Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tribal casinos in Washington to refuse EBT cards


Legends Casino will be one of the many casinos in Washington that will no longer cash welfare cards to be used at the slots.
The State Gambling Commission says 27 of the 29 federally recognized tribes, including the Yakama Nation, have agreed to amend their gambling agreements.
This is to ensure the cards are used for their primary purpose; to help purchase food and other provisions.
Local patrons we spoke to were shocked at first to even find out it was possible for people to use their EBT cards to gamble, and agree with the intended changes.

"If they had like a bonus or maybe some kind of Christmas bonus and they wanted to go to the casino, that would be something that would be right," said James Walden, "But I guess it's up to the individual person."

The change won't go into effect immediately, the state tribal council has to finalize an agreement to be submitted to the governor.


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