Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ex-Guantanamo Terrorists Enjoy Their First Outing In Tropical Paradise


MONTEVIDEO – Six former inmates of the Guantanamo U.S. military prison in Cuba now living in Uruguay have enjoyed their first outing away from the capital since their arrival a week ago.

The outing Sunday to El Pinar beach in Ciudad de la Costa, around 19 miles from Montevideo, was organized by the PIT CNT labor union, Uruguayan media reported.

Among the activities the former prisoners enjoyed was an Arab- style roast lamb lunch served with salad and vegetables.

They also walked to a fair in the area where they were recognized by passers-by who asked to be photographed with them, and also dedicated some time to prayer.

The four Syrians, a Palestinian and a Tunisian came to Montevideo last week aboard a U.S. military aircraft.

The PIT CNT Union agreed with the Uruguayan government to assist the men, offering them temporary accommodation and assisting them in the basic aspects of employment and social adaptation.


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