Saturday, February 21, 2015

Facebook Fined 27,000 Euros for “Libeling” Sex Offender


DUBLIN – Social media giant Facebook, as well as one of its users, have been sentenced to pay a 27,000-euro fine (around $30,000) to a citizen from Northern Ireland with a history of sexual offenses who claimed he was libeled by the website, according to a ruling issued on Friday by Belfast’s High Court.

The plaintiff, known only by his initials C.G., was awarded a court ruling in 2012 stipulating that Facebook deactivate a page hosted by the website with the title “Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators,” after photos and personal details of alleged sexual offenders had been posted on it.

However, the page’s author, Joseph McCloskey, created another page with the title “Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators 2,” only a few hours after deactivating the previous account, forcing C.G. to file another lawsuit against McCloskey and Facebook Ireland Limited.

The plaintiff’s attorneys argued that the use of C.G.’s personal information by Facebook and McCloskey represented a breach of Articles 2, 3 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, in addition to accusing the defendants of handling such information with negligence.


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