Thursday, February 5, 2015

Democrat N.M. Mayor's "Single-Stall" Whorehouse Bill Would Save Stables Thousands On Overhead


Santa Fe mayor wants gender-neutral bathrooms

Don't flush this idea down the drain just yet.
Santa Fe's mayor stirred up quite a controversy with a plan for public restrooms that both men and women would use - but hang on - it's probably not what you're thinking.
Javier Gonzales is not talking about men and women sharing big public restrooms. He's talking about ones with one toilet and one sink. Sometimes they're called "family" restrooms. You've seen them at places like Starbuck's and Target.
"Right now businesses across New Mexico already have gender neutral bathrooms, many of them do," Gonzales said.
You get an idea of how it would work by visiting the Santa Fe Convention Center. There's a women's room with three stalls. Guess what? It's going to stay a women's room.
Across the hall there's a men's room. It has three stalls. It's going to stay a men's room. In the middle is the one the mayor is talking about. It's got one toilet and one sink. The door locks. Privacy. You don't share anything.
The mayor says his plan does target one group in particular.
"It sends a huge message to an important part of our community, that you can be safe," Gonzales said. "If you're transgender, there's a place for you to go."
And you can go there too - if Gonzales gets his way. He will soon present restroom legislation to the city council.


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