Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The "Anti-Establishment" Establishment: Nassau County Jail Lets Rapper Uncle Murda Film Violent Rap Song Called “Hands Up”


Nassau County Jail let rappers Uncle Murda, Jay Watts and Maino film a rap video that contains violent lyrics like the following, reports BizPac Review:
For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed.
Time to start killing these coppers.
But before we get more into this story, let us backtrack a bit and meet rapper Uncle Murda. According to Wikipedia, his charming mixtapes include such delightful names like “Respect The Shooter,” “Summer Time Shootouts” and “Murda Muzik 3.” Likewise, some of his top singles include “Bullet Bullet,” “Murdera” and “9′s And 45′s.”
Ahh . . . talk about a man who believes in peace and prosperity, yes?
So anyway. This completely absurd music video starts out by pointing out the following two statistics – that white police officers kill an average of two black suspects per week, and that black teens are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by the police than white teenagers.
I find that unfortunate. However, the video fails to mention any opposing statistics pertaining toblack crime. For instance, though blacks make up only 13 percent of the population, they commit the most robberies, the most aggravated assaults and the most murders.
The video also fails to mention how black criminals like Mike Brown often set themselves up for demise by resisting arrest and/or acting our violently.
But hey, what the hell would a hotshot “shooter” like Uncle Murda possibility know about facts, statistics and personal responsibility?
Speaking of which, let us look at some more lyrics from the song:
Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave
(What happened to the dream?) Time to start killing these
If Malcolm X was alive, he’ll be next to me with them choppers
(At the window) By any means, let’s make ‘em respect us
These c*cksuckers supposed to protect us
Killing unarmed black men, making mothers holler
And this what the government paying with our tax dollars
All these unjustified shootings
Then they call us animals when we start looting
Those kids ain’t had no gun and the police knew it
Jay need to talk to Obama or let me do it
Amazingly enough, I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with the first line, but certainly not for same reasons as Uncle Murda. I agree with it because I see the most ignorant and slimy human beings on Earth using the legally justified shooting of Mike Brown and the unfortunate but legally justifiedshooting of Sean Bell to not only preach violence against the police, but to also excuse black criminality. I find it all to be quite disingenuous and rather disgusting.
Oh, by the way, according to BizPac Review, “one of the rappers responsible for [the video], Uncle Murda, was once charged with trying to kill a police officer, and another, Maino, spent 10 years in prison on robbery and kidnapping charges.”
Talk about some topnotch role models, aye?


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