Friday, January 2, 2015

Boy goes on a rampage, destroying the aisles and attacking customers in Dollar General Store


Ten year-old's tantrum to end all tantrums: Boy goes on a rampage, destroying the aisles and attacking customers before being dragged out by his collar

  • Video of child going berserk at a Dollar General in Tallahassee, Florida

  • Kid empties shelves, destroys stock and threatens to hit customers

  • Staff were forced to call 911 

  • Many have questioned why he was alone in the store and the whereabouts of his parents 

When it comes to child tantrums, this is a serious flip out.

A 10-year-old boy has been filmed going completely berserk in a Florida Dollar General, leaving behind a trail of destruction in each aisle as shocked onlookers stand back and watch.

A video of the December 9 incident - uploaded to YouTube Monday - comes to a head when the kid threatens to hit a customer, screaming: 'I'm not afraid to do it!'

At that moment a man - believed to be a store employee - sweeps up the problem child and carries him out front by the collar of his shirt. 

Destruction: A video has emerged of a 10-year-old going completely berserk in a Dollar General store in Tallahassee, Florida, on December 9, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday 

Out-of-control: The child is alone in the shop and moves aisle-to-aisle emptying shelves

Dangerous: At one point the troublesome kid threatens to hit a customer that steps in (right)

So bad was the child's fury that the store called 911, according to The Smoking Gun
It is not known whether the 'black male juvenile' was arrested. 

The store would not comment on the incident when contacted by The Mail Online.

However the video quickly spawned a wave of shocked complaints.

It quickly became one of the top-voted posts on Reddit

'That kid’s behavior is a call for help,' one Reddit user commented.

'If I worked there, or if I was a cop, i’d pick him up, and have him sit in on my lap in a kind of friendly forced hug and I’d say “i won’t let you go until you promise to tell me what’s wrong. I know something is up, but I need you to tell me.” (If you are a cop, then you probably don’t need to hold him, talk is enough.)
Another added: 'This shows how spoilt children are today. Think about it. Can you honestly say this would've happened in the 80's? No, because kids actually had respect in those days.'
Other users also agreed that the boy's parents have alot to answer for.
He appeared to be alone in the store. 
'Yeah, I’m imagining incredible abuse at home. This isn’t a kid who has parents who tuck him in and read to him every night,' one person wrote.
It was not immediately clear where the incident was filmed. 
About time: Finally a man - believed to be a store employee - steps in and drags the kid out

The man recording the video repeatedly refers to the boy as 'jit', which is prison slang for someone younger than you.

Other viewers were just as shocked that the man taking the video didn't step in and let the tantrum go on as long as it did.

'I think the fact that no one stopped him is a large part of why kids get this way in the first place; general societal and parental lenience where children.. the dear, dear, special children are concerned,' one viewer wrote on Gawker.

'It's equally disturbing that an observer would rather tape and post this, than inform the management that mayhem has ensued. Good decisions all around! ( Of course "management" is getting eight bucks an hour and was probably secretly glad for the entertainment and the vicarious release of hostility.)

'Remember "Look, but don't touch "? My parents taught me that very early.

'I guess "You break it, you bought it." doesn't carry much sting at the Dollar Store.'

Scene: The incident occurred at the Dollar General on Whitaker St in Tallahassee, Florida
Scene: The incident occurred at the Dollar General on Whitaker St in Tallahassee, Florida


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