Saturday, December 27, 2014

UPDATED: Caller who claims he kidnapped BP agent threatened to behead police


La Joya police are on high alert after receiving several threatening calls on Christmas Day alleging a Border Patrol agent had been kidnapped
Police Chief Geovani Hernandez said the calls started with a man reporting a human smuggling attempt.
"The destination was McAllen at the Burger King on 23rd," Chief Hernandez explained.
The man continued calling 9-1-1.
Police said each time becoming more hostile.
Operator: La Joya 911.
Caller: We are going to chop off your head (explicit).
Operator: Hello?
Caller: Where the hell are you?
Operator: What do you need sir?
Caller: We are going to kill you (explicit) where are you?
There were nine calls made to the police departments dispatch over a 12-hour period.
The calls lasting anywhere from 45 seconds to one and a half minutes.
On one call, he forgot to hang up the phone.
"He was communicating with other people through some type of radio system," Chief Hernandez explained. "Apparently the person was using alpha numerical codes."
The caller claimed to be a cartel member, and police believe he may be telling the truth.
They say the codes he used are associated with cartels.
In one of the last calls made the man turned his attention from threatening police to Border Patrol agents.
Operator: 9-1-1 whats your emergency?
Caller: We have a (explicit) agent kidnapped.
Border Patrol confirms they are taking the threat seriously, and they are making contact with every agent in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.
The motive for the calls remains unclear at this time.
Over the past few months, La Joya police have made a major dent in cartel operations by seizing large amounts of drugs and intercepting human smuggling attempts.
"It might be because of that, a form of retaliation," Hernandez said. "Or it could be because they probably don't like police officers. Either way, we are going to continue to do what we do best."
La Joya police confirm the call came from a phone with a 956 area code.
Authorities are working to confirm where the calls were made.


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