Thursday, February 5, 2015

BIG BROTHER UPDATE: Utah's massive NSA data center using more water


(Much) More water to cool servers means (much) more personal data being processed

 — Records show the National Security Agency data center in Utah used more water in 2014, though the usage is still far lower than expected.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Monday ( ) that water usage peaked at 6.6 million gallons for the month August. That's more than the previous year's monthly high of 6.2 million, but still far below the 1 million gallons a day the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicted the massive facility would use.
The water is used to cool computer processors at the largest NSA storage facility in the country.
A Utah lawmaker has proposed a bill to shut off the water to the $1.7 billion facility, which experts say is used to store secretly collected phone calls, emails and online records.
No hearing has yet been scheduled on the bill.


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