Thursday, January 29, 2015

Socialism Update: 18-25yr old unemployment likely to soar after Peru repeals controversial labor law


Breaking the camels' back: Dictation of bonuses and vacation adjusted by socialist government.
(Hint: The change do not benefit business owners)

LIMA – The government of Peru made official on Wednesday the repeal of an unpopular labor law that reduced benefits for younger workers.

President Ollanta Humala, the legislation’s main champion, signed the repeal two days after Congress voted 91-18 with five abstentions to undo the law.

The measure, which was passed by Congress on Dec. 16, created a set of relaxed standards in the case of workers ages 18-24.

Those employees would be entitled to only 15 days paid vacation instead of the usual 30 days. They would also be excluded from receiving bonuses or overtime pay.

Passage of the bill sparked five massive protests, including two marches that ended in violence as activists tried to storm the legislature.

Humala regretted that Congress had not “offered an alternative” to resolve the situation of nearly 2 million young Peruvians who are unemployed or working in the informal economy without any labor protections.

Several youth organizations, meanwhile, said they will present a new proposal to address the issue. 


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