Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Incompetent Leader Decides Agenda Trumps Security, Unity


Obama Receives Season’s Soccer and Hockey Champions

WASHINGTON – United States President Barack Obama held a ceremony at the White House to receive this season’s soccer and hockey champions, LA Galaxy and Los Angeles Kings, respectively.

The winners gave President Obama an LA Galaxy T-shirt with his name on it and a hockey stick from the Los Angeles Kings.

During his speech Obama made special mention of soccer player Robbie Rogers, the first sportsman in the history of the United States to openly state his homosexuality.

Rogers thanked the president for his words and added that there was a long way to go for the LGTB community in sports, but that it was changing slowly.

He stressed that thanks to people like Michael Sam, Jason Collins and different female athletes, they were slowly progressing and that he was glad of being a small part of that.

President Obama stressed the importance of LA Galaxy in spreading soccer in the United States.

He explained that America was starting to realize what the beautiful game was all about and that it was wonderful to see, not just what was happening at the highest levels of professional sports, but how legions of young people were going to be continuing the traditions in the United States, with soccer for many years to come.


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