Sunday, December 28, 2014

Armed Bandits Rob 300 Tourists on Venezuela Beach


CARACAS – A group of seven armed bandits robbed some 300 people enjoying a day in the sun on a Caribbean beach in eastern Venezuela, the Attorney General’s Office said.

The attack took place around noon on Friday at Arapito Isla Beach.

Newspapers and radio stations in the area reported that, according to the victims, the assailants landed on the beach in a boat whose motor wouldn’t start when they tried to leave, so they stole a fisherman’s boat for their getaway.

The daily El Tiempo of nearby Puerto La Cruz said the robbers hid their faces with ski masks and “carried R-15 (military) rifles.”

“They started shooting in the air,” then ordered “all their victims to keep calm because otherwise blood would be spilled.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

“With an aggressive attitude, one of the bandits ordered the tourists to open their purses and hand over all their belongings, while the others kept their victims at gunpoint,” the daily said.

Besides getting away with money, watches, mobile phones and even the keys and ownership documents of the tourists’ vehicles, they also “made off with a purebred puppy that they snatched from the hands of a little girl,” the daily said.

The assailants, the newspaper said, stayed for about an hour on the beach, after which local residents protested the supposed delay of police in coming to their rescue by blocking a number of streets with logs and tires.

No robbery of this kind was ever reported in Venezuela before, despite the fact that violent assaults happen every day in this South American country.

According to official figures, violence in Venezuela took 11,000 lives during 2013, but the non-governmental organization Venezuelan Observatory of Violence says there were more than twice that many murders, and the real number was closer to 25,000.


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