Monday, January 5, 2015

TALLY: Chicago Homicides for 2014


There is an independent site that tracks homicides in Chicago.  There are not affiliated with the police, and they use public sources to determine the number of homicides.  The numbers that they give include justified homicides and homicides by police.

The numbers are very similar in 2014 to what they were in 2013. 

                                      2013   2014

Homicides by shooting      375     388

Woundings by shooting    1810   2231

Total Homicides                455    456

It is interesting to note that ratio of wounded to killed went up form 4.82/1 to 5.75/1 in one year.

The site has a lot of great graphics depicting where people were shot (not surprising, head shots and torso shots are the most deadly), where they were shot geographically, and when they occurred.

It is a good resource for Chicago killings and shootings.  It would be nice if they would break out justified shootings, but those are harder to keep track of.  From a graphic on clearance rates, it appears that they would have been about a dozen self defense shootings this last year.

Chicago only has a clearance rate of 30% for homicides.

The site proclaims that it is "Illustrating Chicago Values".  It is

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