Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Twisted Terminology: "Mother of U.S. citizens" remains hopeful despite hold on immigration action


An Edinburg mother, who would have qualified under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program, isn’t ready to give up her fight for legal status.
For Marcela Alejandre, this week’s decision to block the federal program is just another obstacle.
However, this program was the closest she's ever been to gaining legal status.
It’s the story of many unauthoirzed immigrants.
"This is where my children grew up, and this is where my other children were born. Some got married here; I have grandkids who were born here," Alejandre said.
Alejandre left Mexico more than 25 years ago, and Edinburg is home.
However, it is a home where she doesn't always feel welcomed.
"What I think about the most is that every time I go out, I don't know if I will come back home to see my family," Alejandre said.
Like millions of immigrants living in the United States without documentation, Alejandre's biggest fear is deportation.
When Obama announced his executive order to stop deportation for parents of Americans last November, she saw an opportunity.
"I can search for other work opportunities. I can live a life without fear of deportation; I can be successful and have many opportunities that I don't have now because of my legal status," Alejandre said.
Alejandre is a babysitter who has five children of her own. Three of them were born in the U.S. and because of them she would have qualified for the program.

Two of her daughters have qualified for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
"It's not only me. There are many people who would benefit from deferred action," Alejandre said.
Still Alenjandre is hopeful. She has all of her paperwork ready for when that day comes.
"I'm not going to give up," she explained. "Something good needs to happen."


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