Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Government Controlled Internet: "Net Neutrality" in China


Chinese Internet Users Oppose Censorship of Necklines in Popular TV Series

BEIJING – About 95 percent of internet users are opposed to partial censorship of scenes considered to be too provocative in the popular television series “The Empress of China,” triggering a huge controversy in China.

According to a survey on the social networking site Weibo, considered to be the Chinese version of Twitter, only five percent of internet users approve of the modifications in the series, after which only the heads of the actresses can be seen.

The series, aired on Hunan TV and based on the Tang dynasty (which ruled China between the 7th and 10th centuries), was removed from screens late last month on account of “technical problems.”

When it returned to the air in January, its viewers found that many of its scenes had been edited in a way that only the heads of the actresses, and nothing below that, could be seen.

Part of the popularity of the series was attributed to its female characters appearing with plunging necklines, especially its protagonist played by Fan Bingbing, considered to be one of the most attractive actresses in China.

This partial censorship in “The Empress of China” has caused widespread indignation on Chinese social networking sites, which have been flooded with comments against the measure.

After the cut, one can neither see the clothes, nor the scenes.

The plot does not have fluidity and one does not feel the prosperity of the Tang dynasty, wrote a Weibo user under the name “Ai Miaomiao.”

“After living so many years, traveling more and reading more books, I am beginning to better understand things of other countries and not understand things of my own country and its mentality,” commented another user called “Yan Huohuo.”

Apart from the criticism, people have also released videos of the series on the internet where the censored parts have been made-up to look like they had never been cut.


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