West being suckered by Arab League

The Struggle to Control the Internet

And the Beat-Down Goes On

The Obama Spending Video. Go ahead and watch. You'll enjoy it.

New Gun Laws Possible in Nevada

Toward the Rise of an Islamic Caliphate?

NRA (2nd Amendment) and FMA (1st Amendment) call a truce.(FL)

Worsening Our Fiscal Nightmare

Confidence in Obama at Rock Bottom

How high up does ‘Project Gunrunner’ go?

Democrat Front Group Goes Soviet on 1st Amendment

92 per cent of USAID projects go to US NGOs

Kinetic Military Action

Elizabeth Taylor Stood Up for Israel

Gov. Walker's Legislation has Unions Caving Already

Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class

Obama says he didn't know of fed op smuggling guns into Mexico

Muslims beat, stomp effigy of Obama in protest...

Fears rise that Japan could sell off U.S. debt

WH defends embrace of GE's CEO

Consumers have beef with Fed; Blame inflation on printing money

Fed eyes jacking up interest rates

AZ moves closer to flat tax on income

Fla. lawmakers go after automatic union dues deduction

Pledge of Allegiance Returns to NYC School After Parents Complain Daughter Has no Idea What it Is Education

Students struggle on fitness test

The war-monger behind Libya?

Gov. Brown slashes services for poor, sick and elderly

Senator Barack Obama in 2007: Americans ‘Have a Right to Know’ Before Government Takes Military Action

The new Arab awakening

Federal judge to seniors: take Medicare or lose Social Security

Census 2010 Offers Portrait of America in Transition

More opt for low-cost coverage

Obama: We're Succeeding in Libya, But As for My NCAA Picks, Not So Much

U.S. Postal Service cutting 7,500 managers

Obama Is Awesome!

FDIC "Cash for Keys" Proposal Would Pay Underwater Homeowners $21,000 to Walk Away; In Prison for Taking a Liar Loan

Progressive Goon Squad Displaying New Civility

MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Caught Brutally Beating Britany

Blogger kills kiddie porn "art exhibit" at KMA

War on Libya: Rebels Regain Ajdabiya.

Biden : Paying Taxes is Patriotic (?)

Farrakhan: Obama 'the First Jewish President'


What exactly does a Technorati ranking mean?

Connecticut Hearing On Bill Requiring Confiscation Of Firearms Magazines Holding More Than 10 Rounds

Taliban Impressed By Kids Acting Like Them

The Massacre in Sanamen today

Obama's America: Jobs Fair Canceled Due to Lack of Jobs


Peaceful Democracy Activist Gets 10 Year Sentence In China

Hazelwood, Missouri Closes Down a Girl Scout Cookie Stand: Misery Nazi's Stop Girls from Selling Cookies at Home

Target Is Suing Desperate Homosexual Group Lurking Outside its Stores

Ohio bill would ban stimulus signs on roads

MI Rep Fred Upton slams ObamaCare, EPA illegally uses taxpayer $ $$ to slam Fred Upton

Communist Call Center

The Wisconsin Republican Party uses Open Records Law to get emails written by the Wisconsin professor William Cronon.

Syrians have awaken: Demonstration in Damascus today

Ozark School Board Candidate Resorts to Name Calling of Those Who Oppose the IB: Ryan Maddox Proves Why He Isn't Prepared for the School Board

Video of Andrew Klavan: PBS Exposed! Hidden Camera Rocks Sesame Street

Russian News: Obama Weakens Miranda Rights

Wilson Research: Palin Really “Losing Ground”? Greatest Asset “Middle Class Who Elected Conservatives In 2010”

At the Planned Parenthood rally, Meade's conversation with Brett Hulsey is aborted.

Strange What Gets Them Excited In Wisconsin

Wedge Between The United States And Saudi Arabia?

Home Invader Killed By Florida Beauty Queen Wielding Pink .38

The Muslim World and the Left Turn on Barack Obama

Tearing down the picture of the Grand Butcher Hafez in Homs

Dueling Headlines That Ought To Scare The Hell Out Of Any Thinking Person

Darren Gil - Former ATF Attache To Mexico - Part II

Tory Majority Best Punishment for Coalition

"Responsibility to Protect" - The End of National Sovereignty As We Know It?

Obama Reverses Himself … Twice

'If We Cut Emissions Today, Global Temperatures Are Not Likely to Drop for About a Thousand Years'

Japan Earthquake: Two Weeks Later

Kwame Kilpatrick admits to one-night stand with federal police monitor

Authorities impose news blackout on crackdown in Deraa

What Needs To Be Said About What Needs To Be Done

Former CBo Director: Obama's Actions are "Unprecedented" Compared to Other Presidents

An Open Letter to Ryan Maddox, Candidate for Ozark, Missouri School Board

Video- Libya vs. Iraq: An Excellent Comparison Between the Two Wars

Free Speech as an Extension of Property Rights

A sign of the times? Luxury doomsday bunker sales explode! (Video)

Muslim Brotherhood Seizes Control of Egyptian Revolution

Guess who is surprised by the radicalization of the Democratic Party?

Tawakul Karman, a Yemeni activist, provides thorn in side for Saleh

NFL Players vs.Slaves: A Real Photo Finish

"Rave On" — a new Bloggingheads with me and Bob Wright.

Has Anyone Ever Said It Better?

