Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another U.S. Border Surge?: Mexican Warlock Predicts Bloodiest Elections in History for 2015


MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s “head warlock,” Antonio Vazquez, on Monday predicted that this year the country will experience the bloodiest elections in its history and an “extraordinary” economic climate.

“We’re going to have the bloodiest election year, where the three parties are going to be ripping each other apart,” said Vazquez at a press conference at which he presented his predictions for 2015.

According to the warlock, the political difficulties the country will experience will hamper the elections in the southern state of Guerrero, where three months ago 43 teaching students disappeared at the hands of corrupt local authorities and the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel.

“The elections are not going to go forward in Guerrero, that is absolutely certain. That’s what the cards say,” said the warlock, who predicted the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was suffering from cancer, in 2013.

Several groups demanding the safe return of the missing students in the city of Iguala have warned that they will not allow the elections to be held in Guerrero on June 7.

“It will not even be convenient to hold them because there could be a great deal of disorder ... that would bring greater disorganization in the state,” said Vazquez regarding the June vote, in which Mexicans nationwide will select 500 federal lawmakers, the governments of nine states and fill 1,532 local posts.

Regarding the missing students, the warlock said that “there won’t be a complete solution” and he said that it was probable that in the coming weeks authorities will manage to identify one or two of the bodies of the victims, whom Guerreros Unidos members said they killed and then incinerated in Cocula, a town near Iguala.

In the economic area, Vazquez predicted a “really unbelievable” improvement starting in February.

“Mexico’s going to have an extraordinary economic climate. Of course, there will be many problems to resolve and the current government will have to resolve them, and I think that it’s going to resolve them with complete success,” he said.

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