Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enviro-Mentals In The News: Greenpeace Activist in Nazca Lines Case Banned from Leaving Argentina


BUENOS AIRES – An Argentine judge has banned a Greenpeace activist who is wanted by Peru for participating in a protest that damaged the ancient Nazca Lines in December from leaving the country.

Argentine Greenpeace activist Mauro Fernandez, against whom an international arrest warrant was issued in January, “surrendered voluntarily to the Argentine court,” said Greenpeace Argentina in a statement on Thursday.

Although Judge Sebastian Casanello exempted Fernandez from imprisonment, he ordered the activist to not remain outside his home for more than 24 hours and forbade him from leaving the country.

“Fernandez has already handed in his written statement to the Peruvian prosecution with his personal details and a description of his role in the activity that Greenpeace carried out,” the environmental organization said.

It added that Fernandez “has apologized to the Peruvian people and is willing to cooperate with the authorities.”

Early on Dec. 8, a group of Greenpeace activists entered the prohibited grounds of the ancient archaeological site Nazca Lines in southern Peru and walked to the hummingbird geoglyph where they placed a giant banner directed at political leaders participating in the Lima Climate Change Conference.


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