Sunday, February 22, 2015

Strings, the Mobile Messaging App That Lets You Take It All Back


SEATTLE – In a world of technology where users seek ever greater control over the content they share on social media or via mobile applications, they now have a new tool – Strings – that allows them to completely eliminate texts, videos and photos they shared and later wish they hadn’t.

On apps and Web sites as popular as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, users who regret having shared or published a photo can eliminate it from their accounts, but that doesn’t eliminate it directly from the Strings servers, where the information remains stored for a certain amount of time, nor from the accounts of other users who have previously downloaded the file.

“When you eliminate something with Strings, it isn’t eliminated only on the telephone, but also on the server, something that does not happen with the rest of the applications on the market, which means users don’t have to worry that someone can access it because it no longer exists,” Strings cofounder Damon Ganem said in an interview with Efe.

“Everyone has shared something sometime that they’ve later been sorry for. People are beginning to realize that things they share remain public forever, and that scares them,” Ganem said.

“The idea of Strings is to give users complete control over their personal conversations,” the company’s marketing director, Justine Lescarbeau, told Efe.

Strings is a small start-up with headquarters in Seattle that currently employs some half-dozen workers, but which since it launched the app late last year has won around 60,000 users worldwide.

“We have 60,000 users in more than 160 countries, 2,000 of them in Spanish-speaking countries. In Latin America, our biggest market is Brazil, where 80 percent of our users in the region are concentrated,” Lescarbeau said.


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