Tuesday, December 30, 2014

David Duke adviser Kenny Knight: Scalise didn't know about white nationalists at event, WaPo reports


David Duke associate Kenny Knight said Rep. Steve Scalise didn't know he was speaking to a gathering of white nationalists when he showed up at a conference in Metairie in 2002, according to The Washington Post.

David Duke's political adviser, Kenny Knight, said Rep. Steve Scalise didn't know a 2002 Metairie conference where Scalise spoke was a gathering of white nationalists, according to The Washington post

"This all came about because I organized the EURO meeting for David Duke as a courtesy after he had moved to Russia. I've known David for 40 years so I did him a favor. As part of that, I decided to ask Steve, our local representative, to come by and say a few words before the conference started," Knight told The Washington Post. "He agreed, believing it was going to be neighbors, friends, and family. He saw me not as David Duke's guy, but as the president of our civic association."

Duke, a former state representative and Ku Klux Klan leader, hadpreviously told The Washington Post that Scalise was asked to speak at the white nationalist conference by Knight. 

"Steve came in early on the first day of EURO, spoke for about 15 minutes, and he left," Knight told The Post. "He didn't hear David speak remotely to the crowd." 

Scalise has said he doesn't even remember speaking at the conference, organized by European-American Unity and Rights Organization, or EURO, an entity founded by Duke. If he had known about the group's racist views, Scalise said wouldn't have attended the event, which was held at a Metairie hotel.  

Knight told The Post he and Scalise were friendly because they were neighbors, not because Scalise had ties to the white nationalist community or Duke. 

"Now, at the time, I was a prominent person in state politics. I was on the radio, I was doing campaigns. Steve knew who I was, but I don't think he held it against me. He knew I lived by his street and that I was active in our community. And I didn't see a problem with having him speak," he said. 
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