Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Season, a Time for Family?: Dad shot in face with shotgun after argument with son over Christmas present UPDATE


The Christmas holiday has different meanings to some....

A juvenile was arrested after he allegedly shot his dad in the face with a shotgun on Christmas Day.
The father and his 16-year-old son were arguing over what the son received for Christmas.
It happened Dec. 25 in Bayview, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department confirms.
Authorities said the son was complaining he got a fishing rod for Christmas, while his friends received cars and trucks.
That’s when the dad pulled out a baseball bat and hit him in back of the head, the sheriff’s department said.
The father’s 14-year-old son then intervened in an attempt to stop the altercation.
The father then got a hold of a BB gun, while his 14-year-old grabbed a shotgun.
The youngest teen then shot his father near the eye with the shotgun, according to Sheriff Omar Lucio.
The teen was arrested and is facing charges, while his father is hospitalized.
The teen’s identity will not be released because he is a juvenile.
Charges are expected to be filed against the 39-year-old father, the sheriff’s office said.

UPDATE: Crash victim speaks out after teen suspect shoots father

It was a Christmas Day argument that turned violent.
A 16-year-old upset with his father, Alberto Villarreal, over a gift.
“The young 16-year-old felt that he didn't get what he probably wanted as a Christmas present so he was upset he got a fishing rod and that’s what the fight's all about," said Lucio.
Around 2 p.m. Thursday, deputies were called out to Resaca Boulevard.
There they found Villarreal with two gunshot wounds.
Witness Andy Salinas told Action 4 News Villarreal's 14-year-old son pulled the trigger after his father struck his older brother with a baseball bat in the back of the head.
"After he shot him he freaked out and he got in his dad's truck and took off driving away," said Salinas.
But he didn't get too far.
Deputies said he hit Monique Villarreal's car head on as he attempted to flee.
"I was going to work and I just remembered being hit really bad. I was in the driver's seat and flew to the passenger's seat and I was under the dashboard kind of stuck but somehow got out of there," said Villarreal.
Monique said she blacked out after the accident, and is now suffering from bruises to her head and cuts on her body.
"I can’t really walk and I can’t do anything, and I’m gonna miss work for like a week and I lost a car," said Villarreal.
Monique says the argument truly took the meaning out of Christmas.
"It feels like I’m paying the consequences because somebody got mad that he got a fishing pole for Christmas," said Villarreal.


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