Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rally Pics from the Spectacle that is the LGBTQ


In Photos: LGBTQ rally to support victims of ‘police brutality’

Photographer John Penley documented the the event:

Photos by John Penley
Photos by John Penley
Activists from the local LGBTQ community rallied Dec. 11 in Asheville at the Vance Monument to show support for “victims of police brutality.” The event was originally organized as a counter-protest to a “Stop Brutalizing Our Police Rally” that had been planned by conservative activists. However, the rally to support police was cancelled by organizers Carl Mumpower and Chad Nesbitt, who issued a press release citing fear of “potential violence” if the events happened simultaneously in the same area.
The LGBTQ rally went on as planned, attracting about 30 people. There was little police presence and attendees were mostly peaceful and law abiding, although a splinter group of self-described anarchists did momentarily interrupt traffic as they started to march down Patton Avenue.


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