Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Multi-Culturalism Update: France Suffering from Serious Identity Crisis, says Socialist Pig Hollande


PARIS – French President François Hollande admitted on Monday that his country is suffering from a serious identity crisis, but said it could be offset by a return to the values of the French Republic.

In an interview with France Inter Radio, the head of state said that an identity crisis is nothing new as a subject for debate because in France there have always been those who believed that national destiny is a thing of the past.

France faces serious threats such as terrorism, the president said, but he assured that such challenges can and should be faced through a combination of principles, values and efforts.

“When we start doubting ourselves, when we start questioning our identity, when we start mistrusting everything, we cannot win against the extremists who want to destroy who we are, threaten our values, turn France into something it is not,” he said.

The Socialist president defended reforms that his government has undertaken, citing, in particular, a vocational training program, and he defended a bill proposed by Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, which has been criticized by his own Socialist party.


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