Saturday, December 27, 2014

Eminent Domain: A Communist act used by Government to Trump an American's Constituional Right to Property (Happiness)


Family Fights Narberth City Hall Over Possible Use Of Eminent Domain

NARBERTH, Pa. (CBS) — The owner of a former gas station in Narberth, Montgomery County wants to keep the property in the family. But the borough is taking steps to seize it for public use, if the town can’t buy it.
The Corl family and the borough of Narberth both want the former gas station property at 100 Forrest Avenue. The borough council has introduced an ordinance allowing it to seize the small property through eminent domain if it can’t negotiate a deal to purchase it. The town says it needs the centrally-located parcel as a staging area for public events.
“It has been so incredibly useful and important to downtown events in the past years,” says borough solicitor Marc Jonas. “So, it’s not so much the size as its location.”
But Kenneth Corl, who today is going to settlement to buy the property from his niece, says he’s already invested $100,000 to convert the building to a gym. He says the family has always allowed the town to use it.
“I already give them the option to use that place for a staging area,” Corl says. “So why would they buy it so they could use it?”
A public hearing is scheduled at council’s January 12 meeting.


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