Monday, January 5, 2015

San Antonio Murder Suspect Flees to Mexico, Kills Piedras Negras Cop and Taxi Driver


written by Lucio, using information from La Rancherita del Aire radio

Telling family and friends “I am not going back to prison, I will shoot it out”, murder suspect Ignacio Ruiz is sitting in a Mexican jail cell after an intense shootout with police, that resulted in the killing  of a Piedras Negras police officer.

Bexar Texas sheriff's office spokesperson says Ruiz, 37, born in San Jose, California,  is currently on parole after  serving time for attempted capital murder on a police officer

Ruiz is wanted for the murder of Joshua Vidales, who was shot and killed on January 1st  on Macdona Lacoste road.  

The shooting occurred inside a residence and resulted in a second  victim being taken to the hospital.

Ruiz fled to Piedras Negras, the Mexican border town adjacent to Eagle Pass Texas.  
Originally, Ruiz was driving his black Mazda to escape Texas.  At the time of the shootout, Ruiz was riding in a Taxi, and had instructed the driver to stay away from areas with police and to drive south to get him out of the area.  He became enraged when he saw they were in an area with police, the driver stopped the cab and tried to run away when Ruiz gunned him down. That prompted the shootout that killed 2 and injured 2.  An element of police, and taxi driver subcummed to their inuries, and two others, civilian passer-byes were injured. 

(Zocalo just reported an hour ago the taxi driver died from his injuries.)

He then turned to the Taxi driver and shot him 4 times wounding him, and took control the Taxi, attempting to flee, triggering the high-speed chase by police, ending when police were able to force him off the road.
Texas mugshot from his attempted murder of a police officer

Ruiz was in the company of Janel Cerda, who, was also arrested.  Ruiz says he forced Cerda to come with him after he killed her cousin because she had witnessed the shooting.  This is a different account than San Antonio press articles, in those she is described as his girlfriend.
The Piedras Negras officer,  Antonio Sorina de Luna, 24, died from his injuries in a Saltillo hospital, where he was airlifted in an attempt to save his life. 

Witnesses said the officer died a hero, as he  was shielding two children from the shootout when he was hit by gunfire.

Two of the injured were women, both aged 52.


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