Friday, February 13, 2015

"What Difference Does It Make" UPDATE: At Least 70 Killed in Battle for Control of Benghazi in Libya


TRIPOLI – At least 70 people died in recent hours as a consequence of the fighting that erupted several days ago over the control of the strategic city of Benghazi, the second-largest urban area in Libya, medical sources told Efe.

A spokesman for the Benghazi Medical Center said that 40 bodies had already been buried without having been identified, while another 30 corpses remained in the hospital’s morgue awaiting burial.

The source did not specify whether the casualties were civilians or militants belonging to any of the different groups fighting in the country.

The circumstances of their death also remain unknown.

Meanwhile, at least two militiamen loyal to General Khalifa Hafter, who supports the internationally-recognized government headquartered in Tobruk, were killed in clashes against Islamist militias Majlis al-Shura and Thuar Benghazi, who are loyal to the rebel government in Tripoli, a police source in Benghazi told Efe.

The source added that the clashes took place in the neighborhood of Suq al-Luhum, a strategic access point to the city.

Benghazi’s districts on Tuesday night were once again the scene of severe aerial bombardment and heavy artillery shelling, particularly the neighborhood of Al-Sabri.

Islamist militants responded with several shells that hit positions of troops loyal to Hafter, based near the district of Buhdima.

The source also warned that Benghazi is suffering from severe fuel, electricity and food shortages.


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