Monday, December 15, 2014

6 Black “Teens” Beat White Man to Death… Guess What Happened to Them?


We’ve learned recently how hate crimes only apply if you’re the right race.
Unfortunately, Pat Mahaney wasn’t the that race.
Mahaney, a 46-year-old man who was badly beaten by six teens, died at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, nearly a year after being attacked. [H/T TopConservativeNews.]
Mahaney’s brutal assault, which left him clinging to life, was carried out by juveniles who were ages 13 and 14.
The six claimed they assaulted Mahaney because they were “bored and looking for something to do.”
The problem? Mahaney is white and the six youths were all black.
In spite of this, no hate crime charges were filed against the teens. In fact, despite putting Mahaney into a coma, the most that they faced was felonious assault.
Even after Mahaney died, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office was quoted as saying that they needed to determine what “next steps, if any” would be taken upon Mahaney’s death.
While not to belabor the point, we live in a country where a police officer who was defending his own life – Darren Wilson – is possibly going to be charged with a civil rights crime by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice because he was white and the victim was black.
A federal civil rights charge is essentially the ultimate hate crime charge – something that says that the government has reason to believe that force was used on a suspect because of the suspect’s race.
And yet, we’ve continued to chronicle scores of instances where white victims seem cherry-picked by African-American perpetrators, and yet the prosecutors refuse to even mention hate crime charges, much less pursue them.
There was the case of Zoe Reed, who was shot in the stomach by African-American suspects for no reason during a robbery. No hate crime charges.
During the rioting in St. Louis, a Bosnian immigrant was beaten to death by a group of African-American juveniles wielding hammers.
The police refused to even consider the hate crime angle until another Bosnian immigrant was pulled from her car in St. Louis and viciously attacked. And this time, the only reason they considered it as such was because the perpetrators specifically asked the victim if she was Bosnian before they began attacking her.
Then there was the African-American Maryland Transit Authority bus driver who got other African-American high school students to beat up a white family who was riding the bus. In spite of suborning the assault of an entire family, yet again there were no hate crime charges, along with very little media attention.
If hate crime statutes are to be effective in any way, shape or form, they have to be applied across the board, with neither malice nor an agenda.
Tragically, our prosecutors lack the courage to go against the politically correct tide, rendering them all but moot.
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