Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS prisoners caged like animals in chilling new video


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In a new video released by ISIS, the terror group parade Peshmerga fighters through Kirkuk before putting them in cages.

Chilling new video released by ISIS shows 21 Kurdish hostages being paraded in cages through the crowded streets of Iraq as countless residents and masked jihadis greet them with cheers.

Dressed in the usual orange jumpsuits worn by Islamic State prisoners, the captives are led on the back of pickup trucks through a raucous town square surrounded by concrete walls before they are interviewed by their captors, Agence France Presse reports.

A bearded man donning a white turban and holding a microphone appears on camera and begins to ask each shackled prisoner a series of questions. Once his “interview” is finished, militants take them out of their cages and place each person on their knees, while masked men brandishing automatic weapons or pistols stand over them as the screen cuts to black.
The man also warns that the peshmerga should end their recent campaign against the Islamic State as the two have been engaged in ruthless battles over the control of the Kirkuk province.

While the date and location is not specified, the video was filmed a week ago in the main market of Hawijia, around 30 miles away from Kirkuk, Kurdish sources told AFP.
In total, 16 peshmerga fighters, two Iraqi army officers and three policemen from Kirkuk — a city about 150 miles north of Baghdad — are believed to be featured in the 9-minute long video, which does not actually contain any explicit threats to the captives.

The hostages had been captured on Jan. 31 “when Kurdish fighters repelled a terrorist attack by (ISIS) targeting Kirkuk,” peshmerga commander General Hiyowa Rash told AFP.
But additional images edited into the footage showing barbaric ISIS executions from the past — including the be-headings of 21 Egyptian Christians and the brutal killing of Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh could be a horrifying warning of things to come.


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