Friday, January 2, 2015

Concentration of Micro Algae Detected off El Salvador’s Coast


SAN SALVADOR – The large stain in the Pacific off El Salvador’s coast is being caused by a moderate proliferation of several species of micro algae and it does not pose a threat to human health, the government said.

The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry (MARN) sent experts to the area when residents in the Costa del Sol area reported unusual colors in the ocean some 65 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of San Salvador.

The stain “is caused by moderate algal blooming involving several species of micro algae,” MARN said in a statement.

“Conditions identified at Costa del Sol so far are not toxic and do not cause harm to humans,” the ministry said. The area “is healthy for any recreational activities and all seafood can be consumed.”

Lab tests show “the presence of at least 21 micro algae species in low concentrations that are responsible for the color changes in some areas of the Costa del Sol beaches,” the government said.

Scientific studies and satellite images show that along the Salvadoran coast there is an abundance of chlorophyll-producing micro algae that can change the coloration of sea water.

“This condition responds, mostly, to which micro algae species have a higher presence in the water,” the ministry said.

Most of the micro algae and other organic material found in the ocean water samples come from continental waters, MARN said.


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