Stephen Harper gets no confidence vote in Canada

Video: Manatee Just Can’t Stop

Over 4 Million Move Their Accounts From Wall Street Banks in 2010

Demo Sen. Frank Lautenberg: Planned Parenthood Opponents "Don't Deserve the Freedoms That Are in the Constitution"

Once Basketball is Done This Weekend, Obama Will Get Around to Mentioning Libya to the Public

CBO Says Taxing-By-The-Mile is an 'Efficient' Way to Raise Revenue

Video: Obama's 'birth hospital' hides White House letter

Google Library Case Loss May Spur Demands for Antitrust Probe

The Violent History of Unions

Asian Population Fastest Growing Race in the Last Decade, New U.S. Census Figures Show

Khadafy Son Enjoyed Recent Tour of U.S. Military Facilities

The Long Arm of Iran

Jesuits to pay $166M to settle sex abuse claims

Pass It On, Part 4: Middle East

Sharia Rules for All

Great News: Al Qaeda Helping Themselves To Missiles in Libya


Well, Isn't that Nice: Carter to go to Cuba

Not a Mandatory Curriculum Doesn't Get You Out of Paying Taxes for the International Baccalaureate

The Price of Taxing the Rich

This President Loves Spending

Help Take Down the Third Intifada Facebook Page

Earn a Degree Overseas

Vote in Our Poll: Do you support the US bombing Libya?

Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia~The Next Super Bug?

Quote du jour

Dumb: Poll Concludes That Church-Goers More Likely to Be Obese

Next Libya, then Kenya

Obama Invested in Company That Got Sweet Deal From FCC

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/25/2011

More Dueling Headlines That Ought To Scare The Hell Out Of Any Thinking Person

Happy Alpha Proxima Day!

Video: British Airstrikes on Libyan Tanks

Haley Barbour drinks the Kool-Aid

FBI Still Investigating Fraudulent Eckersley E-Mail Which May Implicate Congressman Long

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Right Amount

Radical leftists plan to squat in houses, Introducing MORE (ACORN) Again: Reboot Congress

Speaking of property

Who is Samantha Power?

Israel intercepts hidden Gaza bound chinese missiles

AT&T's T-Mobile Acquisition Should Not Be Exploited to Force Net Neutrality

The WH's Man Made Energy Crisis

Appeals Court Fast-Tracks Obamacare Challenge

Union Uses Images of OK City Bombing in Ads

TEA Party Movement Growing Weary of GOP Budget Plan

Breitbart: Courts an Instrument of Leftist Thuggary

Republicans Shouldn't Take TEA Party for Granted

Big Brother is Tracking You

G.E Turns a 14.2 Billion Dollar Profit... Claims a 3.2 Billion Dollar Tax Credit!

Yet Another Scheme to Fleece (and Monitor) Americans: A Tax on “Miles Driven”

U.S. Durable Goods Orders "Unexpectedly" Fell In February

Death Rate Per Watts Produced

Copyright Troll Opens Doors To Mass Reposting

Politico: No point giving money to Democrats — they don’t stay bought.

The Enemy You Know is Better than the Enemy You Refuse to Know

Myanmar Earthquake: 4,000 Fishermen Missing After Last Week’s Storms

Obama is Leading Us Into Post-American World

Samantha Power's Activist Role

The Current Truth About Socialism and The Unions

Should US Flag Be Banned in American Schools?

Moonbat Tech: The Lib Lid

The Worst Thing About ObamaCare

Tea Party in the Belly of the Moonbat Beast

Threatened With Death for Finding a Link Between Islam and Evil

When Is a War Not a War?

2012 Polling Update: GOP Pack Bunched Closely; Trump Moving Up in Polls

Obama to Russia: Why, Of Course I'll Hand Over the Secrets of US Anti-Ballistic-Missile Technology

A Month Ago Obama Pressured Congress for $1.7 Million in Funding for Qaddafi’s Military

Giant US Corporation Paid Zero in Taxes Last Year

Collective Bargaining neither a Privilege nor a Right

Texas House Passes Voter ID Bill

UK: Muslims deface war memorial, again

The SEIU, Illegals & ‘Human Trafficking’

The Racist Revolt in Libya

UAW’s King Recruits Global Activists to Assault Foreign Automakers

Pro-Life Pregnancy Center In New York City Is Destroyed

Beck’s Ratings Bounce Back

Socialist Worker's Party off to Egypt

Communists Re-emerge as Major Players in Egypt

Must See! Glenn Beck Connects the Dots – Soros, Samantha Power, Cass Sunstein, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Obama – Scary Stuff

“A Disconnect With Reality So Profound That It Verges On Mental Illness”

Union Man by Glen Shulfer (lyircs,song & video)

Video: How To Debate ObamaCare

Remember How the FBI Pinned the Post-9/11 Anthrax Case on a Government Researcher Three Weeks After He Committed Suicide?,

National Review Symposium on the Constitutionality of the Libya Intervention

ACLU: 'Communism is the Goal'

Video: Herman Cain remembers segregation

Syria cracks down on protesters, over 100 dead

Iowa terror drill portrays immigration foes as killers

2,200 ground troops headed to region

MYSPACE loses 10 million users -- in a month

Bahraini activists prepare for Friday Day of Rage...

‘Cop-on-Cop Confrontation’ in Philly Suburb

Who locked Obama out of the White House?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Palestine and the Egyptian revolution: a view from Gaza

Billy Long's Buddy Peter King Gives Obama the Ultimate Green Light to Start Wars Anywhere

Detroit lost SO much population that it is now ILLEGAL for it to collect city income tax!

War on Libya: French Shoot Down Libyan Warplane

The New Affirmative Action.... for White Males?

65 Million Job Seekers Need Not Apply

Two Weeks Until George Soros Officially Begins Playing Mad Scientist With the Global Economy

Endgame: Divide, rule and get the oil

Civil disobedience event — at the Wisconsin Capitol, beginning in 10 minutes.

Obama Faces Uphill Battle in Ohio