Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two Australian Jihadists Accused of Enslaving and Raping Women


SYDNEY – Two well-known Australian jihadists fighting with the Islamic State in the Middle East, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohammed Elomar, have been accused of enslaving and raping women from the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq, local media reported Friday.

Two victims claiming to have escaped Sharrouf and Elomar’s control reported that jihadists buy women in a slave market and force them to marry, according to Sky News.

The two women, who are now refugees in Iraq, said that Sharrouf and Elomar took them to the market after being abducted from where they were transferred to Syrian territory last year.

One of the women Thursday told the local channel ABC about the threats and the horror they lived through under Sharrouf’s rule, who spent time in an Australian prison for his involvement in terrorist plans.

“At night he was taking a girl downstairs, and when the girl returned she’d tell us, ‘he told me you have to marry me or else I will sell you, and if you say anything to my wife I will sell you or kill you,’” according to the statements of the woman.

Sharrouf’s children were also accused of torturing women, while Elomar allegedly raped or threatened to rape two of the captive women, according to the source.

The two Australian jihadists have posted several messages on social network sites documenting their actions, but this is the first time that there is evidence indicating that Sharrouf and Elomar are in Raqqa, the declared capital of the Islamic State.

Being in Raqqa is considered a crime under the new Australian anti-terrorist law.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Thursday that there are 180 Australian citizens fighting in the IS ranks or supporting their actions from Australia.


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