Monday, January 26, 2015

Interesting: Mexican Entrepreneurs Create High-Tech Laundry Detergent


MEXICO CITY – Three Mexican entrepreneurs have invented a liquid laundry detergent that does not require a rinse, is biodegradable and produces 50 percent savings on water, electricity and time when used in a washing machine’s normal cycle.

“We developed a detergent that does not require a rinse after the wash and that results in significant water, electricity and time savings,” Ulises Navarro, marketing director for the project, told Efe.

Navarro and business partners Humberto Ramos and Alfonso Gonzalez developed the detergent, which is poured into a washing machine that has filled with water before the clothes are added.

Clothes are washed in one cycle, with no fabric softener needed, Navarro said.

The new product saves about 73 liters (276 gallons) of water on each wash cycle, or about half of the 146 liters (552 gallons) used on average, Navarro said.

The cutting-edge liquid detergent produces electricity savings of 106 Watts per hour, the entrepreneur said.

“This is an efficient method so individuals, households and businesses can reduce conventional energy costs,” Navarro said, adding that his company expects its customers to save 10 million liters of water.

The product, called Newen, can be used in any type of washing machine. 


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