Friday, February 13, 2015

Illegal Immigrant Shot to Death by Police in Washington State, Race Baiters Seize The Moment


10 years an illegal immigrant, and out of nowhere decides to exhibit criminal behavior? 

SEATTLE – A 35-year-old Hispanic man who allegedly attacked two police officers was shot to death by them as he tried to flee in the town of Pasco, in southeastern Washington state, state media outlets reported Thursday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, but local media did not learn of it until a day later, and on Thursday the statewide media picked it up, noting that it has sparked indignation among the state’s Latino community.

The social networks on Thursday were filled with comments about the incident, with messages comparing it to the deaths of two African American men last year at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York and calling for “an end to police violence.”

According to the police version, Antonio Zambrano Montes, a farmworker from Michoacan, Mexico, who had lived in Pasco for a decade and did not speak English, was found throwing stones at cars last Tuesday near a Latino supermarket.

Police were called and sent a patrol car to the site, where they found Zambrano who, they say, refused to follow their instructions and threw stones at the officers, injuring two of them.

Police tried to subdue him using a taser but the man escaped and the officers pursued him and then shot him several times, killing him.

With the shooting occurring about 5 p.m. on a busy street, a number of people witnessed the incident and some of them recorded videos of the pursuit that they later posted on YouTube and other Internet portals.

The videos show three officers pursuing Zambrano, who is fleeing with his arms in the air. The officers fire at him several times and finally he falls to the ground.

The videos showing Zambrano’s death have contributed to stirring up the public and the Latino community in Pasco, and on Wednesday many people demonstrated before city hall carrying posters with messages in Spanish saying “Stop shooting our people” and “Enough police violence.”

Community leaders have called for another protest to be held on Saturday.


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