Thursday, January 29, 2015

How Chilean Socialists Rule By Fear: Convince citizens they have there very own ozone hole hanging over their head


Hole in the Ozone Layer Boosts Cancer Risk in Northern Chile

SANTIAGO – A 20 percent increase in the level of ultraviolet radiation in northern Chile is associated with a hole in the atmosphere’s ozone layer, the non-profit cancer prevention and treatment organization Conac said Wednesday.

The hole increases risk of skin cancer, particularly now during the Southern Hemisphere summer, in the region between the cities of Arica and La Serena, Conac’s Dr. Cecilia Orlandi told a press conference.

Every year around 300 people in Chile die of skin cancer, Orlandi said, adding that because of a lack of resources Conac has not been able to update statistics about the disease’s incidence.

The last scientific study on skin cancer in Chile dates from 2005, she said.

Joined by physicist Ernesto Gramsch, responsible for the National UV Radiation Survey network, Orlandi warned about dangers in exposure to sunlight when there is a decrease in the levels of ozone a gas in the atmosphere that filters ultraviolet radiation.

“It is necessary to dispose of old domestic appliances such as refrigerators that contain CFC, taking them to proper disposal sites where that chemical can be destroyed,” Gramsch said.


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