Monday, January 5, 2015

Immigration Update: Man sexually assaults woman after trying to cut out her tattoo


A Harlingen man is facing multiple charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman he knew after he tried to cut a tattoo off of her arm.
The victim reported the alleged incident to the Harlingen Police Department Monday.
According to police, Jose Luis Rodriguez met with the victim to pick up some of his things.
Rodriguez then allegedly accused the victim of another relationship and pulled a gun out on her.
The victim reportedly begged 21-year-old Rodriguez to not shoot.
Rodriguez threw the gun on the bed, but took out a knife to cut a new tattoo the victim had on her arm.
The victim suffered cuts on her arm.
Police said Rodriguez took her to the hospital for treatment, but Rodriguez sexually assaulted the victim once they left the hospital.
Investigators issued an arrest warrant for 21-year-old Rodriguez Thursday.
Harlingen police arrested Rodriguez during a traffic stop.
Authorities charged Rodriguez with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and sexual assault.
The 21-year-old man is in jail awaiting arraignment.


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