Saturday, December 27, 2014

Milan officer accused of raping woman on Christmas Day


Officer James Watters (left) and Jesse Terrazas

A Milan police officer and another man are accused of raping a woman on Christmas Day.
According to the criminal complaint, Officer James Watters and Jesse Terrazas were drinking with the victim in front of New Mexico State University Grants Campus. Both men reportedly asked if the woman wanted to have sex, but she refused.
The complaint states Terrazas and Watters then forced the woman to touch Terrazas' penis and to perform oral sex on Watters.
However, both men have denied any wrongdoing and told New Mexico State Police the sexual acts were consensual.
Watters and Terrazas are facing charges of 2nd degree criminal penetration and giving alcohol to a minor.
The officer is currently on administrative leave.

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