Sunday, January 25, 2015

King Abdullah “Could not Stand President Obama”

Keith Koffler

Uh oh. Somebody got the wrong idea about a friendship they were having.
That would be President Obama, who said, as part of anobsequious statement lamenting the passing of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, “As our countries worked together to confront many challenges, I always valued King Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship.”
According to Richard Engel of NBC News, Abdullah’s feelings were not warm, and if they seemed that way to Obama, they were not genuine.
You see, unlike Obama, who thinks other world leaders like him because they dig Obama, Abdullah understood that friendships between leaders are based on what they can do for each other’s countries. And for Abdullah, where Obama was concerned, that wasn’t much.
Said Engel:
The king could not stand President Obama because the president was supportive of the Arab spring, because the president did not support Hosni Mubarak in Egypt – in fact turned his back on Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.
Obama has made an utter mess of the Middle East. He focused on withdrawing the United States from the region, supporting “protestors” – no matter who the protestors actually were – and focused on helping John Kerry get a Nobel Peace Prize by making peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Meanwhile, the whole place fell to pieces.
And that had much more of an effect on Abdullah than the aura of Obama.

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